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Jaehyun leaves for the jungle and you really, really, really miss him.

the birthday fic i promised for dev @chittaporno literally a month ago. thank you to carmen for giving me hella song recs and taemin, for being the god of nasty. enjoy and i hope you like your late ass birthday/early ass christmas present. enjoy ^^

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Bad Girl Ch 3: Party Time

“Unni!” I yell as I wave at her from across the street. She smiles at me as she rushes over through the traffic.

“That girl is crazy,” Jiho snickers at my side.

“I see that your guard dog is on bad behavior already,” Haneul glares at him when she reaches us.

“Watch your mouth,” Jiho spits back.

“How about both of you calm down?” I grab both of their attention.

Haneul sighs but looks back at me with a much kinder smile, “How are you today?”

“I’m good, what about you? You seem a bit irritated today,” I lock arms with her and begin wandering down the street to our usual lunch spot with Jiho trailing behind us a few steps.

“Tae and I had to pick up his cousins from the airport today, which isn’t really a problem. The problem is their nasty attitude.”

“Were they that bad?”

“Not really, I just didn’t like the one mainly, he told us he wasn’t in the mood for introductions,” She does the last bit with a deep voice and a bitch face that makes me laugh.

“And the others?”

“They all just looked pissed, I’m actually friends with one of them and even he wasn’t in the best mood. Yixing is usually such a ray of sun shine but he wasn’t too excited to be home.”

I hum. We reach the restaurant around 12:30, prime lunch time but we are seated immediately in our normal corner booth in front of the windows over looking the busy city street. Jiho is sat at a table a few seats away to keep an eye on us. “Is Taemin oppa excited to have his cousins home? How long has it been since he has seen them?”

“For most of them it has been about a year but some of the younger ones were having problems while they were gone. He’s excited to have them home mostly so he can keep an eye on those younger ones, especially the one he is closest with, Jongin. He tired to kill himself a few times within this last year, thankfully he wasn’t able to, but it was hard for Taemin when he found out the older ones were doing nothing to help the youngest three in their time of need,” Hanuel sighs again.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what was this horrible thing that happened to them?”

She shrugs, “I’m not even sure. Yixing wouldn’t share anything with me for a while, especially since he’s been gone. Now I’m hopping to get something out of him though now that he can’t just hang up on me to get me to stop talking.”

I laugh, “When am I going to be able to meet this friend of yours?”

“Well,” She gives me a big grin, “There is actually going to be a party that I really want you to go to.”

“Sure, let me just talk to Jiyong about it.”

She shakes her head, “I already looked into it, he is going to be out of town the next few days.”

“Hannie unni, you know Jiyong doesn’t like me going to parties without him. Especially one of yours or Taemin’s. He doesn’t trust you at all.”

“Come on, you can bring your good old guard dog to protect you.”

“I can’t, Jiyong has been on edge about stuff lately and doing this won’t make him feel any better.”

She pouts, “Are you just going to let him dictate your life?”

“Unni,” I take her hand and let out a quiet breath, “I love you for wanting me to have fun but this isn’t what you think. If I really wanted to go, I would go, with or without Jiyong’s permission. Also, he does not dictate my life, he tells me when he doesn’t like me doing certain things and leaves it up to me to decide whether or not I continue doing it. Trust me, I’ve been in a relationship where everything I did had to be run by a thousand times before someone gave a yes or a no. I wasn’t allowed to cook or clean or leave or have a moment to myself. So please don’t think bad of Jiyong, he had done so much for me and I owe him this favor.”

“I’m sorry for getting upset,” She smiles softly at me and squeezes my hand reassuringly. “There will be plenty of parties, I’ll get you to one of them. With your lovely fiancé in tow of course.”

I chuckle, “Of course.”

“What are with all of these lovely calls I’ve been getting the last two days?” Jiyong chuckles over the phone. I get up off the couch as I wander through the penthouse aimlessly. It’s nine o’clock at night and Haneul’s party is most likely getting to the high point. She has been texting me all day about how I could still change my mind and go without any kind of escort. I quickly declined and after that didn’t work I began to just ignore her.

“It’s that god damn party of hers.”

“Oh yes, how could I have forgotten, she seems very aggressive about it.”

“She is a very aggressive person.”

“What did you say to her?” He wonders.

“I told her again and again that I wasn’t going without you.”

“Jiho could have gone with you.”

I sigh, “I know, I just don’t want to go to any parties without since you told me about them coming back. I know that they run in Taemin’s circle so I’m afraid that they might be there.”

He is quiet for a moment before laughing softly, “So now my baby girl is stuck at home on a Friday night because of those bastards, how is that fair?”

“It is fine, I’ve been out plenty of Friday nights, nothing is wrong with staying in for the night,” I plop down on the bed and let out a sight of contentment when the dogs come and join me on the bed.

“I think you should go.”

“Seriously? Why?”

“You are going to have to face them at some point, it might be better for you if I’m not around, they will probably be less hostile. Plus you will have Jiho and Haneul will slaughter anyone who would try to hurt you so I feel safe sending you there if you want to go.”

“I guess it is the only way to get that girl off my back,” I groan before rolling off the bed and trudging to my closet. “I’m going to get dressed and call Jiho. You have a safe trip okay?”

“You be safe too love, call me when you get home, okay?”

I hum a yes, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I hang up and quickly begin dialing Jiho’s number and scanning my closet at the same time.

“Yes?” He answers on the fifth ring.

“Wow,” I tease, “You are getting slow, I could have died by now.”

He scoffs, “Don’t say such things, what do you want from me at this hour pretty bird?”

“Wanna go to a party?”

“Did you talk to the boss about this?”

I sigh, “Jiyong actually encouraged me to go, he said it might be better to run into them without him there.”

“Let me get dressed and I’ll swing up for you in a few.”

“Thank you.”

“Your wish is my command.”

We hang up and I decide on a navy blue cocktail dress with nice lace detail. I slip on some gray heels and pull the pony tail holder out of my hair. Wavy locks tumble down my back just shy of my hips, my caramel locks replaced with recently dyed silver waves. After applying a little make up and maroon lipstick I decide I look good enough to go to a party. I click into the hall way to find Jiho waiting in front of the elevator, my jacket in hand. He looks up and gives me a bitchy look.

“Why so cranky?” I tease as I accept my jacket.

“Because some little girl decided to go out and ruin my night to myself.” We step into the elevator as he flicks my forehead. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“I am going to have to face them at some point, might as well be now.”

“Are you nervous?”

I shake my head, “If I’m anything right now, I’m pissed. Yet, at the same time I’m really grateful to them for leaving me behind. I honestly don’t know if I would be with Jiyong right now if they wouldn’t have done that.”

Jiho peeks at me, “So you are happy?”

I can’t hide the massive smile that grows on my face, “I’m really happy.”


In the garage I let Jiho have his pick of the cars, not one bit surprised when he grabs the keys for Jiyong’s matte black Mercedes-benz maybach exelero. I climb into the front seat while he drives. It is a quick drive to the hall that Haneul rented out, but it wasn’t as quick to convince Jiho to leave the car with the valet which has me dying of laughter on the side walk.

“I don’t think Jiyong would appreciate you taking more care of that car than me,” I muse when we are finally able to get inside.

“You are fine, I’ve got you,” He wraps his arm around mine as we step into the cream marble hall. There is a large entryway where we check in our jackets before locking our arms back together and joining the other party goers in the main hall. It’s absolutely beautiful, there is a grand stair case that leads down to the dance floor. A balcony wraps around the whole room, giving people the option to just watch the others twirl from above. As soon as we enter we are offered drinks that Jiho quickly denies for both of us. “Do you want a soda or some water?”

