the faces he pulls are priceless

Wife {Harry Styles Smut}


hello! this is just a quick one shot that i churned out bc i loved the concept and i was rly motivated! i hope u enjoy it! if u do, feedback is greatly appreciated (it rly motivates me) and here’s my masterlist if u want more lol :-)


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Harry’s Journal

April 29

After a lot of complaining from him, I finally convinced Draco to go to my favorite coffee shop in London, which happens to be muggle, this morning. Even once we were there, he continued to grumble under his breath, but he shut up really quickly once he tasted his coffee. The look on his face was priceless, evident that he really liked the coffee but didn’t want to admit it. He must have been in a good mood because he didn’t even have a rude comment to throw my way when I snapped this photo of him, he just rolled his eyes and continued to sip his coffee. Oh, and did I mention that he looks absolutely incredible? I think he’s the only person that could pull off a plain white tee-shirt that well. 

Anyway, it’s time to go enjoy the rest of my Saturday with Draco. If I take any longer writing this, I’m sure he will walk in to question what I’m doing, see the journal, and have a right fit, which I’m really not in the mood for right now, so I’ll continue to keep this a secret from him for the time being.

prank war | stiles stilinski

A/N: Everything’s better wet, right? This GIF literally attacked me in the middle of class which resulted in this 2k smut. As always, enjoy and send in requests if you have any. Love, J xx

Prompt: When a prank goes wrong, you and Stiles have to stay and clean up the mess and end up getting messier than before.

Word Count: 2,144

Warning: Smut and slime.

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Fork/Grayson Dolan Smut

Originally posted by graysonthealpha

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Can you do a smut with Grayson Dolan where he gets rly horny while your at dinner with your family. Ty

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Naked Birds - Tim Drake x Reader

Summary : You are Tim’s girlfriend, and today, you play some strip poker with the batboys…(Tim is a bit older than he is currently in the comics, like he’s around 19 or something).

for @gobydana, hope you’ll like it (I’m always stressed the people who requested things are gonna be like : “that’s shit”) : 

(My masterlist blog here :


It was a Saturday afternoon on a rainy day when everything happened, when you gain your boyfriend’s older brothers’ respect. And also embarrassed them more than they ever been embarrassed in their lives. 

Dick, Jason, Tim and you were spending some times altogether, getting to know each other, as in five years of relationship with Tim, you never really had time to hang out with his family (busy people). 

Bruce was at work, Alfred had a day off, and Damian was hanging out with some friends (which was so rare that no one dared to tell him to stay to spent the day with you guys). 

-No Jason, we  are NOT playing strip poker right now. 

-But I’m bored and a movie is…

-I said we’re not ! 

-Why nooooowwwt ? 

-Because it’s only you, Dick, (Y/N) and I, I don’t need to see my brothers naked. 

-And (Y/N) ?

-We’ve been together for five years, what, you think I never saw her naked ? 

-I never saw her naked. 


Jason gives his brother an infuriating smile and, taking some soda cans while Tim takes a giant bowl of pop-corns, they go back to the living room where you and Dick are waiting. 

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Aches and Pains

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: mention of sleeplessness, fluff, ALL OF THE SMUT.

A/N: Titles are not one of my strengths. Anyway, and this was an Anon request that I got a few days ago. I hope it’s okay… Enjoy?

Anon Request – “hello love! i absolutely adore your writing and i wish i had the kind of motivation you do. but i don’t, so i have a request! do you think you could do one about human!cas being tense and sore and having issues sleeping so the reader (who’s like secretly in love with him) offers to give him a massage and some tips on how to get to sleep better??? maybe throw in some smut (teaching him to jerk it??? idk whatever you like) you don’t have to if you’re uncomfortable. thanks doll

The moans and groans coming from the other side of the wall made your stomach sink. For the last three weeks, you knew Cas had been having trouble sleeping, but tonight was the worst so far. You had just ended a big hunt, Cas’s first as a human. He as having a hard time accepting the fact that he wasn’t some tough, invincible Angel of the Lord anymore. And worse, he needed to sleep, which meant nightmares.

You turned over in bed as you tried to drown out the former angel’s cries. But it was no use, he was miserable, and you needed to help him. You loved him, and you couldn’t leave him like this.

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Moon, Stars, and Sun

Pairing: Spencer x Reader

Word Count: 1,577

Request: Yes.  -Leave requests here

Warnings: none my sensitive loves

Summary: Anon asked:  can you do a reid x reader where the reader has a son from when she was raped and her and spence have been dating a while and the biological father is dead and she asks spencer what to tell her son when he starts asking about who his dad is and spencer sees it as the perfect time to propose since he was planning on it anyway and the next day, emily sees the ring and freaks out with joy and tells garcia and jj and the rest of the team?

Originally posted by bau-obsessed

You curled your knees up to your chest, hugging yourself tight.  You had just gotten off the phone with Hotch, and he broke the news that Daniel Gunther, the father of your child, was dead.  He died that evening in his prison cell, and although you were relieved that your rapist was gone for good, you couldn’t help but wonder what this meant for Charlie, your son.  He was the moon, stars, and sun in your eyes and you didn’t know what you were ever going to tell him when he asked who his father was.  

Although he wasn’t old enough to understand much about it yet, you knew he would eventually ask who his real father was, since you met Spencer well after he was born.  He was bound to know that he wasn’t his real dad.

Sighing, you turned the TV on in Spencer’s bedroom.  You had moved there with Charlie a few months back since you’ve been dating for a while.  To your relief, both of the men in your life loved each other immensely, and that just gave you a truly warm feeling in your heart anytime you thought about either of them.  Spencer may not be his dad, but he was the perfect father, and that is all you could ask for.

You uncurled your legs and stretched them out in front of you on the bed, focusing your attention back to the TV.

“He’s finally asleep,” you heard a soft voice say from the door.  You looked over to see Spencer entering the room and your heart skipped a beat, the love you had for the man evident every time you saw him.  “That kid has got so much energy.”

“I know.  It’s a miracle when you get him to bed any earlier than midnight,” you said.  Your voice was softer than it usually was, and Spencer could tell.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, sitting on the bed next to you.

You shook your head and turned off the TV.  “I just got a call from Hotch.  Daniel’s dead.”

Spencer’s eyes widened slightly at the news.  “When?”

“This evening.  They found him dead in his cell.  The guards think it was a suicide,” you replied, looking down at your hands folded in your lap.

“Wow,” was all he said.  After a few moments of silence, he grabbed your hands and you looked up at him.  “What’s the problem?” he asked gently.

“Charlie.  His dad is dead.  What do I tell him?” you asked.

“Well, you don’t have to tell him anything right now.”

“But he’ll start asking questions, Spence.  He knows you aren’t his actual dad and he’ll want to know about him.  I’ve tried to come up with a million lies to tell him about his dad, and I know that when the time comes, I won’t have the strength to lie to him,” you said.  You surprisingly weren’t crying.  Your voice was soft but rushed.  He knew you were trying to be strong for your son.  That you would do anything for him.  And right now, in that moment, he knew he would do the same.  Charlie was moon, sun, and stars in his eyes, too, and looking at you in that moment, with your hair unwashed and wearing nothing but one of his t-shirts and a pair of panties, he knew you and Charlie were going to be a part of him for the rest of his life.  

“Stay here for just a second,” he said to you, getting up and walking out the door.  You had no clue what he was doing, but you watched him walk out the door and waited until he returned moments later, with a hand behind his back.  You narrowed your eyes at him as he sat in front of you on the bed, cross legged, his crazy mismatched socks touching your own bare feet.

