the faces you make sir are the best


You were so done with Sebastian. First he tries to break up your brother, Kurt and his boyfriend Blaine and then he hit Blaine with the rock salt slushie last night. He came to Mckinley today and walked into auditorium. You were ready to  punch him in his smirking face.

“God I hate the stench of public schools” “..and you sir and get the hell out” I said “Y/N, calm down” “No Finn I won’t calm down! He’s tried so hard to hurt my brother and my now my best friend is in the hospital! I’m pissed!” I said. I turned back to Sebastian, smirk still on his face trying not to laugh. “Wipe that smirk off of your face Smythe. You don’t realize how hard it is not to punch you in the face. You’re just so frustrating” “I make you  frustrated?” he asked “Sexually?” 

Alternate First Meeting

a.k.a that one car AU that I talked to diomiota about.

What if Harry was tasked with the mission of infiltrating a deeply rooted and extensive drug ring based in London? And his way in would be starting with one lowly branch, located under the name of Dean’s Auto Repair Shop. A seedy in the hole in the wall, it’s the best place to start, he supposes.

With a remote device ready to render his car engine useless and a silent bullet to one tire, Harry places his bait at the shop. Only to see this stupidly gorgeous young chav strolling out the shop with an oil stain on his chin with a puzzled look on his face. His name tag says, “Eggsy.”

“Are you needin’ directions, sir?”

Harry recovers in a split second and explains his situation to him, which makes the other even more confused.

“Here? A posh gentleman like you with a cah like that want service ‘ere?” Eggsy questions, suspicious, but nevertheless he shrugs and agrees to check out the car.

In hindsight, bringing an issued Kingsman BMW was a bad idea.

When Eggsy opens up his car hood and bends down to check it out, Harry does not discreetly check out his ass. Much.

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Kylo Ren x Reader fic

Although many Stormtroopers had the same skills, you were notably good with medicine and medical procedures. It was never very useful, however, because many droids preformed those tasks without further assistance.

On this day, however, you were pulled from your duties to tend to Kylo Ren. He had just return from battle and the droids that weren’t already occupied were under maintenance. Not as though you had a choice, you accepted and quickly made your way to Kylo Ren’s quarters.

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rinnahtheskinchanger answered:

Send O///O to put a collar and leash around my muses neck.

Rinnah froze immediately as the collar snapped shut, eyes widening and nostrils flaring. Don’t panic, don’t panic. Don’t make him angry. She swallowed thickly, before chancing a look up to his face. “I wouldn’t have left you, sir. I’d never leave anyone unless they had no need of me, and requested that I did.”

“Well now you don’t have a choice. Start walkin’. However will get us to ships sooner. I know it’s far, and we don’t have horses, so you’d best have some good stamina, girl.”