“Shirley temple please.”

“Lets find Haneul before I head off,” He scans the crowd for a few second easily finding the hostess surrounded by her usual group. “Do you think you can make it there without any problems?”

“I’ll be fine the five minutes it takes you to get us drinks. No need to be so worried tonight, we’ll only be here for an hour at most. A few drinks, a dance or two, and we can go, okay?”

“Take your time here. I’ve got no where to be.” He gives me a reassuring smile before sending me on my way. I make my way down the stairs and walk around the spinning crowd of dancers. Thankfully, I make it to Haneul without any problems, minus me tripping some couple when I wandered too close to them.

She sees me and automatically beams at me, “Jooyoung!” Her arms are around my neck in seconds swinging me around in circles. “I can’t believe Jiyong actually let you come.”

“He had no say in it, I actually preferred to lay in my bed all night but he wanted me to go out and have a little fun so here I am.”

“If fun is what you are looking for I’m here to deliver,” She promises turning to Jonghyun, one of Taemin’s friends. “Would you like to dance with my love little friend?”

“Haneul,” Both Taemin and I warn. I didn’t notice him sneaking up behind me. “Babe please don’t get us into trouble with the black dragon. I don’t want anyone telling him that you were throwing his fiancé at everyone.”

“Who is going to tell on me?” Haneul pouts.

“Me,” Jiho informs as he hands me my drink. “I also don’t want Jiyong on my ass so everyone keep your hands to yourself tonight.”

Hannie cocks a brow at him, “Even me?”

“Especially you.”

The group laughs and begins a casual conversation. Random people come and go, it would be a lie to say that I’m not at least a little on edge. Each new person makes me jump a little. Haneul and Jiho both notice this making her switch places with Onew to stand on my other side.

She caresses my shoulder, “Are you okay love?”

I nod, “It’s just weird not having Jiyong here, it feels like I’m missing something.”

“Do you want to go?” Jiho offers quickly.

“No, I’m fine, I just need to stop thinking about it. Haneul tell me about you, how are Taemin’s cousins doing? Were you able to get Yixing to tell you anything?” I look to her hoping to get my mind off them for even a little while. I only slightly notice Jiho going stiff next to me but I chalk it up to the couple brushing past us.

“Not yet, I haven’t even really had the chance to talk to him, either has Tae. As soon as he dropped those boys off they would not come back out of that house. This was actually supposed to be a welcome back party for them but they were not in the mood for it. Those seem to be Yifan’s favorite words.”

“What a shame, maybe next time.”

“Do you want to dance?” Jiho offers me a hand.

“We were kind of talking,” I eye him strangely but everyone else just seem to brush it off.

“Go ahead, in fact we will join you,” Haneul takes her lover’s hand and leads him towards the dance floor.

“But babe, I was talking business,” Taemin whines.

She shushes him, “No talking back Princess, what kind of hostess doesn’t even dance at her own party?” The two snap together and begin waltzing along with the rest of the crowd. It doesn’t take much to convince me after that. Jiho and I hold hands while his other rests on my lower back, mine on his shoulder. We spin into the crowd, smiling at anyone we know that goes by.

“Are you having fun?” I question mindlessly.

He shrugs, “I’ve never been a fan of parties. What about you? You seem a bit on edge.”

“I’m horrified of the idea of them just walking up to me and trying to kill me or something.”

A worried expression crosses his face, “What makes you think they’d want to kill you?”

“When I was still with them they got in a fight with Jiyong’s people about what they would do with me after they were bored of me and killing me was on that list.”

“Don’t worry about those guys, they shouldn’t be showing up,” He comforts me.

I cock my head at him, “What makes you so sure?”

“Just trust me.”

I nod and rest my head against his chest as we continue to dance around the room. Some time passes when suddenly the lights go out. Everyone stops dancing and begins backing away from the center of the ballroom to stand in the balcony or against the wall. Jiho and I follow a few people into the balcony confused. We find Haneul with Taemin, and from the look she’s giving him I know he is the cause of this.

“This is the only way to get them out of the house,” He snaps at her.

She glares at him, “You could have at least told me! You know I give warnings to those who I know don’t like this kind of thing.”

He rolls his eyes, “Jooyoung has tons of people looking after her, you don’t need to baby her.”

“What is going on?” Jiho interjects, not caring that he is interrupting their argument.

Haneul gives me an apologetic look, “The after party stuff is starting early. Taemin’s cousins decided to come but only to participate in the show.”

Just then a single spot light shines on to the center of the dance floor. A man is sitting there in a chair. The chair is trembling, I see that his hands are tied to the arm rests while his legs are tied to the chair’s. Oh no. This is the other reason I didn’t want to come. At the end of each of these parties each leader takes a turn in showing off their torturing skills. You have the option to stay or to watch, after the one time I saw what happened to those people Jiyong and I never stayed late again.

“We need to get out of here now,” Jiho deadpans.

“You know the doors are locked,” Taemin reminds us.

“God dammit princess,” Hanuel kicks him. “I guess you are going to be meeting them after all.”

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jongin and kyungsoo are not exactly outdoors-y, yet they are excited about their first camping trip together but while packing, kyungsoo saw something in jongin's backpack.

At last, bestfriends Jongin and Kyungsoo are finally going out for their solo camping trip for the first time in four years they have been bestfriends. They have planned it a week ago on a whim while they were watching the classical movie Lord of the Flies which Kyungsoo suggested for them to see. Since the characters in the movie are boy scouts stuck in an island, Kyungsoo blurted out about his interest to experience camping even for once in his monotonous life which Jongin instantly agreed to do so, and so they planned to make it happen.

Every week, best friends Jongin and Kyungsoo would alternately visit each other’s houses to watch movies, series, anime, youtube videos, you name it. There are times they would cook, bake and stuff their stomachs with homemade food until they are full. They hardly go out to parks, malls, or in any public place except in the university they both go to. Both of them are coincidentally house people who doesn’t mingle a lot with other people. This is why they clicked after getting partnered in P.E for social dance due to the lack of females in engineering department. Now, they are on their fifth year on the road to graduation and still, they are inseparable.

That Saturday morning, Kyungsoo is with Jongin in their house to help pack Jongin’s things as requested.

“Didn’t you do your research on what to bring for a camping? Like flashlight, extra towels, underwear, deodorant–” Kyungsoo trails off while folding half of the disarrayed clothes in Jongin’s cabinet first.

Jongin is beside him on the floor, different colors of shirts, sweaters and chinos were spread around them. He helps Kyungsoo fold his shirts too, but he’s slower since he’s playing Plants vs. Zombies in his phone at the same time.

“And of course, don’t forget to bring a hand sanitizer and mosquito repellant lotion.” Kyungsoo adds and places the neatly folded shirts arranged by color in the cabinet, but there are still a lot to fold and Jongin is back on his phone to play.

“Are you even listening to me, Jongin?” Kyungsoo shakes Jongin’s knee to get his attention. “Do you really want to go on camping with me or you just want to stay home and finish your game?” Kyungsoo is not pissed. He only wants another reassurance that his best friend is still ecstatic just like before in this idea. He doesn’t want to camp with Jongin if he’s the only one excited on this.

Finally, Jongin steadies his gaze at him after he pauses the game. His forehead crumples as he responses back, “I am excited. I am, Kyungsoo, because if I’m not, I would have already told you so.”