“I get that you’re scared about Charlie, but the truth is, he’s a really strong kid.  There are plenty of things you can tell him about who his father was and what he did for a living, really the possibilities are endless.  But why don’t we wait until he is old enough to truly understand?  When he asks who his father is, just say it’s me.  Because as of right now, it is, isn’t it?  I mean you both live with me, and I love you both and I see us as a family, don’t you see us as a family?”

Tears were beginning to stream down your face as you nodded vigorously at him.  You did see the three of you as a family.

“And I think the best way to secure that picture,” he said, bringing forward his hidden hand.  He was holding a small red velvet box.  “Is to ask you this question.”  His voice was shaking, as was his hands as it opened the box to reveal the radiant cut diamond ring.  You brought your hand to your mouth, hiding your shy smile.  “Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.  Make me the luckiest and happiest man on earth by allowing me to be in you and your son’s lives for the rest of mine.  Will you marry me?”  Tears began to fall from his eyes, too.  You looked at the ring, small and delicate, but bright and beautiful.  All you could manage was more nodding and a choked out yes.

The smile on Spencer’s face was priceless.  In a hurry, he took the ring out of its box and put it on your finger, holding onto your shaking hands with his.

“I love you so much, Spence,” you said through the happiest tears you’ve ever cried.

“I love you, too, y/n,” he replies in a croaky voice.  He pulled you into his arms, enveloping your body in his.  And that night, without the words, Spencer showed you just how much he loved you.

“Briefing in five,” JJ said, passing by your desk that Monday.  You and Spencer kept quiet over the weekend, keeping the news of your engagement to yourselves and Charlie.  Going into the bullpen that day, you managed to keep your left hand occupied as not to notify anyone of your news just yet.

“Hey, y/n.  I heard about Daniel,” Prentiss said, coming up to your desk.

“Yeah,” is all you said.  I mean, what could you say.  Without thinking, you ran your hand through your hair, flashing your ring to a gaping Emily.

“Um, what is that?” she asked.  You quickly hid your hand behind your head.

“What is what?” you asked nervously, pretending to scratch.  For a profiler, you were bad at lying.  Emily grabbed your hand and pulled it to her, eyes widening at the diamond upon your finger.

“Oh.  My.  God!” she yelled just as Garcia walked by.

“What are you screaming about that I am not included in?” she asked.  Emily shoved your hand out to let Garcia get a good look at it.  “Oh my god!” she said, grabbing your hand too.

“Guys, please,” you said grinning.  “We need to get ready for the briefing.”

“When did this happen?” Emily asked with a smile.

“Friday night.  He said he was going to do it later this month but he just couldn’t help it I guess,” you told them, grinning even bigger.  

“Aww.  My heart is so happy for you two,” Garcia said.  Her eyes were still on your ring, probably calculating how much money it costed.

“Am I interrupting something little ladies?” Morgan said as he walked up to the group.  Penelope grabbed your hand and stuck it out to him.

“Reid proposed Friday.  You’re boy didn’t even tell you, did he?” she asked him with a smirk.

“Guys, we need to- oh my god,” JJ said.  “Did Spence propose?”

“Well, I guess the cat is just totally out of the bag,” you said with a roll of your eyes.

“What are you guys talking about?” Everyone turned their heads to Spencer, sitting at his desk with a fresh cup of coffee, oblivious.

Gingerly, you hold up your hand to flash the ring to him.  He pressed his lips together in obvious embarrassment.  You shot him a look of apology as you knew he wanted to be the one to tell everyone.

“How did you propose to your girl without telling me?” Morgan asked, but he was still smiling.

“Guys,” you all heard Hotch from the briefing room.  With that one word, everyone straightened up and made their way to the room where him and Rossi were waiting.

“JJ, mind telling me why all of you are late?” Hotch asked, handing out the files for her in frustration.

“Pretty boy asked y/n to marry him,” Morgan answered for her.  That made Hotch look over at you and Spencer in surprise.

You shrugged and held up your hand once again to show David and Hotch the diamond.

“Well, I say that as soon as this investigation is closed, we celebrate with a few drinks and dinner,” Emily said taking a seat.

“Congrats,” is all Hotch said to you two, but you could see the hint of a smile on his lips.

“I’m buying,” Rossi added before turning to the board to listen to JJ for the briefing.  You looked over at Spencer with a wide smile, and he smiled back at you, grabbing your hand across the table to hold.

You were absolutely the happiest woman on earth.

A Hard Ride

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1086

Summary: Things get hot and heavy in the Impala with Dean

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, car sex, mentions of public sex, fantasies, fluff, my attempt at some humor. 

A/N: I was just in the mood to write some short car sex but this story really got away from me and got way longer than I intended hope you enjoy it! 

Content below cut

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genre: fluff + dashes of angst, toy!au

star of the show: NCT’s Mark 

word count: 2,353 words

author’s note: this is told in toy!mark’s p.o.v. *extra points for you if you can guess what kind of toy Mark is before the revealing in the fic itself.*

Originally posted by 1aeil

opening line: “If only you were real–then I can confidently tell everyone about my new friend who I talk to and play with every day.” 

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High Tensions - Five

Reid x Reader

The game was suspended over the next five days due to the team being called away. Derek had made a comment about room sharing when it had come to the evening as there weren’t enough spare rooms at the hotel for you to each have one. 

“I vote Reid and Y/N share. I’m sure I’ve got this week in the pool anyway.”

Hotch had glared at him and you’d spoke before he had chance to, “Not gonna happen Morgan. Play is suspended when we’re out in the field. Let’s try to be professional shall we?“ 

Hotch had nodded at you approvingly and in the end it had ended up being you and JJ sharing. 

You’d been talking to her the last night you were there. The case had been solved but it was too late for you to fly home so you were spending another night before taking off early the next day. 

“So how’s it going between you too? Because we’re not actually seeing that much interaction between you so we can’t tell who’s got the upper hand,” she said into the darkness. 

“Erm, honestly Jayge I’m not sure. Some days I think I’ll get him to cave but others I think he’ll make me cave.” Some of the texts he’d been sending to you this evening were pure filth, all very much along the lines of the things he’d said to you in the email that Hotch had intercepted, and every so often he’d look you dead in the eyes and lick his lips slowly. 

“Really? That’s unexpected. Go Spence……Are you sure that this won’t affect you working together though?”

“I don’t think so. It’s just sex right? Why, do you think it will be weird for Spencer?”

“I’m not sure. I was surprised that he wanted in on the whole thing to begin with because he’s never really shown that side of him. But I guess if you’re thinking of caving then you must be seeing a different side to him. ”

You nodded although she couldn’t see you, debating whether to share one of the messages with her. “Jeez, you’ve got no idea. Do you wanna hear one of the texts he’s sent me? You can’t say anything to him though. ”

“God yes, I wanna hear what our Boy Wonder’s been saying to you to make you consider throwing in the towel.”

You pulled out your phone swiping until you found one, the light illuminating the room. 

“I’d eat you out slowly, letting my tongue circle your clit until you were close to coming. Then I’d slide my throbbing dick into you, filling you completely and fucking you painstakingly slow until you beg me to go faster.” You smirked as you read his words, watching as JJ lifted herself onto her side to stare at you, her expression incredulous. You’d been pretty incredulous too when you’d read it yourself. 

“No fucking way. Spencer…. Our Spencer sent you that? When? Oh my god!”

“When we were all at dinner earlier.”

“That’s why you two kept getting your phones out. You were fucking sexting? Spencer doesn’t sext!! What did you send back?”

You coughed, finding your own reply.

“Sweetie I’ve never begged a man, or woman for anything. They beg to be able to do those things to me. The only way you’d be eating me out is if you beg and plead with me to sit on your face. And Spence, I would grind all over that pretty mouth of yours. You just have to ask.”

