the faces he makes in this video though

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What do you love the most about Jack? And what do you love the most about Mark? Just curious.

I love that Jack is so genuine, and that he’s remained that way despite how many subscribers he’s gotten. Whenever he does a milestone video or plays a serious game, you can tell that he cares by just looking at his eyes. I also LOVE that he took the character the community created and he brought him to life. That was wonderful.

And as for Mark…I love that he can always make me laugh, even when I have tears streaming down my face. I love that he puts everything he has into the videos he creates and ones where he meets with fans? So wonderful and unique. I’m a bit biased though because he helped me through the roughest times in my life to date so I love just about everything about him :D

Live with Dan and Phil (Dan x reader x Phil (platonic)

Requested by anon

I hope you like how this turned out. I think I like it ^.^


“So yeah,” Dan concluded, “it was a crazy day.” You knocked on his door to announce your presence and stepped inside.

“Hey, I hate to disturb your liveshow, but I need to borrow your potato sack sweater for a video,” you stated.

“Oh sure,” Dan nodded. He turned to the camera and said: “I’ll be back in a few seconds. Why don’t you enjoy (Y/N)’s face?” You rolled your eyes as your best friend got up to get his sweater. You waved at the camera and waited.

“Here you go,” Dan said as he threw you the sweater, “why are you making a video now, though?”
“I needed it to be dark outside,” you explained, “so now’s the best time. But thanks!” You made to leave, but Dan stopped you.

“(Y/N/N), the chat is literally blowing up with people asking about you. Do you want to join me for a bit?”

“I guess a few minutes couldn’t hurt,” you shrugged, “so sure.” You walked to Dan’s desk and crouched beside him, leaning on the desk with your arms.


- - - - - -

“Hey guys! So today I am joined by a mystery guest,” Phil announced, waving his hands in your direction. You were just outside of the frame and you jumped on the bed.

“It’s (Y/N)!” Phil exclaimed as you sat up. “(Y/N), make a sound to describe how you feel today.”

You tried to make the highest noise possible, which ended in a weird croak.

“What was that?” Phil giggled as you tried your best to keep a straight face.

“I tried to break the sound barrier,” you deadpanned, looking at Phil.

“Okay that’s it, you’re out of this video.”

“No! No wait! I’m sorry!” You laughed as Phil tried to push you off his bed. “I was joking! Mercy!” Phil stopped pushing and looked at you with an amused smile.

“Okay, just this once,” he announced, “but just because I need you for this video.”

“Thank you, I feel honoured,” you said as you scooted closer to your friend, “so Phil, what are we doing today?”

- - - - - -  

“I don’t think all three of us can fit into the frame,” Dan protested as you tried to position the laptop so it could film all three of you.

“We’ll have to,” you replied, “or otherwise you’ll have to go.”

“Hey! This is my liveshow, you know?”

“Yeah, that doesn’t mean we can’t kick you out.” You smiled at your friend and turned to the laptop to see if everyone was visible. Phil adjusted the camera just a bit and smiled contently.

“This is good, right?”

“Good enough for me,” you replied, “so, how’s everyone feeling today?” You took a look at the chat next to the video screen and saw dozens of messages you were hardly able to read.

“Good, good, amazing,” Phil read out, “someone skipped a lesson to watch this.”

“Go back to class,” you scolded, not being able to hold back a little smile, “we don’t want you being kicked out of school because you wanted to watch our liveshow. We’re not worth it.”

- - - - - -

“Hello Internet,” Dan said as the two of you waved at the camera, “you kept demanding me and (Y/N) make a collab, so here we are.”

“Like you wouldn’t have done this if they didn’t ask for this,” you stated.


“I would’ve made you.”

“You would’ve made me?” Dan chuckled, knowing you wouldn’t be able to do so, even if you wanted to. You were way too innocent to pull that off. “How would you have done that?”

“Well, I don’t know,” you answered casually, “post some secrets of yours, maybe some embarrassing photo’s. The usual.”

“Really?” Dan grinned at you. “You? You’re way too kind.”

“That’s what you think,” you smirked evilly, “but you don’t know that.”  


all you gotta do is bite

No but what about newly-made popstar Eren? I mean, so pop your teeth hurt, so pop he sparkles under the lights in the grocery store? No, not alternative, not indie, he’s pop. Synth and catchy beats, and colourful music videos with him dancing, singing intensely while he drags hands all over his face and makes gestures at a wildly panning camera, in an abandoned warehouse– that kind of pop star. Strobe lights. A lot of them.

