the faces he pulls are priceless

The Best Christmas Present (Newt Scamander x Reader)

“I’ve got the best Christmas present for you this year,” You told him as you kissed his cheek.  

“I wouldn’t put any bets on that,” he responded with a kiss on the forehead.

You both smiled at each other, basking in each other’s presence.

“I’ll go first then.” You pulled out a white egg from behind your back and held your hands out for him to take it.

“An egg?” The look on his face was priceless and you cracked up laughing.

“Crack it open.”

He tapped it against a table and cracked it open, similar to that of a chicken egg. Inside was a folded piece of paper and a gold ring.

“Is this a proposal?” He was even more confused now.

“Sweetheart, look a little closer.” The wait was starting to kill you.

Upon closer inspection Newt noticed that engraved on the outside were the words, ’Proud Father.’ On the inner ring were ‘Loving Mummy’ engraved.

Next he unfolded the paper, you had memorised the words written inside.

Dear Newt,

I thought about this for hours, erasing my words because they couldn’t do my feelings justice. But then I realised, no words could express the way I feel towards you. Instead I’ll tell you every day through my actions.

I wake up with a smile knowing I get to see those gorgeous eyes again.

I can sleep peacefully knowing that you’re right beside me.

With you in my life I feel complete. I don’t have much to give you, except for my unconditional love.

You already make a wonderful Mummy, and I know you’ll be just as amazing as a Dad.

So this year for Christmas, I’m giving you something we have been talking about a lot lately. From tonight onwards you are going to be a Dad.

I love you.

Merry Christmas, yours always,


He paused for a moment, digesting everything he just read. His heart beat wildly; his thoughts were filled with love for you. That not only your words were perfect but you were also.

“You’re pregnant?” Newt’s eyes met yours, both his voice and gaze filled with awe and love.  You nodded.

“Which means I’m going to be a Daddy?” Shock was written on his face, but soon a smile slipped onto his lips as he gazed at you with adoration. You nodded your head lightly, a huge smile on your lips.

“I thought you wanted to be a mummy.” You teased him, smiling at him.

“I can be both.” We both laughed at the teasing banter.

“This is absolutely splendid.” He kneeled down and placed his hands on your stomach, lifting you shirt up so he could touch your skin. He peppered it with kisses.

“You hear that baby; I’m going to be your daddy. I’m going to teach you all about magical creatures and we can travel all over the world.” He spoke to your belly, even though your baby hadn’t developed yet. It still filled your heart with warmth upon hearing the loving words Newt spoke to your unborn child.

“You haven’t even entered this world yet, but I already love you indefinitely.” He gave it one final kiss before standing up. Newt picked you up by the waist, spinning you around in circles. You were both smiling wildly while you laughed at his excitement.

“Now what were you saying about your present being better?” His face lit up as he remembered his gift for me.

He reached into his coat and pulled out a white box wrapped in a black ribbon. You took it from him with a questioning gaze. Untying the bow and pulling the lid off. Inside was a book.

Not just any book but Newt’s book. Well the first transcript of it. Placing the box on the closest coffee table you held the book in your hands, running you hand along the spine of it.

Newt came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing your cheek.

“Turn the page,” he whispered in your ear, as his arms tightened around your waist.

The next page read;

Dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend, [Y/N], without her my life would not be filled with this much joy. Before I met her the days did not seem as bright. I didn’t realise what I was missing until I had her.

She is the woman I wish to spend the rest of my life with, just her, me and our future little ones.

I’ll be there for her even at the worst of times, no exceptions. I have found a new purpose in life and that is to ensure there is always a smile on her face. I love her more than anything else in this world.

I write this so all who read this know that she is mine and mine alone, as I am only hers.

Forever and always,

- N

Your eyes gather with unshed tears, as you turn around to face him. Newt unwraps his arms from around you as he kneels down, retrieving a small black box from inside his coat.

Inside was a simple yet elegant ring. It had taken Newt days to find the perfect ring; he wanted only the best for his future wife.