“Fuck me Y/N! Did he text back?”

You nodded. “All he replied was ‘We’ll see who’s pleading to fuck who’s mouth. You’ve seen how fast I can talk when I’m excited about something. You know how fast my tongue can move.’”

“Jesus Christ, I never knew Reid had any of that in him. Fuuuuck. He’s so much more attractive to me right now.”

You flung your spare pillow at her. "Er Will?“ 

She laughed, “I know I know. But he never sends me any stuff like that.”

“So send it to him then.”

“You know, I just might.”

The rest of the team had passed out yet again on the flight home, and you were passing the time catching up on Game of Thrones on your laptop.

You felt a tug on your ear bud as a body deposited itself in the seat next to you. Spencer. He’d woken up, his hair still messy. 

“Watcha watching?” he leant in closer to see, his hand brushing your thigh. 

“Just some GoT. Catching up before the next season comes out.”

“Mind if I watch with you?”

You handed him the ear piece nearest to you and he moved closer to get a better view. This was the sort of stuff you did when you actually hung out as normal friends, as opposed to friends who were trying get the other to beg them for a banging. 

It was nice, seemingly being normal together again and you watched the rest of the episode in companionable silence. 

And then the next episode started, and then there was scene with two of Little Finger’s brothel girls touching each other. 


To skip it would be too obvious so you let it run, feeling an intake of breath from the man beside you. 

And then that man’s hand moved to your thigh, your thigh that was bare because you were wearing a skirt and had torn your last pair of pantyhose this morning. 

Your eyes flickered to the side, Spencer’s eyes still focused on the screen in front of you. His hand started to move in small circles, inching further and further up your leg. It tickled and not in the ‘haha’ way. More the, ‘oh my fuck, any minute now and he’s going to make me moan’ way.

Pulling your lip between your teeth, you bit down hard. You could no longer look at the screen, what those two girls were doing to each other as well as what Spencer was doing to your leg was a recipe for disaster. 

He shifted his weight, his hand moving to the inside of your thigh and slipping higher, his fingers disappearing underneath the fabric of your skirt. 

Your body betrayed you then, your legs falling apart slightly ready to allow him access, and you could feel yourself growing warm…..uncomfortably so. 

His long fingers moved higher, a smile on his lips as he heard you whimper, you cursing yourself internally. He was so close to your panties now he had to be able to feel the heat radiating from you and if moved his hand oh so slightly, he’d certainly be able to feel what he was doing to you. 

Through gritted teeth you muttered, “Any higher Reid, and you’ll be stroking my pussy through my underwear. And that means I win. One touch and I win this.”

“Which is why I’m staying very clear of that area Y/N, although I can feel that you want me. It’s soo warm down here. And I can feel you having to tense yourself to avoid pushing yourself against my hand. Just let it happen, you know you want it to.”

He moved his hand so it was almost cupping you, only millimetres away. He was right, you were having to work so hard at this and the amount of wanting and desire you felt right then was too much to bear. You literally only had to move the tiniest amount and his hands would be on you.

You yanked his hand away, standing up and pushing past him, walking quickly down the aisle to the bathroom and locking the door behind you. 

Fuuuck. Fuck fuck fucking fuck. 

You sat down on the toilet, pulling your panties down and spotting that tell tale damp patch. And then….. An idea. 

Cleaning yourself up with tissues you exited, noting that the rest of the team were still asleep. Thank God. 

You sat opposite Spencer this time, seeing the smirk on his face. The sexy little shit bag. 

You tossed something black and lacy to him, him catching it with a curious look on his face. 

The look on his face when he realised he was holding your underwear was just priceless. Although the look on your face as he spread them open and examined the crotch area was probably worse. 

“I’m guessing if I licked these, I’ll be able to taste your juices on them right?" 

Your eyes widened and he pocketed them, grinning at you. 

The jet began it’s descent and slowly the rest of the team starting waking up, talking amongst themselves. 

The plane landed and taxied into the BAU’s hanger, and the team stood and began making their ways to the exit. Just before you stood yourself, Spencer dropped his phone under the table, in a move which was far from accidental. 

An evil grin on his face as he disappeared underneath it and you felt his hands grip your legs, pulling them apart. 

You gasped, glad that the team was up the other end of the plane. 

His hands slipped up your thighs again and you were so sure you were going to win when you felt a slow hot breath against your clit. Your knee hit the table so quickly and loudly, and Morgan who was closest to you turned around just in time to see Reid scrambling out from beneath the table. 

"Dropped my phone!” He held it up in the air, moving to stand behind Morgan. 

You glared at him. Technically he hadn’t touched you. 

But you’d never been so glad to be wearing a black skirt before in your life. 

He’d won this one.

Surprise - Auston Matthews

Originally posted by brandoncarlo

How could you not like that smile???? Absolutely unreal, what a cute human.  Also I like how this turned out and I hope you do toooo!  Much love pals! <3

Word count: 992

Warnings: just fluff!!

Request: “Heeeey, could you please write an Auston Matthews imagine, one where you end up pregnant, and his reaction! Thank youuuu, your writing is amazing 💕💕” - @jessicaa1994

Up next: Teuvo Teravainen


“Are you sure? Like you’re not reading it wrong?” your friend questioned from the doorframe of the bathroom.  

You silently nodded, sitting in the counter and staring at the little stick in your hand.  Your friend moved to stand beside you, the two of you sucking in a breath as the reality hit you, you were pregnant.

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Things that happen in Hamilton that the songs don't reveal

Well when they sing “he committed suicide” one ensemble member acts like he’s hanging himself, Mulligan whips his long coat and does a leg thing at “your pants look hot,” Burr literally picks Hamilton off and away from Seabury, after You’ll be Back, the king walks away and orders a guard to slice an ensemble member’s neck and then Right Hand Man begins, Hamilton and Laurens have a lot of staring-each-other-in-the-eyes-for-long-enough-time-that-the-audience-can-feel-the-gay-happening moments, Eliza’s pregency dress makes me melt, Burr and Hamilton are smiling like goofballs in Dear Theodosia, Laurens is next to Hamilton while Laurens’ Interlude happens and Lafayette and Mulligan are on the top balconies looking rather SWELL, King George literally stomps his foot on “I’m so blue” and the light goes from red to blue, Eliza and Angelica are literally pulling Hamilton from his arms, Maria does a flirty look at the “Heeeeeyyyy”, Hamilton and Maria kiss so long it makes me uncomfortable, Maria goes on her knees a little TOO CLOSE to Hamilton’s crotch, James Reynolds makes it obvious he abuses Maria when he forces her to follow him at the end of the song, the faces Hamilton and Jefferson make at each other are priceless, lights flash in Hamilton’s face so FURIOUSLY as he shouts “SIT DOWN JOHN YOU FAT MOTHER*****”, Hamilton is singing in the center while the ensemble are holding furniture in the rotating stage to give the awesome illusion of a hurricane, Maria hands him a quill before he says “The Reynolds Phamplet,” James is in the background reading the Phamplet points to himself in awe as Maria does the same but with a face of shame, King George being a malicious fairy and also making fun of Hamilton in The Reynolds Phamplet, AN ACTUAL FIRE IN BURN, Philip practically floats onto the table, Eliza does a blood curdling scream when Philip dies, Hamilton shatters when she holds his hand and they’re both sobbing along with ME, Hamilton looks so SAD while the ensemble is asking him to choose, the ensemble member that plays the bullet exchanges the letters between Hamilton and Burr, she also pinches her fingers in front of Burr’s pistol as if she was holding a bullet and let’s go when Hamilton yells “Eliza!”, Eliza and Hamilton hold hands in the end and we’re all crying, and Eliza does a gasp in the end and I have no idea why.

