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I love sasuke and Sakura they've always been my fave characters so I have a question what are your top 3 Sakura moments, top 3 sasuke moments, and top 3 sasusaku moments 😁


3. The moment she moved to protect Sasuke from Gaara with her life:

Because this demonstrated such courage, and it showcased just how far she had come since the Forest of Death. In that instance, she was paralysed with fear in the face of adversity. Now, she looked death straight in the face, only this time, she chose not to move. Sakura was fully aware that she was absolutely powerless to stop Gaara, yet she put her life on the line to protect Sasuke in any way that she could. It was one of those instances in which the person’s body “just moved by itself” because she only had a split second to think as she saw Gaara heading towards Sasuke with a killing intent. This was also the scene that made me 100% certain that Sakura no longer had any form of crush on Sasuke; she loved him, through and through.

2. The moment she awakened the Byakugou Seal during the war and went smashy smashy:

Because how awesome was this scene? She turned the battlefield into her own personal playground, and demonstrated extreme and even frightening levels of strength, much to the shock and awe of everyone in the Allied Shinobi Forces (well, apart from Sasuke of course). It was also during this scene that Hashirama, “The God of Shinobi” himself, all but confirmed that Sakura was well on her way to surpassing her master.

1. The moment she made the single most epic entrance EVER:

Because I’m a fanboy of fierce looks (just refer to this post for evidence of that), and in this scene, Sakura displayed the biggest “Don’t FUCK with my family” look I had seen in recent memory. In Sakura came to save her husband and daughter, and did so by rupturing every internal organ in Shin’s body with one punch, and then proceeded to give that exquisite look. Such badassery! :D


3. The moment he admitted his loss:

Because this was the moment where the Curse of Hatred was effectively eradicated. Sasuke had overcome his hatred, and was finally able to embrace the Will of Fire fully; the main goal of Part 2 had been achieved, and it was really nice to see him genuinely smiling again.

2. The moment he protected Konoha from a meteorite:

Because this moment was the epitome of badassery, and it remains my favourite scene from The Last. There Kakashi and a platoon of other ninja were, at the mercy of this huge meteorite, and in comes Sasuke to destroy it and save all of them while stating his desire to protect the village while Naruto’s not around, thereby cementing his position as one of Konoha’s joint top protectors. He would then disappear as quickly as he appeared… It was just cool man, it was just cool! :D

1. The moment he awakened his Mangekyou Sharingan:

Because this moment… This moment… It was 200 chapters in the making; ever since Sasuke first mentioned the importance of killing your best friend, I knew he’d awaken the Mangekyou at some point or another, it was simply a matter of time. And when he finally did, it was just such an “Oh shit!” moment, not only because of the power boost that it signified, but also because of his words as it happened - he intended to crush Konoha. This was the point at which shit really started to hit the fan, and I was very hyped! ^_^


3. Chapter 181:

Because this was an iconic chapter and arguably one of the most crucial and biggest turning points in the entire series; and its sheer significance was huge. All sorts of different references and throwbacks to this chapter would be made throughout the manga, and would always serve as Sakura’s main incentive for never giving up on Sasuke. Sakura earnestly confessed her love for him, and while sincerely grateful for everything she had done for him, he simply couldn’t deter from his path; he deemed it too late. However, this was enough for Sakura to realise that this wasn’t the only path available to Sasuke. Thus, from this point onward, Sakura would strive to make Sasuke realise that a better future was still within his grasp, regardless of whether he felt as though he had no choice but to walk the Avenger’s path.

2. The forehead poke:

Because this was Sasuke’s ultimate expression of affection, and he used on Sakura of all people. Sasuke had been saved from the darkness and hatred that had been holding his heart captive for so long, and now that he was able to see things with clarity, and embrace the love that was offered to him, the feeling was finally enabled to grow beyond platonic companionship into something more; he was beginning to see Sakura Haruno for who she truly was. It was also a nice touch that Sakura was finally able to look directly into Sasuke’s eyes as he demonstrated his affection for her, because Sakura had asked Sasuke whether or not she still had a place in his heart in 693. Well, this served as a rather elaborate answer to her question :)