The band was gold and resembled a branch of kinds. The branches wrapped around a misty white jewel. It wasn’t pretentious, or chunky. From the very first glance at it you knew it was perfect for you both, it suited not only you but also Newt with its natural beauty.

“My love, my Light, my Heart, my World, will you [YF/N] do me the honours of calling yourself my wife?” Hopeful eyes looked into yours, as a few tears slipped free.

“Yes! Yes I will. Newton Artemis Fido Scamander I want nothing more than to be your wife!” You jumped into his arms, kissing him passionately. His arms wrapped around you again as he pulled you closer to him.

You told him all your loving thoughts as you moved your body against his. He pulled away, resting his forehead against yours, love in his eyes. Breathing heavy he pulled away and slipped the ring onto your finger.

It was utterly beautiful. All you could think he was perfect, in every way.

What you didn’t know was that he was thinking the same about you.  


I was going to post this tomorrow, for Christmas day….but i celebrated today so i’m going to post it today.

Hope you like it and that is the ring vvv

BAP: You Taunt Him

You tell him ‘You get so horney, it is cute’ while grinding against him

Daehyun: He’ll grunt and pull you in for a kiss, grabbing your hips and rutting back up to you. Only after the two of you are done doing the dirty, Daehyun will pout at you. “I am not cute when I am horney, that is just weird.” He will huff at you.

Himchan: “Baby, I am always cute.” Himchan whispers huskily, grabbing your ass like the greedy lover he is. “Now let’s proceed to the fucking.” He murrs.

Jongup: The face he gives you is priceless. So much desire and sexual urge in those brown eyes. “All your fault, now take responsibility!” He breathes.

Junhong: “Well if I am cute when I am horney, you are too.” Zelo huffs and he will roll you over so he can do the grinding.

Yongguk: He will smirk and grind back into you. “Well, if you like it so much, why don’t we one up the game, babygirl?”

Youngjae: He will giggle and fluster a little. “Don’t be so silly jagi, horney is not cute.” He will murmur.

Stuck with Matt

“Matt, baby.” You tried to keep from giggling but the look on his face was priceless. “How did you get stuck in there?”

“Stop laughing at me and pull me out!” He wailed from far below you.

You sat down on the damp ground and dug your heels in for support. Leaning over and reaching between your knees you stretched your arms down to Matt and he grabbed onto your forearms.

“Just pull, Matt. I’ve got you.”

You looked down at his sweaty face, down at the bottom of the hole he had been digging for the new outhouse. He was determined that the hole would be deep enough so that he wouldn’t have to dig it out for at least a year. But by the time he had dug a hole six feet deep, he quickly realized he was literally in over his head.

“One good yank and I should be able to get a foothold.” He was so embarrassed and you were trying your best to keep the wide smile off your face, but every few seconds, the giggles bubbled out of you.

As Matt stretched his arms up and tightened his grip on your arms, you saw a subtle change in the expression on his face. Your eyes narrowed with suspicion but before you could react and pull your arms from his grasp, Matt started heaving you by the arms and your feet were scrambling to resist. But you were pulled, screaming curses at him, down into the muddy hole. You landed on his firm chest and his muscular arms wrapped around you and before you could regain your balance, Matt had pushed you to the ground, his mouth on your neck and his laughter loud in your ear.

“I’m going to kill you when we get out of here, Matt!” You shouldn’t have been surprised. You were in love with a crazy man. He loved messing with you and playing jokes on you and your life with him was more fun than you could have ever imagined.

“You won’t kill me. You love me.” His lips moved over your cheek and onto your mouth, silencing your protests. 

You tried not to think of the insects that might be crawling over your backside as Matt rolled on top of you and pressed you to the ground under his warm weight. You didn’t want to respond to his touch. You wanted to be mad at him and smack him until he begged you to stop. But you craved his hands on you and in all your time together, he never failed to arouse you more than you could stand. His mouth and his hands teased you, fanning your desire. And just when you felt you couldn’t hold back any longer, Matt moved his head back and grinned at you, his blue eyes shining.