Undeserving Part 1 (Auston Matthews)

Song: “No Promises” - Shawn Mendes

“Luke told me today he’d still take you if you want to go” your friend Cassidy looked over her shoulder from her spot in front of the mirror outside of the dressing room.

“No” you shook your head eyes glued to your phone.

“You’re talking to him?” She questiond moving the dress around to fit her shape better.

“When isn’t she talking to him.” Your other friend malia mocked two dresses in her hand.

“Actually.” You spoke finally looking up. “I’m talking to his mom.”

Your two friends exchanged looks and smiled “She’s in with the whole family now.” Malia nudged Cassidy to take the dresses out of her hands who laughed along with her.

“Yep.” You glared at them not really bothered but blushing nonetheless.

“(y/n) we’re just joking, how’s auston?” Cassidy asked as she returned to he dressing room and malia took a seat next to you.

“He’s good.“you simply replied noticing a text from his mom to confirm all of your flight information.

“That’s it.” Malia asked trying to look over your shoulder. “You'be been talking, no practically dating for over a year and that’s all we get.” You shrugged not wanting to tell them because as much as you loved them, you knew they wouldn’t understand.

“I don’t believe it.” Malia snatched your phone out of your hands and moved so you couldn’t get it back.

“Malia!” You snipped trying to get your phone back.

“You talked on the phone for 2 hours and 45 minutes.”

It started with him snapchatting you after a particularly bad game. Then he claimed the only way he’d feel better is if he heard your voice which lead to you talking on the phone. Talking to Auston was always simple so it was easy for you both to loose track of time and talk for longer than anticipated. Even if the conversation was innocent enough that didn’t stop your parents from teasing you the next morning when you walked into the kitchen with bags under your eyes and only an hour of sleep in your system. After you got off the phone with Auston you couldn’t go to sleep, you were way too happy to. So you layed in bed for the rest of the night looking up at the ceiling.

“Stop.” You pouted embarrassed by the length of time.

“Does he know about your surprise?” Cassidy shouted from the dressing room.

“Nope he still thinks I’m going with Luke.”

“That’s sweet. Invite me to the wedding.” Malia joked.

You laughed “I have to be his girlfriend before I’m his wife.”

“Seriously if he doesn’t ask you out soon I’m going to beat him up.” Malia was completely serious.

“I don’t think you’re going to hurt him, but okay.”

“Hey don’t miss judge these babies.” She said pointing to her biceps. “They have a reputation.”

“For what looking like noodles?” You laughed as Cass came out dress in hand.

“Shut up, I’ve punched someone before.”

“Yeah me in kindergarten” You stood gathering your purse. “But that didn’t exactly hurt.”

“You cried.” Malia pointed out standing as well. You both followed Cassidy to the register.

“That’s because not even five minutes later your brother ran over my foot with a scooter because you told him to.”

“Oh yeah those we’re the good old times.”

“Hey, don’t say that we weren’t friends yet.” Cass reprimanded pulling out her credit card and handing it over to the cashier.

“Fine.” You ended your conversation just as Cass was handed her bag and her credit card back.

“Let’s eat.” She smiled leading the way to her car. You stopped at a Burgatory before heading home to do some last minute packing.

“You have everything you need?” Your mom asked standing in the doorway of your room.

“Mhm, everything except-”

“Except the sweatshirt he gave you, it’s in the dryer.” Your mother knew the one thing you wouldn’t leave that house without.

Auston had given you one of his old sweatshirts during the summer a year ago when you were at a bonfire at his house. You had worn jean shorts and a tanktop forgetting a sweatshirt at home, but Cassidy assured you it wouldn’t get that cold and there would be blankets. Oh how wrong she was. It was freezing by the time the sun set and you didn’t even want to think about sitting outside. That’s when Auston offered you his sweatshirt from when he was 15 and played on a travel team. Matthews was on the back along with the number 19 and on the front his teams name. You stayed warm the whole night getting lost in both the sweatshirt and the way Auston played with your fingers as you sat on his lap a blanket draped over the two of you.

“Thanks mom.” You smiled zipping up your suitcase. It was hard to convince your parents to let you go see Auston especially since they wouldnt be going and you weren’t dating. But after showing that you’d pay for all your expenses including the plane ticket and that it would only be for the weekend they agreed.

“Just make him your boyfriend soon, that’ll be thanks enough.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” You laughed as she placed a kiss on your head.

Mrs. Matthews picked you up at 3:30 in the morning to get to the airport. The car ride was a comfortable silence due to the fact that you weren’t truly awake yet. She helped you out of the car and into the airport leading the way to the gate you needed to be at for your 5:30 flight.

“Are you excited?” She asked as you both sat side by side.

“Very.” You nodded taking a sip of your coffee.

“He’s excited too. He even went to bed earlier so you’d get there sooner.”

You laughed butterflies taking over your stomach. “I’m excited for his birthday.”

“Me too. I’m going to need you to distract him during the say so I can make him a birthday dinner.” Ema explained her plan taking a sip of her own coffee.

“Whatever you say boss.” You smiled as she nuged your side laughing.

Your flight number was called and you boarded for the first of two. It went very smoothly considering you only went to California for your layover. The second was more difficult. A women had her two newborns with her and they wouldn’t stop crying. The poor women was clearly overwhelmed and panicking. That’s when Ema stood up and politely took one of the babies out of her arms and began bouncing back and fourth not too long after one of the cries stopped.

“Here.” She said handing you the baby “keep bouncing him.” You did as directed while cooing at the small bundle in your arms. She took the second from the women and did the same silencing the cries. The women was so happy she looked like she could’ve cried.

“Both Alex and Auston were like this.” She told you. “It took everything in me not to start crying myself.”

You held the babies for the rest of the flight allowing the mother to get some sleep and giving the rest of the plane an easier flight.

“Goodbye handsome.” You cooed to the baby in your arms before placing him in the stroller.

“Thank you again.” The women smiled brightly at Ema as you all three moved through the airport toward the exit doors.

“My kids were the same way. It just takes practice and patience.” She advised.

“Is this your daughter?” She looked from Ema to you.

“One day hopefully, but right now she’s my son’s girlfriend.” Your heart jumped that’s the first time anyone has referred to you as Auston’s girlfriend. You knew it was just because it was easier then explaining the whole situation, but still.

“Well I hope you both have a wonderful time here thank you again.” The women smiled one last time before directing the stroller out. You followed suit toward the car Ema had rented. Auston’s game would start soon so you had no time to stop by his apartment. You changed into his jersey in the car and fixed your hair and makeup as well.

“Ready?” Ema asked as she parked the car. You nodded the fact that you were actually here starting to sink in.

“There’s Auston.” She pointed him out on the ice for warmups. Even if she hadn’t pointed him out you would’ve known which one he was from the build.

When the game got underway you were completely focused on number 19. Auston scored twice and both times you cheered loud. The final score was 2-4 and you knew a win would mean a happier Auston. You followed Ema to where you came in and waited patiently for your guy.

You’d wish someone would’ve taken a picture of Auston’s face when he saw you because it was priceless.

“What are you doing here?” He asked pulling you into his large frame.

He smelled good from his shower and you couldn’t help but admire his build.

“Surprising you.”

“Well i’m surprised.” He kept you in a firm grip but was able to look down at you now. “What about homecoming? you were nominated for queen.”

“I wouldn’t have won anyway.” Everyone knew Danielle Stapleton was guaranteed to win mainly because her older sister had two years before.

“But still. Cassidy told me how excited you were to go.”

You simply shrugged “it wouldn’t have been fun without you.”