“I just want to know if you have changed your mind,” Kyungsoo says with a roll of his eyes as he goes back to folding. This time, Jongin puts his phone out of sight and helps Kyungsoo fix his stuff properly this time.

“You doubt me too much, Soo. But I swear, I do want to go on camping with you. It’s you who we are talking about here, Soo. I can’t and I won’t just turn you down.” Seriously, Jongin confesses with a smile and a ruffle on Kyungsoo’s hair which has Kyungsoo cracking a gleeful smile.

“That’s all I need to know, Jongin. Thank you.”


After almost an hour of organizing Jongin’s clothes, Kyungsoo is sprawled on Jongin’s sheets with phone in hand, browsing for some movies to watch.

Consequently, Jongin is already packing things on his own when he suddenly grumbles and whines, “My things won’t fit in this bag!”

To the rescue, Kyungsoo quickly checks on Jongin by sitting right next to him on the floor. Indeed, Jongin’s bag doesn’t have much enough space to occupy all his things.

In scrutiny, Kyungsoo finds the problem and comes up immediately with the best solution.

“This is the biggest bag I own and I have everything you told me to bring, but they won’t fit,” Jongin scratches his head then stretches out his hairy legs before he props himself up with his elbow.

“They’ll fit. You just have to roll your clothes, towel and blanket so they can fit inside,” Kyungsoo rolls them to save more space for other things. Jongin is watching in fascination with his mouth agape as Kyungsoo fits everything inside, except for some essentials.

“Just put the deodorant here at the front pocket–”


Kyungsoo gives Jongin a mortified look. “What?”

“Let me put the deodorant–”

Kyungsoo pulls the bag closer to him and a smirk forms on his lips. “Jongin, what are you hiding?”

“Kyungsoo, don’t dare open it.” Jongin threatens thickly, Adams apple bobbing up and down, it only made Kyungsoo more curious to what Jongin is hiding at the front of his bag’s pocket.

“Why?” He pouts, daring to be cute and praying for it to take effect to make Jongin show this thing sitting inside the pocket.

Desperately, Jongin reaches for the bag, but Kyungsoo hides it behind.

“Kyungsoo, please.” Jongin begs, lower lip jutting out, attempting to be cute, but Kyungsoo won’t give in.

Before Jongin could use his height advantage over him, he bolts towards the bathroom with the heavy bag, Jongin chasing him behind, but Kyungsoo is too curious that he doesn’t want to miss this opportunity to check what’s inside the bag’s pocket.

“Kyungsoo, don’t do this to me–“ The door shuts in front of Jongin’s face, and Kyungsoo was able to stick his tongue out at him mockingly.

While Kyungsoo is safe inside the bathroom, Jongin raps on the door eagerly.  “Do Kyungsoo, I’m going to get the key!”

With that being said, Kyungsoo quickly shoves his hand inside the pocket only to retrieve a small red box.

Without further ado and as his heart pounds faster against his chest, he opens the box. A simple silver bracelet is inside with a tag dangling to it that has the engraved name of Jongin.

His lips curl down and an unwanted feeling of jealousy sits suddenly in his gut.

“I have the keys, Soo.” There clinking sound of keys behind the door before the knob turns and the door is opened.

Taking a deep breath, Kyungsoo tries to drown the unwanted feeling of jealousy. He recognizes it and he won’t deny it to himself.

“Fuck, you opened it.” Jongin cusses and Kyungsoo is too good masking his real emotions as he hides the box behind him and drops the bag on the bathroom rug.

“So you like someone? And you’re not telling me?”

“Kyungsoo, give that back, please.”

“Who’s the lucky girl?” Kyungsoo lifts up a smirk. “Ah, let me guess, one of your classmates? Seulgi? Soojung? Namjoo? Or is it Taemin?” He laughs from the mention of Jongin’s dancer buddy. “Why did I even thought of Taemin?”

“Soo…” Jongin steps forward, Kyungsoo remains on his spot and stares up at his bestfriend.

“You’re planning to bring someone for our camping trip? So it’s not just you and me?”

Jongin slaps a hand on his forehead. “Soo, please. It’s not like that.”

Teasingly, so it won’t look that obvious that he’s upset, he tip toes and whispers to Jongin, “So who?” He tries his best to make it look like he’s playful.

When Jongin cranes his neck to the left, their faces are an inch closer.

Two seconds passed.

One second passed.

One, two, three, nine, ten beats, his heart makes.

Kyungsoo plants his feet back on the floor and laughs. He grabs Jongin’s hands and places the box on his bestfriend’s calloused hand before playfully shoving Jongin’s shoulder. “You should tell me who is the lucky person you like.”

Steadily, Jongin stares at him only.

“You really won’t tell me?” Kyungsoo pokes Jongin’s bicep and pouts. “That’s sad, because you won’t tell.”

More laughter comes out from Kyungsoo’s lips. Bitter laughter.

But not until, Jongin grabs his right wrist that rendered Kyungsoo surprised while Jongin carefully drapes the bracelet around his right wrist.

“What are you doing, Jongin?!”

Silence is what he receives.

“Jongin–“ The bracelet is perfectly locked around his fair wrist. The metal, cold to his skin.

“You ruined the plan,” Jongin shoves his hands in his pockets and breathes. “It’s for you, silly. I don’t like anyone…” he clears his throat and turns away. “…but you.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“Yah, if you still won’t believe me, I’m going to kiss you now! Aish.” Jongin rolls his eyes. “The plan is to give that bracelet to you while we’re stargazing and talking shit about life then kiss you afterwards. Now, it’s mission failed.”

“Okay…” he still can’t digest it, but his heart feels like exploding.

Jongin just fucking confessed–his crush for over a year now, his bestfriend.

“Do you believe me now?” Gently, Jongin mumbles. There goes Jongin’s soft, loving gaze again.

With a newfound energy and surge of confidence, Kyungsoo blurts out, “Fucking mission failed, just fucking kiss me, Kim Jongin!”

SHINee: being shipped with their idol crush (you)

Onew:  when taemin shares with him a couple posts on sns, he’d ask if it was all a joke. When he tells him that people have been shipping you and him together, his face will start to turn red and he’d try his best not to make it obvious that he’s been crushing on you for a while. Might use it to his advantage and get you to notice him, since he knows he’s gonna be flooded with questions about you on every interview he’s in.

Jonghyun:  tbh he would’ve already been friends with you, or known you on some sort of personal level for the fans to pick up on his feelings. He’d avoid the obvious questions such as “oh, so are you two dating?” And “do you know if they like you back?” Bc he’d want to be more reserved for your sake. He’d just blush and play it cool, silently praying that you finally become aware of his blatant crush.

Key:  he’d shut down those rumors so quick, esp if they made you uncomfortable. Though he’s liked you for so long and is pretty close to you, he wouldn’t like it if people were blowing things out of proportion when you’re just friends, no matter if it’s just harmless shipping or not. Will go as far as teasing everyone with pictures of you and him together on his insta, making everyone wonder whether you’re together or not.

Minho:  in an attempt to finally make a move, he’d casually bring it up during a phone call or while he’s texting you. He’d be like wow….people are shipping us together, I wonder where they got that idea from??? It’s not like I’ve been hopelessly in love with you for the past 3 years or anything so I don’t???? He’d wink at the cute girls who were holding up signs of pictures of him and you together, and he’d make it so obvious.