1. Their intimacy in Gaiden Chapter 9, with Sarada looking on:

Because when you remember all that Sasuke and Sakura have gone through with each other, and then you see a panel like this, it just evokes so much emotion, because you know that they’ve come such a long way. Whenever I look at this panel, I just think to myself “well done guys, I’m happy for you”. Even though times were difficult, they were working through them together and were fully supportive of one another as husband and wife. It was really nice to see. Furthermore, the fact that this was what assured Sarada that there was indeed genuine love between her parents, made this scene that much better :)

SENDRICK CHEMISTRY MADE BECHLOE HAPPEN. Look at them!! Anna was there looking at Brittany like she was thinking about attacking her and then went “fuck it! lemme bite your face!!” LOL

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Look at them!!! Those are total genuine smiles!! These are more Sendrick than Bechloe, tbh. 

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BUT LIKE I KNOW THEY’RE JUST FRIENDS IRL. I’m just glad that bechloe is possible because of Sendrick. 

Exo Reaction To When You Are Mad And Starts To Scream At Him


“What did I do?”




*He absolutely not wants you to kill him, so he hides*



*Gets exhausted*


“Did you just spit on me?”


“You don’t need to scream right in my face”


*Listens to what you’re screaming, since you’re obviously upset*


*Brat mode on*


*Thinks your cute when your mad at him*

*When you start to scream*

“She/he’s not cute anymore”

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Carry On Countdown // Day eight {November 30th} // ‘Front Seats Are For People Who Haven’t Been Kidnapped By Fucking Numpties’ Day

No matter how much I actually like Fiona, there have been countless moments that I have wanted to strangle her. Right now is most definitely one of those moments.

Fiona still makes me sit in the back of her car every single time, which is something I’m pretty used to by now, but she made Snow sit next to her in the front.

Snow had chuckled when Fiona had sent me to sit in the back of her car, but that laughter had quickly turned into horror when he’d realized he was expected to sit in the front.

Snow is restless and Fiona is feeding on it. I don’t need to see Fiona’s face to know her eyes are gleaming with enjoyment.

“So instead of killing, you’re dating my nephew now,” Fiona states.

“Uh, yes,” Simon answers stiffly.

“Interesting.” Is all Fiona says back and she’s quiet for a moment. I know that she does it purely to make Snow more nervous. (It’s working.)  “Why the change of heart?”

Snow just gives her one of his classic shrugs, and for once I’m thankful for that gesture of his. “I have always been obsessed with Baz. I don’t think I ever really wanted to kill him.”

It takes me some effort to keep the corners of my mouth from moving upwards.

“Obsessed like my nephew was—and is—obsessed with you?” Fiona asks mockingly.

Snow grins and looks at Fiona. “Tell me more.”

“Well,” she begins. “He was always talking about you and your—I’m quoting him—‘stupid moles’. Now please note that ‘stupid moles’ is Basilton for ‘cute moles’.” Simon chuckles and I roll my eyes.

“He was always plotting how he would take you down. Take you down to kill you, he told me. I knew that he did mean something entirely different than killing though,” Fiona says and she then chuckles at her own words.

“Plotting?” Snow asks.

“Plotting.” Fiona confirms.

“Knew it.”

I sigh deeply. “I can’t believe you two.”


 okay but can we please kill the “mean pidge” headcanon? look at this goddamn little sweetheart missing her friends and being upset that she got separated from them. just look at her face. she just wants to hang out with her friends and have some happy times with them, idk how anyone could see her as being mean to them

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Imagine: Sam telling you his nicknames for everybody on the team.

“Wait, hold up, you have a nickname for everybody on the team?” you asked slightly shocked to Sam, he nodded as you both sat drinking coffee in the bases kitchen, he chuckled lightly at your face “why?” you asked with a frown.

“Well, because you have Captain Small Ass” you burst out laughing “cause I am Falcon Big Butt, of course,” you continued to laugh at him “Vision is; That Guy Should Never Wear a Sweater” that made you laugh harder.  