“So you ditched your senior homecoming where you were nominated to win queen to fly half way across the world with my mom to spend time with me.”

“You like your surprise?”

“I love it.”

You stand in each others arms smiling at one another unaware of the people moving around you and the fact that Ema had left you alone.

“You’re the best you know that?”

You giggled “you’re just now figuring that out.”

“Why aren’t you my girlfriend?” Auston questioned aloud.

“you tell me.” You didn’t miss a beat with your reply.

“Because I don’t deserve you.”

The conversation is always the same. Auston hasn’t asked you out cause he doesn’t deserve you, that’s the sweet endearing joke between the two of you.

“And because you’re way smarter than me, and more capable, and going on to be super successful.” One finger wenr up after another as he listed off his reasons.

You simply shook your head and rolled your eyes up at the giant goof.

“I hate to break it to ya kid you’re out of my league.”

“Well you’re insanely hot, really freaking good at hockey, and going on to be a successful NHL player with hot girls throwing themselves at you all the time.” You took your time listing off your items about him. “Hate to break it to ya kid you’re out of my league.”

“I guess will just have to say neither of us deserve each other.”

“And that’s why we’re not dating.”

Auston smiled, but it’s obvious it’s forced and you mirror. “Let’s go I want to spend as much time with you as I can.”

“What about your mom?” You asked once you got in the car and begin adjusting your seat belt.

“I texted her.” Auston looks up from his phone and places it in the consol. “She’s going to dinner with some of the other families. So we have the place ourselves.“

“You know what that means?“ You asked a sly smile placed on your face.

“What does that mean?” Auston backed out of his spot driving with the hand that wasn’t holding yours.


“Lots of it.”

“Of course.” You nodded. Your head rested against the seat admiring the sites around you as Auston drove.

When you get to his shared apartment he opened the door and allowed you in first.

“I’m going to change. The living rooms through there though.” Auston directed.

You first kicked off your shoes then move to the living room where you sat down on the couch and took in your surrounding. Before you can reach for the remote auston entered with a huge blanket. He sat down beside you and pulled it over the both of you.

“Any preferences?” He fliped through the dvds he’d brought with him downstairs.

“This one.” You picked up the movie you have come to love over the many years and times you’ve watched it.

“Are we ever going to watch a diferrent movie?” Auston got up and put “some kind of wonderful” into his DVD player.

“No, probably not.” You smiled. This was the movie you watched in jack Linder’s basement when you hung out for the first time.

“Great.” He sat back down beside you wrapping his arms around your waist.

You don’t watch the movie, but rather auston. The way his large chest moved up and down with each breath and how small your hand looked in his. His thumb ran over yours repeatedly. You admired all the way from his hair to the silver chain that he never takes off from his neck.

“Take a picture it’ll last longer.” His voice broke your thoughts and brought you back to reality.

Your cheeks burn bright from being caught. “your handsome.”

Auston turned so he was looking down at you his head resting against the couch. That’s how you remain the both of you looking at each other the movie playing in the background. Auston’s hand found the side of your face and let it rest there before he leant down to kiss you. The kiss was slow and romantic. It was the type that made your legs go weak and your heart race faster. When you pulled away everything seemed hazy except Auston he was in complete focus.

“How was that?”

“Good.” You softly smiled. “really good.”

“better than last time?” The last time You and Auston had kissed was before he left for the season. You were laying in his bed just talking when he leaned down and kissed you.

They’re all great.“ You mumbled.

“You want to see if I can make this one better?”

You nod closing your eyes as Auston Matthews pulled you back into him. One kiss turned into two which turned into three which turned into you making out. Auston gently lifted you onto his lap and placed his hands on your hips. Your hands found the back of his neck and his hair.

He rubbed your back and played with the ends of your hair. Your lungs began to burn and the only sound you could make was a wimper mixed with a moan. Kissing along your jaw and neck Auston got the hint. However it didnt take long for him to return to your lips and start kissing away.

The door opened and closed loudly followed by an apology it caused both of you to jump. You leaned back into the couch hoping it wasn’t obvious how breathless and lightheaded you were. Auston sent you a lazy smile only making you want him even more.

“Hey guys!” Ema called coming into the room a brown bag in one hand her purse in the other.

“Hey mom.” Auston greeted and you waved.

“I brought take out.” She held up the bag glancing at the screen. “Oh I love this movie!”

“(Y/n) loves it too, she chose it.”

“Isn’t it just so sweet?” Ema commented a fond smile taking over.

“Mhm” you looked at the screen seeing the movies already almost over.

“Well I’ll take the food to the kitchen. Come in and get it whenever.” Ema walked into the kitchen leaving you alone once again.

“I could eat right now.” You stated taking the hair tie from your wrist and putting your hair up.

“Um” Auston cleared his throat. “Can you get me something?” He glanced down at his lap where the blanket is covering and you went red, but noddsd nonetheless.

“Sure.” You smiled standing up “I’ll grab you an egg role.”

Knock Your Socks Off (Draco Malfoy x reader)


request: okay i know that this was requested but i can’t find it anywhere bc it was literally months ago.. it was something about draco taking the reader dancing sooooooo :))

word count: 974
warnings: none :)

It’s a Friday evening in late April and the snow has finally completely melted. You sit on the stone bench overlooking the fields leading to Hagrid’s hut, where Draco Malfoy had told you to meet him. The sun is setting, creating streaks of crimson and violet across the horizon. The grass looks greener than yesterday, and the breeze is warmer and has a slight fragrance of spring flowers.

You glance back towards the towers of Hogwarts, wondering where he is and why he’d wanted to meet. You’d always been friendly towards each other and joked around, but were never close enough to do things outside of class. It kind of came out of nowhere. You return your gaze to the landscape, your mind in another world.

Your trance is interrupted by a pair of hands suddenly grabbing your shoulders from behind, and you jump, nearly falling off your seat. A voice says, “Now what is a girl like you doing out here at a time like this?”

You turn your head and your eyes meet Draco’s. They’re the color of a cold winter storm, but they give off a look of humor and mischief. You smile and give him a little shove. “You nearly gave me a fright.”

“Nearly?” He chuckles. “Looked to me like I knocked your socks right off, miss Y/L/N.”

You smirk and lift up your foot, pulling up your pant leg to reveal your green and white striped stockings, climbing past your school shoes and halfway up your calf. “Socks are unharmed and undefeated.”

“Humph.” He responds, arms crossed but grinning, and comes around the bench to stand in front of you. “However, that is an interesting fashion choice, love.”

“May I inquire as to the purpose of this unusual and unexpected meeting?” You ask in an exaggerated accent, tilting your head, your arms wrapped around your knees.

He smiles wider with that mischievous look on his face. “I thought it might be enjoyable to spend the night together.”

You raise your eyebrows in response.

“No, no, not like that,” he stutters, blushing, and runs his hand through his handsome blond locks. “You naughty girl… I mean let’s do something tonight.” He reaches out his hand, waiting for yours.

You pretend to consider the offer, as if you hadn’t been wishing for this moment for the last two years. He rolls his eyes and sighs impatiently, but you can tell he’s amused.

“I suppose I could give it a shot…” You place your hand in his and allow him to stand you up and guide you back inside the hallways of the school. “Now where exactly are we going?”

He looks down at you. “Dancing,” he replies, smirking. A tingle of excitement runs down your spine at the thought of it.

He leads you through the dungeons, where you can hear the music and feel the rumble of the bass through the stone walls of the corridors. He pulls you into the Slytherin common room where you’re faced with a sea of partying students, fist bumping the air or twisting their hips to the beat of the song. You notice couples snogging on sofas in the corners and see Pansy Parkinson standing on a table, grinding against some Slytherin kid. A disco ball floats above the crowd, not attached to anything, and sends flashes of multicolored light around the room.

