the fact that we created boy versions of the girls and named them

I wanted to wait to talk about the Big Three because we had just seen glimpses of them in the past 2 weeks but not enough to really formulate a proper opinion on them.

 And boy am I glad I waited because they are completely different then how I imagined them to be and I am with my friend and agree that this difference was well needed and worth seeing.

 To back up a bit, whenever the title of “Big Three” (or something similar to that) pop up, a plethora of different characters or even series come to mind and most of the time they have a distinct feel to them. For example, let’s take the Big Three Shounen protagonists (or Naruto, Luffy, and Ichigo). Now, while these characters have that hilarious vibe to them that is random and silly, for the most part they are normal enough where their personalities don’t overbear them and instead, really amplify the badass level that they have. In general, whenever there is a concept of a “Big” team or trio or duo or anything of the sort, while they do have some type of quirky and unique traits, for the most part they are seen as these incredibly badass people that have known to defy odds.

 Now, the Big Three that we see do actually fall into this category as well as they are not only badass but some unique quality to them.

 HOWEVER, what makes them different from the others that are normally seen is the fact that Horikoshi amplified that quirky feature in them and actually made put them on a lower scale than how they described.

 What I mean is look how Izuku describes them:


From what it sounds like, even though they are the top students at UA, from an outside perspective, they really seem like just ordinary students that don’t perform or display themselves in a very outward fashion. It seems as if they are under the radar under the public eye and they conceal their true hidden amazing abilities from the outside world (though I am not sure why this is the case).  In general, it’s really cool to see them initially being portrayed as just ordinary students that even Izuku didn’t see much of notable features on them.

 And then each of these students just are so unique and that is so amplified to the point where even the class questions the validity of the name that was given to them.

 To start we have our anti-social little snake like boy who gives off the look that he really is intimidating and very serious but upon closer inspection, this is how he actually is: 

He’s so incredibly shy and just doesn’t want to speak in front of crowds and even tries to imagine them as potatoes to calm his nerves down. He most definitely has that characteristic that is so different from the normal trope we normally get and I think that’s so interesting.

 Then next we have our pop princess that initially shows herself to be this diva and sassy like character that is ready to throw down attitude is someone even gives her a little. However, when she opens her mouth, we see something completely different

What we get instead is this not only hyper girl that goes a mile a minute and has her thought process everywhere but we also see her being a highly curious person as well. Honestly, I find it so interesting how well she knows Class-1As names when this is probably the first time she really ran into them other than possibly the Sports Festival. Regardless, it’s so interesting to see a character that really displays the proper symptoms of having ADD/ADHD AND is also a character that is insanely curious about the things around her. Most definitely something really cool and I’m wondering if her quirk is a type of quirk that requires her to have some type of knowledge (like Momo) to be perform.

 And then we have FallOut Boy and oh man is he an interesting one. Ironically enough he’s the most “normal” one out of the three with a mix of both All Might and Bakugou’s personality, though that is clearly substituted with his outrageous quirk that not only is super insanely strong but is also kind of ridiculous when you really look at it.

Yet, he’s the most interesting one out of all the three of them. Even though Izuku started the chapter with saying that he didn’t notice much of him, by the end of the chapter we see that he is absolutely ruthless as he’s able to take out most of the class in little over 5 minutes. It’s so apparent he’s been through rigorous amounts of training to be able to hone his quirk to the point of this level of insanity and is overall on the path to becoming one of the best heroes (obviously not the greatest is Izuku bby takes that title later on).

 Overall, I’m impressed with how Horikoshi created high tier characters that were unique and nothing like cookie cutter versions that we mostly see in Shounen manga. They are completely different and have their own unique set of abilities and personality traits that set them far apart from even our own main characters. In the coming weeks, I’m not going to lie, I’m so excited to see more of them and why they were given the title of the Big Three. We still have to see the other twos quirks and how well they place that into battle (assuming Mirio doesn’t kill them all by that time). I’m also looking towards the impact and relationships that these characters will have with Class 1-A in the future. Since Mirio is what we presume to be the chosen student that UA wanted All Might to give One for All to, we are definitely going to get some moments between him and Izuku, whether those are “jealously” moments (like Izuku finding himself inferior against him) or we can even see a Mentor-Mentee relationship that could form or we can even see a Rival relationship form, just something within that area. And don’t forget that our Mr. Angry Boy is still under house arrest and would die to even be given the challenge to face off against Mirio since he was just praised by Aizawa for being close to becoming the number one hero later on. Probably hearing that, he’ll want to test him out and gauge the differences in abilities. Of course, for Tamaki and Nejire, we still have a bit more to learn about them, though it would be really cool to see a relationship form between Nejire and one of the girls in the class as she may have a quirk that would be useful to them. Of course, I’m always thinking of Ochako when it comes to these things but it would be cool just to see any girl in the class at least get some advice from her. I don’t see it happening but I think it would still be cool.

I’m just so excited to see how the chapters will play out and how these Big 3 will be integrated more into Izuku’s quest into becoming the greatest hero of all time.

TLDR; I like these new characters because they’re cool. 


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summary: you’re a world-famous pop star which everyone learned to either love or hate. when a video of you making out with 5 seconds of summer’s bassist leaks, your management decides to make it seem like you’re dating calum.

word count: 3,594

warnings: none that i know of

author’s note: i like this series so far!!! but tbh this part felt so rushed im creasing at my badd grammar but anyways i feel like i made y/n into an asshole lol uhhhhh enjoy??!!?? (i still dont know how to end these things)

A good night’s sleep is what usually prevented you from short temper. When your management told you that you could have a five-month break from touring to write your songs for the next album, you were ecstatic. Especially since this meant you could sleep as long as you want on most days of the week.

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Flame: A Seth Rollins Series

Part 1

(Here is the new version of Flame! I hope you guys enjoy this version!)

A/N: Maya Grey seemed to have had it all; a three time Divas Champion, First Lady to one of the biggest factions in the WWE, and the man of her dreams Seth Rollins. But one night after Monday Night RAW, Maya’s world slowly begins to crumble.

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“Yo where in the fuck is Rollins at man?!? I wanna get out of here already!!” Roman Reigns paced impatiently by their rental car as he, Dean Ambrose, and 22-year-old Divas Champion Maya Grey stood outside the arena, waiting for their Shield member and friend Seth Rollins.  

It was two weeks before the Payback pay-per-view where the boys would continue their feud with Evolution in a no disqualification match and Maya would defend her title against AJ Lee. They had just finished a grueling tag team match against Evolution on RAW and were all very eager to get to their hotel for some much-needed sleep.

“I swear he takes longer to get ready than a freaking chick man!!” Dean groans. “Even Lil’ Bit over here is quicker than him!!”

Maya smiled, rolling her eyes over Dean’s nickname for her. “You know we could just leave him behind.” she playfully suggests. “He can always catch a ride with Cesaro or someone else.”

“That would be a great idea…if we had the car keys!!” Dean sassed back at her. “Why don’t you go and hurry your man along so we can get on the road?”

“Are you kidding me? If she goes, we’ll never get out of here!” Roman jokes. Maya’s face turns red and she quickly throws her empty water bottle at Roman’s head, which he smacked it away with his hand.

“You guys suck.” Maya says, annoyed by her brothers and their constant teasing. “And how many times do I have to tell y'all-”

“‘There’s nothing going on between me and Seth!’” both Roman and Dean say at once, mimicking her Southern accent. “We know, we know!!”

“And yet we see you two stealing kisses when you think no one notices.” Roman teases.

“Or how they can’t keep their hands off each other.” Dean coos, making kissing noises at her.

“Oh and let’s not forget how they’re always cuddled up in the back seat or in the back of the bus ALL THE DAMN TIME!!” Roman laughed, fist bumping Dean in the process.

“Fuck you both.” Maya flashes them both her middle finger before making her way back inside the arena to search for Seth.

Even though she hated when Roman and Dean would tease about her and Seth, she couldn’t help but smile. Their “relationship” was a confusing one to say the least. In fact, on her 22nd birthday back in August, Seth confessed that he was in love with her and that he wanted to be with her. The only ones who knew about it were Dean and Roman, and that’s because they all traveled together.

Growing up in San Antonio, Maya Grey always knew that she wanted to be a WWE Superstar, ever since she the first time she saw Lita compete. She took one look at her and thought, “I wanna be like her.” At only 9, she began studying every wrestler on the WWE roster, learned their moves and even created a few of her own, and fully dedicated herself to one day making her dream a reality. Her mother on the other hand, refused to have Maya be involved in something that she believed was ridiculous and degrading towards women. When Maya refused to give up on her dream, at just 16, her mother disowned her and kicked her out. She bounced back and forth between her aunt Isobel and her grandparents until her graduation After that, Maya traveled to Austin and began to wrestle under the name Magenta Riff for a local indie company called Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW).

Two years later, word began to spread about her and her skills in the ring, even going so far as to calling her “Lita 2.0”. Curious, Vince McMahon sent both Stephanie and Triple H down to Texas to see this so called “Little Lita” for themselves. To make a long story short, they were extremely impressed with what they saw and urged Maya to come and sign with the WWE, but Maya was afraid they wouldn’t want her after they found out how old she really was.

Once she told them the truth however, Stephanie and Triple H decided to become somewhat of ‘surrogate parents’ to Maya, even going as far as to move her down to Orlando and get her set up in her own apartment. Her first day as an official WWE signed talent, Triple H let her know that she would be making her debut on the main roster in less than a month and that she would become the fourth member of a faction that was about to make their main roster debut, The Shield.

Two members of The Shield, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, embraced the idea of having a female in the group and naturally welcomed, at the time, the 18 year old into the fold with open arms. Seth Rollins on the other hand…not so much. In fact, in the beginning he was a total ass to her. He thought that Triple H made a huge mistake signing someone so incredibly young and he wasn’t afraid to say it to her either.  

Having enough of Seth’s constant insults, Maya chose to be trained by Daniel Bryan and a main roster diva, AJ Lee. However, once she won her debut main roster match against Natalya, a seasoned Diva, she showed everyone, including Seth, just what she was capable of and why she was known as “Lita 2.0″. Seth eventually apologized for being such an ass to her and as time passed, they slowly started forming a friendship.

As a team, The Hounds of Justice quickly began to dominate both the men’s and the Divas Division. Roman and Seth won the Tag Team Titles from Team Hell No, Dean became one of the longest reigning United States Champions with 351 days, and Maya became the youngest Diva’s champion at 18 after defeating AJ Lee and was now fast approaching beating her record as longest reigning Diva’s Champion!  

Outside of the ring, Maya had become close with all her Shield members and vice versa. But her friendship with Seth was something different. She never admitted it aloud, but she begun to develop feelings for Seth. There was just something about him, whether it was his cockiness in the ring or how he was always so goofy and sweet around her, she couldn’t help falling for him. But she refused to act on her feelings. She knew that work relationships were kind of frowned upon, even though there were a lot of them happening (AJ/Punk, Cena/Nikki, Brie/Daniel, etc.). So, she just pushed her feelings down and hoped that eventually they would go away.

