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Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow [ENTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Jack has some truly nutty ideas. When he lands on a cannibal-inhabited island, he sells them a load of bunk and becomes “their king.” When he meets Will Turner, he quickly figures out the association to Bootstrap Bill and realizes he can use Will to barter for the Pearl with Barbossa. Jack often takes people on wild verbal tangents, as he “wordplays” with them in nonsensical loops as a distraction; he comes up with weird, complicated intuitive arguments to counter any point anyone brings up. He manages to keep the big picture in focus most of the time, which helps him achieve his ends, even if his methods are unorthodox. He whimsically pursues … dreams. Curses, cures, things that must exist, if only because they are so awesome not to.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): He is extremely intelligent and quick-minded, keen to play with others using word manipulations and by pointing out the inconsistencies in their belief system. Jack can get in and out of any situation with minimal harm to himself, for the most part; he prefers not to do long term planning but instead improvise in the moment. He rarely shares what is on his mind, which gives him the advantage over others, and isn’t flummoxed by the facts. Facts are pesky things that he can think around if you give him a few seconds.

Extroverted Feeling  (Fe): Though Jack pretends not to care about his crew or his friends, he rarely does anything intended to directly harm them in a lasting way; he always has a way to get them out of any situation he puts them into. Jack uses his outgoing, charming, and personable nature to win over people, read their emotions and respond accordingly, and mess with their heads. He also cares what people think about him, hence his emphasis on being the captain.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Sentimental? Eh… just about his ship. His only ship. His bloody ship! But he does have a good grasp of details on occasion when he needs it. His memories of what happened with Barbossa, and how to fix problems, are rather subjective (did it happen how he said it happened? Not so much, probably… but who knows?). Jack seems to have a fondness for keeping familiar crew members and friends around him.

Note: I used to type him ESTP in the past, and it’s true, he has a lot of Se going on – but his Ne is more apparent. He has too much fun with words, puns, nonsensical rambles, and suchlike to not be a Ne.

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Do you have any headcanons for Voltron?

I have so many. Most are on my Voltron sideblog: memepaladins

Here are some I just thought of:

-The day Allura demonstrates how she fights with the Gladiator is the day everyone decides to never irritate her again. Coran cheers when she lays the Gladiator to waste on the highest setting.
-Shiro is a good writer. He probably documents his thoughts about his experiences in space.
–He lets Lance read them sometimes. Lance reads them in his best Captain Kirk voice. Sometimes he improvises and makes his own.
(“STAR DATE: 420.69 THAT TIME WE MADE VOLTRON DAB”/ “Get off the comms, Lance.”)
-Keith loves ‘Star Wars’. He watched it a lot when he was in the desert. (“Obi Wan was alone in the desert and he turned out fine.” / “Keith, he got stabbed by a light sword.”) He and Pidge constantly make references. They often make up fake “facts” to confuse Allura and Coran. (“I don’t think the great Sith Jar Jar Binks would have done this. Zarkon better step up his game.”/ “This Jar Jar sounds terrifying.”/ “Oh, he is.” *snickering*)
–Keith uses the infamous “I know.” line in response to Lance’s eventual “I love you”. Lance doesn’t sleep for days.
-Hunk creates devices that make life on the castle easier. He recreates a Roomba and it’s programmed to follow Coran around and play meme songs when he starts rambling.
-Pidge doesn’t get enough sleep and falls asleep in random places with their computer next to them. The others take turns carrying them to their room.
-Pidge’s screensaver is a partially blurry selfie with everyone that was snapped while they were running from an enemy.
-Hunk makes the best desserts.
-He has tried to cook with everyone individually and surprisingly he can make the best food when he cooks with Keith. Keith is straight to the point. (Lance messes around. Shiro is not into cooking. Pidge keeps insisting on using robots to cook. Allura tries to help but usually makes a mess by accident. Coran doesn’t understand Earth food.)
-Another headcanon: They are happy and are a nice space family.