The two of you push through lip-locked couples and almost trip over a first-year trying to do the worm. You finally reach an open spot.

Draco stops and turns towards you, grabbing your other hand. He smirks confidently and starts to dance. You decide to forget your worries and nervousness and let loose. You twist your bodies along with the music, hands entwined. It feels like a dream. Your head is thumping and your ears are ringing, but it’s like a dream.

After a bit of dancing, you lean towards his ear and say, “Get ready for my craziest moves.” He lifts an eyebrow but gives the look of approval and takes a step back to watch. You pout your lips, scrunch your eyebrows, and start doing the Macarena.

He tilts his head back in laughter. “Alright, the dance moves were pretty good, but that face was priceless,” he chuckles.

“I know, I’m bloody talented,” you shrug.

You inhale sharply at the sudden feeling of his hands on your waist. “You make me laugh like no one else, Y/N.”

He moves his arms to your back and pulls you close, until there’s no space between your bodies. Your short breaths bounce off his chest. You look up at him. The red and blue lights from the disco ball dance across his face and you can’t think of anything but how attractive he looks. You open your mouth and try to speak, but no words come out.

He grins. “Shh,” he murmurs, and pulls your face towards his. Your lips meet, and your breath catches in your throat, but you then relax and wrap your arms around him. It feels like only a second but an eternity at the same time; the two of you embraced in a passionate yet gentle kiss. He pulls away, smiling.

“Why’d you stop?” You smirk, grabbing his collar and pulling him towards you again. Your mouth lightly grazes his, teasing, until he leans in for the full kiss. This one is much less gentle. Your lips meet again and again. Your hand trails up the back of his neck and runs through his soft blond hair. His hands are on your waist, and it’s a while before they finally pull away.

When they do, you smile and give him a light little punch to the shoulder. “I have to admit it… this time, you knocked my socks halfway to Azkaban.”

What did I do wrong? - Chandler Riggs

Okay so this wasn’t asked for. But I’m hecka bored and I have nothing better to do with my life. This is gonna be a little cute.. imagine I guess? Let me know if this is actually something yall wanna see more of :) Ps. Please keep in mind I’m doing this on my phone and not on a computer, and there’s probs gonna be some spelling/grammar errors. * summary * You work on the set of TWD, playing the role of “Olive”, young girl who was found on her own and quickly become friends with Carl. After a unexpected scene, tension grows. While on set, and off (within the fandom) a ship name is made. But for some reason Chandler doesn’t seem to fond of it. ———- “Carl, please. You can’t go out there. Do you have a death wish?” I grab onto his wrist holding him from moving forward. He takes a breath and looks back at me. “I’m sorry. I have to.” He turns again and starts to walk away. My eyes start to water. “Wait!” I blurt out. What am I doing. Chandler turns to me confused. That wasn’t part of my scrip.We both know that.But nothing happens. He keeps his act up and stares at me. I run up to him and take my hands, holding his face. His face goes stiff as he keeps his eyes on me. Why am I doing this? Why is no one stopping me? Why hasn’t anyone yelled cut??? “Please don’t die.” I say. In that moment, without realizing it. I kiss him. He’s taken aback and pulls away after the kiss. “I won’t.” He says finally walking away. The cameras stop, the lights turn off and the entire room is silent. “Wow. That was… wow.” The director walks over clapping. “Just so you know, we’re keeping that in. Was priceless.” He says patting my shoulder. (2 WEEKS LATER) It’s been 2 weeks since I pulled off that kiss in set. Chandler won’t talk to me unless we’re recording, which I don’t understand. What did I do? I get that what I did was unexpected and uncalled for. But there’s no reason to just completely stop talking to me. The ship name “Carlive” took way not to long ago, practically leaving Chandler speechless. “Just go up to talk to him. He must have a valid reason. Ask him.” I was talking to Melissa. She’s always been my on set mom. “Alright. I just really miss him, his smile… laugh. The way he would look me in the eyes every time we would talk.. now he just acts like I’m invisible. Like nothing.” “Sounds like you’ve fallen Y/N” I sigh knowing she’s right. “Yea..” She smiles taking me in for a hug. “I think I saw him over by makeup” she says pulling away. Standing, I wipe off my pants and make my way to Chandler. I spot him sitting on one of the lounge chairs scrolling through his phone. Taking a deep breath I walk up to him. “Chandler.” Nothing. “Chandler?” Not a word. “Chandler. Come on.” Zip zap, bipiddy bap, would look at that. nothing. I sigh and take a seat in front of him. “You know what? I’m really sick your shit. I don’t know why you won’t talk to me, I don’t know what happened between us. You’re treating me like complete shit and I’m really not enjoing it.” I look at him still scrolling through his phone and that’s when I’ve had it. I take his phone out of his hands and shove it in my pocket. He groans and finally for the first time in 2 weeks, looks at me. “Can’t you explain. I just don’t understand Chandler. After what happened you’ve completely shut me out. What did I do!?” He quickly stands looking me dead in the eyes. “You wanna know what you did to me? You wanna know why I don’t talk or even look at you anymore unless I have to? You wanna know why I hate that fucking ship name so much!?” He’s suddenly got me pinned up against the wall his lips by my neck. My breath cuts short and I freeze. “Because you made me love you.” My eyes widen and I feel his lips ever so lightly touch my neck. “You made me love your eyes” kiss. “Your laugh” kiss. “Your lips” He looks me in the eyes placing his forehead on mine, then slowly kisses my lips. “You made me love all of you and the worst part is I’ll never get you… that’s why.” He pulls away and walks back to the rest of the cast. I let out a sigh and slowly slide down to the ground. “What the hell just happened?” —– OKAY SO YEA. idfk if that was any good. Probs not. IN WHICH CASE U SHOULD GO READ @strugglingfairy s STuFf cuz iTs acTuALlY sO gooD. Oh and this whole like… “What did I do wrong” type thing may or may not be very relevant to me rn cUz GUYS ARE CONFUSIBG YEA? anywhooo let me know if you want a part 2 or something? Idk. Kk love u bYe.

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Fanfiction idea

-Trixie has pulled pranks almost everyone in lazytown

- It’s time to pull one on Sportacus

- She cant come up with a satisfactory idea

- But she knows everyone disapproves of her pranks

- So

- She knocks on Robbies hatch

- Robbie is like “???? No one ever knocks on my hatch ?????”

- He goes up and to his confusion sees trixie and blurts out “ Trixie??” Before he can stop himself and say her name wrong

- Hes not even annoyed or anything just really confused as to why Trixie was at his door

- she tells him she needs help

- and he reverts back to being pretend annoyed and says ’ why would i help you’

- and she tells him ’ i gotta pull a prank on sportacus and need ideas’

- he perks up at that and hes already thinking of ideas

- and shes like ’ no no no you gotta promise to not try to get him out of town’

- and she tells him about the art of a prank and how ’ yes, there can be some maliciousness and discomfort for the person being pranked, but the prank should be based mostly on surprising or confusing the person’

- and hes like ’ yeah yeah whatever’ and claps down some chalkboards to plan out the prank

- and after some ’ no robbie we cant do that ’s

- they settle on robbie making a machine to make lazytown appear as if it was made out of gumdrops and chocolate and caramel and trixie sending a letter to sportacus so he freaks out

- and theyre gonna watch the replay afterwards through pixels cameras that are in and out of sports airship

- its a little meaner then trixies usual pranks, but its also much less malicious for robbies taste so they compromised

- they execute the plan

- robbie turns on the machine

-trixie sends a letter saying she had lost her helmet somewhere and needed help finding it