However, working and traveling together, constantly being around each other 24/7 only made her feelings for him grow stronger. What she didn’t realize, was that Seth was beginning to form feelings for her as well.

Normally, Maya wasn’t the type of girl he would be interested in. I mean sure, she was very beautiful & fun to be around, and one hell of a wrestler, but besides the 5-year age difference, they didn’t have that much in common. Sure, they both shared a love for sci-fi, horror movies, and video games, but that was pretty much it. Seth had a love for Heavy Metal music while Maya was more of a classic rock vinyl kind of girl. Seth liked his girls with tattoos and piercings, and Maya had none. The biggest difference between them, Maya was still a virgin at 22, and Seth…well…to be frank, Seth was known around the locker room for having a reputation of…. well being a man-whore.  

She came off like this sweet and innocent girl that he would corrupt if he got too close to her. But Seth couldn’t control the way he felt, and neither could she. There was just something about her that kept drawing her to him. Whether it was her personality, her smile, her infectious laugh, how she didn’t care what people thought of her, or the fact that wasn’t afraid to call him on ALL his bullshit, he could let down the guard he built up and could just be himself around her. Maya was the same way; she had her guard up. That all changed when Seth confessed his love for her.    

Maya checked catering, all the break rooms where the guys would go play video games, and even peeked inside one of the men’s locker room, but Seth was nowhere to be found. She tried calling him, but his phone kept going straight to voicemail, which was a little weird to her. She was about to give up when she saw two of her closest friends Brie and Nicki Bella walking towards her with Brie’s husband and Maya’s former coach Daniel Bryan.

“Hey, have you guys seen Rollins? The boys wanna get to the hotel and he has the car keys.” she asked.

“Yea, I think I saw him heading towards the locker rooms in the back.” Brie replied, pointing towards the back.

“Thanks Brie. I’ll see y’all back at the hotel.”

“Hey Maya, great job tonight!” Daniel yells to her as she walks away.

“Thanks Daniel!!” she yells back as she heads to the locker room. Once she reaches the one marked men’s, she pushed the door open and heads inside.

*******Maya’s POV********

“Yo Rollins, come on!! What the hell is taking you so-” I start to say but was quickly silenced by what sounded like someone groaning, but not like someone was in pain.  

I stepped further inside, curious as to who or what was making that noise. My eyes grew wide in horror and I felt my heart sink into my stomach when I saw exactly who it was. Seth, the man I loved, the man who swore that he loved me and wanted to be with me, was with another woman. Not just any woman, but Zahra, his crazy ex!! His pants were down at his ankles and Zahra was on her knees in front of him, her head bobbing back and forth on his junk.

Once he saw me, he quickly pushed Zahra away from him and pulls up his pants while Zahra just stayed there on her knees, a smug smile stretched across her face. She never liked the fact I was chosen to be a part of The Shield over her and believed that I was the reason Seth had dumped her crazy ass. This bitch knew exactly what she was doing and was enjoying watching me suffer. 

Before either one of them could say anything, I bolted out the room. I could hear him calling my name but that didn’t stop me. I ran past a few of the divas and could hear them call my name, but I didn’t stop. I could feel the tears beginning to form, but I pushed them away. No. I tell myself. You’re not gonna cry. Not here. Not until I was out the arena and away from everyone. 

“Maya!” Seth called, his voice getting closer and closer to me. “Maya, stop… wait a second!!”

Hearing his voice only made me run faster. I was almost to the exit when Seth finally caught up, jumping in front of me, and grabbing me by the hand but I quickly slap it away. 

“DON’T TOUCH ME!!” I shouted loud enough that people began to look towards our direction. Seth backs down, but doesn’t walk away. 

“Maya please, I can explain-” he tried to say but I quickly cut him off.

“I don’t wanna hear whatever bullshit excuse you’ve cooked up Seth.” I choke. “In fact, I don’t want to hear anything from you.” I go to walk away from him, but he pushes his body right up against me, pinning me to the wall and blocking me from getting away.

“Get out of my way Seth.” I ordered, but he refused to move. 

“Baby please.” he begged. “I swear I never meant for this to happen. Zahra showed up out of nowhere and I told her to leave-”

“Please just stop!” I cry, looking away from him. “I don’t want to hear any of this! Just let me go!”

“No! I’m not letting you leave until you hear me out!”

I could feel my eyes filling with tears as Seth stood in front of me. I couldn’t bear to look at him. I kept seeing Zahra down on her knees, all I could hear was Seth moaning in pleasure. I felt sick to my stomach.

“Maya, Seth! There you guys are!!” I heard a deep voice call out. I look over Seth’s arm and saw both Roman and Dean walking towards us. This isn’t happening right now, I thought to myself. Keep it together girl. Don’t let them see you cry.

“Yo, lovebirds!! Let’s go, I wanna get out of here sometime tonight!” Dean’s voiced echoed as he and Roman got closer to us. Wisely, Seth quickly backed away from me, folding his arms over his chest. Once they reached us, Roman took one look at me and could tell that something wasn’t right. I stuck my hands in my pockets and looked down, watching as the tears fell from my eyes and hit the concrete.  

Both Roman and Dean stare over at Seth, then at one another, then finally over at me, confused looks stretched across their faces. Roman was the one to break the awkward silence. “What’s going on here?”  

“It’s nothing. Can you guys just give us a minute?” Seth sighed, his voice slightly irritated. 

“Maya, what’s wrong? Are you crying?” Dean looked at me, puzzled.

“No. It’s nothing.” I lie, pushing myself off the wall. “I just want to get out of here. You guys go ahead, I’m just gonna catch a ride with Nikki and Brie tonight.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” Roman asked, his voice laced with a mixture of concern and confusion.

I looked at my worried Samoan before I shifted my eyes over to the direction of Seth. “Ask him.” I replied coldly and began to move away from them.

“Baby, please.” I hear Seth plead as I walked away. “Don’t do this. Please let me fix this. Maya… I love you.“  

I don’t know what came over me, but hearing him say those words, I snapped. I turned around and my hand swung, connecting with his face, hard. He stumbled back, holding his face in complete shock. 

I stare him down, my anger quickly rising. Everybody told me once I joined The Shield not to get too close to him. That he was known for being a cheater. I mean hell, I stood up for him when he cheated on his fiancé with that tattooed blow-up doll looking bimbo!! But I didn’t listen. I didn’t fall in love in Seth Rollins, the Architect of The Shield with a horrible track record with women. I fell in love with Seth, the lovable goofball that taught me how to play video games and would watch horror movies with me. I fell in love with the guy who could always make me smile even when I didn’t want to. I fell in love with the guy who told me that he loved me since the first moment we met. And it was that guy who had stolen my heart that would be the one to shatter it in to a million pieces.

“You…” I growled, raising my finger at him, “don’t speak to me unless it involves work. Don’t call me, don’t text me…don’t even look at me. I believed you when you said that you loved me. I defended you when EVERYONE told me not to fall for your bullshit, when they talked about you cheating on Leighla with that…that bitch. I stood up for you because they didn’t see the person that you were with me!”

Seth says nothing but runs his fingers through his hair, avoiding eye contact with me.

“Now I can see that they were right all along.” I continue, tears falling down my face. But I didn’t care. Let them fall, let him see how much he’s hurt me. “You turned out to be everything I feared.”



Grabbing my suitcase and my title from Roman, I turn on my heel and walk away from the three of them. I could hear what sounded like Dean’s voice yelling at most likely Seth, but I didn’t turn around. I kept walking. The tears continued to fall from my eyes but I didn’t care who saw at this point.

I felt betrayed by the one person I trusted more than anything. He said that he was in love with me. That he wanted to be with me and only me. That no matter how hard he tried to deny it, no matter how much he fought it, I was the one for him. That I was all he ever wanted, all he’d ever need.

Flame: A Seth Rollins Series

Part 1

(Here is the new version of Flame! I hope you guys enjoy this version!)

A/N: Maya Grey seemed to have had it all; a three time Divas Champion, First Lady to one of the biggest factions in the WWE, and the man of her dreams Seth Rollins. But one night after Monday Night RAW, Maya’s world slowly begins to crumble.

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Vegetarianism, Veganism, and Sant Mat, by James Bean, Plus a Compilation of Veg Quotes of the East & West

It’s hard to reach more subtle states of tranquility in meditation on an animal flesh diet based on the suffering of other beings.

“I must point out that animal food, even if a single particle is eaten, is detrimental to spiritual progress.” (Huzur Baba Sawan Singh)

The Way of the Saints and Mystics, Getting Back to Eden: “And God said, ‘Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.’” (Hebrew Bible, Genesis 1:29, New International Version)

Master Kirpal Singh speaking about Rumi and the other most advanced Murshids (spiritual masters) of Sufi mysticism once said: “Those who take up the practices concerning the lower centers in the body, do take meat – the Mohammedans and people of other religions also. But those who are anxious to rise above body consciousness and go into the Beyond have of necessity to eschew all that. This is the Path I have put before you. Liberation or salvation is something which starts only when you rise above body consciousness. For that reason, vegetarianism is the first essential.” (The Night is a Jungle, published by Ruhani Satsang)

The harshest words that Guru Kabir ever spoke were directed against the slaughter or consumption of innocent animals: “The man who eats meat is a demon in human form. Keep away from him – his company will ruin your meditation.”

Ahimsa (Non-Violence) and Diet

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” (Albert Einstein)

The following, on the reason why we in Santmat advocate following the vegetarian diet, is by Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj from the book, The Harmony of All Religions (Sarvadharma Samanvy), published by Maharshi Mehi Ashram:

“The saints have addressed the sin of violence with particular attention to the foods which are eaten. Foods which are produced by killing living beings, as well as foods which are not pure and fresh, are considered tamasic. Consumption of these is prohibited by the teachings of the saints. This includes animal products such as meat, fish, and eggs. These foods inhibit the clarity of the mind and the health of the body. There is an old saying: 'Whatever kind of food we take in, its properties will also fill our mind.’ A parallel saying is, 'Whatever we eat, just so will our breath smell [indicates the visible effect of food].’

Further, Kabir Sahab says: 'The kind of food and drink which we consume directly influences how our mind will become. Even the quality of water which we drink will influence our speech.’ These words of Kabir Sahib are not merely rhetorical conjecture, but represent direct experience…

"A great yogi named Bhupendranath Ji Sanyal has said: 'It is preferable to always avoid the consumption of flesh and fish. This is because in the very cells of these animals there might be bad diseases. But even more significantly, the natural vibration of these creatures is absorbed into the blood. This can create agitation and even sickness, and will destroy the natural calmness of the mind. Also, one must not take intoxicants, as this is a great breach of the spiritual path and natural duty (dharma). [Under the influence of intoxicants people are unable to discern the right path of action].’

"Therefore, we must be disciplined in what we eat and drink, and by being disciplined, our wealth and spiritual path are protected. This world becomes agreeable, and so does the next world, since we won’t be incurring the karmas from killing other living beings.” (Beloved Swami Santsevi Ji Maharaj, Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters)

All past and present Masters of Sant Mat, the most advanced Saints of Inner Light and Sound, advocate following the vegetarian diet. In fact, being vegetarian is a requirement in order to be initiated into the meditation practice of Sant Mat, Surat Shabd Yoga, Meditation upon the inner Light and Sound of God.

