the fact that he said this on national tv


June 25, 1967: The Beatles perform ‘All You Need Is Love’ on Our World, the world’s first live television satellite link-up to be seen by approximately 400 million people across five continents. The satellite link-up was devised by the BBC. Personalities, including Maria Callas and Pablo Picasso, from 19 nations performed in separate items from their respective countries. The event, which lasted two-and-a-half hours, had the largest television audience to date.

“Brian was very excited about the idea of the broadcast which led to ‘All You Need Is Love’. He came to me and said, ‘Look, there’s an international hook-up with all nations and the Beatles have been chosen to represent it. We’d be doing a live broadcast to 200, 300 million people in every part of the globe.’ In those days that was unbelievable, because television was very limited. So he was enormously excited about it, and very proud of the fact that the Beatles were leading the way. It was very good that it was a very successful broadcast.
Of course, Brian was using it as an opportunity. He was offered the broadcast and he took it, but he could see that the Beatles were going to become important artists without necessarily having to tour.”
— George Martin (The Brian Epstein Story by Debbie Geller)

Double Time (10/24)

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Language, Canon-typical violence
Tuckington, Chex
Rating: T
[Hero Time Sequel] After the events of Hero Time, the city and Blood Gulch are prepared for the true return of superheroes in a big way. But while Washington is attempting to adjust to a new relationship and a new living arrangement, the call of new heroes and a new mayor mean major changes for his professional life as well as his personal one. How will the balance of values fare when his new partners come to test everything he’s made of.

A/N: Who’s ready for things to get SAPPY in here? I am. I’m totally read for some more sap. Which is why I wrote it. ;P 

Special thanks to @analiarvb, @secretlystephaniebrown, @thepheonixqueen, @ashleystlawrence, @washingtonstub, @imagentmi, @a-taller-tale, @icefrozenover, @matt-you-got-this, @notatroll7, and Yin on AO3 and tumblr for the wonderful feed back! I truly appreciate it more than you know.

All On His Own

When Wash usually opened the door and was met by Church’s unimpressed expression, he was a swath of emotions ranging from mutually annoyed to exhaustedly accepting. 

On that rarest of nights, Wash was relieved and – more than even that – had been the one to call up the annoyed former super villain himself.

“I hate babysitting,” Church reported immediately, shoving past Washington without even bothering to shut the door behind him.

“I know,” Wash replied, taking the time to shut the door. 

