the fact i practically got attacked for this

Rant I have to get out, pls ignore ty

I understand that if you’ve never met me or heard about me and your daughter said I was going to pick her up and bring her to Las Vegas for a concert and to spend the weekend here that you would be uncomfortable with it, BUT the fact that the only way I could ever even take your daughter out on a date was to meet you first AND that our first phone call before then lasted over an hour despite me practically having an anxiety attack about how suddenly you got on the phone AND how my family despite what you “think” they think about you invited you into our home for Thanksgiving and took you out and paid for everything and showed as much hospitality as they could my mom wouldn’t let you lift a finger to help clean anything, AND I fucking flew to a completely new state despite how bad my anxiety gets and my parents trusted me with your family for 2! 2 fucking weeks and how I could have flown back the second I got sick but chose to stay with your incredibly kind and loving family, and I paid for the buffet when you realized they didn’t read the sign right and it cost more then you could pay for, and I paid for so many of the things and always chipped in for the group dinners and lunches and I helped clean my bed and the living room in general, BUT you still don’t fucking trust me to bring your daughter here for 3 fucking days! We’ve been dating for 6 amazing beautiful months and I’ve driven there for every date, even when you were invited here I didn’t even think about making you guys drive I fucking drove through the Thanksgiving traffic, and you can’t let her from your side for 3 fucking days what the fuck.