Sant Mat is a vegetarian Path for mystical, spiritual, ethical and theological reasons. The Masters teach that foods are of three kinds: Satvik, Rajsik, and Tamsik. This last category of foods, which includes all flesh foods, is to be completely avoided. Satvik (pure foods), the first category, includes: grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. Satvik foods are considered by Mystics to promote relaxation, meditation, and spiritual experience.

The bad karma and other negative effects of flesh-eating darkens one’s vision of inner Light, interfering with concentration and meditation. It’s interesting to notice that the Satvik diet of Sant Mat, of Hinduism and the Yoga Philosophy of India is also: the life-extension diet, the anti-cancer diet, the diet for antioxidants and most of the other plant-based nutrients, AND the diet of the Light & Sound mystics, East and West.

A Young Kirpal Singh Meditating at an Early Age

“Kirpal began meditating at the age of four. When other boys and girls of his age were busy playing, he would be busy meditating. He never wasted his time with sports. He would sit quiet with eyes closed. He would see spiritual sights within and would traverse on spiritual planes. He would remain lost in ecstasy. But whenever this absorption in meditation would break after intervals of 2 to 3 months, he would feel very restless. His spiritual flights would, however, start again shortly afterwards.

Abstinence from Meat

"His family was non-vegetarian But he was averse to taking meat even as a child. While his brothers and sisters would ask for more, he would have none at all. He was content with bread and vegetables. His father asked, 'Pal, why don’t you take meat? It will do you good.’ He sweetly replied, 'It is very well, father, but is not meat dead flesh, and would you have me make a burial ground of my body?’ The father could only smile and the child had his own way.” (The Beloved Master – Some Glimpses from the Life of Sant Kirpal Singh, by Bhadra Sena)

The notion that vegetarianism is “cultural” and confined mostly to India is the inaccurate assumption of some new age or esoteric teachers in the West. It is true that many conventional world religions condone flesh-eating, but if you do some comparative mysticism you’ll soon discover that the serious esoteric traditions which have practiced Light mysticism, Sound mysticism, and Ascension mysticism through higher planes of heavens are all in agreement about the need for contemplative mystics to abstain from the flesh. The list of Western vegetarian paths includes: Pythagoreans, followers of the Hermetic philosophy of Egypt, the Sethian Gnostics, Theraputae, Essenes (and other Light-mystics within Judaism), the original Jewish Christians called Ebionites (see The Gospel of Jesus – In Search of His Original Teachings, by John Davidson), the Gnostic religions, Manichaeans, some Catholic monasteries, monasteries of the Orthodox Church – including the great mystery school atop Mount Athos in Greece, and the Sufi mystics of Islam who practice Zikhr of the Spirit, Light, and Sound. Most every path that advocates a present-tense spirituality about reentering Paradise or going Back to Eden during this life teaches vegetarianism.

A Western Master of Sound & Light by the name of Pythagoras once said, “Our Earth has abundance of such pure and harmless foods and there is no need for us to partake of meals for which blood has to be shed and innocent life sacrificed.”

Pythagoras also said: “As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”

Just like the Pythagoreas gathered together at sunrise, so did members of a Jewish sect of antiquity known as the Therapeutae, and like the Essene branch of Judaism, they were vegetarians. Josephus and Philo wrote about the Essenes and Therapeutae. Philo of Alexandria describes meals at a Therapeutae monastic community in Alexandria: “…And the table, too, is kept clear of animal flesh, nothing which has blood, but there is placed upon it bread for food and salt for seasoning, to which also hyssop is sometimes added…”

John the Baptist Ate Locust (Carob) BEANS, NOT BUGS

“John the Baptist belonged to a group of ascetics who believed in repentance and in leading an austere lifestyle. The carob bean was seen as the diet of the lower class who normally endured hardship and exploitation from the priestly class. So we can conclude that JTB ate (locust plant) seed from the carob tree.” (Wiki Answers Website) Also according to the Gospel of the Ebionites, John the Baptist ate carob beans, bread or cakes made from carob bean (locust bean) flour.

In recent years some of us have noticed the vegetarianism and even veganism present in the original teachings of Jesus and Original Jesus Movement or Hebrew Christians (Ebionites, Nasoreans) found in the Gospel of the Hebrews, Aramaic texts, and other scriptures once used during the early centuries.  

Vegetarian Sayings of the Historic Jesus and His Spiritual Successors (Apostles) in the Original Jesus Movement (Ebionites of Israel)

“Be on guard, so that your hearts do not become heavy with the eating of flesh and with the intoxication of wine and with the anxiety of the world, and that day come upon you suddenly; for as a snare it will come upon all who dwell upon the surface of the earth.” (Jesus, Luke 21:34, Evangelion Da-Mepharreshe — Old Syriac-Aramaic Manuscript of the Gospel of Luke)

Like the Essenes, Jesus, his family, and the original followers were also vegetarians and opposed to all sacrifice of animals in the Jewish temple.

“I am come to do away with sacrifices, and if you cease not sacrificing, the wrath of God will not cease from you.” (saying of Jesus in the Gospel of the Hebrews)

Stopping Animal Sacrifice in the Temple of Jerusalem

During the First Century AD, the Essenes were one of the three main branches of Judaism. They were opposed to animal sacrifices being made in the Jewish temple and they were also known to be vegetarians. The Essenes were the group that Jesus and the first Christians, the Ebionites, were closest to, sharing with them many of the same values and sacred texts. Unlike the Sadducees and Pharisees, the Essenes are never criticized in the New Testament.

“When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem. In the Temple courts he found men selling cattle, sheep and doves and others sitting at tables exchanging money. So he made a whip out of cords and drove all from the Temple, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. To those who sold doves he said: 'Get out of here.’ (John 2:13-16)

According to the Gospel of the Ebionites, Jesus also rejected the Passover meal:

"Where wilt Thou that we prepare for Thee to eat the Passover?”

To which he replied:

“I have no desire to eat the flesh of this Paschal Lamb with you.”

The first followers of Jesus, also known as Ebionites or Nasoreans, were not only kosher, but also strictly adhered to a vegetarian diet. The largest surviving collection of Ebionite scriptures is the Clementine Homilies and the Recognitions of Clement, which are vegetarian gospels that condemn animal sacrifice in any form. For example, the Book of Homilies states that God does not want animals killed at all (3.45), and condemns those who eat meat (7.4, 7.8). And the passages below also show that the diet of the Original Jesus Movement was vegan – plant-based (no eggs, no dairy, and no animal products), as plants are the only foods mentioned in all the texts!

Peter said, “I live on olives and bread, to which I rarely only add vegetables.” (Clementine Homilies 12,6; also see, Recognitions 7,6)

“And happiness is found in the practice of virtue. Accordingly, the Apostle Matthew partook of seeds, and nuts, hard-shelled fruits, and vegetables, without flesh.” (Clement of Alexandria, The Instructor, Book 2, Chapter 1)

“John never ate meat.” (Church historian Hegesipp according to Eusebius, History of the Church II 2:3)

“James, the brother of the Lord, lived on seeds and plants and touched neither meat nor wine.” (Epistulae ad Faustum XXII, 3)

“James, the brother of the Lord was holy from his mothers womb; and he drank no wine nor strong drink, nor did he eat flesh.” (Hegesippus, quoted in The Church History of Eusebius, book 2, chapter 23)

“James was a vegetarian.” (Biblical scholar Dr. Robert Eisenman, author of, “James, the Brother of Jesus”)

The following passage is from the Recognitions of Clement, another “Book of Acts”, an important scripture of early Christianity. This Ebionite Christian author has very nice things to say about those in India who worship One God, follow peaceful customs and laws, and are vegetarian or vegan, seeing parallels between his own religion and that of his brothers and sisters “in the Indian countries” of two thousand years ago:

“There are likewise amongst the Bactrians,
in the Indian countries,
immense multitudes of Brahmans,
who also themselves,
from the tradition of their ancestors,
and peaceful customs and laws,
neither commit murder nor adultery,
nor worship idols,
nor have the practice of eating animal food,
are never drunk,
never do anything maliciously,
but always revere God.”

(Recognitions of Clement, Book 9, Chapter 22, Brahmans, Volume Eight, in a New Testament Apocrypha Section of, “The Ante-Nicene Fathers”)

“The consumption of animal flesh was unknown up until the great flood. But since the great flood, we have had animal flesh stuffed into our mouths. Jesus, the Christ, who appeared when the time was fulfilled, again joined the end to the beginning, so that we are now no longer allowed to eat animal flesh.” (pro-vegetarian early church father Hieronymus)

Gnostic Vegetarianism and the Vegetarian Prayer of Thanksgiving in the Nag Hammadi Library (Gnostic Gospels)

The ethics of Jewish and Christian Gnostic sects of antiquity included vegetarianism. The Prayer of Thanksgiving, one of the Nag Hammadi scriptures unearthed in Egypt, describes a vegetarian communal meal as being part of Gnostic worship. The Manichaean Gnostics were known to be vegetarians. The Prophet Mani’s parents were followers of the Elkasites, which was a Jewish-Christian sect related to the Ebionites and Essenes. They were veg. Mani was the founder of Manichaean Gnosis and was vegetarian, and his inner circle of followers or initiates were as well. A group in China known as the Church of the Light , related to the Manichaeans and Syriac-Aramaic branch of Eastern Christianity, were vegetarians. Their beautiful scriptures are known as the Jesus Sutras.

The Gnostic and Hermetic Prayer of Thanksgiving in the Nag Hammadi Library, also a text found in the Corpus Hermetica of Egypt, describes a vegetarian communal meal or Gnostic love feast. At the end of the prayer the final verse reads:

“When they had said these things in the prayer, they embraced each other and they went to eat their holy food, which has no blood in it.”*

* “Vegetarian food” — footnote from the Marvin Meyer’s translation of this in, “The Gnostic Scriptures”.

* A vegetarian meal. This passage is also found in the Epilogue of Asclepius, in “HERMETICA,” translated by Sir Walter Scott: “Having prayed thus, let us betake ourselves to a meal unpolluted by flesh [animalia] of living things.”

* The G.R.S. Mead translation of the same passage: “With this desire we now betake us to our pure and fleshless meal.”

* “With such hopes we turn to a pure meal that includes no living thing.” (Asclepius, translated in “Hermetica”, Brian Copenhaver, Cambridge University Press)

The Vegan Evolution of Humanity: Vegetarianism is Going Vegan

Traditionally, Santmat and the yoga philosophy have advocated the lacto-vegetarian diet: abstinence from meat, fish, fowl, and eggs, but allowed dairy. Vegan means complete abstinence from all animal products and strictly adhering to a plant-based diet: no dairy, eggs, or meat of any kind, or products made from animals. Based on the current cruel practices of the dairy industry in India and around the world that violate the principle of ahimsa or non-violence, plus all the scores of medical studies showing that dairy consumption adversely affects our health and well-being, I believe if they were here today, the classic Saints such as Mahavira, Guru Kabir, Guru Nanak, Tukarama, Ravidas, Tulsi Das, Namdev, Dariya Sahib, etc…  would not only be advocating a vegetarian diet, but a vegan diet. These days, many are making this transition to vegan, including a growing percentage of those following Sant Mat. This is the compassionate direction that the vegetarian movement is headed in. Vegetarianism is going vegan.