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83Line Facts and Quotes pt.2
I don’t know why i make this again… enjoy!
  • They both can play drum and piano very well.
  • The members think Leeteuk and Heechul popularity is high, because they’re both never thinking while talking.
  • Heechul often called Leeteuk an “Old man”, and he is fine with that, because Leeteuk call him “Ahjussi” (Instagram)
  • Leeteuk and Heechul’s mom are also close (Sukira).
  • They both love ramen.
  • Yesung is 83line number one fanboy.
  • Yesung thinks 83line sub-unit is going to be more success than D&E (Super Camp)
  • He also thinks that Leeteuk and Heechul personality actually can blend (Radio Star).
  • Heechul and Leeteuk already told management to make SJ-83, but they never make it.
  • Leeteuk military division is in Gangwon-do, and it’s Heechul’s hometown
  • While Heechul military division is in Seoul, Leeteuk’s Hometown.
  • Because of military, they never have a stage together for 3 years.
  • When Leeteuk still in military, Kangin is the one who replace his part in Bonamana. At first Heechul want to do the skinship like when he do with Leeteuk (He even ask Leeteuk if its okay), but Kangin said he won’t do it with Heechul. Because that is Leeteuk’s job. *whaaaattt
  • The reason Heechul called Leeteuk with nickname Gaeteuk, is because Leeteuk is the first one who made nickname for Heechul, He called him “Gaeshin”, it means Talent god because Heechul always imitating other singer.
  • Leeteuk is Christian, but unlike Siwon, he never asks Heechul to go to the church with him because he respects him.
  • While Heechul was on diet, He always give Leeteuk his left food, He thinks Leeteuk need to gain weight
  • Leeteuk and Heechul first fight is when they’re both drunk and Leeteuk hit Heechul with a spoon.
  • When Leeteuk is mad, Heechul won’t even dare look at him.
  • When Heecul is mad, Leeteuk just stay away and give him some space.
  • Leeteuk and Heechul always share room when it comes to ss6 or Supercamp,
  • Leeteuk said Heechul is actually the one who has many ideas.
  • Leeteuk always said that when the day he was born it was raining, somebody look up for that and is not, in fact there was storm in 10th July 1983, and it was Heechul’s birthday.
  • Heechul likes to pinch Leeteuk cheek because it is elastic.
  • When they were trainee, they got special lesson about MC from SM.
  • And now people called them “Next Generation of National MC”
  • They said it’s awkward for them to just appear in TV together.
  • They appearance on TV shows is only Guerilla Date and Running Man, as a complete opposites.
  • Since trainee, Leeteuk and Heechul had been the oldest.
  • Leeteuk: The things that make you sad? When I’m not promoting your album on SNS? | Heechul: “No… I’m fine with that (Sukira)
  • Leeteuk: I often say this to him, Heechul-ah you and I are friends, but when we’re working together we are completely opposites… you need to watch what you said! (Radio Star).
  • Leeteuk: The weather is like Heechul, sometimes is warm and second after that it’ll pouring rain.
  • Leeteuk: Ryeowook, you can’t hit Heechul in Radio show (Sukira)
  • Leeteuk: I never see works as works when I’m with Heechul, he always makes everything seems fun.
  • Leeteuk: What can I talk about Kim Heechul? Kim Heechul is Flawless
  • Heechul: The reason I never afraid to talk freely is because Leeteuk is always beside me to clear my image, that friend is so nice to me (Strong Heart)
  • Heechul: I didn’t stay for a while because of the CFs and programs.. I stay because Leeteuk needs me.
  • Heechul: Surprisingly, Leeteuk took care of me very well, He always spread butter or Jam in my bread, waking me up every morning… (Sungdong Café)
  • Heechul: No matter how many girl group they are… I like Leeteuk the most!
  • Heechul: Because you’re the leader you have a lot of courage, but regarding age? We’re the same ago ok! Being the same age, I want to tell you something: If you’re tired, come find me, I’ll always welcome you.
  • Heechul: Park Jungsoo is always tired because of the 12 members, man, you can’t cry by yourself. When you’re tired, lean on us, okay?

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The fact that harry got teary eyed during two ghosts last night *cries a river*

That rendition of that song was the best I’ve seen yet.

And also, Harry Styles loves me as well.

He said so.

On national TV

anonymous asked:

Bitch stop being so anti-American. You evidently know nothing about what's really at stake for certain groups of people in the US. Talk about a victim complex.

All the Americans who will be hurt by a Trump presidency- non-white folks, LGBT+ folks, disabled folks, the poor, muslims and other non-Christians have my sympathy and I truly hope you’d all pull through. If you’re coming at this angle as a Trump supporter tho, then fuck off. 

But I’m gonna assume you’re not and, you know, just think for a moment. You’re here in my inbox telling me I have a victim complex. Think about that for a moment. 

Have you any idea how much US foreign policy affects us? Any damned idea at all? Your soldiers and your military bases are already in our countries. Your country has nuclear warheads. Your country has the biggest blue water navy in the world. Your country toppled and instated leaders at its own will for its own ends. Your economy is tied to all others- if you go down, so do we. And it looks like your next president will be an unhinged man who doesn’t even know anything about global affairs, who is easily baited and vindictive and takes everything personally? Who has laughed and treated nuclear proliferation so lightly? Who has said on TV he sees nothing wrong with having your soldiers commit war crimes- not that they haven’t in the past, but brazenly proclaiming it like this does seriously undermine the basic respect for international human rights law. Why does anybody else even have to try, if the police man of the world openly says fuck it? It may not be much, but just the very fact that these basic rights were at least recognised by nations, even if they didn’t always follow them, was crucial for people to have something to point to. We can’t even trust your next president not to engage in nuclear proliferation; he wants to hand out nukes like candy in Asia and I can tell you my family there is afraid this kind of talk will start an arms race and inflame nationalist sentiment and then aggression- and then all of us will be reliving 1941 again. 

Please don’t tell me not to be so anti-American, when we will feel the consequences of these election, but unlike you guys, we could not cast a vote in it. And I didn’t even say anything like haha fuck I hope the US burns to the ground. I was expressing my dismay with the results. I don’t want the US to burn to the ground because guess who will be the collateral damage when an empire collapses? 

