the faces she makes omg


I don’t think people have appreciated the memeability of the Great Comet performance at the Tony’s Part 2.

When you’re drunk at a party, and you think you’re not in the frame of your friends filming the party.

And then you realize you were in the frame all along…..


turn appreciation week

day 5: culper ring appreciation day


frisk control yourself please 


Alice and Mary talk about Rapunzel’s hair.


eunji trying to take a picture of the fans

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So I just went through all of your headcannons and almost had a heart attack because I love them so much haha! Would you possibly have anymore to share? 💚💖😙

Thank you so much! Oh man, I might have a few somewhere lol :)

- Harley hates finding new clothes for Joker because he’s the pickiest person in existence when it comes to clothes

- Joker is paranoid about his hair getting messed up so he’s constantly taking Harley’s makeup mirrors to check if it’s still perfect

- This paranoia results in him refusing to go out in the rain which is difficult since it’s almost always raining in Gotham

- Harley takes forever to decide where she wants to go for dinner so Joker has learned to ask her hours in advance 

- If one of Joker’s “business” meetings takes too long, Harley will often tell him stupid jokes since once she gets him started laughing, both of them can’t stop and anyone trying to talk with them just gives up 

-  also laughing together leads to making out 99% of the time


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Rajjo waiting for Chulbul (Dabangg 2)


Omg! that face she makes at the end! 😂