For the medical, human health aspects of veganism, see the research of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of, “The China Study”, and Dr. Michael Greger, author of, “How Not To Die”, and creator of the NutritionFacts dot ORG website, a great online resource.

The Reality of Dairy Cruelty – the Final Destination of Dairy Cows is the Slaughterhouse

The following is excerpted from a document called, “My Visit to a Dairy Farm”, published by Pravin K. Shah of the Jaina Education Committee of Jainism (the vegan Jain movement), Jain e-Library, and the Jain Study Center:

“I visited a dairy farm located on Route 2 north of Burlington, Vermont (USA) in May of 1995. The dairy owns approximately 150 cows. All of its milk production is used to make ice cream.

"Here is the summary of what I saw and learnt:

"It was milking time (5:00 PM) and the cows were being milked in 3.5 minutes each by a machine. This is done without regard to how hard it is on the cow. It was extremely difficult to watch the cows’ sufferings during the milking. The machine has no feeling. To extract the last drop of milk sometimes traces of blood get mixed with the milk.

"Since cows produce the most milk after pregnancy, they are kept pregnant for their entire fertile life through artificial insemination.

"Every morning hormones or drugs are injected into the cows. They are also fed a diet geared toward high production of milk. The dairy cow produces about 8 times the amount of milk a cow on the traditional family farm produces.

"The gestation period of cow is 9 months same as human does. If a male calf, of no use to the dairy industry, is born, he is shipped to the veal industry within two or three days of birth. The evening I was there, the farm was shipping three baby calves in a truck to a veal factory. The mother cows were crying when their babies were separated from them. I cannot forget the scene and can still hear the cries of the mother cows.

"The veal industry is the most cruel meat industry in the world. It produces very tender meat that is considered a delicacy. The baby calves are raised in darkness in a very confining crate, which allows practically no movements. They are fed an iron-deficient diet. This way the meat gets very tender and properly textured. They slaughter the baby calves after six months. There is much literature available about cruelty in the veal industry.

"Within two months of delivery, the cows are impregnated again. I did not have the stamina to watch the process of artificial insemination that the farm was showing off.

"About four to five times a year, this farm would take the cows outside for a walk. Otherwise, the cows are tied in one place and they have no choice but to defecate where they are confined. It badly stunk when I was there; the farm would wash the confinement areas once or twice a day, and the remaining times the cows would live in their own waste.

"The life expectancy of cows is about 15 to 20 years. However, after about 4 to 5 years, their milk production capacity drops significantly so these cows are sent to the slaughterhouse for cheap meat which is used in fast food restaurants, hot dog filler, dog & cat food and a variety of other 'foodstuffs’. The rest of the body material (by products) turns up in the products like floor wax, pet-food, medicines, insulin, gelatin, footwear, upholstery, taco filling, cosmetics, candles, and soaps.”

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

Compassionate Vegan and Vegetarian Quotes From Supreme Master Ching Hai, and Buddhism

“A true vegetarian diet is vegan: Most of the milk production causes suffering, first of all because the babies of the mother cows are taken away at birth. Deprived from mother’s milk and mother’s love, they’ll be killed as soon as they’re taken away. Then, the mother is forcefully hooked up to a machine that can cause tormenting pain along with illness, just so that humans can take her milk.”

“This killing of other beings must be stopped for humanity to evolve as a civilization.”

“Making a vegan choice is thus a true advancement in the evolution and goodness of our humanity. And then we also know that like attracts like, goodness attracts more goodness. As we share this compassionate truth with others, not only will our own humanity be further uplifted, so will the world’s.”

“It’s the high time that the human race should rise to a higher level of consciousness. They should be noble, kind and compassionate. Go veg, be green, do good, is not just for the planet, it’s for the whole human race ennobling, spiritual merit and quality. They should do it, just for the sake of being noble.”

“We have to turn back to our caring and compassionate nature inside our heart. That’s very simple. We are that. We are compassion. We are merciful; we are caring.”

“If we truly wish to see real harmony born between humans and animals and nature and Heaven, we must be the harmony, we must live in harmony and act also in harmony, which includes the act of eating harmoniously each time we come to the table.”

“Even if the world reduces greenhouse gas emissions, the planet will take time to recover from the gases already in the atmosphere. This is why it is necessary to focus on short-lived gases, namely methane. Organic vegan will produce a beneficial, cooling effect as it will cut down methane and other greenhouse gases which are fatal to our survival.”

Change the World by Changing Ourselves: “It begins with us. Since time immemorial, evolution always begins with the individual. If we want to change the world, we change ourselves first. Now, even if the government forbids smoking or drinking or drugs, but if people individually continue, then we have not made much difference. So now, we have to change.“

“The more people who eliminate meat and, indeed, all animal products from their lives, the more we have a chance to save the planet and not only that, to actually restore our earthly home to her original grace and beauty and even more so, more than what we have known, more beautiful, more abundant, more peace, more gladness than what we have known up to now.”

– Quotes above are from Supreme Master Ching Hai, SMCH Association, from the online book: “From Crisis To Peace: The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer”

“The eating of meat extinguishes the seed of great compassion.” (The Buddha, “Mahaparinirvana Sutra”)

“Veganism is simply letting compassion guide our choice of food. As such, it is a basic Buddhist practice that ought to be expected of everyone who takes refuge vows.” (Norm Phelps, “The Great Compassion: Buddhism & Animal Rights”)

“The Buddha’s teaching leads us to the realization that we must always strive to harm no sentient being, human or nonhuman, whether or not it is in our selfish interest to do so.” (Norm Phelps, “The Great Compassion: Buddhism & Animal Rights”)

“Meat eating and a compassionate religion do not go hand in hand.” (Bodo Balsys, “Ahimsa: Buddhism and the Vegetarian Ideal”)

Vegetarian Diet, Guru Nanak, Guru Kabir, Other Sikh Gurus and Scriptures

Nanak abstained from animal food and enjoined against cruelty to animals: “Having prohibited his disciples to drink wine and eat pork, he (Nanak) himself abstained from eating flesh and ordered not to hurt any living being.” (the Persian historian Mohsin Fani, DABISTAN-E-MAZAHIB)

“To take what rightfully belongs to another, is like a Muslim eating pork, or a Hindu eating beef. Our Guru, our Spiritual Guide, stands by us if we do not eat those carcasses. By mere talk, people do not earn Liberation. Salvation only comes from the practice of truth. By adding spices to forbidden foods, they are not made acceptable. O Nanak, from false talk, only falsehood is obtained”. (Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 141)

“Countless are the cutthroats who trade in violence. Countless are sinners who keep on sinning. Countless are liars, wandering lost in their lies. Countless are the impious who live on unwholesome food.” (Guru Nanak, Jap Ji, Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 4)

“Living by neglect and greed, the world eats dead carcasses. Like a goblin or a beast, they kill and eat the forbidden carcasses of meat. Control your urges, or else you will be thrown into the tortures of hell.” (Guru Arjan Dev, Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 723).

“Kabeer says, the dinner of beans and rice is excellent when flavored with salt. Who would cut throats to have meat with his bread?” (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 1374)

“Kabeer: for those who consume marijuana, fish and wine, no matter what pilgrimages, fasts and rituals they follow, they will all be consigned to hell”. (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 1377)

“You keep your fasts to please Allah, while you murder other beings for pleasure. You look after your own interests, and so not see the interests of others. What good is your word? O Qazi, the One Lord is within you, but you do not think or contemplation on Him. You do not care for others, you are mad about religion, this is why your life is wasting away.” (Kabir, Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 483)

“You kill living beings, and call it a righteous action. Tell me, brother, what would you call an unrighteous action? You call yourself the excellent sage; then whom would you call a butcher?” (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 1103).      

Bhai Gurdaas Ji said: “They eat meat by cutting throats, what will their own condition be?” (Vaar 24, Pauree 17)

“One who does not steal, commit adultery, slander anyone, gamble, eat meat or drink wine will be liberated in this very life (i.e. Jeewan Mukt)”. (Guru Gobind Singh, 10th Sikh Guru, “Sudharam Marag Granth”)


Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) (1/24)

Title: Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too)

Genre: Chaptered, fantasy AU, Prince!Phil, Thief!Dan, romance, enemies to lovers, angst and fluff, slow burn (like serious slow burn)

Warnings: some violence, mentions of death (no main characters), dark magic, descriptions of wounds/blood, some hints of sexual scenes (but no actual smut), murder, dangerous situations, stealing/thievery

Summary: Captain of the Royal Guard and Prince of Morellia, Philip Lester has never been given the chance to find love. Instead, he’s run from a system that works to end class differences and improve equality for its citizens. Happy as he is to make the world a better place, Phil can’t help feeling bitter towards his ancestors for making it impossible for him to find someone who will actually love him for more than just his title, and strives instead for a life of justice and doing good - only to meet his match in the King of Thieves, a man who will change everything he once thought he knew in life. Together, they must depart on a quest to save the kingdom, and, in the process, destroy their differences and find their own form of love.

Word count: 240,000+

Updates: Sunday

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DL: Referring to the Heroine

I was talking to @shadyraisincookie and I thought this would be fun to do. I know @midnightnico is also familiar with the games, and much more familiar with the Japanese than I am so if you wanna chime in too feel free, since I only have knowledge of the songs and the only game I’ve played in the actual Japanese has been Vandead Carnival. Like in my other posts, reblogs are fine, but if you have something to add or say, then just send me an ask or message and don’t add to this post. Thanks :)

So I was listening to Gin no Bara recently and I realized I’d only ever heard Reiji’s and Kanato’s. So I went to give Laito’s a listen, and I almost flipped my shit because instead of ‘anata’ he used ‘omae’ and I thought I was crazy cuz I thought I’d heard Kanato’s and Reiji’s wrong all this time. But no! Kanato and Reiji are the only ones to refer to the heroine as ‘anata’ in their Gin no Bara versions. Everyone else uses ‘omae.’ 

And then I thought, oh this is interesting. 

Especially when we consider the connotations these words hold in the actual Japanese. Because in translations everything always just becomes ‘you’ and loses the attached meanings. So I was like this begs to be talked about. 

Anata, Kimi, and Omae

They’re basically listed in descending order according to…familiarity? I guess is what you could call it? That’s the best way I can describe it at least. 