And by the way, yes, actually a lot of us overseas know how the election will impact vulnerable groups of Americans. Because our media here has been providing extensive wall-to-wall coverage as though it were a local election. Because that’s how important American elections are to the world. 

Taehyung Scenario - ‘Who’s line is it anyway?’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

[ REQUEST: TAEHYUNG scenario in which I’m an idol, and my dorm is being filmed- like a reality show (daily routine and so on) and I start to sing different bts songs early when I wake up, but only Taehyung’s parts and producers see that and realize that I like him and next day they bring him? And he asks me out or something like that ]

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Ellie ( A/N: Thank yall for being so supportive and cute, like cute feedback really motivates us all to keep up with all of this so a big big thank you :))

You sat yourself up as your alarm clock went off. You knew that the cameras were on 24/7 so you actually didn’t care about how they would catch you on camera. You tossed the blanket off of your body and stepped out of bed. Unfortunately, you started singing some lyrics that were stuck in your head as you walked to the bathroom. You really liked the lyrics of the worldwide known band BTS. Most of all, you like the parts of the lad Tae, who had some of the best parts in your opinion. So you sang a bunch of their songs, including War of hormone, Butterfly & Just one day. You danced and sang your soul out not giving a single fuck about the millions of people watching you. You changed, still singing from the top of your lungs, knowing they could hear you in the other room. You laughed because it was actually ridiculous that people were watching this. Then you went off to the studio to get some music done.
You were sitting on the chair next to the reporter, taking a sip of your water as he spoke. 

“So as we’ve seen on the latest episode of your TV show you seem to really like BTS“ He said. You started laughing to hide the fact that it made you flustered hearing the truth. 

“Well, yeah, I do“ you truthfully spoke. He nodded in answer. 

“But we noticed something else,” He said,  “you seem to only really like Taehyung’s lines“ he poked you playfully. You nodded laughing. 

“The others have amazing parts as well, but I kind of feel like every part Tae sings is made for him, you know what I mean?“ he nodded. 

“So he’s your bias?” He asked boldly and you laughed. Are you even allowed to confess this like this on national TV? 

“You could say it like that” you laughed your nervousness off 

“That’s it for today then. Thank you Y/N for joining us today!“ He said brightly as the interview came to a close. You smiled, walking backstage to get something to eat.

You had just grabbed something when you felt someone tap your shoulder. You quickly turned around, having half of the food stuck in your mouth. Your eyes widened as you saw who interrupted your meal.

“You must be (Y/N).“ He said, smiling widely. You cracked up stuffing the last bit of food into your mouth.

“Yeah, and you must be Tae.“ You said and he smiled even wider.

“I like that nickname.“ 

You offered him something from your plate and he thankfully took a piece. 

“You know, your feelings for me aren’t very well hidden, and I’m not really good at stuff like this but…” he paused slightly shaking. You found it absolutely adorable how nervous he suddenly became, “Would you like to go on a date with me?“ 

You smiled widely. Could this day actually get any better? 

“I would love to.“ You said. He smiled, giving you a shy hug. 

“And just to let you know, I always your lyrics as well. The boys went crazy on me today.“ he laughed.

Storm the World with Reckless Abandon

Snippet #2

Nobody really knew the exact reason why they were here.

Tapping the table with his neatly clipped fingernails, Finnick glanced around the table to the other victors who all looked whether bored, impatient, or nervous out of their minds on why they were called.

The fact it was the president who called them only skyrocketed the tension that suffocated the room.

To be honest, he was just relieved that the call had interrupted the ‘activities’ he had been enforced to take, whole body still aching and feeling violated over what the Capital demanded of him.

Closing his eyes, he stomped down the well of self-loathing and memories that arose at the thought of what his job entailed, and thought back instead to the situation that Panem was currently dealing with at the moment. Personally, Finnick thought everyone was acting like headless chickens who had no clue on how to handle the bombshell handed to them, which was incredibly amusing. Not that he could really blame them however.

He had been ‘entertaining’ a pair of twins when all of Panem’s television sets suddenly turned on for a special message from President Snow.

The very fact Snow was notifying all of Panem of some occurrence had made Finnick inwardly tense while he carefully stayed relaxed and loose in both of the women’s giggling arms.

