the fact he calls adam adams

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The problem is that people are always talking about how much Ronan loves and supports Adam which he does a lot but no one really talks about how much Adam loves Ronan and how Adam feels about Ronan

I very lowkey agree with you so i’m gonna use this as an opportunity to talk about how much adam loves ronan because he very much does i mean ronan asks him to do something for him, something that is extremely dangerous and adam’s like lol no but then does it later anyway like lmao it pretty much proves adam would do Anything for ronan and bear in mind this was before adam even realised he liked him. 

Adam calls ronan a god and like basically idolises him. That isn’t even inferred adam literally sates such Facts in the narrative. He waxes poetic about the way ronan swears and how handsome he is and his eyelashes, god adam is weak for them eyelashes. Also, he gets ronan out of his shirt after two kisses. I am forever annoyed at st*efvater for not elaborating on this scene and showing how it escalated so fast but yeah lol adam is so gone for ronan and clearly in awe of his tattoo. And everyone talks about how much ronan loves adam’s hands but adam is so fucking gone by ronan’s touch that he can’t even concentrate on scrying after ronan touches his hands lol. 

Adam also accepts gifts from ronan, gifts that literally make his life a whole lot easier and that he’d never accept from gansey because he does not associate ronan as someone who is trying to control him. Ronan hates school and academia, he has no use for it, whereas adam values it above anything else he finds solace in it, his ivy league dreams mean the world to him and yet he accepts the fact that ronan wants to drop out, he never pressures him to go to school like gansey does and never expresses disappointment in the fact that ronan is always skipping classes. He respects his decisions. 

Adam saves Ronan’s and Opal’s life !!!!! They’re both drowning and even though cabeswater isn’t exactly itself he still does what he can to make it help him save them both, see also him willing to scry and die in the backseat to help ronan when he’s being unmade. And when Ronan finds his mother’s body his first thought is to wake him up and not let him be left in cabeswater alone, he sleeps all night in ronan’s passenger seat while ronan mourns for his mother and tells ronan to wake him if he needs him. 

Moral of the story is, Adam loves ronan so fucking much, and he would do absolutely anything for him no matter how impossible. 

Supernatural Preference- Seeing you in a bikini for the first time

Sam and Dean had promised you a day at the beach and you couldn’t be more excited.
“Y/N, hurry up we wanna go now”, Dean called down the hall.
“Alright, I just gotta get flip flops, calm down”, you called back.
As you walked in Sam had no problem hiding the fact that he thought you looked amazing.
“See something you like Sammy?” you asked and the look on Sam’s face didn’t change.
Dean turned around to see what you were talking about.
“Oh come on man you guys can bang later but right now I want to goooo” 
“DEAN!” Sam yelled, but you didn’t mind the comment and just walked through the boys giving Sam a wink and biting you lip.

Dean was supposed to be having fun on holidays with you and Sam in a cabin but it seem like he was a world away into looking for a new case, that was until you walked in. His head whipped around quicker than lightning and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you.
“Come on Dean you have to go swimming with us, it’s night and that the perfect time to swiimmm” you sang.
Dean hadn’t said a word but you knew he needed a break, and it was obvious how he was staring at you, so you decided to encourage him.
You saunter over to him and kiss him on the cheek.
“Please… for me” you asked putting on your best puppy eyes.
Dean didn’t have to be told twice and ran to put on this bathers.

Gabriel was one of the angel you’d never met and the first time you did meet was pretty memorable.
You walked out of your room ready to go for a swim when you saw him standing there.
“Whose this?” you ask as if it was wasn’t a big deal you were wearing close to nothing.
Dean was about to answer but Gabe beat him to it.
“They call me Gabriel” he said in the most perfect voice you ever heard.
“And who would you be” he asked acting a little flirty.
“My names y/n” you responded giving him a little smile.
“Well these two idiot will have to keep you around, won’t they?” he said with a little wink.

