the fact that im still up


we all already knew pewdiepie was a disgusting pile of crap but the fact that the video’s still up after 3 days when he’s essentially the face of youtube, and google hasn’t taken the video down, really says something about the company

like if u upload a scene from a 1970s star wars movie that gets taken down instantly, but antisemitic hate speech posted by the person with the most subscribers on all of youtube? that can stay

also dont send me asks about this im tired and its not my job

i still can’t get over the fact that Raphael just straight up said “I’m not interested in sex” !! like why aren’t more people talking about this???? Raphael Santiago, head of the New York clan, is asexual!! it’s literally canon. im so happy and honestly thought more people would be too,,

More Beauty and the Beast spoilers!!

The part that actually ended up bringing me to tears and still is making me tear up is at the end when Le Fou dances with another guy.

And not just because the fact that he got a happy ending just killed me

it was that when the partner switch happens and you see him with the guy


People clapped and whistled and cheered and I burst into fucking tears. Le Fou really got the justice he deserved and it was fucking fantastic.

hey guys!! ๐Ÿ’— i hit my goal recently which was 1k, and its just crazy considering the fact ย i remade just a month ago ๐Ÿ˜œ i still cant believe thisย ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’Œ

my ass was so lazy im doing this week or two after hitting my goal ksdkds bleaseโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ซ im sorry if this messes up your notifsย ๐Ÿ˜ช

just so yall know!! this beautiful graphic was made by wonderfulย @sftaeย ๐Ÿ’• thank u so much !!ย ๐Ÿ’•

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i’ve never shared this fact with you but now that something is happening i will:

this is oswald

he is a little shit who ate up ALONE a whole plant of mine and he grew BIG because of it. as you can see, he still is

we usually kill these caterpillars because they eat and ruin plants so yeah. 


i kept this little big fella with me. i gave him leaves to eat and made him a little home far away from the plants and flowers



Just realized that Mohn, the guy who runs Pokepelago, is Lillie and Gladion’s dad. He’s got the hair, the eyes, the whole “my husband found out about UBs and alternate universes”, the fact he lives in a computer realm(???)

I’m just losing it though because while all the sad family angst was going on for who knows how long, their dad was just living it up on some islands in the middle of nowhere with pokemon 

Eating beans.

Rogue one Spoilers!!!

Bitch im still tearing up… i lowkey knew what would happen but still…

The fucking scene on the beach… the looks… the last hug. .. KILL ME

The last moments between Chirrut and Baze… FUCK. The fact that when he was about to die Baze turned toward Chirrut’s body so that it would be the last thing he’ll ever see… I CAN’T

My sweet Bodhi… Fuck his death was so unexpected i’m proud of u for following your heart and being brave and doing the right thing until the end… I LOVE YOU

Okay but like the fact that su critical communities exist to begin with is wild.

Like. Other fandoms have their critical tags, but I have yet to see any get as much attention as su’s.

It’s gotten so bad that people have to make seperate blogs to avoid trouble on their main because for some reason, people get up in arms even if you dare say something as small as “The animation here looks a little wonky” while still being a fan of the show.

And yet the harassment, the claims of ‘nitpicking’ the straight up bullying just because someone DARED to point out a flaw in your “perfect progressive media” still continues even on these blogs.

Seriously. No other fucking fandom is this awful when it comes to criticism???

Other things!!!! Have critical tags!!!! You don’t really hear about people getting DEATH THREATS just because they were critical of adventure time!

it really is over 8 hours since ive seen that kangaroo video and im still not over it

he had the dog in a headlock…practically the crippler crossface…owner ran up and gave him the chin check and the kangaroo is just there processing the fact that the human don’t use its legs

here he is thinking they’re gonna settle it via dropkicks n he gets rocked into another dimension cuz he really zoned out lmfao

A word about teens and the “Luna Situation”

After some brief investigation, I found out Luna and Louis did, in fact, quietly break up while I wasn’t looking. Im not sure if it was before the wedding or after (perhaps even during?) but either way they are done. They still have some friendship but their romance bar is gone so… 

RIP Louna You were a good ship while you lasted </3


There is no college or even defined school years in the sims, but I’d like to think Louis, Luna, Piper, and Lionel are all at the tail end of their senior year. Louis and Piper are set to age up in a mere WEEK, so the timeline fits. That being said, I headcannon Luna as slightly older, so I already aged her up and sent her out on her young adult way!

…im gunna cry she was like my adopted child :’(

Her story isn’t over yet, and I have plans for her in the canon storyline, but we’ll get to that after fox and butterfly age up as well. For now, all I can say is she has moved to the city and seems to be very happy where she is:

As for Louis and Piper… 

Well, they get one last summer together before I plan to brutally rip them apart :^)

listen season 2 daryl has a special place in my heart ok he sat in his little camp of sadness all day ripping all the sleeves off his shirts and he sold walker ear necklaces on Etsy and he fell off a horse that he stole and then climbed back up a mountain with nothing but his INCREDIBLE ARMS and TRAGIC PAST and i still cant get over the fact that he whole heartedly believes he saw a chupacabra i love him so much and also i have some loch ness monster theories that i’d love to run by him 

Still not over the fact that we thought Pidge would be the #1 klance shipper when Shiro was right there.

Like Pidge would be completely oblivious that they like each other and then when she found out she’d just laugh her ass off for like half a minute then walk away. Of course she’d still support them and be happy for them when they got together because they’re her friends. But she wouldn’t make that big a deal of it tbh.

Shiro on the other hand is Keith’s best friend, he’d definitely be the first to notice Keith pining for Lance and tease him about it 24/7 and Keith always snaps back with something about Allura and Shiro gets all flustered and pretends he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and it eventually becomes a contest to see who can make fun of the other’s crush better. Shiro usually wins. Usually.

Lithuania Character Facts

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🇱🇹He is worse than Germany at understanding jokes

🇱🇹He once beat Prussia

🇱🇹He has a weak stomach

🇱🇹He has pollakuria

🇱🇹He hates Prussia

🇱🇹He owns a used car

🇱🇹He likes martial arts

🇱🇹Russia still stalks him

🇱🇹He has scars on his back

🇱🇹He often gets stomachaches because he gets depressed very often

🇱🇹He is surprisingly muscular

🇱🇹Russia did dress him up in a maids outfit and chased him with a whip

🇱🇹He threw away all the stuff related to the Soviet Union after it was over.

🇱🇹He is a member of the choir club

🇱🇹His design is a rejected Hungary design.