While anata can be a more formal kind of thing, which is why I think people assume it’s the go-to word for Kanato and Reiji, it’s more so associated with couples. Not quite ‘dear’ but I guess you can think of it like that. I don’t necessarily think Reiji or Kanato see her in this way, but I do think the way they see the heroine from the very beginning is different from the way the other brothers do. While the heroine will of course always be food, I feel that to Reiji and Kanato she also immediately becomes their ‘responsibility’ in a sense. She becomes their property in a way that is not quite like the other boys. Where I think the other boys feel she owes them everything, I find that to Kanato and Reiji, they also feel as though they need to provide her something as well. They look after her, even if its in their own fucked up way, even if its in a condescending way, but more than food she becomes something of theirs that they then have to take care of.  Kanato also often refers to her using her own name, adding the -san honorific, which I think speaks volumes, considering he is acknowledging her for who she really is while simultaneously being respectful.

Ok so now we have ‘kimi.’ Which is like just sort of the default. I feel like most of the boys use it at one point or another. It’s the most natural way to call someone, so I won’t really say much about it, other than they’re comfortable enough to use ‘kimi’ with the heroine instead of like addressing her by name. 

Which leaves ‘omae.’ This one puts the other person at a sort of arm’s length away in terms of familiarity I suppose. It can also come off as very rude if used the wrong way, and I feel like most of the time the boys probably are using it in that context. The one who stands out the most is Subaru just because he’s the one I’ve heard use it the most. So he clearly draws the line between the heroine, and himself. Like I said before, it’s what 4/6 boys use in the Gin no Bara, but that may or may not have more to do with the fact that it fits in the three syllables, and anata might be the wrong vibe (or even out of character) for anyone who isn’t Kanato or Reiji. 

Anta and Kisama

I think it’s Shuu who often uses ‘anta’ which is the rude version of anata and I believe would basically be the equivalent of ‘omae’ but slightly sharper. Shin likes to use this one as well when referring to the heroine. Again, just another way to keep the distance between themselves, and her. They always place themselves as superior. 

Carla we all know uses ‘kisama.’ And I think everyone gets the general idea that it’s not a nice thing to call someone. But I was surprised to learn the meaning as to why. “Kisama” is actually a very formal and respectful thing to call someone, but this person would have to be the emperor or have god-like status. So what “kisama” really is is just a super sarcastic and degrading comment because no one will ever really reach that level, and that’s what makes it so offensive. I don’t think there’s really an English equivalent to this, other than ironically calling someone “your highness” or something like that. But even then I don’t think it carries the same weight as ‘kisama’ does. I think this is particularly fitting for Carla to use, considering he is himself a king and one of the only founders left, so he already sees himself as above everyone else. And I think the fact that someone as simple as a human girl is the key to not only continuing the race but also the cure to his endzeit, no doubt that’s probably incredibly fucking irritating, not to mention frustrating, which is why I think he chooses this very harsh version of ‘you.’ 

Chichinashi, Bitch-chan, Kachiku, and M-Neko-chan

The following I can say with more confidence, because the analysis will remain the same across any language. All of these ‘nicknames’ I guess you could call them, are degrading in their own sense. I know Yuma also tends to call her “Sow” but I’m unaware of what it is he actually calls her in the Japanese so I’ll be omitting it for now. Regardless it’ll be the same sort of analysis as Ruki’s ‘kachiku.’

So Chichinashi, I’m sure most people know by now is literally ‘titless.’ Which is interesting in the context of Ayato. It’s no secret this is his preferred body part, so to define her as someone completely lacking of that feature is to put the heroine in a position that functions only to satisfy a sexual gaze. And with a name like Chichinashi, she doesn’t succeed in even that much. While obviously offensive, it becomes a constant reminder, not just to the Heroine, but to Ayato that because she lacks that which might make her sexually appealing, her only redeeming feature is the quality of her blood, and calling her chichinashi over and over seems to solidify this in Ayato’s head. In a way I feel like this is him convincing himself that he’ll never feel anything towards her, because no matter her personality she is lacking what he has determined to be an ideal feature. It’s his way of putting his walls up, to keep his emotions at an unreachable distance.

Bitch-chan and M-Neko-chan I find to be in the same category. First of all, they both include the ‘chan’ honorific, which can of course come off as flirty, but it’s also the honorific used for small children and women. What’s fucked up about it is that it functions to falsely neutralize the insult because it gives it the appearance as being ‘cute’ or ‘endearing’ when in reality calling someone a bitch or a masochistic cat aren’t really very nice. Both nicknames place the heroine in a position below themselves, arguable far below themselves, considering they’re on the animal spectrum, which already seems to ‘other’ her and again subject her to a single, male gaze. Neko gets a slight pass, considering a ‘cat’ doesn’t have the same negativity attached to it that ‘bitch’ does, but what drives Kou’s nickname home is the “M” he slaps in front of it. As I’m sure everyone knows, it stands for ‘masochist’ which like the ‘chan’ functions to neutralize the insults/abuse. Whatever he subjects to her will be fine, even if it’s painful, since he’s declaring her a masochist, and must therefore “enjoy it” when this is again not the case. To push it further, the masochist is always subject to the sadist, so again, by calling her as such, it reinforces the heroine’s position as beneath that of the boys. 

Kachiku, while still an animal of sorts, is a bit different. Literally livestock, it is not roundabout in the way bitch-chan and m-neko-chan are. It makes it very clear that the heroine is food, that her only purpose is to function as food, and there is this ever-present looming feeling that she could be set up for slaughter, like any other kind of livestock. In her case, it’d probably be equivalent to being drained dry. Rather than placing her beneath him, what Ruki does is put her in a separate category altogether, and much like Ayato’s Chichinashi, it serves more as a reminder to Ruki himself that she will never be his equal. She is meant to be eaten, to be used for his own gain, so it creates a barrier that might stop him from developing feelings for her. 

This is where I’m supposed to put some nice pretty sentence to tie everything all together, but honestly I don’t have that so I’ll just leave it at this haha. Just me doing some thinking. Hope I could give you all some food for thought~

okay u nerds sit around and lemme tell u a story of boueibu’s origin and creation process !! !!!!! but jokes aside thank u guys so much for all the nice comments on my past boueibu translations / informational posts they make me rly happy and i love seeing u guys being excited over them !! 

just a reminder if you have any queries about boueibu feel free to send me an ask bc im always up for answering your questions !! + they make me happy bc im trash

ok so lets go all the way back to 2013 to start off with-

before boueibu even aired there were heaps of rumours about it being extremely similar to free! and it being the male version of pretty cure ;; but in reality what the producers said were completely different.. after the airing of ‘ixion saga DT’ which takamatsu shinji (the director of boueibu) was in charge of, pony canyon as u may already know, a very renowned company in japan for the anime it produces asked director takamatsu if he wanted to create an anime that will be well-selling. now pony canyon is in charge of all the boueibu soundtracks and etc 

(x) (rough) translation : “because i wanted to create the idea of ‘basically spending their daily lives loosely in their clubroom’ and under kawahara san’s order, the ideas ‘boys transforming’ and ‘for women’, the three ideas were combined to make this plan. written on april 2013.”

pony canyon’s kawahara san’s orders were ‘boys transforming’ and ‘female-friendly’ whereas director takamatsu probably wanted something in line with gintama and daily lives of highschool boys so something relaxed loose and chilled… im so glad their ideas were combined lmao

its actually revealed later that this is their second planning but from these plans we can understand that they were in fact originally targeting boueibu to be ‘BL- like’,, although its already extremely intentional bl imo aha

a rough translation of the planning-

original anime plan バトルラクラスタ-

battle lackluster (title needs to be worked on)

the protagonist who is beginning his school life in some all boys school is invited by a senior student with the eyes of a dead fish to join a club that basically does nothing called the ‘earth defense club’ as they are lacking new members. but later found out that they really are an organisation that defends earth. 

the unproductive daily lives of high school boys 

the defense club consists of four unique seniors and a problematic teacher dispatched by the earth defense institution. the characters effortlessly spend their daily lives in the clubroom. when theres a problem, they tranform into battle lacklusters and fight their enemy organisation that desires world domination. 

an earth defense club consisting of ikemen (good-looking) high schoolers 

the main story is ‘targeted for women’ and an earth defense club consisting of good looking high school boys that defend their planet therefore in other words a ‘male version of sailor moon’. the battles and their daily lives will both be illustrated along each other and during their daily lives, each characters’ ‘lukewarm relationships’ (in many contexts) will be shown. 

school background + promised battles

the main story is not only their earth defense battle backgrounds but also their school background including this ‘do-nothing club’ or ‘earth defense club’ and an illustration of the daily lives of these high school boys within this so called club. each episode’s beginning section will show the carefree lives of these boys in the clubroom and the ending section will be comprised of the ‘transformation scene’, ‘catch phrases’, their burning ‘killing move’ within these ‘promised’ battles. after everything is over, they always visit the ‘karaoke’ to sing a song. this will be the ending of an episode.

may look routined but a developing story

the main story follows a routined format like an anime predominantly targeted at children and slowly unfolds the story throughout the episodes. why was the protagonist chosen? what are the battle lacklusters? who are their enemies? their objective? etc. each episode, an important element can be hinted leading to the next episode.

ok first of all… battle lACKLUSTERS?? ???,,?? earth defense institution??? ?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME 

so this is basically where boueibu began… we can see that some things were kept whilst some other things were completely trashed like fucking en yufuin (the senior student with the eyes of a dead fish im guessing) going out on his way to actually ask someone to join the club imc yring..,,, by ‘lukewarm relationships’ did u mean bl ????? ???l the extra bit at the end about them visiting a karaoke lmao that was obviously changed to a bath but i noticed that pony canyon did somehow keep the karaoke element bc as i added before pony canyon is in charge of all the soundtracks and if we look at the cd covers of boueibu theyre all in a karaoke aha ;;; tbh boueibu is nothing like pretty cure its definitely like sailor moon 

(x) another rough translation : “i aimed for it to be something like sailor xxxn so i could make the producers laugh but since kawahara p hasnt watched sailor xxxn since they lived in another country ‘usagi? what’s that?’ (bitter laughter)”

u dont even know how much i laughed at this tweet omg poor takamatsu but anyways these are the original character plans for the battle lacklusters and all i can really say is…,, its basically chaos-


tsukino sabaku (hakone yumoto - battle lover scarlet)

a first year student who entered binan high school this spring. a handsome boy with girl-like features. joins the ‘earth defense club’ as recommended by mizuno as the club is lacking new members. but as the club was really the secret headquarters for an actual organisation defending earth, tsukino transforms into lackluster moon and fights their enemy.

mizuno tadakuni (yufuin en - battle lover cerulean)

*laughing bc this is an actual name of a famous figure in japanese history

a third year student with the eyes of a dead fish, earth defense club’s president. a master at doing things at his own pace and being carefree. always seen spending his time in the clubroom. transforms into battle lackluster mercury.

hino shohei (zaou ryuu - battle lover vesta)

*means to be well known for being a player in the japanese entertainment world

a long haired second year student with a flippant personality and enjoys playing with girls. an expert at playing around, is able to turn any situation into some sort of a play. calls himself popular but doesnt give out that impression at all. transforms into battle lackluster mars.

kino kuniya (naruko io - battle lover sulfur)

*this is a bookshop name boueibu

a cunning second year student with excellent accounting skills. an expert when it comes to business and thinks of everything as cash. transforms into lackluster jupiter. 

aino kusabi (kinugawa atsushi - battle lover epinard)

a third year student with a man-like personality. holds the principle ‘live for love, die for love’ very deeply. transforms into battle lackluster venus. 

uh director this definitely makes boueibu look like a parody of sailor moon im crying but as u can see some of these aspects have been kept like ryuu not being popular with girls so after all the planning they gathered all the staffs and worked with diomedia nice nice happy ending !! !! after a meeting with producer sekiyama san and the president of diomedia kohara san it was finally decided that the characters would be named after bathhouses lmao

and that is how boueibu came into being..,, 

oh wait but i also have the very first illustration of boueibu-

(x) translation : “an illustration created at the very beginning of the plans. chizuru(the chief designer), im sorry for uploading this.”

im peeing just looking at this i mean yumoto looks the same but look at rYUUS GLORIOUS SCARLET HAIR AND ENS BLUE HAIR im guessing the one with the green hair at the very back is…. io?? i cnat even tell who atsushi is lmao

anyways this is the end of this post (there is ofc more to come ww) but i hope u guys enjoyed this and feel free to add anything yea !! !!!!! 