Adam had already thought you were amazing, great mind, great smile, great sense of humour but when he saw you in your bikini his crush became a bit more intimate.
“Alright everyone ready to go?” you ask the three winchesters as you enter the room.
Adam just starred at you, looking you up and down.
“Adam, are you okay?” you asking looking at him.
“Ah yeah… ahem.. I’m good” he answers a little shyly.
You and the boys just giggle and you walk up to him and kiss him on the cheek as you make your way to the pool.

okay but:

1. the fact that gansey has a specific Voice he uses when talking to Adam
1a. the fact that that voice is probably something like “❤️❤️❤️oh😍😍😍hey😘😘😘adam💖💖💖*insert one million more heart-themed emoji here*”
1b. the fact that ronan has memorized gansey’s talking-to-adam voice
1c. the fact that ronan gets wildly jealous and angry and emotional even just listening to gansey’s side of a phone conversation with adam

2. the fact that gansey calls dollar city the bourgeoisie playground

Little kometen facts

Adam has a collie called whiskey, who has been trained to help him during seizures.
On that same strain, Adam has epilepsy.

Seto is a deer hybrid via his father’s.. experiment. He doesn’t mind though. He’s cute.

Jason’s parents were carriers of many Vissna characteristics, but did not show them. However, as Jason inherited enough recessive genes, he is almost purely Vissna.

Ty was turned into a dragon by accident, after Endless bit him. (Is explained. I promise).

Mitch has AS, and Jerome is basically a support dog. He’ll help lead him out of situations where he is uncomfortable in among other things.


As happy as Brie and Adam both were about the birth of their boys, Brie was willing to bet if they weren’t born soon, she and Adam were going to end up killing each other. The whole bed rest thing was without a doubt the worst thing Brie had ever gone through, and it left her so moody, that she was driving everyone crazy. Then there was the fact that she couldn’t really do anything without someone’s help because she was so big now, and that particular morning, she needed help getting up out of bed so she could go to the bathroom, and she quickly called out to Adam so he could come and help her. The only problem was, when she started moving around, she noticed there was a rather large wet spot on the bed, and her first instinct was to think that maybe Lyric had wet the bed since she was sleeping right beside Brie, but upon further inspection, Brie noticed it was actually coming from her, and she stared down at the bed with wide eyes, because she knew without a doubt that her water had just broken. “ADAM!!! GET UP HERE NOW! MY WATER JUST BROKE!”

Decorations in December

“Come on! We have to get it inside before it starts to rain!” Taylor called to Adam from the front door of their house as he stood in the driveway assessing the situation at hand.

It was the beginning of December and Taylor had insisted they went to buy their Christmas tree today; which Adam was fine with considering he knew how excited Taylor got about Christmas. What he wasn’t totally on board with was the fact the tree was 13ft tall and he didn’t have any help getting it out of the driveway where it had just been delivered.

“I might need to call for some help Tay…. I definitely cannot manage this alone… and you’re not much help.” He said, scratching his head.

“Well thanks for that.” Taylor replied sarcastically, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I didn’t mean you aren’t helpful babe…. I just meant that right now I don’t want you lifting heavy objects.” Adam said quickly, realising he had just dug himself a huge hole.

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adam picking ronan up somewhere because he’s drunk and can’t find his car so adam comes to rescue him. because ronan is too scared to call gansey because he knows gansey will be angry and even though adam will be angry too, at least he won’t say anything about it- in fact he won’t say anything at all. when he pulls up in front of monmouth, ronan won’t get out of the car and adam is keeping his silence because he’s angry, because why does ronan always have to be like this? but ronan is looking at him so adam stares straight ahead and pretends like it doesn’t, it doesn’t feel dangerous because that would mean something. then ronan’s fingers are there, pressing gently into his wrist where his hand is resting on the gear shift and god, adam is willing his body to stay calm, for his heart to keep steady but he feels ronan’s hands pulling him apart from the inside and he knows his pulse is starting to race so he takes a deep breath and turns to look at ronan and neither of them blink or breathe, just each of them trying to prove to the other that they can handle this, that this is under their control but ronan presses harder and adam can’t help the way his breath catches in his throat and that’s all ronan needs- he smiles and gets out of the car to leave adam to try to put himself back together again. it takes him 5 minutes to make his hands stop shaking.

Falling Into You Part V

A Tayvin Encounter Set at the Brit Awards

Part I Part II Part III Part IV 

I just wanted to include a quick apology and an update. Firstly, I’m sorry this took so long to post! Secondly, there will be one more part of Falling Into You (this scene from Taylor’s perspective) but fear not, I am already planning out my next Tayvin series. Thank you for your continued support and readership 

Adam’s brain reacted viscerally when he heard Taylor call him Calvin. Despite it being the name he had chosen for himself, his mind was pounding a frantic tempo at the wrongness of it. She could not know him by his fake moniker, she had to know the true him. She had to know Adam. It was a well-known fact in his social circle that only Adam’s close friends were allowed to call him by his given name. But he could not stand to have that false name pass through his Venus’s lips even once more. 