Taemin:  remains professional while everyone’s pestering him with endless questions that involve you. He most likely isn’t that friendly with you quite yet, so he’s nervous about the fact that those rumors of you two dating would make you avoid him. When you finally address the issue on an interview, he’s blushing and gets crazy excited bc you said you were interested in getting your know him better, and that you’re flattered to have people think you’re together.

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The unfaithful Wife ( Jimin /OC)

Chapter 2

I stopped short in front of my apartment, dread rising up inside me like a living thing as i stared at the man in front of my door. I swallowed nervously. How dare he come here? I pulled Jin Soo closer and hoisted him up into my waist , before walking over to the door. Lee Taemin straightened up from where he was leaning against the wall of the door and I resisted the urge to be physically sick. He disgusted me.

“Min Hee yah… Oppa has been waiting for such a long time… Were you held up by something?”

“What do you want?” I swallowed.

“Can’t I come visit my favorite girl? Jin Soo, say hello to uncle..” He said to my son, who dutifully whispered, “ Hello uncle.”

“Jin Soo, come here…” I opened the apartment door and sent my son in , “ Mama will be right there.. Why don’t you go set up your truck.. We can play ??” I smiled and he nodded eagerly, rushing in to find his toy. I shut the door carefully before rounding on Tae Min.

“Stop chasing me. I don’t want anything to do with you…” I snapped. Tae Min ignored me and reached out curling one finger around a lock of my long hair, yanking sharply. I shoved him away but he grabbed my wrists, pulling me flush against his chest. His grip was so strong I could feel a whimper build up inside my throat but I swallowed it.

“Leave.. before I call the cops…” I spat out and he rolled his eyes.

“We both know you aren’t going to do that… Did you hear about your wonderful Jimin? He’s getting married now. I think you can drop your penance now and come to me. ” He said angrily . I yanked my hand away hard, although it hurt like hell and he let go.

“Get out. ” I said, voice trembling.

“Your son is the rightful heir to the Park empire. Do you really want him to grow up like a pauper while some other child takes his place? Come to me and he can have everything he’s supposed to have. Everything he deserves. Don’t be foolish , babe. ” He said warningly.

I glared at him.

“He will have everything he deserves and it doesn’t have to be from you or anyone else. I can damn well give him the life he deserves. Get the hell out of my face..” I snarled.

He grinned at that.

“You’re delusional if you think you’re little cup-cake business is going to turn you into a freaking millionaire. Listen to sense, woman. Park Jimin is getting married. He’s not going to forgive you or take you back…”

I snorted.

“You’re an idiot, if you think I want to go back to him… I hate him almost as much as I hate you…”

“Really? … So you don’t mind the fact that I told him you’re my mistress….”

I froze in place.

“What?” I whispered in disbelief.

“He came by the office earlier looking like death. And that bird-brained fiancee of his was yelling at him about you. i decided to bring some peace by letting him know that you were with me now, so he needn’t worry. What’s wrong? You should be happy…. At least you can have some pride in case you run into him… ”

“You’re disgusting…” I turned around to leave, reaching for the door knob but he yanked my hand away.

“I’ll leave… but you know what always amazed me? How quick Jimin is at believing anything I tell him about you… I mean five years ago, he believed that I slept with you and today he was just as quick to believe that you’re still sleeping with him. He doesn’t trust you an inch, does he?” He said , sounding amused.

I pulled my hand away , my entire body shaking in violent rejection. It hurt so damn much because it was true. Jimin had never trusted me. When I’d needed him the most, he’d abandoned me. But he’d known Taemin since childhood. Even though they were business rivals, they were best-friends . So when Taemin had assaulted me, tried to hurt me in the worst way possible , Jimin had believed his rediculous story of me seducing him. Apparently he still believed it.

I shook my head resolutely. I would not let Park Jimin into my head again. What was done, was done. I couldn’t go through that again.

“Make your choice wisely, Min Hee. One of these days I’m going to stop asking and I’m just going to take what I want.” Lee Taemin warned as I slammed the door shut on his face.


“I’m sorry about last evening.” I said and Mrs . Min waved it off.

“I’m very familiar with how these society brats act, Ms. Kim. I’m not one to lose good talent because of some hysteric and insecure female. You’re welcome to work with me, because you’re good at what you do. ” She said with a cheerful smile and i felt my respect for the woman grow tenfold. I wasn’t used to acceptance. In the early days of my divorce, when the scandal and my face was fresh in everyone’s mind, no one had wanted to give me a job. I shut away the old memories and smiled cheerfully at Mrs. Min.

“Thank you so much. You won’t be disappointed.” i said resolutely.

We spent the next few hours discussing the menu for the upcoming wedding and I had a very bitter revelation. No matter how long it had been, no matter how much I ought to hate the man who had failed me, I couldn’t really bear the thought of him with another woman. It was a shameful realization , one that made me hate myself.

It was almost evening by the time I packed everything up, a blueprint and a timeline framed. There were two dozen different recipes to be perfected and tweaked and i could see a few sleepless nights ahead of me. I glanced at the clock and felt a little bit of elation. Mrs. Min had offered me an advance which would likely cover my rent and Jin Soo’s daycare fee. It was also just a little past five which meant i could take Jin Soo to the park ,give ourself a little treat. i hadn’t been out with him in over two weeks, weighed down by work. My mood perking up considerably, I slowly walked the few dozen blocks to the daycare.

In the beginning I hadn’t been able to afford public transport everywhere. So I’d learned to walk. But now, it was more habit than anything else. I enjoyed walking in the fresh air. kit helped clear my head and brough a modicum of peace in an otherwise turbulent life. But today there was no peace to be found. Tears stung instead.

I still felt upset although the initial bitter anger that I’d had for him had now faded into a dull ache, a sort of hopeless acceptance really. Some relationships, I’d convinced myself, were only meant to reach a certain level. Maybe we were just one of those couples who were never meant to be together at all. It was easier to think of it that way, rather than to endlessly nurture hatred and anger for a man, who would probabaly never accept that he had been the one in the wrong.

But , stunningly, it was the good times we’d shared that were harder to forget. The late night ice cream runs, the walks, the shared dreams and the endless nights of passion. I hjad been young, but I’d truly loved him and in his own way he had loved me too. I was sure of that.  

But it had all changed when Lee Taemin had come into our life. He was Jimin’s best friend , almost like a brother and they’d grown up together before Taeming had moved to Busan. He had been working in Busan before moving back to Seoul, about four months after our marriage. I’d always noticed the way he looked at me but I’d been a naive eighteen year old. Too embarrassed to bring it up to Jimin. It was the worst mistake of my life. Maybe if I’d confided early on, the events that followed would have gone differently.

One night, about a year into our marriage,  when Jimin had been working late. Taemin had come home. I’d been nervous , had texted Mirae to call Jimin…. Because I couldn’t do it in front of Tae Min who looked drunk as well as dangerous. But that had just been another huge mistake on my part.

In the end my husband had walked in on Taemin pinning me to the couch, and to my complete and utter horror he had taken Taemin’s side. I’d been furious and angry that he would suspect me , had walked out on him with dignified anger.

But what i hadn’t known back then was that Mi Rae had always resented that I had managed to land the most eligible bachelor in all of Korea. So she took the opportunity to completely wreck my marriage. And hurtfully, Jimin fell for her little ploy. It took me a few weeks to realize that Mi Rae had told Jimin that I was cheating on him with Taemin and if he left at once he could catch me in the act. I’d been horrified and determined not to let a silly misunderstanding come between us. But it was too late and the damage had been done.