How Episode 37 Should Have Ended
How Episode 37 Should Have Ended

//I know I promised to have this up a week ago, but it turns out that this song is the actual freaking worst to record a parody of, especially when you try to figure out all the harmonies by ear alone. (*hangs head in shame at the fact I can barely read music whoops*) Enjoy!

Lyrics below the cut.

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Do you have some Reigen's headcanon?

ok some of these are a little sad but what can i say, reigen is a bit of a sad guy. well, most of them aren’t sad.

  • remember when he said something horrible to mob and mob stopped showing up for work? he has done that with other people in the past, accidentally ending friendships by saying the wrong thing… but those friendships never got repaired
  • more than once, he’s had mob cut his hair for him instead of going to a barber (bc this way is cheaper and mob is always kind of, you know… around.) (mob was reluctant but has a surprisingly steady hand)
  • in high school he was pressured by friends to join drama club, but after a little while it became apparent that his skill lies mostly in improvisation (read: bullshitting) and that, in fact, he can’t act for shit unless he’s acting as himself. so he joined the debate team instead
  • has remarkable penmanship and his signature looks pretty much identical every time he writes it, but somehow can’t draw for shit
  • about 1/3 of the time, he just sleeps in his office instead of going home for the night. not working overtime or anything. just doesn’t feel like it.
  • after sakurai slashed open the back of his business suit, he sewed it up himself and kept wearing it. no one notices because he rarely shows his back to clients. also because he’s really good at sewing.
  • one time when he was sleeping, dimple possessed him just for the fun of it and walked his body around a bit but couldn’t think of any good pranks so he just left him face-down on the kitchen floor in his underpants. later reigen woke up and was like “huh… oh… was i hungry?” and went back to bed.
  • he gets totally trashed after one alcoholic drink– wait that’s canon.

Highlights of the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast, Ep. 103 “Nacho”

Guests this episode are Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, music supervisor Thomas Golubić, and writer/co-executive producer Thomas Schnauz.

  • All of this season’s episode titles end with –o.
  • The scene after the teaser, in which Jimmy calls Kim in the middle of the night, was Rhea Seehorn’s audition scene.
  • Some of the other audition scenes for Better Call Saul were fake scenes written by junior writers or writers’ assistants to avoid leaks. This practice was carried over from Breaking Bad; for example, Jesse Plemons’s audition scene for the character of Todd involved being in the Army in Fallujah, which never happened on the show.
  • The teaser with Jimmy in jail in Chicago is set in 1992. Chuck’s chunky old cell phone is the same model as one used in an episode of The X-Files. The location is the same one used for the jail parts of the courthouse montage in the previous episode, “Mijo.”
  • The director of this episode, the Brit Terry McDonough, is beloved by the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul crew for working quickly and getting them home early; hence his nickname “Ten-Hour Terry.”
  • As I suspected, Nacho is indeed the Ignacio mentioned by Saul in Breaking Bad episode 208, “Better Call Saul.”
  • In the original script, Mike was supposed to read For Whom the Bell Tolls in his booth rather than doing the crossword puzzle, but the producers couldn’t get the rights to the title.
  • Better Call Saul’s title music, by an English trio called Little Barrie, was meant to fit Jimmy’s personality, which has a streak of melancholy, as well as reflecting the fact that he often improvises and makes things up as he goes along.
  • The titles themselves are meant to look like something from cheap, early-to-mid 80s home video or public access TV, “artfully shitty” in contrast to the beautiful, sophisticated title sequences on so many modern shows.  The music was deliberately clipped at the end to add to the low-budget feel.
  • A different video is underneath the titles every episode. They’re always images from Saul’s world, not Jimmy’s, which parallels Dave Porter’s intent in creating the title music for Breaking Bad, to reflect where Walt ends up, not where he is now.
  • Nacho slapping the table in the jail was improvised by Michael Mando.
  • The window where Jimmy gets paid is in the same hallway where Hank got Walt out of trouble after he got arrested in Breaking Bad 302, “Caballo Sin Nombre.”
  • SPOILER for those who haven’t seen Breaking Bad: the location in the photo above is the same location where Mike died.