“Please, call me Adam.”

Adam heard Ellie’s slight noise of surprise from behind him; he knew it was odd to trust Taylor with his epithet of birth so quickly. The thought that he might soon hear her say his true name assuaged any doubts he had concerning the bequeathing of that privilege to her. 

“Adam. It suits you.”

He was ensnared by the melodies of her voice. The way she said his name, it was all he could do not to grab her round the waist and implore her to say it again. To keep saying it until her voice speaking his name was permanently imbedded in his cerebral cortex. 

His eyes hadn’t left hers once since they had been introduced and for the first time she was staring right back. Most people couldn’t bear prolonged eye contact. It was uncomfortable and unnerving, as the eyes always allow certain pieces of one’s soul to slip through. With them, however, it was as if their eyes could not be dragged apart. He feasted on the sight of her sapphire orbs, mesmerized by them. 

Her lashes were so long that when necessary blinking interrupted their gazes he could see them brush her rose-hued cheeks. He longed to study every part of her at this close range, observing her was akin to surveying a master portrait. Every imperfect detail only contributed to the overall beauty of the piece. Unlike most masterpieces, however, his masterpiece was living, breathing, changing in front of his eyes. 

Ellie cleared her throat behind them, he cursed her for interrupting their moment but was also glad for the slight release of pressure her interjection caused. 

“Well, I’ll let you two chat. I’ll catch up with you both later.” Her tone was buoyant, but with an undercurrent that stressed she wanted to know the details of their interaction soon. Ellie slipped away but the frozen silence of his and Taylor’s initial meeting had been shattered. The pounding music of the room blared in Adam’s ears. 

He leaned in so he was nearer to her ear, his face whisper close to her escaping strands of hair. They tickled his rough hewn cheeks as he began to speak. 

“Do you want to move somewhere a little more quiet?” He posed the question, hoping he wasn’t being too forward and that he didn’t scare her away.

“That would be great. I can hardly hear myself think in here!” Her statement was accompanied by a breathy laugh. He could tell that she was nervous. He knew it was his presence that made her cheeks heat up and her smile flutter. He was practically purring with the knowledge that it was he who made her react in such a way. 

“Let me just tell my security team.” She slipped away from him and his hand instinctually reached our towards her retreating figure. He marveled at her continued practicality. He had lost his common sense in her presence but she still seemed to understand the implications of their interaction. He wondered if she was ever truly alone. Being so famous he guessed she had a constant security presence. The idea of her feeling unsafe made his hands clench. He knew security was a necessity in her position but he couldn’t shake the desperate need to make her feel safe with only him. 

She reentered his line of sight as she skillfully made her way through the crowd and back to his side. She looked up at him expectantly and offered an encouraging smile as she spoke. 

“The VIP area looks fairly quiet. Want to try there?”

He didn’t answer her question orally, simply nodding instead. He extend his arm and placed a hand at the small of her back, maneuvering so they could make their way through the crowd together. A current shot up his arm the moment his fingers encountered the material of her dress. The dress had cutouts along the sides and back. His fingers pressed into the designs and felt the smooth skin of her lower back. His hand dwarfed her figure; he nearly chuckled at the thought of how much a difference there would be between their two palms. He longed entwine his fingers with hers, but he knew there were too many people watching. 

Adam was no stranger to relationships in the public eye, but he sensed Taylor would be upset if the rumor mill started churning out stories of them dating because he couldn’t control an errant hand. Not that he would mind, as he hoped they would be a couple in the near future. 

No words were exchanged as he guided her to the roped off VIP area, the ambient noise of the club a thunderous roar. It was nearly midnight; the party was in full heat. 

They reached the partial oasis of the separated area and the sound became more muted. As they made their way to a low lying couch he noticed her security team form a barrier between them and the rest of the party. He was glad for this, as he wanted their first conversation to be private and safe, not the immediate talk of page six. 

His hand separated from her back as they sank into the cushions of the seat, he instantly felt the loss. He longed for contact between them, something to remind him that she was real, she was here, she was talking to him. The now familiar electric heat flowed between them as they sat, knees just barely brushing. He stretched a long arm on the back of the couch behind her, the closest he could get to her at the moment. 