And i had begged. Shamelessly. on my knees, i had begged Jimin to believe me. But all he’d done was throw a cheque on my face and ask me to get out.

I stopped short when I realized that I’d somehow managed to walk past the Daycare center, lost in thought.

“Mommy!! You came fast…” Jin Soo threw himself into my arms and I melted a bit, the sweet smell of baby powder clinging to him . He was such a well-behaved kid, I always felt blessed. I may regret a lot of things about my life but I would never regret marrying Jimin. Simply because it had given me this wonderful boy in return.

“What say, we go to the park? Blow some bubbles, get some dukbokki…” I grinned and Jin Soo’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Yes.. Yes.. Park!!” He squealed and the caretaker, Ms. Lee gave me an amused smile.

“He’s so happy when you come early. ” She smiled. I nodded.

“I’ll try to be early more often. ” i said sincerely.

When I stepped out of the daycare , I got a genuine heart attack.

Park Jimin stood at the entrance, a shiny black Porsche parked near the curb as he stared up at the sky , seemingly lost in thought. He didn’t seem to be there on purpose. So it was all just a hideous coincidence, that he’d somehow managed to stop right in front of the daycare when i was taking Jin Soo out. He was dressed in a simple white t-shirt and jeans and I swallowed  nervously. He looked even better than I remembered and I had a disturbing flashback to how he used to wear the same white t shirt and faded jeans on weekends that he would spend, wrapped up on the couch with me. I had to drag myself to the present, remind myself of all the reasons he couldn’t see me now, with Jin Soo.

Just as I tried to make up my mind if i ought to just run. he turned around and I froze in my tracks , his gaze pinning me to the pavement.

And then I actually made the mistake of turning and running. Jin Soo cried out in shock as I held him closer.

I barely reached a few steps before Jimin managed to come ahead, holding both arms up as he stared at me.

“Min Hee, what the hell..”

“What are you doing here???” I hissed, panicking.

“What the hell a re you doing?” He rasped out. His eyes finally focused on Jin soo, who was staring at him in wide eyed terror, trying to burrow closer to my shoulder. I stepped back a few more steps and Jimin stared at me in disbelief .

“Jimin… You should leave..” I said desperately.

“ He looks like me… Just like me… Fuck, Min Hee….  Tell me it’s not what I think. You wouldn’t hide something like that from me, would you??” He snarled.

I sobbed out a protest. “ You kicked me out of your life, you have no right…”

“Like hell i don’t…. Tell me the truth…” He demanded and I looked away from him, panting. We were in a public street and people were starting to stare.

“Let’s… Let’s talk about this like civil people…” I begged.

His eyes narrowed and then widened when Jin Soo burst into tears. His gaze softened and he looked torn. I quickly pulled Jin Soo close and shushed him.

“It’s okay… baby…. This is a friend… Momma’s friend.. Don’t worry… He’s an.. uncle..” I said helplessly . Jimin gave me a look that was impossible to decipher.

“Like Taemin uncle?” Jin Soo sniffled and both of us froze. Jimin’s face slowly turned black and hard and I shut my eyes in despair.

“Yes… ” I choked out.“ Like Taemin uncle..”

“We need to talk..” Jimin said fiercely and I stared at him. There was no sign of the man I’d once loved. He looked hard and unforgiving , like he wouldn’t stop at anything to get what he wanted.  

I nodded bleakly.

“I.. I can meet you tomorrow. After dropping my … After dropping Jin Soo off.” I said quietly.

“Good. And don’t even think of running away again. Now that I know what you’ve been hiding from me, I’ll chase you to the depths of hell if you try to get away from me. you’re not getting away from me this time.” He whispered.

And then suddenly, chillingly, he reached out and brushed a strand of my hair away from my forehead.

The touch of his fingers to my skin made my entire body seize up.



And then he turned and walked away.

peanut butter

pairing: ontae (jinki / taemin), pals!taekey (kibum / taemin)
genre: humor
rating: pg-13 (language)
word count: 1460
summary: taemin makes the best sandwiches
a/n: for @eyes0ny0u inspired by this post

the first time it happened it took taemin a full minute to stop blinking at the man who appeared in front of him.  mostly because he appeared in the thickest, fluffiest sweater he had ever seen, face disappearing beneath the pale green cashmere folds & hands nonexistent.  in the middle of june.

“what are you…what are you wearing?”, he asked with a frown. the guy’s face sunk even lower into his sweater.

“nothing,” came the muffled reply.

“what?”  the guy’s eyes grew wide & he poked his head back out.

“a sweater,” he corrected, “i was cold.”

“it’s june.”  the guy glanced around, nodding at taemin’s kitchen.


“it’s 35 degrees.”


“but you’re cold?”


“ok…”  the guy kept nodding, looking around the kitchen before finally catching taemin’s eye.

“oh!” he said in surprise, as though he’d forgotten taemin was there. “um…so i’m a demon & you summoned me?”

“what?” taemin asked, frowning, more confused by the summoning than the idea of a demon in his kitchen.  what the fuck had he touched now?

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Heartbeat (9/?)

Title: Heartbeat
Fandom: SHINee
Pairings: (eventual) Jongtae; Minkey; OnKai
Chapter Wordcount: ~4k
Overall Rating: R (Some chapters will be NC-17; these will be marked.)
Chapter Warnings: discussion of mental illness, mildly dubious consent,
Summary: In which not every problem needs to be fixed and not every person needs to be saved; sometimes you just need support.

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 7.58

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All My Idols Ch 17: SM Town

I feel like lots of you were waiting for more EXO moments so here you go!

“Special Delivery!” I yell as I basically bust into the studio. With a whole cake in my arms and a bag of drinks hanging on my arm, I stumble sideways into a what feels like a brick wall. Glancing up I see familiar frog like eyes and a warm smile. “Minho oppa!” I beam at the older man.

“Charlie-ya! I was starting to worry, you said you’d be here thirty minutes ago but security told me you had entered the building when you said you would,” He worries as he takes the things out of my hands and sets them on the floor before coming back to give me a once over.

“Oppa, I’m fine, I just ran into Red Velvet and Girl’s Generation on my way and you know how those girls get.”

“Did I hear my Charlie?” Onew yells as he does the same as me, busting into the practice room caring a massive amount of food.

“Omo! Where is she?” Key rushes past Onew to pull me out of Minho’s arms into a warm hug.

“Hi you guys,” I laugh as Onew almost drops his container of chicken to give me a quick side hug before placing it on the floor with the rest of the food.

“So,” Key gives me an ear to ear grin that makes me nervous.

“So,” I echo.

“About that interview of yours.” I automatically sink to the ground to curl into a ball to hide my face for the on coming teasing. As I expected the boys are giggling like little girls as they poke at me. “Come on Charlie, we are just teasing.”

“Just leave me alone,” I grumble.

“It’s cute, you should have seen Kyungsoo’s reaction to it, it was precious.”

I cover my ears, “I don’t want to hear about it!”

Even with my hands over my ears I can hear Key’s teasing, “Lay was over the moon, he wouldn’t stop bragging to everyone that he is 3rd on your list. What I’m dying to know is who is number 1?”

I groan, “Like I said in the interview, absolutely not.”

“Hyung, leave her alone,” Minho comes to my defense. “Unless you want to eat lunch with a cranky Charlie.” Key pouts and sinks to the floor next to me but says nothing else.

“Thank you oppa.” I sit up.

He pats my head, “Your welcome, now,” He gives me a sly grin, “about your bias list.”