And what Snow said next shocked the nation as whole.

Pandemonium exploded.

An outsider. Someone outside of Panem had just stumbled into District 12 before being apprehended and immediately sent to the Capital, probably to be interrogated over how exactly his very existence was even possible. Everyone knew the war had damaged the earth in a world-wide scale, to the point some places were simply inhabitable or too dangerous to risk exploring.

This solid fact wasn’t even one of Panem’s many games or lies. After all, nothing in nearly a hundred years has ever come from outside the borders of Panem. And at the beginning, people who had been banished to the outside world was confirmed to be dead by real footages that even the tributes knew weren’t fake after long-time experience in distinguishing what was real or not on camera.

Finnick had leaned in, watching the piece of film that was showing on screen of the outsider’s capture with interest, and felt his heart plummet down to the bottom of the ocean when he finally got a clear view of the mysterious figure’s face.

A teenager. It was a fucking teenager.

Worse, he was the prime age of people who got reaped, people who Snow loved to pick on.

And even from the barely minutes clip that was shown to the public, Finnick could already distinguish the square shoulders, the defiant chin and straight back that practically screamed at the world to challenge him. Strength radiated off of him in spectacular waves.

Strength that Snow would have much pleasure in shattering into pieces.

Already, Finnick knew without doubt that Snow was going to use the kid, create an intricate plan that’ll crush whatever rising hope the Districts will roar with and make an example out of this outsider.

As for how, well, that has yet to be revealed.

Ten minutes of silence passed before someone finally came into the room. Everyone straightened immediately when shockingly, President Snow himself entered in, a genial cold smile fixated on his bearded face. His very presence demanded attention, his appearance deceptively frail though the razor shop cruelty in his eyes negated the image.

“I’m glad all of you can make it.” He said, as if they had a choice in the matter. Finnick saw Johanna gnash her teeth together at the sentence and worried she might try something. The death of her family was still fresh from last year and Finnick, who had gotten close to her enough to see through her vicious demeanor, saw a flicker of fear mixed with potent hatred in her glinting eyes.

“Well, we didn’t really have anything better to do.” Haymitch suddenly drawled out, swirling a cup of whiskey lazily. His eyes were sharp though, landing on Johanna for only a second before proceeding to grin drunkenly.

Finnick immediately got where Haymitch was going with this and resisted the urge to shut his eyes and sigh. Driving Snow’s displeasure toward a much less volatile target who actually knew which buttons to push was better than the mess known as Johanna Mason.

Sometimes, Finnick hated Haymitch for always trying to take the blame. It made him feel more indebted to him than he already was.

Snow’s eyes narrowed minutely, which practically screamed how truly irritated he was by the drunk man, but he simply nodded and kept talking, much to the room’s collective relief.

“As you are all aware, we have a guest currently residing in the Capital.” The president declared. Johanna looked close to snorting at the word ‘guest’ and glanced at him from the corner of his eye. More like prisoner.

Snow planted his hands on the table imperiously, coming in between Cashmere and Gloss. Both discreetly inched away, not wanting to get anywhere near the man who literally made their lives hell.

“Unfortunately, the boy,” some of the more younger tributes couldn’t help but flinch at the reminder. “cannot stay in the Capital. Showing such favoritism to a person not even from Panem would be… unfair, don’t you agree?” He questioned with a light note, eyes hard. “Though we don’t want to show we’re inhospitable, now do we?”

No one answered, which was an answer in itself. Their response made the old man smile.

It was terrifying.

Finnick understood where Snow came from. There was the slim chance that the Capital might get attached or too curious for their own good with this new novelty in the shape of a person. It would be more difficult to get rid of the outsider under such close scrutiny and attention if his usefulness finally depleted itself. And putting a complete unknown in the heart of Panem was just asking for chaos to happen.

Putting him in a district where Snow could keep an eye on him however…

Suddenly, Finnick knew exactly what Snow was going to ask.

And right on cue, Snow said, “Which is why I would like to ask one of you to take him in.”

Stunned silence greeted the suggestion, everyone completely blanking out on what to say.

“What?” Johanna typically broke the ice, an incredulous laugh bubbling out of her like molten lava. “Are you fucking with me?”

“What she means is,” Beetee quickly butts in, seeing the rising danger Johanna was causing. “Why particularly the victors? Why not other more suitable citizens?”