They were angled on the couch towards each other, neither able to resist the insistent pull that tethered his heart to hers. She broke the eye contact between them, it was clear she didn’t know what to make of the situation. In all honesty he didn’t quite know what to say either. What do you say to a person who has consumed your every thought since you first laid eyes on her? How do you make small talk with an individual you feel as if you already know?

“I saw you perform, you were incredible.” He said in a low voice, attempting to break through the uncomfortable wall that had sprung up between them. 

“Thanks, I would love to see one of your sets live.” Her tone was cordial, but detached. Adam didn’t know what to say, what to do, to shatter the barrier of ice that coated her tone. He knew it was her self-preservation, he understood, but he couldn’t stand having a boring, small talk filled conversation with this woman who had bewitched him so. 

“I’m sorry, I know this is unorthodox and we’ve only just met, but I. I just. I can’t sit here and act like we’re strangers because it’s clear to me that we’re not. I know that doesn’t make any sense but”

He was silenced by her lithe form connecting with his. Her head nestled by his neck, her small hands curled around his back. They rested there for a moment, hearts beating as one, serene in their personal nirvana. She pulled away. 

“I, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I just…” She trailed off, a furious blush rising form her chest to her cheeks. 

“Taylor, it’s alright. You don’t need to apologize.” He longed to quiet her fears, show her that he was worthy of her love. He knew the feel of her figure pressed so close to his would never leave him. 

“No, really, I’m not myself tonight. I should really go. My friends are probably missing me.” Her eyes darted around, looking anywhere but him. 

“Please, just stay.” His hand reached out and grabbed her knee. 

“Why?” She bit out, her tone hard. “I don’t know what you expect to happen. Yes, I admit we have this connection, but that doesn’t mean we should act on it. You really don’t know what signing up for any sort of relationship with me entails. Even if we’re just friends are you prepared for the constant media fire storm that would follow? Everyone would assume we were dating, we wouldn’t have any peace, it would be chaos. Trust me, I’ve been down this road before and it’s not pretty.”

He felt a pang in his chest as he listened to her rational but detached speech. He knew it came from a place of pain and fear. At the end of the day she was a girl who had been hurt, hurt too many times by too many people. Her reluctance didn’t surprise nor deter him. 

“Taylor, I hear you, but you seem to be under the mistaken impression that any of that would matter to me.” He finished with a smirking smile, confident in his ability to sway her. 

“You say that now, but what about in a month when you can’t leave your house without paparazzi chasing after you and the media won’t stop printing stories about this cheating scandal or that explosive fight and the fans won’t stop badgering you about how wrong we are for each other.”

“What does it matter if I get to be with you?” The sincerity of his tone was clear. He kept her eyes locked with his, imploring her to reconsider. A silent battle of will between two most stubborn souls. His determination was absolute, however, while hers was waning. 

“I, well, you don’t” was all she managed to stutter out before Adam interrupted her. 

“This is a simple situation, Taylor. I want to get to know you. I don’t care if it’s romantic or platonic but I feel this incredible connection to you and I couldn’t live with myself if I just ignored it. So, would you like to go out with me and see where this goes, or would you like to ignore whatever it is between us and never see me again? Because I’ll tell you this, if we don’t give us a shot I can’t be around you. I can’t share the same space, breath the same air, because it’s already killing me. Every time I see you I just want to be close to you, to talk to you, so if you want me to go away I will. Bit I will go away.”

His pace was frantic by the end of his impassioned speech, his Scottish accent bleeding into each syllable. He felt the rest of his life hanging in the balance as he continued to gaze into her eyes. She held all of the cards. He was laid bare before her. He had spoken nothing but the truth. 

“I want to know you.” Her words came out in a rush, as if she wanted them out in the universe before she had a chance to take them back. Adam felt relief flood his system. She was in this as much as he was. 

“I know it won’t be easy or simple, Taylor, but I promise you this; you won’t regret giving us a chance.”

“I hope you’re right.” She smiled. He knew she was more hesitant than he. He hardly had to wonder why. It didn’t matter to him, though. She was giving him, giving them a chance. And that was everything. 

“So, about that date. Are you staying in London?” He asked with a cheeky grin, heart light and soul soaring. 