The Real Ghostbusters

Anon asked: Can you do a Supernatural and Teen Wolf crossover one-shot where Stiles and Lydia are dating and in their first year at Harvard and they’re fans of the Supernatural books and Chuck is there for a book signing and Stiles and Lydia go to get their copies of Swan Song signed and Sam Winchester and the reader (female version of Dean Winchester) are special guests and everyone at the book signing because they thought the Winchesters were fictional characters but they turned out to be real? No smut

Fandoms: Supernatural and Teen Wolf

Word count: 1046

A/N: Here it is! I don’t know if that’s what you wanted, but I hope you like it! Request are still open!

It was a tough week for everyone. Students were stressed, hurried and above all, overwhelmed. It was the week of exams at Harvard, and everyone knew that their future would be determined by the next academic results they would receive.

“I shouldn’t have come to such a prestigious school, I’m not good enough …” an anxious young man muttered, licking his lips nervously.

Next to him, a pretty redhead put her hand on his, eyes softened. She tilted her head to catch the boy’s look, which raised his head.

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Music Video

// In which Justin goes on the set of Y/N’s music video and gets more than he expected //

Can u make one where y/n is a famous singer and she’s friends w jb and she films a video and hes there watching her and he gets hard

I have a request for an imagine where y/n wants to be in charge in bed for once and makes justin really frustrated and has beg to cum

*Contains Mature Content*


“So I’m here on the set of the music video for my new song, Pour It Up. I’m really excited to show y'all the video for a concept I’ve been thinking about for a while,” Y/N introduced her song for the behind the scenes video that was currently being filmed by her camera man. Even tired and stressed out while wearing sweatpants, Y/N managed to still look beautiful.

“So we have a lot of hard working people here to make my vision come true. This is my lovely director, Mr. Vincent Hancock who is so very talented. We also have a few exotic dancers who blow my mind, Candace, Secret, and Nicole. I bet y'all have never seen bitches twerk on water. Well, my bitches twerk on water,” she made a conceited face before stepping towards me.

“We also have a few extras here. Hey, what was your name again?” Y/N threw her arm over my shoulder and batted her eyes waiting for my answer.

“Hi, I’m Justin Bieber and I’m a big fan of yours. I actually make music too,” I beamed at my friend, introducing myself as if I didn’t have a Grammy sitting on the shelf above my fire place at home.

“Hm, never head of you. But, I hope that music career works out for you, buddy,” Y/N patted my shoulder twice with a smirk on her face before continuing on with her little tour of the set. The camera guy followed her every move as she explained what she hoped to achieve out of the video she worked so hard to conceptualized. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched her prance around the set while the crew finished filling up the platforms the dancers will be filming on. Although I knew about most of what was going on, Y/N insisted upon keeping her actions and outfits a secret from me. It made me anticipate the start of filming even more than I normally would have.

Y/N and have been friends for a while and over the years I have seen her go from an innocent children star role model to a more mature version of herself. She was going through the same phase that I went through of switching over from bubble gum pop to a racier type of music.

This was the filming of her third single from her fourth album. The previous music videos in this album left a noticeable pattern in her evolvement. The first song was called touch, the video consisted of a lot of dancing and cinematography of her in clad in semi revealing clothing. It was a bit more sexual than what her fans were used to but, everyone still loved it. The next song was a leap up from the next. Dangerous Woman broadcasted Y/N amazing vocals and allowed her to be a lot sexier as she lounged around in lingerie for the video. A few people commented about her ‘growing up too soon’ but, she still got her good responses and more recordable media attention. This new song and video on the other hand, was at whole other level.

Pour It Up officially broke Y/N’s reign from a child star to the newest sex icon on the hip hop scene. Instead of singing about parties and boys and being in love, those topics were replaced with strip clubs, drinking, and money. Y/N was no longer happy making music for pre teens when she was twenty one herself and was past that level of maturity. Y/N needed to make music that she liked and that she could relate to so, she had to take a stand. This song and the rest of her album made a complete 180 from the music she released last year and she was proud of it.

Throughout me and Y/N’s friendship, I never thought her as anything except a good friend. But now that she was going out and was venturing to take on the persona of who she is and who she wanted to be, my sight couldn’t help but open up. I used to think of her as just cute, definitely not anyone I would think who would be capable of anything vulgar. Now as I’ve seen her progress, I began to realize how utterly sexy she was. She filled out into a nice shape, her face became slimmer from the loss of baby fat, and she seemed much happier which, is the sexiest attribute of all.

I could tell Y/N was comfortable in her own skin and confident in herself and skills as she created and directed her own music video to the song that she wrote. I felt proud seeing her grow from someone so insecure in her abilities, to someone who is courageously herself and doesn’t take no for an answer. She had to argue with her label to even let her release the song let alone, produce the provocative music video she was about to direct.

Pretty soon, the dancers were called up to film their parts of the video. While eating cheese cubes from the staff table. I watched as the dancers sexily climbed up and did tricks on the poles. I was quite impressed watching them at the fact that they had enough stamina for all the things they were able to do suspended in the air and in water all while on beat with Y/N’s song.

“They’re good aren’t they?” Y/n asked a few minutes later with a big smile on her face at the success of finding such good pole dancers.

“Yes but, what are you doing over here Misses Director? Aren’t you suppose to be organizing the shots?” I raised an eyebrow at her.

“I got enough shots of the girls but, they’re going to keep filming while I get dressed, just in case we need more footage later,” she explained before stealing a baby carrot off my plate. Y/N’s makeup was done already so all she really had to do now, was take down her hair and change from her sweat pants into one of her outfits. I hummed in acknowledgement of her plan and before I realized it, her small but strong frame pulled me into a hug that I quickly returned.

“Thanks for coming to watch me. It means a lot, drew,” I smiled at her little nickname for me.

“Glad to be here,” I responded back before giving her a dorky high five that turned into a hang hug. Y/N’s beautiful laugh ranged out before she walked away to her dressing room with her big smile on her face. After she left, I talked with one of Y/N’s friends on set as we all awaited for Y/N to make her appearance in her first outfit.

Once I heard a large amount of loud hoots and howls ten minutes later, I turned towards the dressing room and my jaw dropped to the ground. In a fishnet body suit, a matching underwear set, Chanel belts, and thigh high black leather boots, Y/N looked like any man’s wet dream. I couldn’t stop staring at her as she got on the set of the room filled with dollar bills. I was mesmerized as I watched her sexily dance against the wall and throw the fake money around in her black and gold themed outfit.

“Work, Y/N!” the directer called. In response, she bit her lip as she got on her knees and threw the money that littered the floor. The sight of her on her knees had me envisioning all the things she was apple of doing in that position. I shook my head and turned to get more food before my imagination got the best of me. The next shot filmed was slightly more bearable as is was just her rolling around in a bed in a less sexy of an outfit. I made it through that scene with no problem but, it was the third one that threw me off my game again.

“Are you liking the video so far?” Y/N came up to me after changing into a white leotard with a matching hat and pair of heels. I tried my hardest to nod my head and keep my eyes locked on her face but, my eyes disobeyed my mind and roamed her body. Her brown skin was oiled to the heavens and her thick legs looked luxuriously long in the heels she wore. What really almost stopped my heart was the sight of her brown nipples pressing against the netting in the top of the one piece.

“I think your going to like this scene,” Y/N spoke softly while slightly poking up her chest higher.

“And why do you say that?” I met her eyes again. She battered her eyes again with a tempting smile on her face. These days, whenever Y/N and I hung out, it consisted mostly of flirty and suggestive conversations. Unfortunately, nothing has come out of our borderline raunchy conversations, yet. I wasn’t embarrassed for blatantly appreciating how good she looked. We both knew we wanted each other, the only thing we were waiting on was for one of to initiate it.

“Because…” she trailed off and pushed back some of the blonde hair that fell in my face before continuing on, “because I learned how to pole dance for this.” She winked before turning away and walking up to one of the producers. I watched as the string of tassels hit against her tight oiled up ass. I don’t know what game Y/N was playing at, but if me finally getting a taste of her is the prize, I was going to win.

I walked up to the stage where she would be stripping on. Everyone gathered behind the camera and watched as she walked around the pole. It was alluring watching her jump up and wrap her legs around the pole then grounded herself down to the water lined floor. As hard as I tried to calm myself down, I couldn’t help but get turned on as I watched Y/N hold onto the pole and bounce her ass.

“Do you know about what Y/N suggested to the director earlier?” Y/N’s friend from earlier asked me as we watched Y/N dance again the pole.

“No, what?” I asked even though, all my attention was on admiring how flexible Y/N was.

“I heard her say something about wanting you to sit on a chair and let her dance on you,” I choked at the guys words. “Boy you would’ve been so in there but, the director said that you’d be too much of a distraction. I’m low-key pressed because y'all would be so hot together,” the friend shrugged before turning back to the set.

“Yeah we would be,” I replied while taking a drink of my water. A moment after I spoke, Y/N’s eyes found mine. She send an alluring smile my direction before grasping the pole then bending over to shake her ass. As soon as she finishes this video, I’m going to fuck the shit out of her. I can’t believe it took all this time just for me to see how sultry she was.

After filming the song four times, while dancing on the pole, it took twenty minutes for her to wrap up her final scene on the throne. I watched half of it before slipping away with a hard on to wait for her in dressing room. I wasn’t going to stand in a room full of people thirsting after her when, I knew I was the one that was going to get her anyway. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to get a taste of her. I fantasied about all that was going to come until the door opened.

“I thought you left,” she smirked once she noticed me lying across the couch. She looked me up and down in a conceited manner but, her eyes lingered on my bulging jeans.

“I’m not going anywhere until, I get what’s mine,” I stood up and cornered against the door. I looked her in the eyes before taking in her new appearance. She wore nothing but a jeweled bra and tiny pair of nonexistent shorts that served to show off her red panties. Just as I was about to kiss her, she turned her head away.