- since they dont have binoculars or anything, all they see is a blue dot come out of the airship and just stand there

- trixie decides it was enough and turns off the machine

- “HeY!” - Robbie Rotten

- Sportacus comes down, slightly shaken up, and asks if Trixie still needs help finding her helmet

- Robbie starts laughing really hard and Trixie tries desperately to explain what really happened but is having a hard time because of robbies contagious laughter

- sportacus just standa there kinda confused and a little concerned

- they both finally calm down and trixie tells him what happened

- and then they both run off to pixels house

- After some mild confusion from pixel as to why trixie and robbie of all people are at his door he lets him in

- sportacus’ face was a PRICELESS mix of fear concern and horror

- and soon pixel trixie and robbie are having a good time laughing their heads off at it

- they all go home

- robbie realises

- that was the most fun he has had pulling a prank

- ever

- basically its just a bonding fic with no ships to be found

- idk i just think there should be more bonding fics with robbie and trixie

knock knock

*request —> Anonymous said: Heyya can I get a taeyong scenario to you surprising him at his hotel room cause he’s on tour and him being SOOO happy and making out with you and another member walks in thankyou ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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author’s note: 1,243 words. Judging from the request I think this was a bit too long but who cares ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  not me because I love me some taeyong any time of day 

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bluebelladon  asked:

So i had an Idea but I can't think of anything past the concept (+ yr writing for this kinda thing is like 200% better than mine) but what if the Lads founded the Fake AH crew and recruited the gents?

Ooh that’s fun – i’ve seen versions where they were two little gangs who combined into the FAHC but the idea of the actual Fake’s starting as the Lads is definitely interesting.

There were a lot of names tossed around at the start; it’s the part of forming a crew no one really talks about, the vaguely embarrassing period of building an image, choosing a name, defining yourselves. Like band names there is a lot of bad before the good. Like band names ‘good’ is wildly subjective, particularly when determined by a pack of teenage boys. The humour behind ‘Fake Crew’ isn’t particularly high brow and not a single soul outside the original four Lads, including and especially their future members, have any idea at all what the AH could possibly stand for. Most think its mysterious, assume something clever or at least meaningful, but the shifty looks the boys shoot each other when pressed tell a different story.

Still, they’ve made something of a name for themselves in Los Santos – the FAHC, who pull off unbelievable stunts, who lack any semblance of respect, dangerous in the way of feral animals, of wildfire. In the foolhardy way of children, who care far more about making sure you hurt than they do about protecting themselves. It’s enough to keep other gangs wary, to buy themselves a little breathing room with reckless gestures and bared teeth, but not exactly the glory they are looking for. Not quite the trembling respect they’ve dreamed of.

For that, it seems, they’re going to have to think bigger, smarter. Be clever not just in the tricks they play and jobs they pull but in the way they twist their image, they way they recruit, build their crew. Just being more won’t do it, added thugs for the sake of numbers; it would take an astonishing amount to really match the size of some of their rivals and the Lads don’t exactly play nice with strangers. No, they have to be strategic, have to select a few choice additions who can help them rise, and after much discussion they settle on three names they’d like to pull in; Ramsey, Patillo and the Vagabond. Lofty goals to be sure, but then, delusions of grandeur or not, the Fake’s have always considered themselves to be rather magnificent.

Everyone who’s anyone knows about the Vagabond; none of them will admit it (Ray will admit it, Ray doesn’t give a fuck) but the Lads all have hearts in their eyes every time the Vagabond slinks around, all follow every rumour, gossip over every job. Something between hero worship and healthy respect, without any of the fear normal self-respecting individuals feel, is the perfect cocktail to have the four of them plotting outlandish ways to pull in the mercenary. Patillo has an incredibly solid reputation for someone with no real ties, invariably thought to be smart, dependable, one of the best drivers in the country and definitely not a woman to be trifled with. That she and Ramsey seem to have some kind of relationship, worked together back in the day and while going their separate ways don’t appear to have had any kind of blow up, will hopefully work in the Lads favour. Last, but certainly not least, there’s Geoff Ramsey; the rouge Rooster who’s been traversing the country, constantly on the move and pulling all kinds of jobs from hilariously wacky to darkly perverse. Maybe the Lads are looking a bit outside their paid grade but with Ramsey reportedly looking to build his own crew they can’t not try, not after realising that their crew is unfortunately in need of a proper leader.

Because none of the Lads are leaders, not really, especially not back then. They aren’t incapable, are clearly wildly talented and loyal enough to one another to defer a certain kind of leadership to whomever has the best idea or the most experience with whatever task they’re facing, but no one individual is capable of being the permanent boss. No one individual actually wants that role, not really, they’re all too young, too impulsive, too eager to abandon necessary goals at the drop of a hat.  

Ray, who has arguably the least interest in being the boss of all, is less leader than lone wolf; when he’s taking point a lot of his orders tend to involve stealth, hanging back while he picks off targets, only charging in when long-distance is no longer an option. Necessary for particular jobs, and it’s certainly not an easy task keeping the other three in line until it’s their turn to burst into action, but it’s not a method that works for every task.

Michael makes a magnificent leader, fierce and fearless and unwaveringly loyal, protective of his crew until the bitter end. He is, unfortunately, utterly devoid of tact, of the patience to put up with any kind of shenanigans from anyone he doesn’t personally like, the ability to create and maintain necessary relations with anyone outside his crew. Michael himself knows he makes a far better Lieutenant, busy with duties he actually cares about, walking the line between following orders with absolute obedience and unapologetically calling out anything he disagrees with, reliable and relentless in equal measure.

Jeremy is meticulous, when he’s in charge he plots and plans and double checks, the very image of the perfect boss except for one flaw; more often than not he’s easily swayed. Will put together the perfect stealth plan only to agree when Michael makes a convincing argument for the importance of rocket launchers, conduct an ideal heist until Gavin begs to go after something shiny or Ray inquires about abandoning the sensible get away car for hilarious motorised scooters.

When Gavin is on his game he is fucking glorious, a flashbang of reckless laughter and terrible ideas none of them can resist, the promise that come hell or hand-grenades they will all be going home with a story. When Gavin plays leader he needs a lot of faith, needs the others to trust in things that don’t seem remotely feasible, but the payoff is always worth it. Except for the days when his words are too sharp, his eyes too cold, when he wants nothing more than to pick a fight with the most dangerous crook in the room, to swagger around the LSPD’s station unmasked, jump from a plane without checking his parachute; dancing with death just to see if he can. If they’re not careful on those days, if they missed the clues, the rest of the Lads would follow him down, unable discern between Gavin’s usual absurd genius and those streaks of genuinely aimless apathy until they’re all careening towards destruction.

So, as grating as it seems, there is an undeniable argument for a permanent leader, someone to keep them all on course, to take the responsibilities they don’t want, someone who can captain their ship without trying to push them all overboard. Still, you can’t just walk up to one of these infamous criminals and hand them an invitation; selling yourself – your dream, your crew, your city – takes time, takes planning, so in the end the FAHC’s first recruitment isn’t even one of those big three.

It’s pure luck when Michael meets Lindsay; finds her twirling a nail-studded bat in the wreckage of a bar, sipping a cocktail like she hadn’t just caved a man’s head in, and really nothing on earth could have stopped Michael from offering her a place in the crew. From talking them up in a way he’d never really bother with normally, because honestly how could he not. It doesn’t take much to get the other three onboard, Lindsay was a perfect fit, a seamless addition, and with her the FAHC is unquestionably more efficient.