Collapsing back on the ground I let out another groan, “Where is Jonghyun oppa? He isn’t this mean to me.”

“Him and Taemin will be back in a few minutes, you can start eating,” Onew says as he pulls me back up into a sitting position.

“No, I can wait.” I say as I shed my winter jacket and put my boots by the door.

They nod and start talking about some of their chorography, allowing me to zone out. My eyes scan the familiar dance room, the cloud wall that I’ve seen a million times on my computer and now at least a dozen times in real life. Coming to SM has become a common thing in my life after I started becoming friends with Girl’s Generation, helping branch out and become close friends with other SM artists. It has only been a week since my interview with Woobin was released to the public and lets just say, the idols reacted a lot more then the fans. They blew up my phone with questions like, am I alright, who is your number one bias, why wasn’t I on your list, am I your number one bias?

It has been a media storm, so leaving my apartment has not been possible the last week so I’ve been spending a massive amount of time with my big bang oppas, which has been amazing. But all my other friends have been feeling jealous since manager Unni wouldn’t let anyone, other than Ikon, come into the building. So I’m going to be going to each company this next week to make up for lost time, SM being my first stop since Taemin has basically been harassing me to do so.

I’m brought out of my thought by the door busting open yet again, revealing not only a grin Taemin and Jonghyun but a loud group of yelling boys. No, I think, please don’t be who I think it is, please don’t be who I think it is.

Fuck, it is who I think it is. I curl into a ball, not mentally prepared for any of this. In just leggings, an over sized sweatshirt, and tall Christmas socks I’m definitely not dressed to see them. I regret not putting on makeup this morning and not properly doing my hair instead of letting it become a slightly cute crazy mess of curls.

“Who’s hungry?” Jonghyun yells. My face is buried in my arms so I can’t see all of them but their distinct voices echo threw the practice room as they rush in. The footsteps stop a few feet away from me. “What happened?”

“I think we broke her,” Minho laughs.

“Charlie-ya!” A familiar sweet voice calls happily.

“Lay oppa?” I mumble from my tightly curled ball.

“I guess she isn’t broken, now get up,” Taemin comes over to me and pokes at me.

“Go away oppa,” I swat at him blindly, accidently hitting Lay, who had joined Taemin in his teasing. “Lay oppa,” I automatically snap up when I hear his small whine of pain, “I’m so sorry,”

He gives me a dimpled grin, “It’s okay, I’m just teasing,” He chuckles, “It’s nice to see your pretty face.”

“Why don’t you ever apologize when you hit me?” Taemin whines as he plops down next to me.

“Because you deserve it,” I stick my tongue out at him.

“Hello Charlie-ya,” Jonghyun interrupts with a kiss on my cheek that makes me giggle.

“Hi oppa.”

The door closes and I finally look up to finally be face to face with the one and only EXO. Suho is in front with the beagle line on one side and the three youngest members on the other side. My Xiumin is peeking over Suho’s shoulder, our eyes lock and the next thing I know my face is buried in the crook of Taemin’s neck.

“Since when are you this shy?” Taemin teases but doesn’t push me away.

“Is it because one of your biases is in the group?” Minho teases.

“Aw,” Key coos, “Kyungsoo-ya is blushing.”

“Hyung,” The cute owl boy’s honey sweet voice whines, “Stop it.”

“But it’s just so cute,” Key pats my head.

“Is it because your number one bias is in the room?” Lay joins in.

“Oppa!” I whine as I whip around to glare at the innocent looking unicorn.

“You know?” All of shinee yells.

Lay just nods with a smile on his annoyingly handsome face.

“Don’t you dare say who,” I warn.

“Come on Charlie, he would love it.”

“No, no, no.”

Lay huffs, “Fine.”

“Can you stop being a little girl and greet them?” Taemin pokes at me again.

I glare at him as I stand up, bowing I give them a nervous smile, “Hello, I’m Charlie, it’s nice to meet you.” I can’t stand back up from my bow with my heart going a million beats a minute.

“It’s nice to see you again,” Suho comes forward with that warm smile of his, which helps ease my anxiety.

“Hello, I’m Chanyeol,” The tall elf like man comes running forward, pushing poor Suho out of the way. “You are so cute and little!” I find myself laughing at his cute face.

“She knows who we all are so lets eat,” Lay takes me away from them and sits me down on the floor next to Jonghyun. He sits down on my other side as everyone else takes their seats in a circle.

“Lets eat!” Onew declares, we all nod and begin digging in all the food that the boys had carried in. Everyone speaks casually as we eat, laughing and joking around. I’m sand but thankful no one from EXO really tries to talk to me, I don’t think I could handle it, they just make me want to giggle and scream like an idiot.

“Here Charlie, try this,” Taemin holds out some kind of marinated meat to me, which I happily let him feed to me.

“Omo, that’s good,” I smile at him as I reach for more.

“No, Charlie try this,” Lay offers me a pretty chocolate truffle that he insists on feed to me.

“So Charlie,” Suho gives me that smile again, “What are you planning on doing now that you went public?”

“I’m not really sure,” I shrug, “I’m just going to be doing my rounds to the companies for the next few days so I can say hi to everyone.”

“Are we your first stop?” Minho asks from the other side of Lay.

I nod, “Since someone demanded that I stop here first,” I look past Jonghyun to Taemin.

“I didn’t demand it,” Taemin snaps back.

“You sent me like ten texts about how I need to come see you guys as soon as I was able to leave.”

He scoffs, “Don’t exaggerate, I sent you two.”

“What?” I pull out my phone, open the messages, and hold it out for him to see. “See you sent me the first two, and I said I’ll see what I can do, and then you sent me ten more demanding it.” Taemin snatches my phone out of my hand scans it, pouting as he reads it. He hands my back my phone without a word before taking out his own. His eyes snap up to glare at the person to his left, Jongin is sitting there, obviously nervous.

“Kai,” Taemin growls.

“It wasn’t just me!” The tan boy jumps to his feet and points to the pale boy to his left, “It was Sehun’s idea!”

“Don’t blame this on me!” Sehun snaps back, “Chanyeol and Baekhyun hyung suggested we do it from Taemin hyung’s phone.”

Chanyeol is automatic at defending himself, “Kai is the one who had to get Taemin’s phone!”

“You guys texted her off Taemin’s phone?” Lay laughs.

“You guys really sent those?” I stare down at my phone dumbstruck as I read the messages over again.

“Yes,” Seven of the boys echo, staring down at the floor ashamed, Suho just stares at them confused.

“Why would you guys do that?” Jonghyun asks.

“Because Lay hyung kept talking about how cute and nice you are, and now even Suho hyung was able to talk to you, and then you talked about how Kyungsoo and Lay were in your top ten. We just wanted to know why you are avoiding us,” A very puppy like Baekhyun mumbles.

I suddenly feel guilty for avoiding them, “I’m sorry for avoiding you, I’m actually just a really big fan.”

“Aren’t you are fan?” Taemin fakes offense.

“Oh shush oppa,” I swat at him before turning back to EXO, “You guys are the group I had posters of in my room so when I think to about how weird it is to talk and be friendly with you after having those makes me feel really awkward.” I try my best to explain but stop when I see their faces light up.

“Who had posters of us?”