Snow smiles with all his teeth and it sends a shiver down Finnick’s spine. He swore he could smell the blood that was constantly under Snow’s breathe even from across the table.

“Why? Exempting the Capital itself, all of you are the richest and most comfortably living people in all of Panem. It would be a great honor for anyone to be under your wing.”

There was a look in Snow’s eyes that said he was about to make the finishing blow and Finnick was wary of it.

He was proven right.

“And anyone who is willing to take him in, will not have to come to the Capital in the foreseeable future as long as he remains a guest for as long as I allow it.”

The reactions were immediate.

Johanna practically leaped off her chair to stand with wide, shining eyes and a look of fierce resolve painted Cashmere’s face. They looked more fired up than they probably did in the games, and that was alarmingly dangerous.

Finnick knew, at the back of his mind, that Snow was clearly manipulating them, making them feel rare want so he could decimate it in the near future and break them even further.

Despite himself though, Finnick felt a swell of desperate hopefulness grow inside his chest, nearly choking him in its potency. Hazily, he could see the rest of the tributes stiffen as the full realization of what this meant hit them fully.

No more prostitution. No more having to force themselves to smile in front of people who they loathe, monsters in human skin cheering at their shining tributes who can do no wrong. No more having to directly face the fame they hated, fame that tore apart their old lives and killed off their friends and family.

Just a moment of reprieve. A small period of time where they could put down their guards and masks, to stay home with whoever they loved was left. The very idea was heavenworthy.

He could see it in their eyes. They were in the arena again, turning against each other to claw for the prize that awaited them if they won. Even Chaff, the most easy-going of them all, looked grim and ready to crush anyone who dared to take this dangling bait away from him.

Snow’s smile was menacing, cruel and mocking. Finnick was attacked by a sudden feeling of hatred so deep that he wanted to leap across the table and strangle the bastard.

He was doing this. He was creating strife among a group of damaged people who only had each other. And god damn it, it was working.

“We could take him in.” Gloss instantly, eagerly, volunteered before anyone could say anything. “Two tributes taking him in will be quite a story for the Capital.”

“Pair of victor siblings taking in a child who doesn’t know our ways? It’ll be great on the papers.” Cashmere added in her two cents.

“My children and husband would love him.” Cecelia interjected with a harshness that was outside her usually motherly nature. “A whole family set would sound much better in comparison.”

Enobaria scoffed, the sound full of condescension. “Please. It’s going to have to be someone from a Career district obviously. After all, if anyone should hold guests, it should be from the best of the best. Everyone knows that.”

“Really? Cause this is news to me bitch.” Johanna hissed, eyes sparking like spitfire.

“What did you say?”

Finnick watched as chaos and screeching shouts bounced off the walls, watched as they all destroyed each other, picking on each other’s weaknesses that they gained over the years. Tearing each other apart until nothing will be left but resentment and bloodshed.

Watched as Snow smiled in the background, reaping the benefits of the discord he has caused.

He glanced at Haymitch and Chaff, who were looking at each other with grave expressions as the euphoria of what was offered wore off for these older men who had seen too much.

The revolution they were trying to set up needed not just a spark, but cooperation. If this ended up destroying the tributes trust in each other, there was going to be hell to pay. They couldn’t afford to break apart, not now. Not when they were so damn close.

So Finnick did what he always did.

He took the fall so others would survive.

Putting on his most winning smile, he started to laugh, the pressure of knowing this would have to be an once-in-a-lifetime performance making his hands slightly clammy. Everyone stopped and was watching him now.

But nobody was going to notice something minor like that.

All they saw was Finnick Odair grinning charmingly with all the confidence of a man who knew he was going to win.

Most of the tributes have seen him act, knows his cues and ticks and weak spots.

He was determined to not let any of them show.

Finnick started to clap in a rather languid manner, still grinning away while Snow watched him with beady eyes that took in his handsome features down to his ridiculous dress shoes that his stylist insisted he should wear.

“Well,” Finnick clicked his teeth, putting on a show of mock disapproval. “This isn’t civilized at all. Though I have to say, Enobaria is right. It’s going to have to be a Career, otherwise people aren’t going to see it as us being completely hospitable with our guest.”

He just knew Johanna was glaring lasers at him even without looking. She was going to hate him by the end of this.

