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Santa Baby..

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anon nymph wished – Can I please request #3, #6, and #30 all together in one senario with Changkyun for Christmas. I really enjoy reading your drabbles and think you have a knack for writing well. Keep up the nice work! :^)

#3 Secret Santa anyone?

#6 Why are you so hard to pick out a present for?!

#30 All I want for Christmas is you.

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Like, okay, just imagine, him opening up a vine account, and like, he just posts the stupid shit the Avengers do, like Clint and Tony drunkenly crying on each other at three am while eating donuts, or that one time Bruce literally fell asleep in his food, or Phil getting angry because people keep letting the plants in the greenhouse die and I have worked in an office for my entire adult life and I have never let a plant die as fast as they do when one is near Thor!

And it’s just a bunch of bullshit, like Clint and Sam arguing over who’s the best birb ever, and people making spider jokes at Nat and Peter, or the Hulk saying dumb shit like a three year old, or occasionally wise things.

Like, Jarvis is literally an artificial intelligence and he’s pretty much got the most popular vine account ever, and if asked, he will happily tell you that’s his greatest achievement, and I just love the idea of Jarvis recording the Avengers doing dumb shit together.

I would like to point out something, in particular, about the sentiment in this scene that might make you appreciate it, even more...

A video posted by @riarklematthews on Sep 16, 2016 at 1:32am PDT

^^Video cred to @riarklematthews, on Instagram. 🎥 ❤️

Okay - so I just watched this scene, once again, but this time, on Disney Channel via my TV set. Fortunately, I got much clearer picture and sound quality than when I watched clips on Instagram, Tumblr, or Youtube.

Before watching GM GLONY on TV, it was really hard to tell if Farkle was actually crying, though we knew he was through the info given out by people who went to the taping. He is, in fact, holding back tears.

First of all, let me just say that I am absolutely thrilled that Disney found a way to cover the Holocaust. This was a very serious time in world history and Corey did such an amazing job as Farkle, conveying the shock, sadness, and grief that one would experience when learning something as tragic as your ancestors being wiped out by Nazis. I hope this episode inspired its viewers to not only read up about their own history, but also about the Holocaust and, in Zay’s family’s case, slavery.

Of course, in response to this new information that Farkle learned about his family, Riley comforted him with a hug - but I want to break down this scene for you because, as some of you may know, I study Psychology at the graduate level and I work as a counselor, currently. Part of being a counselor is being very observant of body language and interpreting it.

In the case of this scene, I’d like you to notice Farkle’s emotional expression when he says the line, “…My whole family…”

Farkle is choked up. He could not even finish the last syllable of the word “Family”. He is trying to keep it together as he is certainly not comfortable being emotional around his friends, as evidenced by the fact that he avoided the subject for half of the episode. However, if you look closely, you can see tears forming in his eyes.

As soon as he gets himself together, after voicing his mutual sympathy to Zay, he goes on to talk about the Christian Rescuers saving his great-grandfather. This was the first moment, after becoming emotional, that he turns his head to Riley…

Originally posted by riarkleilove

It took Riley literally two seconds to realize that Farkle could really use a hug.

What’s interesting about this is that she did not hug Farkle until he looked her way.

Why is this interesting, you ask?

Because the moment he looked her way, they made eye contact.

Farkle still had tears in his eyes, Riley saw them, and her immediate response was to comfort him with a hug.

It was exactly what he needed.

This may seem like something pretty small, but as someone who studied human behavior and emotions, this is huge.

It means Riley loves Farkle so much, she does not like to see him cry.

This love could be labeled as platonic, right now, but it is the selfless kind of love where you are in-tune with another person’s emotions and what they need to feel better that could potentially blossom into a beautiful, romantic relationship, down the line.

Because of this small, but significant observation, this scene speaks to me in a much sweeter way, than before. ❤️️♠️

It’s just kind of odd how Paige just recently got her instagram account back. But what if Brad Maddox was behind all of this, I mean he was recording the videos. But what if he was the one to hack her instagram and post them nudes and sex tapes online!?!

And could he have possibly posted the videos because he’s pissed at her??? 🤔

Mark - Are You Being A Hypocrite

So, I’ve dug out an interview from 2014 during which Mark Gatiss talks about The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. Since there are no transcripts of the @withanaccent interview, it is impossible to tell whether Mark is merely using it to counter the Comic Con revelations or because he is fed up with large parts of the fandom. Now, here’s the thing. Mark also claimed that the Guardian commentary on his feelings about TPLoSH was a mistranslation on the same day. So, let us check whether he is being cynical or honest.

For reference, here’s the video of the interview.

In fact, most of the Guardian text is confirmed by Mark’s own words, caught on tape.

MG: This is by a long way my favourite Sherlock Holmes film. […] It does everything I want a film to do. […] It’s both, a brilliant, respectful homage to Conan Doyle, and yet an incredibly reverent take on it. […] I actually introduced this film three or four years ago, at a book festival. And I spent the whole time talking about how wonderfully melancholic it was. And then it started. And I had forgotten how incredibly funny it was. […] and principally, I think, because, along with the Basil Rathbone films, it’s the greatest influence on our TV series.

The whole film was about loss (referring to content and the missing hour).

MG: What you get is a very nuanced and funny portrait of what he loved.

MG (about the lack of success of Wilder’s film at the box office and with critics) […] because it hadn’t found its time, and over the years […] it’s so matured, so many people love this film now.

Now, here’s the Guardian interview from 2010.

I cannot speak for Mark’s interpretation of Holmes and Watson’s relationship, because the youtube interview didn’t touch on the subject. However, the “re-telling” of the plot is faithful to TPLoSH. The only thing I cannot account for is whether Mark said that “the relationship between Sherlock and Watson is treated beautifully” and whether he said that it was “sensational.” The rest conforms with his interview in 2014.

So, Mark, how is that interview a “garbled mistranslation” of what you said?…

Now, what irks me most is that Mark, who must be aware of how hounded homosexuals feel in many parts of the world, is able to trod on people’s feelings for no good reason at all. It’s fine that they wish to counter the ComicCon “disaster”, but I cannot believe that they couldn’t have found kinder words.

It’s in bad taste, and even if it were a giant ruse, I feel like they are too callous about it. The article Mark is supporting is rather blasé about fandoms, sure,  but also about the reasons why people support such a reading. The article reduces the hopes for the ship to fangirling about kisses, completely ignoring the fact that there are many people who feel like they “need” to see a legit non-heterosexual couple on screen, a couple that is not reduced to this “abnormality” as other shows are wont to do.