“That’s so cute!” Baekhyun tackles me to the ground, hugging me tightly. I’m too happy to be surprised by his sudden affection. Chanyeol follows suit by jumping on top of him, followed by a very excited Xiumin. But Xiumin can’t balance on top of them others, so he falls to the side, right on top of Jonghyun, right next to me. We both pause for a minute when our eyes lock, those cute cat like eyes get thinner when he gives me that amazing smile. I feel my heart stop when I get the courage to smile back. I thought that would be the best moment in my life, until the door busts open once again to revel more of my oppas.

“I hear our Charlie has come to visit!” Sweet Leeteuk says with a big smile on his face. Some of the others follow in, all stopping and losing their sweet smiles once they see the situation I’m in with two boys lying on top of me.

“Hi oppas,” I say with an awkward smile.

“What are you doing to our Charlie?” Heechul busts threw the group.

“Hyung,” Chanyeol quickly scrambles to his feet, “We can explain.”

Baekhyun just gives them an awkward smile from where he rests in between my legs, “It’s not what you think.”

Kangin glares down at him, “You little…”

anonymous asked:

Can I request 40 with Taemin? Thank you so much 💚

Originally posted by miznho

Lee Taemin: “When a song about me came up in the radio, I knew I had to talk to you.”

It was only four hours until the moment of Taemin’s departure towards a new place of his tour and normally, she wouldn’t care…or she shouldn’t care because the two were friends, two people who spent time together and may have kissed once or twice or twenty times in the amount of years they had been friends. However, it’s quite  impossible for the two of them to just date, it is one of those things where idols try to keep their minds on their jobs and they don’t dare to look at what was around them or that’s what Taemin said five months ago when she finally confessed to him. The two remained friends after that, but it wasn’t the same and it shouldn’t feel the same because she wasn’t in love with him, there was not a way in this world that she loved him that much-

But there she was, listening to his new songs whilst she was sitting over her mattress, the radio blasting the instrumental that came before Taemin’s angelic voice. One of her hands held the brush of the nail polish close to her toe nails and when she gave the first swipe, she started to listen to his voice. It was sultry, deep, warm and all the things that showed his years of practice, of hard work, how the promise he made when he auditioned became reality, but what impressed her the most were the lyrics of said song. Sometimes people tend to connect to songs that artists write because…that’s the magic of music, but it’s a whole different story when you actually know the person who is singing said song.

And it sounded too much like what they had lived, much more when he was so precise with every lyric and tone. She couldn’t say she didn’t like it…but she knew that he was probably getting on that plane in about twenty minutes and she had one nail painted badly as she put on her shoes while cringing, rushing out the door to ask.

What was the going to ask? She doesn’t know.

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boy next door

After Taemin had an after-school snack and finished all his homework, his mom let him go play outside. Taemin smirked, grabbed the picture he drew while his mom checked his homework, and ran outside to the house next door.

The five-year-old hopped along the stones that went from his neighbor’s driveway to the side of the house, and he climbed up the stairs until he got to the little side door that led into the kitchen. After he opened the screen door, he knocked his knuckles twice before turning the knob and bounding right inside.

“Doggies! Taemin is here to play with you!” he called throughout the house.

Before making his way into the rest of the house, Taemin stopped at the fridge, admired his other pictures held up by the funny little magnets, and took the free I Love Lucy magnet to stick his newest masterpiece up on the fridge. Standing back, he put his hands on his hips and nodded his head at the gallery of his drawings. He truly was an artist, just like his neighbors always told him.

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BTS Reality Show Part 10

Jin:/in the confession booth/ Suho is throwing a birthday party for one of his Youngest Jongin and invited us over.

Jin:/rings the doorbell while holding the present he bought/ Now boys I want for you to all have fun

Hoseok: I’ll have fun as long as there is booze and i hope Lay is here

Yoongi:/whispering something in Jimin’s ear/

Jimin:/giggles as his cheeks turn pink/

Taehyung:/watches solemnly/

Jungkook:/throws his arm over Taehyung’s shoulder/ Don’t worry about them

Taehyung: How can I not …He literally cheated on me with the enemy..How can I not worry

Suho:/opens the door/ Hi..welcome

Jin:/smiles/ We come with gifts

Suho:/makes way for them/ Come in..come in..

Jin:/goes in with everyone following/

Suho:/ shuts the door/ Joonie I’m surprised to see you here..everytime I invite you guys over he seems to be injured and or working and doesn’t show up

Namjoon:/laughs/ well I have my reasons

Suho: You know I knew a man like you once…and now he’s in China…and hasn’t called or visited for the past couple of years…and now he’s dead to me

Namjoon: Uuuuhhh…/sees Jaebum and quickly walks over/ JAEBUM HI..HOW ARE YOU

Jungkook:/takes Tae with him over to Yugyeom/ Wassup bro haven’t seen you in a while

Yugyeom: Yeah you’re telling me…/waves at Taehyung/ Hey Hyung hows it going

Jungkook:/pulls Taehyung close/ Taehyung here just went through a tough break I am destined to make him have the best night of his life tonight

Yugyeom: Oh I know just the people who can help with that../looks around the room/ FOLLOW ME

Hoseok:/goes over to Lay/ Yo whats up man

Lay: Jhope my man..Haven’t seen you since
../forgets cause he high af/ Wait..who are you?

Hoseok:/rubs his temple/ Are you serious we literally just talked on the phone last night

Lay:/laughs/ Ooh..right

Jimin: TAEMIN /pulls away from Yoongi to hug his bestie/

Yoongi:/ what the hell is a Taemin/

Sehun:/ twerking on the dancefloor/ Twerk Sebooty twerk


Chen:/ conversating with Dino/ Little one I promise that we fellow members of the Dinosaur club will take good care of you…right Jonghyun

Jonghyun:/ roars like a dinosaur/


Jeonghan:/drinking a margarita talking to Hyungwon/ 

Jin: Soo where is the birthday boy?

Suho: /Smiles and points over at Jongin/

Jongin:/ stuffing his face with fried chicken as he talks to Ravi/

Suho: Sooo cute

Jin:/nods/ Suho..can I talk to you about something?

Suho: Sure.. come on /takes him over to the couch to sit down/

Yoongi:/standing awkwardly watching Jimin/

Woozi:/tugs at Yoongi’s sleeve/ Appa

Yoongi:/looks at him because who tf is this/

Woozi: /smiles/ So it is really are my appa

Yoongi: Woah woah woah now I am not your ap-

Woozi:/jumps into his arms hugging him/

Yoongi: I hate everyone 

Taehyung:/meets all of Jungkook’s friends/

Jungkook: Oh and this is Winwin..our newest edition to the group..isn’t he cute..he’s from china

Taehyung:/ a little typsy/ Hiiii

Winwin: Oh hello~

Taehyung:/squeals and goes and pinches his cheeks/ He looks like he could be my are now my son

Jungkook:/laughs his ass off/

Winwin:/ cute and confused/

Taehyung: I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine../hugs him close/

Yugyeom:/whispers to Jungkook/ Well at least he’s having fun

Jaebum:/talking to Namjoon/ Sooo did you take my advice and beat his ass?

Namjoon: Sadly I did..It actually holy shit. The magic of it all, he’s completely changed Jaebum..Like he actually respects us

Jaebum:/sips his vodka/ See I told you

Suho:/concerned/ Jin is something wrong?

Jin:/sighs/ it’s just that my boys aren’t close as they used to be..they seem so distant..i don’t know what to do

Suho:/sighs/ I understand I’ve been through that plenty of times..Look if you want for your boys to bond..have family bonding time

Jin: By doing what?