Strangely the Vagabond is actually far easier to get on board than any had anticipated. After they start actively seeking his attention Ryan can’t help but watch the Lads. Not because their jobs are impressive (they are, actually, but Ryan’s in high demand, so very many crews out there are impressive enough) but because they are endearing eager; nothing like the pathetic begging of so many others, no attempt to convince Ryan he should be desperate to work with them, just genuine enthusiasm to prove themselves worthy of his time. They’re funny, something akin to a pack of reckless puppies; certainly capable of outrageous damage but equally likely to trip over their own oversized paws in their excitement, and in this business Ryan really shouldn’t find it as charming as he does. They take to leaving him all kinds of gifts; generally intriguing , often amusing and near always utterly gruesome, and after a month or so of hanging around the city toying with them they manage to get a former Rooster onside to run the show and Ryan’s run out of reasons to say no.

Gavin’s the one they sent after Geoff, when the Lads decide they’re ready to try to bring the notoriously creative, fortuitously crew-seeking man into the FAHC. Gavin’s first approach, full of deferential respect playing to Ramsey’s ego, is a complete bust; Geoff thought he was sweet, called him kid, laughed in his face and sent him out the door with a crack about coming back when he was old enough to drive. The second approach involves pulling a full blown job on Ramsey, one that starts with the man unknowingly buying Gavin a supercar and ends with the priceless tailored suit he’s wearing being pinned to the wall with a nail gun, Gavin grinning away like a particularly bloodthirsty shark, and all of a sudden Geoff can’t say he isn’t tempted. Deigns to finally listen to the recruitment spiel, as though he’s got any other choice right now, and despite himself is quickly sold on the whole crew.

Jeremy goes out one day and comes back with a handful of people, some they’d been discussing as a group, some the others hadn’t heard of, but all perfectly capable of holding their own agains the Lad’s disgruntled dissent. Steffie, who takes a look at their set up, rolls her eyes, then pulls out her phone and starts making a list, talking dealers and bases and possible new hires. Trevor who immediately sets to soothing ruffled feathers, sidling up to Gavin and gushing about some ridiculous theft, questioning Michael about his preference in heavy weaponry, ignoring the way Ray is skulking around behind him. Matt they’d all agreed on, welcoming the chance to push off all computering nonsense onto someone else, and Mica assures them all that she’s got no interest in sticking around, will work contracts as requested but isn’t about the stationary crew life. In the end no blood is spilt, no tempers flare too badly, and Jeremy is reasonably sure he isn’t going to wake up with a gun to his temple, so all in all it goes pretty well.

The last missing piece, Jack, is actually tracked down by Ray in the end; he wanders off one day and comes back with a very amused woman in tow, decked out in a hideous Hawaiian shirt and driving an obscenely nice Lamborghini. Apparently after finding her, not particularly difficult considering she wasn’t trying to hide, Ray simply told Jack all about Geoff’s fumbling attempts to simultaneously familiarise himself with the mess that is Los Santos, integrate himself into, and begin to take control of, an already close-knit, functioning crew, and do it all while pretending he’s not at all rattled by the Lad’s unwavering fascination with the horrifically notorious assassin who insists on sticking a straw through his mask to pound down a truly irresponsible number of diet cokes. It took a while for her utterly joyous, completely uncontrollable laughter to die down, but when she finally calmed Jack immediately started packing.


Requested: Dad Shawn 💕       

Shawn Mendes x Reader

words: 582

Shawn and you had been engaged for some time and your daughter Olivia was already 5 years old. She was a very happy and open-minded kid and nearly as much into music as her father. Olivia meant everything to him and he would never put his career before his daughter, but of course, he still loved his music and his fans. He never stopped working on new songs or a new album and he also went on tour again.

It was at the end of the tour, there were only a few shows left when Olivia couldn´t sleep because she missed him so much. “Can we visit him again? I know he´s coming back soon, but I can´t wait. Please mum.” she cried while lying in your arms. You two had visited him once before, but it was already a few weeks ago and it was just not the same to talk to him only via facetime. You missed him also very much and you hated to see your daughter like that. You thought about it and came to the conclusion that it would be a great surprise for Shawn at the end of his tour. You nodded “Okay! I will book us a flight,” you said with a smile and kissed Olivia on the head.

After you two arrived, you called Andrew, Shawn´s Manager. You had told him about your plan and he told you where to meet him so he could get you backstage at the show. Olivia was very excited, she couldn´t wait to see Shawn again but the show had already started when you two arrived.  “Where´s dad?” Liv asked with shining eyes while pulling nervously on your hand. “He´s on stage” and before you could say anything else, she was already on her way. “Olivia! Wait!” You ran after her but she was too fast.

He just finished a song, and soft murmurs went through the crowd when Olivia ran towards Shawn. The look on his face was priceless. At first, he looked extremely confused, but then there was nothing except joy. “Dad!” she shouted when she finally jumped in his arms. “Liv, what are you doing here?” he let out a laugh. “Surprise! We´ve missed you way too much to wait any longer,” she said while hugging him as tightly as she could, her arms and legs around his upper body. “I´ve missed you too, this is the best surprise ever, thank you.” He kissed her on the cheek.
“Do you want to stay on stage for one song?” he asked. Olivia nodded wildly. A man brought a stool onstage and Shawn sat down, with Liv on his lap. “Okay, apparently we´ve a little guest onstage,” he told the crowd, with a big smile. “My beautiful daughter Olivia.” He introduced her to the crowd. “What´s your favourite song Liv?” he asked her through the mic. “Never be alone” she answered after thinking for a second, and the audience cheered. Shawn smiled knowingly, when the tour began he told her to listen to that song whenever she´s missing him.
“This is Never be alone. For you Olivia.” He kissed her on her hair and began to sing. Almost everyone sang along, Liv also, hardly audible for the crowd, but Shawn heard it and it was the best feeling in the world for him. Singing together with his little daughter, ahead of thousands of fans.

Cupcakes n’ kisses (Hakyeon fluff/smut)

Originally posted by nxnight

Genre: fluff / smut

Length: 2.2k

Pairing: Cha Hakyeon (N) + You

Summary: You knew you shouldn’t have set out the cupcakes so early

Hiii! Thank you for the request, hopefully this is smutty enough since it’s not as long as my other two!

Also I’m gonna have to agree with you there ;) Hakyeon is great fangirl bait *_*

                                            >>> REQUEST<<< 

Hakyeon was just strolling into the room as you finished setting up the cupcakes on the coffee table, ready for when your family visited. Your mum had an enormous sweet tooth, and vanilla cupcakes iced with strawberry frosting was her favourite kind. Your parents hadn’t seen you since you’d moved in with Hakyeon, so they wanted to come and inspect the new environment that you were living in. However unfortunately, vanilla cupcakes with strawberry icing were also your boyfriend Hakyeon’s favourites and you regretted setting them out 3 ½ hours before your parents were actually supposed to be arriving.

“Ooh what’s this?” Hakyeon eyed the cupcakes as he strolled into the living room. His eyes lit up when he realised you’d made his favourite flavour. He couldn’t believe you’d made him his favourite cupcakes from scratch! Usually you didn’t like to bake at home since it was time consuming so he felt honoured that you’d taken an hour out of your busy schedule to make something for him. His day was already going well and this was just the cherry on top. “Yum! For me? Thank you I’m so happy you made these for me it’s been so long and you know your cupcakes taste a lot better than store bought ones.” It’d been a while since you’d made some for him and you only really did it on special occasions. He pondered over what he’d done to deserve them recently as his hand reached out to grab one.

You karate chopped his hand away from the assortment of cupcakes just as he reached for the one in the centre. He gasped, pulling his hand back and glaring at you with a look of betrayal.

“What was that for?” he whined, rubbing his sore wrist.

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