“And who said I was yours?” She bit at her plump red lip while placing her small caramel hand on my waist.

“You did because you’ve never convince me otherwise,” I replied, cockily.

“Wow, Bieber. You sure to talk a big talk. Your dick better be as big as you ego is,” her hand dragged down from my waist to my belt buckle.

“Well, let me prove it to you,” I whispered in her ear and rocked my bulge up into her hand. Y/N let out a genuine laugh before leaning up kissing me. After one tender kiss, Y/N tried to pull away but everything about her was so intoxicating that, I couldn’t let her get away that easy. I grabbed her hips and pulled them against mine as I deepened the kiss. My mind shut off as I focused wholly on the softness of Y/N’s lips and the way that her body rocked against mine as I tasted her mouth. My hands dragged up and down the sides of her body, not able to focus on just touching one thing.

When I bit her bottom lip with a tug, she let out a low mewl before jumping up and wrapping her legs around her my waist like she did the pole earlier. At that motion, I didn’t have the will power to stop from pressing her up against the wall with my hands groping at her exposed ass. Our lips didn’t cease to smack together in a heated embrace until I carried her to the couch and tossed her on it. I slowly took off my shirt for her as she awaited for me to join her on the couch.

Once I stripped myself from my shirt, I crawled up on the couch from the part of her legs to her lips. Her hand roughly grasped at the back of my neck and pulled my kiss swollen lips against hers again. I kissed at her mouth before trailing down the side of her neck and sucking and nipping at the exposed skin.

“I’ve waited so long for this day to come,” Y/N moaned out as I sucked on the skin that met the top of the bra. If I had known she wanted me, we wouldn’t have had to wait at all. I moaned against Y/N’s soft breast before licking my way down her torso and to the top of her ‘shorts’. I met her brown eyes when I unbuckled them with my teeth. She whined and arched back at the erotic sight while I pulled the tiny piece of fabric off of her.

At the official reveal her bright red panties, I moaned out at the sight of the growing wet spot that spread over her heat. She looked so good that I had to lean down and lick her over the panties. She let out a tiny puff of air when I tugged on them a little with my teeth before popping them back into place. All the playfulness she exerted at first, disappeared once the panties were gone and I was properly eating her out. She was so wet against my mouth and her pussy is the best I have ever tasted. I couldn’t control my lust as messily feasted on her. I only listened to the different pitches of her moans and noted how hard she tensed up in order to figure out how to perfectly work her open.

“So good,” she whimpered out while rocking against my face. I moaned against her aggressive actions and start thrusting my tongue inside of her. She quickly intertwined her fingers in my hair to get me to try to go even deeper into her throbbing walls. I kept up a rhythm of thrusting my tongue into her then, pulling out to lick over her clit all while she moaned loudly against her. It wasn’t until I had my tongue plunged as deep as I could go inside her with my thumb swiping quickly over her clit that she came in my mouth. Her legs tenses up around my head as she when through her high while I was still nibbling on her swollen clit. She let out one big spasm before removing her legs from around me and leaning me back on the couch.

I murmured her name when she pulled off my pants and mouthing at my hard dick that was still confined in my boxers. “Suck me off baby,” I told her.

“Don’t get it twisted, Drew. You don’t have any control over me. I’m going to do whatever I want and you’re going to lie there and take it,” Her eyes burned into mine as she pulled my cock out. I groaned at the fact that she was being so assertive. I would have never guess that innocent little Y/N would be the one girl to ever have the nerve to exert power over me. But. here I was laid out under her straddles legs, as she tugged at my cock that was getting harder with every pull.

“Feel good baby?” She asked with one hand fondling my hung balls and the other thumbing at my cock head. I frantically nodded my head yes as she squeezed her hand around me a bit harder. My eyes were closed with bliss but, flew open when I felt her tongue mop up the precum that started rolling down my dickhead. Y/N smiled shyly before taking me completely down her throat in one go.

“Fuck, Y/N” I uncontrollably thrusted up, trying to get deeper into her tight warm mouth. She moaned something on my dick before shoving my hips back down to the couch. My fists clenched as I watched Y/N take me down her throat. She bobbed on my dick a few more times before pulling off with a pop of her lips. I let out a frustrated groan as she slowly licked at my precum releasing slit.

“Y/N, please,” I begged once she leaned up again.

“Please what, Justin?” she asked while pulling at my erection a few times.

“Please do something,” I panted out before throwing my head back on the edge of the couch and wiping at my red face. I heard Y/N laugh above me and then suddenly, a new texture encased my dick.

I gasped and threw my hands from my face to watch Y/N ride me. I couldn’t comprehend all that I was feeling but, I knew that this moment was more life changing than the first time I even felt my dick in a pussy. I grunted and watched Y/N slowly raise up on my cock then, quickly sit back down on it before rocking in little figure eights.

“You feel so good around me,” I complimented as she took my dick like a pro. She hummed in acknowledgment before fucking down unto me faster. Eventually, she leaned down to kiss at my neck and she ground my dick in her pussy.
“Y/N,” My dick was throbbing for her, begging that she would finish me off.

“You can’t cum yet baby boy. I’ve waited too long for this to just let you cum whenever you want,” she slowed down her hips and took me in deeper than I’ve ever been. I thrusted my hips up trying to make her ride me faster.

“I’m fucking you Justin, not the other way around,” she pushed my hips down for the second time tonight. She reached up and held my wrists together in a surprisingly strong hold as she bounced on me quickly. With my jaw clenched, the only thing I could do was moan out of my lip bitten mouth while she took me.

“Let me cum,” I begged. I have never asked to cum before but, just the thought of having a girl dominating me to the point that I had to beg, made my dick throb even harder. Y/N shook her head no but, continued to ride me fast. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold off my orgasm.

“Please, y/n?” I begged again.

“I want you to wait,” she said harshly. I watched as she leaned up, the jewels covering her chest glinted in the light as she reached down and rubbed at her pink clit. It took everything I had in me to hold back as Y/N rocked on me with an exquisite rhythm.

“Justin! I’m gonna- cum with me, baby,” she said quickly between her sharp intakes of breathe. I felt like I was suffocating as her pussy clenched around my dick like it was her lifeline. I broke free of her restraint and held her hips as I thrusted up three times before spilling my contents into her convulsing core.

“That was- that was wow,” my voice racked as I tried to describe my feelings a minute later. Y/N looked at me from the other end of the couch with a hazy grin on her face.

“I mean, I guess it was alright,” Y/n shrugged before looking at me and causing us to both laugh.

“You and I both know that that was the best fuck of our lives,” I propped myself up by throwing my hands to the back of my head.

“I wouldn’t say all that, now. Think of all the possibilities that can happen the next time we fuck,” she suggested.

“There’s dong to be a next time?” I questioned.

“How about Thursday night at my place? You can bring the hand cuffs,” She told me before getting up and putting her sweats back on.


Referenced videos: Touch, Dangerous Woman, Pour It Up, and the behind the scenes.


I think this is my best yet. taking requests - drea✨

Yamato Ishida: Random Facts

  • Yamato’s name is written in katakana and is the ancient name for Japan, but the way it is usually written in kanji means “Large/Great Peace/Harmony”. Yama is also “Mountain” in Japanese. Ishida means “Stone Rice Field”.
  • He was born between 2 April 1988 and 1 April 1989 – most likely in Hikarigaoka, Nerima. Because of this, he is more likely to be 10 years old rather than 11 years old in the first season of Digimon. Thus, in the second season he is more likely to be 13 throughout the season and 14 by the end of the season (in the 02 movie: Diablomon Strikes Back).
  • He is in the 5th grade in the first season and the 8th grade in the second season.
  • His father, Hiroaki Ishida, is the director/producer of the news division at Fuji TV. His mother, Natsuko Takaishi, is a journalist and writer.
  • His parents divorced in 1996 because his mother got fed up with his father being a workaholic. It was Yamato who decided that he was going to live with their father and that Takeru was going to live with their mother, since their parents couldn’t decide. He figured that since Takeru was younger he needed their mother more.
  • He is probably, at the very least, a quarter French.
  • His French grandfather is named Michel (who is most likely Natsuko’s father), and his Japanese grandmother is named Kinu (who is most likely Hiroaki’s mother). Michel lives in Paris, France and Kinu lives in Shimane, Japan.
  • His schools include: Dai-yon Elementary School, Odaiba Elementary School, Odaiba Middle School, Tsukishima High School. He also most likely got a university degree in Engineering to eventually become an astronaut.
  • He lives with his father in Odaiba, Tokyo in apartment 202.
  • “I live alone with my dad, but since he’s busy with work, I do most of the housework. Of course that means I cook meals every day. We have a lot of condiments and tablewear. I cooked when Takeru came over recently, too. But since it’s just us guys, the place is kind of messy, which is embarrassing.” (Digimon Adventure Character File)
  • His official Toei Animation profile states that he excels in both academics and sports.
  • His best friend is Gabumon.

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Masashi Kishimoto interview (from the Fourth Databook)

I managed to translate part of it on the tidbits of time I had. The interview is 9 pages long, Anon asked the first two pages but I intend on translating it all when I have time, because it’s interesting. So this is a wip post I’ll keep updated with the rest of the translation (when I’ll have time to finish it).


Kishimoto Masashi-sensei X Yahagi Kosuke (first editor*)

Conversation transcript.

Saying everything you need to know about characters and jutsu!!

T/N: *Lit.: “first in charge”. Kosuke Yahagi was the first editor of Naruto (up to the Sasuke vs. Itachi fight).

The secrets of “Naruto” that haven’t been told so far are disclosed here…!?

The vital point of character design are “eyes”

—Today we’d like to hear about the making off of his initial stage of his production, especially the characters and the jutsu, with Yahagi-san, who worked as the first editor in charge with Kishimoto-sensei.

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The Guests: An Illustrated Guide

Everyone is welcome to their own interpretations and headcanons regarding the guests, but since I started this blog I’ve been asked to explain the differences a few times. Hopefully this will help clear up any confusion and also explain why I tag some posts the way I do. So without further ado…

The Show: First Guest and Second Guest

There are two guests in the show. They have no canon appearances and no canon names. They have speaking parts in the narration at the beginning of each episode and their respective seasons reveal some information about their lives, but beyond that we know little about them. What we do know, however, is that they are both adults and also at an age where they have a fairly stable and established careers. Because they have no names the fandom typically refers to the male guest in the first season as First Guest and the female guest in the second season as Second Guest.

About Stephen Haniwa Salaryman

I notice that this tends to cause some confusion so I will address it. At the end of the first season it’s strongly implied that the First Guest turned into a monster known as Stephen Haniwa Salaryman. However, he is just one of many of his kind. I see this as commentary on the working class but that’s a different conversation entirely. The important thing is that Stephen Haniwa Salaryman is a catch-all term for all of the monsters of this type, just like how there are multiple Dead Body monsters. Though the First Guest becomes a Stephen Haniwa Salaryman he is not every Stephen Haniwa Salaryman that appears in the show. The Haniwa Salaryman part of the name is actually very interesting if you want to know more about the themes surrounding this monster. The Stephen part comes from the first episode of the third season and may or may not be technically accurate to apply to the rest of the Haniwa Salarymen. Since I can’t confirm how this plays out in the Japanese version it might be best not to worry too much about semantics.