Suho: Take them camping, go on a cruise, family therapy sessions..anything in which you have to come together

Jin:/nods / You’re right../lets out a sigh of relief with a smile/ Thank you so much Suho..I don’t know what I’d do without you../hugs him/

Suho: /hugs him back/ You’re my best friend of course I’ll always be there when you need me

Kyungsoo:/struggling to get something off the top shelf in the kitchen/

Chanyeol:/laughing his ass off as he watches/

Kyungsoo:/glares over his shoulder/ The fuck you laughing at?!

Chanyeol: Just a very small person who can’t reach shit

Kyungsoo: At least I’m not yoda on steroids

Chanyeol: At least I don’t have to sit in a booster seat when I go to a restaurant

Kyungsoo: THATS IT/ tackles him putting him into a choke hold/

Yugyeom:/laughs at something Taehyung said when Bambam bursts into the room/


Yugyeom:/runs downstairs along with everyone else/

Taehyung:/carrying Winwin like he’s a puppy/

Suho:/hears the commotion and get up and run to the scene trying to break it up/ HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY IT?!! KYUNGSOO YOU CANNOT KILL YOUR BROTHER

Jongin:/looks at his cake to notice there’s a big chunk missing/ HEY WHO ATE THE CAKE

Everyone:/ looks over at N/

N:/ has icing all around his mouth and all on his hands/ THE HELL Y’ALL LOOKING AT I DIDN’T EAT NO DAMN CAKE

Jin:/in the confession booth laughing/ Suho always has the best parties

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Ontae number 1? Pls

1500 words later.. I’M SORRY.

Okay, here’s my issue.. I keep wanting to make these too long -_- and here we are.. UGH. Well I hope you like it! more importantly I hope you see it..

“Onew and Taemin,” the teacher called, “You two have to cover section three.” Onew groaned, why did he have to be paired with Taemin. He had nothing against Taemin, the younger classmate was attractive, but he had a reputation for not getting any work done, especially when it came to group projects. When Onew glanced across the room at the younger boy, he didn’t seem very thrilled. Onew couldn’t place why Taemin would be upset. He was the top of his class, and aced practically every assignment.

The teacher addressed the class again after calling out names, “So this project won’t be finished in the classroom,” the class groaned, “I expect you to work on this outside of class, so meeting at each others houses, or at the library is expected. I’ve made the library available to you after school if that’s easiest. Now, this class period I want you to find times that work best for you guys. The project is due a week from today, and I want you to be able to teach your entire section.”

The class sluggishly made their way to their assigned partners. “Good luck,” Jonghyun whispered as he passed Onew’s desk.

“Shouldn’t I say the same for you?” Jonghyun was paired with the boy that he had a boner for since they met, but constantly wanted to kill him at the same time. The always nagged each other, and acted like there was no real age difference.

Jonghyun just sighed and Onew’s eyes followed him as went to sit next to Minho. When he turned back to the front of the class, Taemin was suddenly in front of him, giving him a mini panic attack. “Oh,” Onew gasped, “do you want to just sit here, or?”

“Here’s good,” Taemin said, blinking blankly.

There was an awkward pause, and Onew quickly tried to fill the empty space, “so do you want to just meet at the library after school?”

“Can’t,” the younger boy fiddled with the ring on his index finger.


“I have practice.”

This was the first time Onew had heard of Taemin doing something worthwhile. From what Onew had seen, Taemin seemed like someone that didn’t do anything after school, except maybe just sleep.

“Oh, well-” Onew thought of another solution.

“We could meet at my house,” Taemin offered.

“Yeah, I guess that would be okay.”

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Pairing: Taekey
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 8300+ 
Content warnings: Breathplay, unprotected sex, mentions of alcohol.
Synopsis: Key is the hot DJ playing at the local club and Taemin is the fan who wants to get in his pants. Smut with a bit of plot, and perhaps a dash of angst. 

Taemin didn’t hear Jonghyun when he entered the room behind him, didn’t notice the older student until he leaned over Taemin’s desk and snapped his fingers in front of the junior’s eyes to get his attention.

“Jesus!” Taemin snapped, his reflexes shooting his rolling chair back, narrowly missing Jonghyun’s toes as he ripped off his headphones. “Warn a guy!”

“How am I supposed to warn you when you won’t answer your phone and you’re playing–” Jonghyun grabbed one side of the headphones and bent down to listen for a second “–Lady Gaga at approximately one million decibels?”

Taemin sighed. “What is it?”

“What is what?”

“What do you want, Jonghyun?” Taemin had no time for this. He just wanted Jonghyun to get to the point.

“Well, since you asked so nicely, I’m gonna go to Velocity tonight and I want you to come with.” Jonghyun picked up a translucent lime green pen from Taemin’s desk and rolled it between his fingers. Taemin slapped it out of his hand and rolled his chair back to his desk. “I don’t have time,” he said, and put his headphones back on.

Jonghyun pulled the headphone jack out of his laptop. Donatella blared into the dorm room, and Taemin frantically muted the song.

“What the fuck?” he said, turning in his chair to face the senior.

“Why don’t you have time?” Jonghyun folded his arms across his chest.

“Because I have this physics exam!” Taemin gestured at the open textbook on his desk, all the pages dogeared from his constant stimming with the corners as he studied.

“Dude, it’s in like three days,” Jonghyun shrugged.

“Hence the studying!” Taemin jabbed at the textbook with one emphatic forefinger.

“No, hence you have plenty of time and hence you need to come to the club with me and dance your stress away.” Jonghyun slammed the textbook shut, almost pinching Taemin’s finger as the younger student jerked it away.

“That sentence doesn’t even make grammatical sense,” Taemin grumbled. “And I’m not coming.”

“Whyyyyyyyyy,” Jonghyun whined.

“Because I’m too old to be club trash,” Taemin said.

“Please.” Jonghyun rolled his eyes. “You turned 21 like three months ago. If you’re too old, what am I?”

“Embarrassing?” Taemin ducked to avoid Jonghyun’s swat.

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Taekai where taemin and jongin haven't seen each other in weeks or months and they're finally reunited with lots of crying and jongin comforting taemin and being all sweet and whispering to him and giving him kisses, telling him how beautiful he is and how much he likes his new hair and just insane fluff that's fluffier than a cotton candy cloud pls

Months Away = Phone calls were never good enough.
» taekai. fluff.

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call and response - jongtae (3/4)

~6k words. pg-13. parallel idol au w/ composer!jong. side minkey. pure fluff.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - epilogue

In which Jonghyun comes to realize they’re dancing around each other, and everything is bound to give. 

Okay, Jonghyun,” the composer rolls his shoulders back as he sits up in bed, gives a large yawn, and debates very heavily rolling into the kitchen to grab himself a bottle of soju. “This shit has to stop.”

By shit, he means the laying in bed thing. Because that’s what he’s been doing for the past two days, essentially—just laying in bed and watching numbers tick by on his clock, waiting for text messages, chasing after fleeting dreams that come to him in the sporadic thirty minute naps he’s able to settle into. It’ll be better come Monday, because he actually has to go into work, but after they wrapped up recording for Taemin in Thursday, Jinki gave him Friday off for rest reasons. He went home and crashed for a solid day, slept nearly twenty-one uninterrupted hours. And then he cried.

Jonghyun cries a lot.

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Spooky Socks

“Wait, so let me get this straight. You have a ghost boy haunting your house, but he wears fuzzy bunny socks?” Kibum doesn’t know if he should laugh at Jonghyun or check him into a psych ward.

“His name is Taemin, but yes, that’s the general gist of it,” Jonghyun tells him.

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