“I, I’m going back to Nashville tomorrow morning.” Her face had lost its prior grin. He wasn’t bothered; it was going to take more than transcontinental travel to shake him. 

“Well, Nashville it is then.”

“You’re going to come to Nashville? You’re joking, right? That’s crazy, especially for a first date. Why don’t we wait until we’re both in LA or something?”

“I couldn’t be more serious. You’ve said yes now, I’m not going to wait for you to change your mind on me. Besides, Nashville should be more private.”

She ducked her head, clearly she had been thinking along the same lines as he; that space would clear her mind and make her reconsider. She glanced back up and found his expectant eyes. 

“Nashville, ok.” She hadn’t dropped her guard completely but Adam was unperturbed. He knew it was slightly crazy, inviting himself to her hometown for their first date. Everything he had been doing lately seemed crazy, though. He hardly recognized himself, doggedly chasing a girl he barely knew. He was glad however, to find something that incited his passion. A feeling of listlessness had followed him for the past several months. He still enjoyed his music but not in the same way he ha before. He supposed Taylor might be his new muse. He thought she would like that. 

“Here, let me give you my number.” She pulled out her cat sticker covered phone and he smothered a laugh. He relished every bit of information he learned about her, and it was clear from her phone she loved cats. He pulled out his own phone as they exchanged numbers, such a mundane task; it almost made the situation feel normal. 

“I hope you’re not allergic to cats. Mer and Olivia have the final say in all of my relationships.” She said jokingly as she handed him back his phone. 

“Ms. Swift, are you implying that I would be at your house? That’s a little forward, I’m rather shocked.” She playfully shoved his arm, laughing along with him. It felt completely natural to joke with her, to make her laugh. Adam wished he could capture the sound and take it with him. 

He couldn’t stop smiling; her joy was contagious. He was about to ask her more about her very important cats when a dark suited man approached Taylor, whispering to her in a low tone. The man left but Adam knew Taylor would follow soon. They had already spent too much time together to remain inconspicuous, she had to leave. 

She looked back at him apologetically, shifting out of their shared space. 

“I’m sorry, I have to get back to my group.” His heart dropped, he couldn’t help his despair at the thought of her leaving him. She leaned forward and placed a glancing kiss on his cheek. She pulled away before the gesture even registered in Adam’s brain. 

“I’m glad to have met you, Adam.” With one last longing glance, she was gone. Adam’s hand reached up and brushed the side of his cheek. He could feel the residue her kiss had left behind. He had fallen into her gravity, and from it there was no escape. He unfolded his large form and stood, pulling his phone out of his pocket as he did. His fingers blurred over the screen as he typed her a quick message. She might be out of his grasp for the moment, but he knew she would never leave his thoughts again. 

I’m Going To TRY And Be Calm In Telling All Of You This...

*Gregory comes home from work* 
*Adam and I fixing dinner for everyone*

Gregory: Could you two come in here please?

Adam: *Looks strangely at me* He’s your Dom and Master and Savior and did I hear you call him Daddy the other night?

Me: Fuck off… fuck right off on the next plane back to Brexit England!

Adam: *Laughing*

Me: Come on wanker!

Adam: Ooooh… do you kiss your husband with that mouth?

Me: As a matter of fact I DO!

Gregory: You two… such siblings. Come sit… PLEASE SIR, ADAM?

Me: *giggling*

Me and Adam:

Gregory: STOP! Listen… So I have Broadway Tickets for us to all see a show tomorrow night at 8pm. One of my Excutives had these 4 tickets but they are leaving out of town. However… not sure either of you would want to go really.

Me: Well…

Adam: What show is it to?

Gregory: Hmm… it’s not really well known.I mean… It’s a fairly new show… just a little show called *pulls out tickets* HAMILTON!!!!!

Me: …….

Adam:  ……


Me & Adam:

All Three Of Us: HAMILTOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam was trying

He’s still got a long way to go but I really don’t feel like he cares that the Fosters family knows about Connor being gay since he feels that his son is safe with them (which is why he caused a scene).  He probably assumes they all know already. He’s mostly concerned Connor might get bullied at school.

He seemed genuinely remorseful at the end when Donald calls him out as being a bully (I know Lena already called him that last season, but this time it seemed to stick).  Lets not forget that the very fact that he even came to the Fosters home and did some research on his own is a pretty big step for his character.