“Tony; Little Man, Big Attitude” you could feel tears pricking at your eyes “Natasha; She Could Kill Me. Clint; Only Runs On Coffee And Determination” you snorted as Sam remained composed “together they are; Best Friends Who Kill Together, Will Probably Kill You Together

“Scott; forever Tic-Tac, he won’t ever get away from that” you nodded, still laughing at him “T’Challa; Crazy Cat Lady and Peter; Bug Spray” Sam knew how to make you laugh till you couldn’t breathe.

“Wanda: Cute Can Kill Now, Rhodey; Tony’s Impulse Control” you were gone, laughing too hard to pay attention to him, he smiled and chuckled also.

“What about Bucky?” you asked

Sam was silent for a moment “Steve’s Crazy Ex-Boyfriend” and with that, you fell out of your chair, crying with laughter.

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate what happened?? The Doctor had to listen to his wife, the woman who was always and completely forgiven, the woman who was made to kill him and he married anyway, the woman whose distress calls he always responded to– he had to listen to her announce and prove that she genuinely didn’t believe he loved her while affirming just how much she loved him. Just look at his face. Look at him. It just about kills him. He had no idea she felt that way. That she actually believed he didn’t love her and yet loved him so much regardless

He listened to that, and he heard her. What does he do? What does he do?? He goes and takes the diamond she married and builds an entire restaurant just for her with it. He orders the best seats in the house. He finally fulfils that promise to take her to the Singing Towers, something he’s been avoiding for centuries because it will be one of the most painful experiences of his life and he knows it. He’s been running from it for so long but he finally, finally stops running and faces his fear and pain directly because he’s facing her. And how could he not? He’s just learnt she thinks he doesn’t love her. He can’t say it much louder than this.

// You know who would be a VERY good role model for Taliyah?


And I know that sounds stupid because Braum is so kind hearted and nice that he should be everyone’s role model, but hear me out here.

Taliyah is sweet and innocent, and she is facing a world where she, let’s face it, is not 100% prepared for it. She does think that Azir is an evil maniac ready to kill his way to power.

And many times, she is critized in lore for seeing the good in people, for being to kind or just saying that she isn’t mature enough because the world hasn’t made her harsh and skeptic like it is. Specially if you consider that so far, the two people we have seen she has have a lot of contact are Yasuo, a ronin and drunken mess , and Sivir, a mercenary, neither of which had the best of lives and had their worlds change for the worst

But then comes Braum, who regardless of being in one of the worst places in Valoran, remains to be kind and good, and even innocent. The world didn’t change him, and in fact he does his best to change the world.

The Harsh world came to this  kind man and demanded him to move. Instead, Braum planted his feet and said “No. You move” 


A letter full of regrets. So I played dragon age and here is a small tribute for a decision I had to make.