“Tell me you love me.” He whispered.

“I love you.”

“Tell me you want me.” He knew you wanted him but he loved to hear it.

“I want you, Matty Matt.“  You pushed your hands into his fluffy curls. As you pulled his head close to yours, your eye fell on a dark wooden ladder leaning against the wall of the deep hole. Matt followed your gaze and his silly grin made you shake your head and smack him on the shoulder.

"You couldn’t just say, ‘come join me down here?’” You spoke through gritted teeth. Matt smiled as he tried to avoid your accusing look. “You had to drag me over the edge when you had a ladder down here the whole time?”

Matt didn’t even try to defend himself. “You have to admit it was funny, wasn’t it?” He squeezed your butt and helped you to begin climbing up the wooden ladder.

You didn’t want to admit it. You didn’t want him to know how happy he made you and how much you loved playing with him. At least not right then.

“I admit nothing.” You threw the words over your shoulder and continued climbing.

As he crawled up the ladder behind you, Matt patted your behind again and smiled.

Why Do You Love Me?

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♫ Happy (Secrets In Stereo)

After seeing Titanic for the 10000th time in your life, you still cry like a baby when Jack and Rose are saying their last goodbyes. You had a box of tissues on top of your lap, while your legs were on top of his. Hansol looked at you and squeezed your leg gently with a smile. You, on the other hand, rested your hand on top of his and pouted.
“This is so sad.“ you mumbled.
Your boyfriend laughed and pulled you closer. "Why do you keep watching it then?”
You only shrugged in response. You always wanted to live a fairytale kind of romance like Rose and Jack, they were so deeply in love. Yet, they ended up apart. It shows how nothing lasts forever and how we should live each day as if it was the last.

You looked at Hansol and he was looking at the TV screen. Sometimes his expressions were priceless and you…you smiled looking at his face. He is so beautiful, and he is yours. His lips, his cheeks, his eyes, his long neck, every part of him…is yours.
“Hansol…” you whispered.
He looked down at you and brushed his lips against your forehead. “Hmm?”
“Why do you love me?” You asked looking at him in the eyes.
Hansol looked down at you, surprised with your question. Yet, he smiled and pulled you to his lap while looking at the ceiling as if he was trying to remember all the reasons why he fell for you.

“You know, there’s so many good things to say about you. Everything is like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly with my own pieces. I love you because you are intelligent and clever. You are so attractive, humble and loyal. You are kind of shy too and I love how you blush when I say you look breathtaking in a tight dress. You love me when I forget to love myself, you support my dream, you never gave up on me even when I cancelled countless dates because of my chaotic schedule. You were the main reason for me to start rapping. In that time I wasn’t good but you loved to listen to me, so for you, I gave it a try. You are my girlfriend, but you are also my bestfriend. I love you because you show me how much better I can be. I love you because when I loose my smile you give me yours, I love you because you don’t mind to do embarrassing things with me. I love you because you always play hard to get, you love kids and you will be an amazing mother, I love you because I know I’ll be the father of your kids, your husband. I love you because we have the most beautiful relationship ever, you know you don’t need to talk because I’ll understand just by looking at you.” Hansol whispered, holding your face in his hands.

“I love this.” He kissed your forehead. “And this…” he placed a kiss on top of your closed eyelids and then on the tip of your nose. “This.” He kissed your cheeks. “This” a kiss on your chin. “I love this so much.” he whispered, before leaning down and pressing his lips against yours, smiling. “And this.” he pulled away and placed a kiss on your chest, right in the place on your heart.
“You honestly don’t know how good you make me feel. My life would be miserable without you. You changed me, because of you, i’m able to be what I am today, an idol, because you gave me courage to do the audition. I love you so much, you are so precious to me. Your happiness is mine too. If you are ok, I will be ok as well.”

