the fact that you can see it even when he's simply talking

calum would probably have invited you over even though he knew you had to study for your finals, he would have told you to bring your books because he liked to see you around his flat. you guys didn’t need to be talking or anything, it was simply better when the two of you were in the same room. so you’d be studying in his bedroom and you’d eventually get so bored of all of your books and the fact that you’d be wearing really comfortable clothing would make it even harder not to fall asleep and i bet calum would notice how you’d close your eyes from time to time and with the tip of his toes he’d kick your butt, “study.” and you’d pout and whine a bit. “come y/n, you can’t know all of that stuff yet” he’d say as he’d look at all of your notes and you’d give him your best puppy eyes and say something like “i feel like getting a bit naked” and the grin on calum’s face would be priceless. he’d probably get back to his serious expression, “study 30 more minutes…”