The Game: Guest Boy and Guest Girl

Not a lot of people are familiar with Soul Collector which I think is what causes the bulk of the confusion. In brief, Gregory Horror Show Soul Collector was a PS2 game released in 2003. You play as a lost soul who just arrived at Gregory House. At the start of the game you name yourself and choose your gender which determines your character’s appearance. Notably this is not your real appearance, it’s just a body you borrow from Death, and the idea is probably that you’re basically playing as yourself. The fandom tends to treat the two options as actual characters and not just as player avatars though. Typically the male avatar is referred to as Guest Boy and the female avatar is referred to as Guest Girl. Adding to the confusion though is the fact that the brief narration in the game is voiced by the voice actors for the First Guest and Second Guest. There’s no evidence this is supposed to imply some relation though.

The Reboot: Hiroshi

Hiroshi is a character created for Gregory Horror Show Mystery Holiday. Not much is known about him except for the fact that he’s an elementary school student. Despite being similar in appearance to Guest Boy it is extremely unlikely that he is the same character as Guest Boy since Guest Boy is a player avatar. People will understand if you confuse the two though. I do it all the time.

anonymous asked:

Could you elaborate on the white feminism standard you mentioned? Especially about Rick? I'm considering writing a Muslim character for my current writing project and I've talked to some friends but I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

Okay firstly i wanna say hats off to rick for writing so many marginalized characters, but tbh he takes a stereotypical version of them. 

The thing w/ samirah that bothered me most that she had to justify the choice, and the only way for rick to make to show that it was a her choice completely and she was in full control of it was by her taking it on and off. It crafted this moderate version of a muslim which i think is wrong b/c muslims that wear niqabs or wear nothing are just as moderate and are just as in command of their own choices. Like hijab’s not supposed to be easy, it’s a commitment. And im not bashing my hijaby sisters, but i kno first hand that the girls who jsut wear it the masajids or in front of relatives etc don’t consider themselves hijabies. Like when we pray if you wear hijab outside or not, it’s required to wear hijab. Those girls don’t consider themselves hijabies even tho they wear it selectively. 

And it irked me that Rick said that’s how he viewed the avg muslim american, as if this one is more liberated, by her choosing to take it on and off. I jsut hated how he had to jsutify it, like tbh hijab literally is only for god, like that’s the only religious reason and most girls wear it all the time bc it’s a sacrifice. It’s like how some gay dudes think it’s okay to see ur hair and like da fuck no it’s not b/c it doesn’t jsut bend. And I’m not bashing on ppl who do that, like on and off b/c hijab is a struggle. But rick didn’t mention how hijab is such a struggle like to keep on he just made it a choice when it’s far more. 

It annoyed me that he chose the most politicized issue to speak about and then justified it being a choice by showing she took it on and off when in fact this not what ppl usually do american or no. 

And this is what he did for Nico as well. representation is great man, I’m all for it. But as a white male author he cannot define the struggles, nor reach a resolution fro them b/c he doesn’t understand the complexity of it. For example the raven cycle, gay af characters but maggie doesn’t go into a tirade of their struggles on being gay b/c she would not have the scope to describe it correctly. Representation still their, part of their identity, but not trying to explain or justify it. Whereas rick made nico come out in such a messed up way and made it the resolution to his feelings like now he was free to go and kiss will. Like it’s not so easy and people in similar situations would/ are traumatized in a similar situation. 

For the muslims characters, man i loveddddd John Green’s representation of him in An Abundance of Katherines. Now i hated that book plot wise, but I loved the character he made (it was his bff i forget his name). John was able to show core muslim values that aren’t politicized like prayer and that every muslim can agree on and integrated it in his character, while still having his religion effect/influence other areas of his life but John not justifying or making an argument on anything, b/c it was not his place to do so. Also rick made what seems like the token muslim, the definition of the empowered muslim women. Compeltely ignoring niqabis can feel just as empowered. Whereas John he crafted a character and one trait of his was that he was muslim. He has so much other traits in him and being muslim affected his decision, but it wasn’t his only identity trait as with samirah. 

Also the whole arranged marriage thing pissed me tf off. If you’re gonna talk statistically muslims aren’t engaged at fucking 16 esp in america. Like firstly he mixed it w/ religion and arranged marriage is cultural. And then claiming that it was how the avg muslim female in america is bs, b/c let me tell u the majority of our parents now dont want us goin no where till we got a 4 yr degree, and statistics show this as well. I felt like it was a lame attempt to add an unneeded romance and something that a younger audience didn’t need explained. Also he dumbed it down a lot lmao ask any brown kid how much education/job of ur future husband matters and it’ll show it’s not just as easy as finding a cute boy from a nice family as rick put it. It’s more complex and it was unneeded in my opinion and rick did a rlly bad job of trying to explain it.

The point is you can make a poc, muslim (or any marginalized faith for that matter), lgbtqa character as a white author/straight without having to explain the struggles, explain, or write a weak ass resolution to it. Many authors have, and the representation is there. Tbh all he had to do was describe her wearing hijab and then end. The badassery and all hardcore she was would’ve been picked up by readers and that would’ve shown 1) how amazing she was and hijab/race literally has nothing to w/ ur basassery level 2) it would’ve created a subconscious image of Muslims and how /normal/ they are, rather than having to justify aspects of their religion. He devloped samirah in no other way than her religion (and then went ahead and justified it) and every muslim is far, far more complex than that. We’re people, religion is one part of our identity, but identity is made of so much more. 

Kitty Curls and Corny Pick-Up Lines

Anonymous: hi beautiful lady a fluffy story of jongdae we’re his manager introduce me as there private nurse but jongdae and i knew the faces because we crash at the cafe and he find the girl beautiful and unfortunately he didn’t get to have the lady’s no. and now she is infront of him well cheezy story anyway end them up

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1129

“Boys, you all know that the previous nurse for you guys had maternity leave so we hired a new, nice young lady to take her place.”

“How old?” Baekhyun quipped. Minseok smacked him upside the head.

“Just don’t scare her off when she arrives…” the manager pleaded, ignoring Baekhyun as usual.

You arrived late. There was so much traffic, and you scolded yourself for not taking the subway. You bowed at the manager and apologized for your tardiness, but he just smiled and told you that the boys were in the middle of rehearsal, so proper introductions could wait.

As you made your way to the rehearsal stage to join the other staff members, you could hear one of their songs being blasted from the speakers, reverberating in the empty arena. When you turned the last corner, you were met with a bunch of sweaty, hot young men dancing and singing on stage. The first thought that crossed your mind was, “Damn…medical school actually paid off.”

You joined the rest of the staff, bowing greetings to them and quietly saying hello. You tried to keep it as discreet as possible so the rehearsal wouldn’t be disturbed, but the guys on stage were starting to take interest in the newcomer.

During the next song’s instrumental, one of the guys announced “Jongdae keeps messing up!” his loud, yet playful voice echoing through the stadium. Several of the others laughed and continued practicing the motions. One of the tallest ones, whose ears stuck out a little in a cute way, gave the guy next to him a little shove, gesturing in your direction with his head, a smirk playing on his lips. Immediately blushing and feeling self conscious, you made your way towards the back of the crowd of staff members, avoiding anyone’s gazes.

After the song finished, the manager called the boys down, scolding Jongdae for not paying attention to the runthrough. They all gathered next to the staff, and the manager gestured for you to come to the front of the group.

“Ok, everyone,” he said nodding to the staff members as well, “I’m sure you all know by now, but we have a new addition to our group. Please introduce yourself,” he said with a friendly smile.

You cleared your throat. “Hello, my name is Y/N. I’m the new personal nurse for the band members here. Thank you for being so kind to me already,” you said with a bow. Several people started clapping, and a chorus of ‘Welcome!’ and ‘Nice to meet you’ filled the air. When you looked up and scanned the group with a shy smile, your eyes locked with someone who looked vaguely familiar.

It was his lips.

You could recognize them almost anywhere.

The way they naturally curled upwards at the corners of his mouth made him look like a cat. A friendly cat. His eyes were warm and playful, and a smile widened across his face, accentuating his kitty curls. He waved at you, wiggling his eyebrows, confirming your suspicions that yes, you have met before.

The memory hit you when the manager shooed the boys back up on stage to finish the rehearsal.

You were standing off to the side in the small cafe, waiting for your drink to be made, when someone very ‘subtly’ sidled up next to you. His eyes wandered around the building, avoiding you completely as he pretended like he wasn’t aware of the fact that you were literally two centimeters away from him. He let out a little sigh, nonchalantly rubbing the back of his neck, and pursed his lips a little as if he were in thought.

“Can I help you?” you asked politely, taking a small step backwards to create a little more space between the two of you.

He tore his eyes from the wall, looking down at you with a small grin plastered to his face. The first thing you noticed were the corners of his lips. They were naturally upturned, giving him a cat-like smile that held your mild interest as he looked at you. Once he knew he had your attention, he feigned frustration and pulled out his phone, looking at it as if it just broke. He sighed, shaking his head and looked at you. You cocked an eyebrow, anticipating where this was going.

“Ah…I just…Can I have your phone number? Because I think I forgot mine,” he said, his act breaking and his smile curled back into a light smirk.

You snorted and shook your head in disbelief that someone would actually pull something as corny and as cliche as that. You looked back up at him, giving him a slightly amused version of the ‘Are you actually kidding me?’ look. When you opened your mouth to reply, one of the baristas called your name, letting you know that your drink was ready. You felt his eyes follow you to the counter and he grinned when you walked back to him. He was attractive and he wanted your number and you weren’t going to let a good opportunity go to waste.

“You can find it in your phone settings,” you said, taking a sip of your drink.


“Your phone number. You said you forgot it. You can find it in your phone settings. So you don’t need mine,” you teased.

“Ah but then it still won’t be able to work properly…”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s missing your number. A very crucial part involved with its functioning.”

“What makes my number so crucial?”

“Because I think you’re beautiful…you don’t have a boyfriend do you?”

You chuckled, shaking your head at his boldness. Just before you could troll him and say ‘Yes,’ you received a phone call from work saying that you were needed in a few minutes. You sighed in frustration when you hung up. The guy tilted his head a little in curiosity.

“I’m very sorry, but I have to go.”

“Go where?”

“The hospital needs a few more nurses on the shift and I told them earlier that I was free today,” you answered, heading towards the door, giving him a friendly smile.

“Oooh…saving lives are we? That’s sexy.”

You almost spit out your drink.

When you got the the hospital, you mentally kicked yourself for failing to get his number. He was attractive and he wanted yours and you let the opportunity go to waste.

All throughout the rehearsal, you caught Jongdae sneaking not-so-subtle glances at you, the same cat-like smirk playing on his lips. He approached you after everything finished, sweat beading on his forehead, making his skin gleam.

“So, Y/N…can I have a number to match the name now?” he asked, opening a new contact page.