You looked at him in the eyes and those butterflies started to go crazy in your tummy. It never changes. It’s amazing how you still fall for him everyday. You smiled widely and pulled him into a long, warm hug.
“I’m in love with you.” Hansol whispered, rubbing his nose against yours, before leaning down and pressing a kiss on the corner of your lips.
“I love you because you are you, and it was with you that I fell in love with.”

Just as Much


a/n: trying to get rid of this block by writing little ideas that i’ll never expand upon. idk if it’s working tho bc i’m suffering

You were out stalking Theo with Stiles and Liam, much to your older brother’s dismay. You weren’t going to lie about how much fun you were having, and how many jokes you had come up with the moment Liam fell in a hole. The look on your boyfriend’s face was priceless as you helped pull him out. You were holding back a laugh and he glared at you, “Don’t say it.”

Stiles came over and whispered furiously, “Liam, get your furry ass up off the ground and come on. We don’t have time to mess around.”

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luxurylotusmake: Make A Wish meet and greet experience ❤️ The whole story doesn’t fit in the caption but this should work as well:

  • Hugged all of the boys twice
  • Harry loved my cross tattoo
  • Liam and Louis looked at my book and told a security guard to take good care of it
  • I told Louis he was my sunshine and gave me an adorable smile
  • He smirked at me when he looked at my Larry bagde and Harry noticed it as well and I’m so happy about this because I’m Larry af and Louis’ smirk was priceless!!!
  • When I was still standing next to Louis he was like “sorry love” but idek why but he definitely told me because there was no one else. I’m still dead because he called me love.
  • Asked Harry to kiss my cheek and he did but then all of the sudden Niall did as well and it took awhile till the photo was taken so their lips were on my face the whole time omfg
  • Got my top signed
  • Selfie video with Louis and Liam
  • Niall and Liam pulled my top down a bit so it was easier to sign it and you could see like half of my bra and idek why but I told them that they could see my bra now and they apologized and Liam turned to Niall and said “it was not my intention” or “I won’t touch it” or so, I have no idea. anyway Niall totally laughed at this. I hate myself for saying this but I was just so nervous and overwhelmed and idk but it was still funny so when I got a video with Liam and he noticed he was like “hi I didn’t mean that.” because of what happened before omg lol

I think those are the highlights but I just couldn’t put all my emotions in the caption. I just can’t tell you how perfect this experience was and what it felt like hugging 4 of the most important people in my life.

That'll show him!

I was waiting for a friend at a convenience store when I non-Asian guy approached me and greeted me with, “Ni hao.”. Having enough of this nonsense in general, I glared at him and said, “What did you say????” He was taken aback and asked, “You’re Chinese, right?”. I rolled my eyes and scoffed, “No.”, and walked away. The look on his face was priceless, it was a mix of shame and regret. 

That’s right asshole, you just made a fool of yourself in public. 

To the rest of you who think it’s a good idea to pull this crap on Asian girls, it’s not. So don’t even think about doing it.

My mom went with me and my sister to the ATL acoustic show in Baltimore on Friday and I dared her to wear her shirt that says “Master Baiter” on it, just in case we would see them. Idk, I thought it’d be funny. Anyway, later that night we went to The Rockwell and my mom went up to Jack and said “I wore this just for you” and showed him. He stood there for a second with this priceless look on his face and then pulled her into a hug. It was seriously one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. He is so adorable.

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So I have this co-worker who's been working at restaurant for '15 years' (as he always says). He's the kind of guy who thinks maintenance work is 'for men, not ladies'. Now if you 'put him down' in front of management, he goes out of his way to cause hell for said person. I recently became head of maintenance(HOM), saw he was causing shit and called him out. Tried to pull the HOM card. The look on his face was priceless upon informing him that little ol' me is his new boss.

Of Deerstalkers and Snowball Fights

Because it’s so flippin’ hot. And I love snow. And Sherlolly. And Uni!lock. 

‘I hate snow.’

Molly peeked over the top of her scarf at her boyfriend and asked, in a muffled voice, ‘Why?’

The aspiring detective didn’t elaborate, simply kicking the sludgy powder as they walked along toward her flat.

