the fact that she has that in her twitter description still makes me giggle

Three Swipes, You’re Out

based off of this post made by @tamilprongspotter even though I have no idea how tinder works (there was a lot of wiki how involved and if you want a good laugh you should definitely check that out)

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Lily downloaded Tinder the night her sister got married.

It’s not like- she was just drunk and lonely, okay? Which, she understands now is a pretty stupid reason, but she just watched her sister get married at twenty three, and excuse her for having a bit of an existential crisis just because she’s twenty and hasn’t had any type of fulfilling romantic relationship. It seemed like a good idea at the time even though she knows most people don’t use Tinder for actual relationships, but like she said, she was drunk. Of course, she also tries to convince herself that she’s just twenty; she doesn’t even need to go out and find some sort of fulfilling romantic relationship because she’s a strong, independent young woman who doesn’t need a man to feel fulfilled in life.

(If anyone asks why she’s arguing with herself over Tinder of all things, it’s just because it’s two in the morning and she’s drunk, with mascara smudged around her eyes, struggling to unlock her phone because her fingers don’t seem to work all of a sudden. Long story short, she’s a mess.)

Still though, the whole scenario is pretty fucking stupid, and Mary and they don’t stop taking the piss for almost two weeks.


In all honesty she doesn’t really expect to actually use the app.

She does set up her profile- and by set up she just means adding whatever pictures she thinks she looks cute in, actual descriptions be damned- but that’s about it.

Sometimes she might swipe through it when she’s bored, but it’s only because she’s curious. She wants to see the kind of people the dating app thinks she’ll be good with that’s all.

No other reasons whatsoever.

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