“But mommy I love him!” Juvia’s only daughter, Zari, wailed in protest. Her obsession with her first grade teacher had gone on a little bit too long, and Juvia was ready to confront him about it.

“He’s an adult sweetheart, you can’t marry someone who’s that old.” She chastised, “wait here while I speak with him.”

Zari stomped her foot impatiently and sat on the bench in the hallway. Satisfied, Juvia ventured into the classroom to meet the man of her daughter’s affection.

Unfortunately, she made a minor miscalculation.

“Excuse me, Mr. Fullbuster…” she trailed off at the sight in front of her, because it seemed like her daughter had excellent taste in men, it wasn’t every day that a first grade teacher looked like…well…that…she was going to have to improvise.

“How can I help you?” He asked, in a voice that made her knees want to give out underneath her.

“I…I’m Juvia Lockser, my daughter…” she trailed off, forgetting her reason for entering in the first place. How in the world had she managed to overlook the small fact that her daughter’s teacher was a literal god?

“…Zari?” Mr. Fullbuster finished for her, seemingly noticing her distress.

“Yes! Zari is…” Juvia lost her train of thought once more, but hurried to think of an excuse so she wouldn’t be forced to embarrass herself any further. “Having trouble with…reading…”

He pursed his lips and ran a hand through his hair. Juvia almost passed out.

“I’m sorry to hear that, I was under the impression that being in the advanced reading group was beneficial for her…” he said, almost suspicious of her motives.

Damn! I forgot she was good at reading…

“Uh, you see…that’s the problem! She’s just…nervous that she might let you down, or something. I came in to assure her that she wasn’t being pressurized or…anything…” Juvia stammered, forgetting everything she knew about class and dignity by expertly tripping over her own words.

His face softened a bit. “Zari is a very smart girl, she has absolutely nothing to worry about. She has already exceeded all of my expectations.” He answered smoothly.

Juvia let out a breath unprofessionally. “Thank goodness! Her stress levels have practically gone off the charts in the last week or so…I can’t wait to tell her…” she began excusing herself for a leave. If she stood in the room any longer, she was afraid that something…bad…might happen. Perhaps something along the lines of her melting into a puddle.

“Er…thank you, Mr. Fullbuster.” She thanked before leaving. He looked up at her then, letting his smoldering eyes give her a once-over.

“You can call me Gray.” He informed. A small part of Juvia died.

She shut the door in a flushed haze, pulling curly strands of hair over her cheeks to hide her blush. It was absolutely ridiculous! She hadn’t felt like this around a man since…

She glanced at Zari, who’s ankles were clicking against the bench rhythmically.

“Let’s go Zar,” she said, offering her hand to her daughter.

Hopping off the bench, she excitedly took her mother’s hand, eyes brimming with questions.

“What’d he say?” She asked with impatience.

“He said that you are a very good student, but he doesn’t see you as any more than one.” Juvia responded.

Zari pouted a little. “But he’s perfect mommy!”

“I know,” Juvia said, before awakening her senses to what she had just said. “I mean, I know you think that! But you’ll find another nice boy or girl that you’ll love even more than Mr. Fullbuster.”

Gray, she thought his name testily. She was definitely going to have to keep an eye out for him.

“And he was single too.” Zari added slyly, tucking her bottom lipin between her teeth with an expectant look at her mother.



“Well…that’s irrelevant. He’s still too old for you.” Juvia repeated, poking her daughter’s nose playfully and unlocking her car doors.

“Maybe for me he is,” Zari sang all-knowingly. Juvia almost gasped at her daughter’s implication.

“Maybe it’s you I have to watch out for,” Juvia warned, pinching her daughter’s cheek, and with one last fleeting look towards the first grade classroom, drove away.

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