“I’m not a specialist in writing feely stuff. Despite being completely sure drama was my thing. Whatever…
I used to recall our life in Kirkwall pretty often. Every single day actually. Sitting in tavern with that good old smile and openly saying nonsense like “Oh yeah, that joke of him was perfectly timed” or “Never gonna forget such stupid faces those sons of nags made”. I didn’t care if someone’d heard me. Memories were too fresh to shut them up. All that adventures, no wonder nobody believes my books. Come on, kicking tons of asses, getting wealthy, killing few dragons, robbing a castle. Sounds astonishing, right? And what’s the coolest part - I remember it all. Every tiny detail. Bet I can even recall how Rivainy’s burnt hair smelled after one of slavery market’s clean ups. She looked like a well cooked vivern and screamed furiously. Hawke had to buy every single shiny Jewell from all the Hightown stores just to be sure he won’t be stubbed harshly later on.
Hawke…you remember that bloody champion never played cards well? I still can see his eyes glittering with glory and pride at the day the victory was finally his. Once and for all, I guess. Odd man. You know, despite being damn serious in business and battles, he never said names in such rude and harsh way. He was all like “Hey, Varric, buddy how’s life going?”, “Aveline, you, woman of honor, get out of your desk, lets get some drinks”, “Fenris, I owe you an elvenage-sized box of vine for saving my poor ass!”. It never resembled metal cold “Die” he addressed every piece of crap standing against us. He called us family. We all had dark temptations, odd weaknesses but he saw the light in shadows. And even when our bodies tried to betray him, Hawk…believed. He cared for us so freacking much my own mother never did. Though he wasn’t even the oldest of us. Did anyone really felt older? Doubt that.
So….what I’m trying to say…
Danm, I can’t. Why is it so difficult to operate with simple words. Or don’t I still believe it?
You remember our nights in the Hanged Man? Alcohol, games, face punching. Although Saint boy barely held cards, Hawke still was loosing. Daisy got knocked out from the first glass and all gang unwillingly had to carry her home. And of course there were bandits on the way, and of course they got screwed. After a huge lightning show party had to skedaddle not to bump into bunch of templars. Grumpy argued about “stupid magic” and Blondie just had to answer. Captain talked in commands and Daisy hiccuped so loudly I was aware knights would track us by sounds. Hawke remained silent. And then burst in laughing. Hugged everyone tightly in the giant arms of his. And said he’s happy. He thanked us for all we were. That was a long time ago…
Hawke is gone, guys. I wasn’t there to help him. Wasn’t there to save. I didn’t even had a chance to make up to him. For all he did. I was the one who dragged him into it. It’s on me. But…he wouldn’t want me to blame myself, would he? Guess I still can hear his voice.
Hawke would have said something…supportive. It won’t help anyway. When he lost an important part of him words barely worked. And Hawke wasn’t just a part. He changed people from the inside. Made them better. He made us better. Without him…I don’t even need to know, what would I be like. Life did its best in challenging him. He never fell, never surrender. Beating Arishoc to stand up for Pirat Queen? Sure, why not, he only was five times bigger. Fighting mad templar empress? Living statues? Beams of fire and energy? Oh, okay, everything so that Blondie won’t cry over and blow up something else. Ghosts, spirits, blood mages? No problem. He ripped his ass for our sake. I owed him life I live. I still do.
I want nothing, but promise. From you all. Hawke…was a person worth following. Do not forget it. Do not forget him. Keep that memory. Save it. We had known him long before he became the champion, before he became refugee. We knew him out of those titles, out of history pages. We knew real him. Knew and loved.
Hawke will always be with us….
In our hearts”

The endless Mikayuu moments in Episode 6

It must have been about Yuu



That realization face when she knew that Mika is Yuu’s boyfriend dou



Forever thinking only about Yuu

Loves only Yuu


Yuu sensing Mika’s coming for him.


Me by the end of the show:

“I love that this is nearly the exact same pose that he had in reaction to his own faces last year. So I walked up to him in the photo op room with the portrait facing me. I told him I wanted a candid reaction to what I was holding. He turned his back and told the photographer it would be candid and asked the photographer to tell him when to turn around. So we got the picture and I asked him if he wanted to keep it. He said "My wife would kill me” When I had his autograph, I wanted to make sure he looked at what he was signing so I pointed to it and said “I made this cause I really love Danneel, and appreciate how much of you she shares with us.” (He spends almost 15 weekends a year at these conventions, plus he films in Canada,  while his wife and kid live in Texas.) After I said that, he put down the sharpie very deliberately,  not having signed it yet. Then he reached over, grabbed his phone, and took a picture of it. This meant so much to me, because he’s friends with the photographer,  he obviously could have asked him to see the JPEG, but he took time to show me that he was going to show this to his wife. After he took the picture of the photo, he signed it, and I congratulated him on his wife’s pregnancy. (They are expecting twins this winter) Then I almost died. I was so honored that he took a picture of it!“ - Chicago Con 2016 [x]

Horoscope #12:

My Immortal quote:


Taurus: “OK class fucking dismissed every1.” Proffesor Trevolry said and she let every1 go.

Gemini:  “I MAY BE A HOGWARTS STUDENT….” Hargirid paused angrily. “BUT I AM ALSO A SATANIST!”

Cancer: I started to cry tears of blood down my pallid face.

Leo: “STOP IT NOW YOU HORNY SIMPLETONS!” shouted Professor McGoggle who was watching us and so was everyone else.

Virgo: “Why did you do such a thing, you mediocre dunces?”  

Libra: “Kill him or I shall kill him anyway!”

Scorpio: “Why couldn’t Satan have made me less beautiful?”  