Snow was staring at him contemplatively, aged eyebrows raised.

“And you’re suggesting yourself?” he said mildly.

“Of course!” Finnick chuckled lowly, seductively. It always won him points, even when he’s not in bed. “Out of all the tributes, I’m the youngest by far, excluding our lovely Johanna of course but like I said, Career. So logically, our guest who’s what, sixteen? Eighteen? He would feel most comfortable with someone close to his age group. More willing to trust.”

“Indeed.” Snow agreed, and Finnick’s heart thumped wildly as victory came within reach. “However, how are you so sure he will trust you in the end?”

“No offense Mr. President,” Finnick said with all the empty arrogance he could muster. “but who doesn’t like me?”

And oh, how bitterly true that was.

Snow actually chuckled at this, cool amusement clear in his eyes and that’s when Finnick knew he won.

“True.” The man looked him straight in the eyes, turning Finnick cold. “Who knows, you just might like him back.”

And on that note, President Snow left the room, the door closing behind the disorder he had just created of his own making.


She passed him by furiously along with everyone else.

Finnick sighed in the now empty room and ran a hand through bronze locks, feeling more alone then he has in a long time.

Note: ARE YOU KIDDING ME. This was meant to be crack! It still is, by the way, but wow, this took a serious turn that I didn’t mean for it to take. Like, what the hell? I’m kind of proud/annoyed with myself right now. God, just, please accept this and I pray to god people won’t start asking me to turn this into an actual fic. I have waaay too much to do to afford that right now. Anyways, please reblog, comment, or generally tell me what you think so far! And whether or not I characterized Finnick okay. I really don’t want to screw up his character.



Yuri’s Silence

Some thoughts about Yuri!!! On Ice, episode 10

It’s likely that no one will see this because I am not really ~involved in fandom~ on Tumblr, but a couple friends told me I should post this, so HERE YOU GO, WORLD.

Non-spoilery summary: It really stood out to me that Yuri never directly referenced/mentioned A Specific Thing in this episode, and I’m pretty sure there is a REASON he doesn’t mention this thing directly and I AM FILLED WITH EMOTIONS ABOUT THIS, SEND HELP

So! Without further ado…

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Why do people not absolutely LOVE Christopher Eccleston?

Like seriously,

he felt the need to prove to Rose he could dance…

His sarcastic-sass fuels this nation…

He pointed out how oblivious our race is…

The humor in this man is just fantastic…

He just makes things funny no matter the situation…

He is just genuinely fantastic.

Plus, he actually gave a shit when a couple said they said it didn’t matter if they died for the sake of the world because “they’re not important” and

He knows how absolutely stupid reality TV shows.

And how do we ignore the fact that when he kissed Rose, he said “I think you need a doctor”

I strongly believe that if he had more episodes, he would be just as favored as the other doctors.

anonymous asked:

Stephen has been very vocally pro-Olicity in the last week. If love to hear you thoughts on why this is considering, despite his own personal opinion, he has firmly maintained a neutral stance since S2, with the exception of one SDCC interview. I'm wondering if there is concern amongst the ranks that Olicity fans either won't tune without Oliver on screen in present day or because we suspect difficult times are ahead considering some recent spoilers. Thoughts all knowing Olicity goddess?

Anonymous said: First off, Happy Arrow Wednesday! We made it!! I just need to flail a bit about the fact that Jimmy Kimmel brought up Felicity/Olicity in Stephen’s interview. This is HUGE. His interview wasn’t very long and the fact that Olicity was talked about at all is such a big big deal. Those topics are predetermined. Olicity is so powerful that it was discussed on national television. Such an awesome way to start this Arrow Wednesday!! What are your thoughts on his interview? Thx!

Our Captain sure is chatty lately isn’t he?

My thoughts on the Kimmel interview are here. I stand by the gifs.

I actually disagree with the assertion that Stephen has maintained neutrality since S2. Every interview is different and the nuances in every interview are incredibly important. The way the question is phrased is vital - especially when discussing ship wars.

Yes, obviously Stephen has always been supportive of Olicity since day one - it’s why he’s our Captain. Everyone knows that his personal opinion definitely slants towards that ship and a belief that Oliver’s true love is Felicity.  However, he has always adamantly refused to say one way or the other which ship he prefers - Lauriver or Olicity. And it’s for understandable reasons.

