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This Isn’t It

Request: Hey!! I was wondering if you could do a John Murphy one shot? Maybe with the reader breaking down on her own (like suicidal almost) and he stops her? A little yelling and arguing too maybe?

Requested by: @lexy-rex

Pairing: Murphy x Reader

Warnings: suicide attempt, depression, trigger warning

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“What are you doing?” You gasped, spinning around in surprise. You were sure everyone had gone to bed and you had made sure to be extra quiet, you have even been able to sneak past the guards. So why was he here?

“U-Uh… John?” You stumbled, nervous at the fact he had practically caught you. Dropping the knife you held in your hand to your side and tried to not to cry. “What are you doing here?” You feigned innocence.

“What the hell, Y/N?” Murphy yelled, his eyes narrowing dangerously. “Did you think no one would notice?” That’s when you knew (despite already knowing) that you had been caught. You shook your head, your own tears falling as you raised your voice.

“I can’t handle it anymore, John! I am useless, i’ve lost everything. I don’t want to be alive anymore.” The knife you held was raised, and staring at it you pressed it against your wrists, not caring that Murphy was there. Murphy lunged forward, his hand grabbing your wrists and ripping the knife from your grip. A line of blood clotted as he by accident cut you.

You sob, “give it back!” You screamed, reaching for the knife. Murphy, surprisingly said nothing, but wrapped his arms around your body. Pressing you against his chest, he let you sob.

“This isn’t it, Y/N. You aren’t alone.”

Captain Swan Wedding aesthetic (1/?):
“Emma I will always ,always be by your side”- Killian
I mean how could I not this is finally happening the lost boy and the lost girl have finally found their home and the princess and the pirate have finally found their happy ending ( I hope). So this is my homage to this incredible milestone. Be warned I am planning to go backwards in their relationships and do more aesthetics because I can’t stop even though am terrible at this…

Sources: Google , Pinterest. Fun fact: Emma is wearing not only an exact replica of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress but also the exact tiara and wedding bouquet. If u guys want I could do another one on just her dress and accessories. #research