Unphased by his surliness, Molly’s eyes scrunched as she smiled, her eyes dancing and the tops of her cheeks rosy from the biting cold. ‘I love it. It’s so beautiful and it covers everything in white; pure and new.’

Sherlock scoffed and burrowed deeper into his scarf, tugging the collar of his wool coat up around his frozen ears. Molly giggled and pulled out a cap from her large bag, holding it out to him.

The look on his face was priceless as he stared incredulously at the deerstalker in her hand, coming to full stop. ‘No way. Absolutely not. Why do you even have that?!’

Molly ignored him and stood up on her tiptoes to place the hat snugly on his uncovered curls. She tugged the flaps down to protect his ears. ‘John and I carry them with us… we know you like to look all macho and posh. So until you get your own to protect your ‘transport,’ suffer with this.’

Sherlock scowled and crossed his arms as she beamed at him smugly. He wouldn’t take it off. Not just because his head was now starting to warm up, but because he could never say no to the spitfire in front of him. But that didn’t mean he had to be happy about it.

He glared at her one last time then stomped past her. Behind him, Molly laughed lightly.

He hadn’t taken more than five steps when, without any warning, a snowball hit the back of his now-covered head, exploding and showering him in a storm of white flurries. He froze, turning slowly around.

Her red-gloved hands laced in front of her, Molly blinked at him prettily, her eyes twinkling mischievously.

‘Molly Hooper, did you just hit me with a snowball?’ He asked, incredulous.

The cheeky girl shrugged, but her eyes dared him to retaliate.

He wouldn’t. He was better than that.

Wasn’t he?

She quirked an eyebrow at him in challenge.

No, he wasn’t.

Lunging down quickly, he swept up a handful of snow and packed it tight, throwing it at the enemy. Molly shrieked and danced out of the way.

Laughing, Sherlock made another and moved closer, ducking a return volley and throwing his own, hitting her in the center of her back as she turned away.

‘You dare shoot me while my back is turned!’ Molly gasped in mock horror, lobbing two snowballs right after the other, one hitting him in the gut.

By the time they collapsed to the ground in exhaustion, laughing, they were covered in a plethora of round, white spots. Sherlock wasn’t sure if his face was numb from the cold or from laughing. Beside him, Molly’s giggles had yet to subside. Each time she turned her head to look at him, she burst into a fresh wave. Her entire face was red and tendrils of her brown hair had come loose beneath her cap and clung to her face from the snow and cold.

Sherlock smiled at the sight of her unconstrained happiness. He didn’t want her to stop, didn’t want the moment to end, but his damp trousers were starting to freeze to his skin and the deerstalker was soaked through from melted snow and sweat. So, pushing himself to stand, he held his hands out to Molly and pulled her to her feet.

The smile hadn’t dimmed from her face and she gave him a quick peck, her lips cold against his. ‘I’m thinking a change of clothes and some hot chocolate is in order, don’t you think, Mr Holmes?’

In answer, he grinned and slipped his hand in hers, pulling her along as he ran, her breathless laughter warming his heart.


Crowley strides through the parking lot hands stuffed into his large black overcoat, the sound of his black leather shoes hitting the concrete echoing around him.A smile spreads across his lips as he spots his contact, an aging bald man who looked like he could bolt any minute. “Amateurs “ He chuckled to himself as he approached the man. “Mr Pendtleton I presume”, The look on the man’s face was priceless. He nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of Crowley behind him. “Mr Crowley he says taking his right hand out of his pocket and offering it to the man. The man gingerly shakes his hand and they get to talking business. The older man is clearly uncomfortable with the whole situation where Crowley keeps his cunningly confident grin. As he deal comes to a close Crowley leans over the man grabbing his face and forcefully pulls him into a kiss.Once Crowley has released the man he hurries into his car and drives away. Crowley grins after stuffing his hands back in his pocket,pleased with himself. Another deal dealt with smoothly. All the while he had been aware of a figure watching them. “You can come out now darling” He says,turning towards them.