Capricorn: We stated frenching passively. Suddenly………… I fell asleep.

Aquarius: “You look fucking kawaii, bitch.”

Pisces: “That’s not a spell that’s an MCR song.” I corrected him wisely.

Honestly though

What she says: I’m fine 

What she means: Basilton Pitch literally spent a month in a coffin. A fucking coffin. All that kept him alive was the thought of his Crush’s face. Then he gets caught up even more in the whirlwind that is Simon Snow, and thinks he is going to spend his last moments kissing him. They get together and It kills me inside. Honestly kills me. The attachment I felt to these characters made me reconsider my life choices and why I had not read this book sooner. The ending was perfect and beautiful and I am not ready to get rid of these characters.


“And Arya…he missed her even more than Robb, skinny little thing that she was, all scraped knees and tangled hair and torn clothes, so fierce and willful. Arya never seemed to fit, no more than he had… yet she could always make Jon smile. He would give anything to be with her now, to muss up her hair once more and watch her make a face, to hear her finish a sentence with him.” ― A Game Of Thrones

”Maybe I should go to the Wall instead of Riverrun. Jon wouldn’t care who I killed or whether I brushed my hair… ’Jon looks like me, even though he’s bastard-born. He used to muss my hair and call me ‘little sister.” Arya missed Jon most of all. Just saying his name made her sad.” ― A Storm Of Swords

House Of Cards Pt.5


||Part 1|| Part 2|| Part 3|| Part 4|| Prologue || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 ||

Warning : Graphic depiction of violence, blood, and overall angst.

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Although you thought it to be impossible, your smile involuntarily found its place back on your face. It was thanks to Hye-Jung, Jimin’s girlfriend, who had been nothing but sweet and caring to you. It made you feel sorry for burdening her with your personal bullshit of a life, her repeating that it was okay and that she enjoys your company didn’t make it any better. You didn’t believe her.

The boys, of course, still called. Namjoon daily and Jin, sometimes, twice a day. However, you refused to meet any of them. They didn’t understand it but chose to respect it anyways since it wasn’t their place to force you. Apart from Taehyung. No one could stop him from barging into Hye-Jung’s flat with junk food and video games asking for company because Hoseok was ignoring him. You knew that was a lie, especially with how fond Hoseok was of the younger.  

Taehyung said nothing about the subject, about you leaving, about the bruises. You were thankful for that, that he was the comforting pillar you could lean on. Of course, Tae wasn’t dense, you all knew that, despite his not-so-often weird actions. He knew to keep physical distance from you, not to make you uncomfortable or scare you like the last time. A shiver of anger would shake him every time he remembered how you weakly whimpered in fear.

It was your last day. Hye-jung, who didn’t know, had to work the entire day so you decided to give back to her. Knowing her passion for food, you knew that their wasn’t a better idea than a big dinner for her and for the boys. Two birds with one stone.

Your train was leaving at midnight so you rushed through the afternoon to get everything done before she comes back. You weren’t so goo at goodbyes, they made you want to never leave. You smiled through the lengthy grocery shopping trip and the long hours of standing behind the kitchen counter thinking of how much they will like the food. Especially Jin. Pushing to the back of your head that they might not like it as much knowing it’s your goodbye gift. You ignored the pain imprinting into your limbs with every movement because you didn’t have time to be hurting now.

You wrote her a small note telling her that you’re sorry, to call the boys, and to laugh like you were there. Hang it on the fridge so she would definitely see it and got your luggage ready to go.

However, as soon as you put the two bags you had in the doorway to put on your shoes, the bell rang. Is it Hye-Jung being silly again ? You laughed to yourself thinking you got caught in the act and had to say goodbye now. It was already 10 p.m so it wasn’t possible for it to be anyone else. You playfully called her name while opening the door.

“ Yoongi ” Your breath got caught in your throat and every muscle in your body tensed up.

“ There you are ” Yoongi smelled of alcohol, overbearing and nauseating, as he leaned closer to hug you. Pushing you against the wall. “ I missed you baby ”

You were like a stick in his embrace. You were sure it was a dream. There was no way in hell would he have been able to find you. That he was here in front of you right now. This was a nightmare.