I’m teasing about Stephens “I don’t give a fuck about ship wars” attitude. I don’t actually think that’s what’s going on. I think the interviewers have just finally gotten smart. I know. Miracles can happen.

In all of these interviews this past let’s just say couple weeks, because Stephen’s been on a media blitz promoting 3x10, there are a couple interviews that come to mind - Access Hollywood, TVLine, EW, Jimmy Kimmel and of course the great SDCC interview.

Do you want to know what all of these interviews have in common? NONE, I repeat, NONE are asking Stephen for his personal opinion. They are asking Stephen about OLIVER’S feelings and what’s going on the show. The answer is simple - there’s one love and that’s Felicity. BOOM.

I think the why is best addressed in the TVLine article. Hero’s stories are different in the romance department because they typically choose ONE main love interest for the hero. It’s not necessary for a love triangle or a bevvy of love interests, because the conflict doesn’t stem from romance. The conflict stems from outside factors - by the hero’s journey. So it enables the writers to be a bit more honest about the hero’s true feelings, without needing to pull the will they/won’t they trigger. Also…it’s just the way hero’s stories roll. Take it up with Homer.

Arrow is in its 3rd season. They know what works and what doesn’t. As the other Anon so elegantly pointed out - what was brought up on Jimmy Kimmel was incredibly important. This interview was big - national television, late night. And Olicity was one of the main topics. Kimmel’s team does their research and and topics are predetermined, so yes…Olicity is hugely important and a driving factor on the show. Everyone knows that. The writers, producers, actors and even the media. Everyone is on board. So, what’s the point of dancing around it anymore? The show isn’t. The show has definitely made Oliver’s choice - it is Felicity. And it’s obvious Felicity loves Oliver. As Stephen elogquently points out - it’s not love but circumstance is the issue for these two lovebirds. Typical of any hero story (Looking at you Superman!!!).

So this provides Stephen with a great deal of freedom and a hell of a lot of cover. He can be more honest not because he’s choosing a personal preference but because THE SHOW HAS.

They are not promoting Olicity because the writers/producers are concerned that fans aren’t going to watch or because there’s more trouble in the water. They’ve been promoting Olicity since this summer. They’ve got research in hand, the ratings are proof - Olicity is popular among the fan base. It drives ratings. It makes the show money. That’s why it’s trotted out like a pretty pony at a horse show every interview. It’s the sparkly diamond the fans want to  ”ooh and aaah” over. That’s what peaks our interest. That’s one of the reasons we watch/read the interviews. Olicity doesn’t simply give Arrow traction among viewers - it gains the media outlet traction as well.

Bottom line? Whether Oliver & Felicity are together or not, the show has chosen a lane. The love story of Arrow is Oliver & Felicity. And that’s the way they are going to promote it. Which means…that’s the way Stephen promotes it.

Which, believe me, makes our Captain very very happy.

Florida Cops Shoot And Kill Deaf Man For ‘Talking Too Loud’

The deaf man was sitting in his SUV with his windows rolled up when he was shot by police.

For now, police officer  Deputy Hernandez is under investigation for shooting  Edward P. Miller.

Darice Podgorski-Beneddix, 44, an employee at Fryer’s, reported to Daytona police officers that the elder Miller “was being rude and yelling at her.”

The elder Miller said he “may have been yelling due to him being hard of hearing however in no way was he trying to be rude.”

However, this fact was not noticed and the  only thing witnesses saw was a gun  younger Miller had. 

Officers determined  Miller had an up-to-date concealed weapons license to carry the gun, and it was returned to him.

Eye-witnesses tell us that Miller was shot while sitting inside an SUV. They add that the windows were in fact rolled up when the deputy opened fire.

Isn`t that what is supposed to be reported on national television and spread all over the country to prevent police brutality?
Trump demands apology from Hamilton cast after Mike Pence booed
After audience jeered vice-president elect at New York musical, actor addressed him from stage: ‘We are the diverse Americans anxious you will not protect us’
By Joanna Walters

If Trump truly understood American rights and freedoms, he wouldn’t demand an apology from the cast of Hamilton.  

It’s gone beyond hoping that those who voted for him understand the danger Trump is to this country. That they’d see the error of their ways.  When one doesn’t understand the fundamentals of being American and decides instead to spread lies and propaganda - we can’t accept this.