Suddenly, his sobs stopped and his hand slowly but tightly wrapped around your neck. That snapped you back into realizing that this was real, that you really couldn’t breathe anymore. Immediately, you tried to get away. You clawed and punched his arm but it only made him more furious and only made him tighten his grip more. He seemed to have gained a whole new level of strength from being intoxicated and it scared you.

You heard glass shattering beneath you. You felt the surge of pain in your veins. But it was until you saw the shards stuck to your skin and the blood running down your whole entity that it registered in your brain what just happened. Yoongi had pushed you into the coffee table, breaking it.

A loud and piercing shriek left your throat sore as you yelled for help but nothing. Either no one could hear and it was only in your head or people didn’t care. Bottom line, no one was coming for you. That’s when you knew how alone you really were. After all what’s life but going down a path from start to finish while feeling empty and alone.

Then you thought of Jin, Namjoon, Tae, Hoseok, and Jimin. You thought of one of those late work nights where you sat around a table laughing and snickering away every worry you had in life. You thought of their happiness, your happiness.

“ You have us now ” Jin had comforted you when you explained to him why you came to the city. You could feel his strong arms around your shivering body, like he did that day. Or are they Namjoon’s ? You focused on that and it momentarily took your mind off of what was happening. Until your eyes fell back on Yoongi.

It was like one of those slow comical movie scenes where they put a soft and slow piano piece over the destruction happening on screen. That’s how it went down it your brain. This time he was throwing things at the wall, whatever came in hand, at least it wasn’t at you. You thought. He angrily screamed and growled, emptying his anger on the poor girl’s possessions, at least she wasn’t here. His words remained a muffled chaos that didn’t reach your ears. He threw something to the ground and it, obviously, scattered into a million piece. One of them derived and cut your forehead, the warm blood showing you how cold your body actually was, at least you couldn’t feel anymore.

Yoongi eventually stopped. You crawled away from the glass to the side of the couch leaning your head back and closing your eyes. He watched as your face distorted in pain and as the tears turning red upon leaving your eyes. He watched what he had done and it made that monster in his head disappear once again. Once again to be left to the guilt of the aftermath.

How did we end up here ? You looked at each other and just wordlessly help eyes contact. For the longest minute, there was nothing but the sound of your uneven breaths that were getting shallower by the second. Just as more blood seeped through the wounds and your conscious through the air that left your lungs.

Looking at him now, you knew this wasn’t just vain jealousy, drunkenness, or even short-tempedness. Yoongi was sick. In a way you felt sorry about not figuring it out earlier. It was too late now. So, you just watched his face turn and twist in conflict as he took in the sight in front of him.

Your eyes finally moved away to a flickering candle, somehow having survived the chaos, following the small flame fight for the light left in it. Ironically, like you, it didn’t realize the end was not very far.

‘’ If you try to leave me I’m going to tie you to the bed and set this house on fire “ He had once joked.

You didn’t know his words weren’t a joke. You didn’t know that threat would be what you feared the most when he was standing on the other side of the room staring at you with empty and remorseful eyes. When there was broken glass and broken hearts everywhere and you were bleeding out on the floor.

You didn’t know his words weren’t a joke. Glancing at the clock, you took a deep breath. 12  a.m. It was too late to leave now. Hye-jung would be here soon, that’s what worried you the most. No, you didn’t want her getting hurt. You didn’t want her seeing you like this. You didn’t want a monster anywhere near her.

Gathering what was left of your energy, you pushed yourself onto unsteady legs. It took you a moment to fully balance yourself and get used to how light your head felt. You felt for your phone, fortunately, it was still there in your pocket. Yoongi just watched. Beads of sweat damping his hair and colorless parted lips.

“ Yoongi, maybe it’s time we stop. Don’t you think ?” You smiled at him with tears still clouding your eyes. But mostly from pain.

“ Y/N … I-”

“ Save it. If you want me dead then let’s do it somewhere else. Let’s go home, okay ? ” Yoongi took a tentative step forward when seeing how you were about to fall back down. Before you could know it, in a final attempt of self-defense, you pushed him away. In the span of a second you were looking at Yoongi’s body on the ground, seemingly lifeless.

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