“The Serbian regime would use a similar technique. To weld the population together, official propaganda drew on the sources of the Serbian mystique, that of a people who were the mistreated victims and martyrs of history and that of Greater Serbia, indissolubly linked to the Orthodox religion.”

The fundamental principles of propaganda, highlighted by de la Brosse, are: keep it simple; project one’s own faults onto the enemy; use the news to one’s own advantage through exaggeration, distortion and omission; repeat the message endlessly; rely on myths and history; and create a national consensus.

Serbian television and radio’s repetitive use of pejorative descriptions, such as “Ustashe hordes”, “Vatican fascists”, “Mujahedin fighters”, “fundamentalist warriors of Jihad”, and “Albanian terrorists”, quickly became part of common usage.

Unverified stories, presented as fact, were turned into common knowledge - for example, that Bosnian Muslims were feeding Serb children to animals in the Sarajevo zoo. In these stories, friends and neighbours, fellow countrymen and women were turned into “the other”, lacking humanising or individual characteristics. 

- Judith Arnatta, quoting Prof. Renaud de la Brosse

This is what he said on Twitter about a peaceful, gentle plea:

Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing.This should not happen! The Theater must always be a safe and special place.The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!

Look at the willful distortion of truth, the repetition of Mike Pence’s name and the cast of Hamilton, the usage of “safe and special place.”  This is not unintentional.  This is not the behavior of someone who respects freedom of speech in its most fundamental form.

We cannot be silent.  We must speak the truth and fight propaganda.  Engage others always.  Engage them constantly.  Fight to keep the avenues of freedom open.

I’ve been trying to tell myself I’m worried for nothing. Losing sleep over my own paranoia. Overly anxious. Trying to pacify myself.  But I think anyone who knows the history of the 20th century and the rise of fascism and autocracies is like me right now: scared, but ready to fight.  We are living in the worst possible outcome. That’s why I’m trying for the hail Mary, because it doesn’t get worse than this. 

We MUST fight. 

anonymous asked:

The comment that they "can't forget everything that has happened" shows me that they have chosen to completely replace reality with an alternate universe of their own invention. None of those things they "can't forget" actually happened, they made them up. They have been lying to themselves completely for years, to the point where their false world has become their reality. Now they are having a jarring case of cognitive dissonance because reality isn't matching up to their fantasies at all

“None of the things they ‘can’t forget’ actually happened, they made them up.” I wonder about this a lot, actually. 

I mean, there are certain aspects of the whole Larry thing that are dependent on a person’s perception, and it’s hard to argue with something subjective. When someone says, “They look at each other like they love each other,” I feel weird about trying to argue that it’s a fraternal type of love and not a romantic one, because either argument requires me to make an assessment of the emotional experiences of a celebrity I’ve never met. At the end of the day, you can’t turn your perceptions of other people’s emotions into facts, which is why the body language arguments fall so flat. None of us can read Louis Tomlinson’s mind. None of us know exactly what he’s feeling or thinking at any given moment, and it’s so ridiculous to me that there are people who say, with the utmost confidence, “I can tell he loves Harry because of this moment of eye contact,” or “I know for a fact that he has no emotional connection to Freddie because of this pap shot.” So, making subjective assessments of someone’s mood or thought process and presenting that as evidence to support a claim is pretty weird to me.

But what’s even weirder is like, the shit that is 100% headcanon, but gets trotted out as an undeniable fact. Like the Oops / Hi! thing. I am so fucking sick of that story, because it’s completely invented. People added 1 (Louis and Harry met in the men’s room at boot camp) and 2 (Harry’s much later and unattributed quote on twitter, “I’m glad I was stood next to you at the urinals..if I had to get someone’s pee splashed on me, I’d much rather have your pee than his pee.”) and came up with starfish (Louis’ “Oops” and Harry’s “Hi” are the first words they said to each other after a moment of accidental watersports). That story is completely made up. And that is not why Louis got his “Oops” tattoo

He literally told us why he got that tattoo. He sat on James Corden’s couch on national television and told us why he got the Oops tattoo, and it has absolutely nothing to do with getting accidentally pissed on by his bandmate. But people are still passing around the oops/hi thing like it’s fact?? And it just… isn’t?