Levi kind of thinks he’s pop trash, and sticks to his own indie brand of angsty guitar solos and angsty singing at a wildly panning camera while dragging only one hand down his face in an abandoned air strip. The songs are catchy, though, so Levi listens to them, all the while considering himself above the genre. He doesn’t care for the theatrics, is all it is. The makeup, the lights, the sexed up image, the way Eren’s hips seem to move in every. Single. Video. Not that Levi has seen every one of Eren’s videos since his debut. The boy is cute, he admits, kind of buzzed one night after a concert, and Hanji is pressing him about why he knows the lyrics to Touch my Wings when it comes up on the radio.

“You should… hit on him,” Hanji slurs, draping on him and laughing uncontrollably at the thought of the Ice Queen Levi Ackerman, lead guitar and vocalist of Bloody Handprint looking at the shiny new guy on the charts. Levi snorts, and makes a comment about how Eren Jeager is pretty much the symbol of Heterosexuality and the Mainstream, both of which were things Levi was… decidedly not, really.

Hanji drops the subject, but mainly because they fell asleep against Levi’s shoulder.

One day Eren does a music video in a miniskirt, all hip sway and hands running down tanned thighs. 

Take Down My Walls goes to a billion views on YouTube in record time, partly because it’s a damn good song, and partly because of Eren dancing in a 50s pinup style video.

A lot of people say he’s going to hell, and refuse to keep supporting him. 

Most of his fans, however, came to the ultimate conclusion that Eren Jeager looked damn fine no matter what he wore. 

Levi hits replay the moment the video stops, and doesn’t really know what to think. (He agrees, though. Eren does look damn fine.) 


Levi is really… not trawling the internet for Eren Jeager. 

He’s found Eren’s blog, though. The kid has a Tumblr, of all things. The only things he has learnt is that Eren likes cat videos, but writes the most in the tags at pictures of puppies. The kid takes selfies often, which is how Levi finds out that Eren is a fan. A selfie, Eren all tousled and grinning, a band Tshirt – Levi’s band T-shirt, with a bloody handprint in red on dark grey. He scrolls quickly to the tags. 

#selfie #favshirt ngl #BloodyHandprint #faeijvwhyamIawakeee #6amdancepracticeCRUELTY

Levi laughs, despite himself. Eren was a fan, how about that.

The first time he meets Eren, it’s at the recording studio. Eren is apparently visiting his friend, who works with Levi’s label. The guy really is that gorgeous, it’s kind of ridiculous. He nods at Mikasa, their label’s most popular act. (Picked up at 14 when she was found on YouTube under the handle RedScarfMikasa for her distinctive vocal quality) 

“Eren, this is Levi. Levi, Eren.” she says, curt in her usual manner. Levi nods, and extends a hand. Eren makes a strangled sound, and shakes his hand firmly, green eyes flicking up to meet Levi’s gaze for a moment, before stepping away. 

God, the kid was cute. Levi curses inwardly.

“I’m a huge fan, though I guess you hear this a lot,” Eren says, shy but grinning. 

Levi can’t help it. He smiles. “I saw a photo of you in our band shirt. You were at the 2013 tour?” 

“In Toronto!” Eren answers. Mikasa leaves after one of her sound engineers drag her attention away to work, and she tells Eren to stay put. 

“Levi, I’ll leave him here, if you’re free?” she asks. Levi nods. He likes Mikasa, and they have a good relationship based on mutual rivalry and respect. 

Eren sits down, all long limbs and easy grins, and Levi hands him a guitar. Eren takes it instinctively, fingers settling on the neck before he realises what’s in his hands.

Levi takes another guitar, and strums a few chords absently. 

“Mikasa’s going to take a while; Jean always takes forever when he’s going over the mixing,” he says, settling on a chord and playing it. “Wanna play?” 

Eren grins, and settles in his chair, fingers digging into the back pocket of his jeans for a pick.

They end up hanging out, after that first meeting. Mikasa and Hanji have some mutual friends, and his agent keeps telling Levi that he needs to ‘get out more’. They go for drinks, they go for coffee. They meet up at the studio and work on songs that never see the light of day. Levi makes fun of Eren’s pop aesthetic and strobe light MV’s, and Eren huffs and kicks Levi’s shins and says that at least he isn’t in the same abandoned warehouse head banging every other music video. Levi really does have to admit that Eren has a point. 

The next music video they do, they do it in the woods, and Eren laughs and laughs when he sees it. I like the change of scenery! ;) the text from him reads, and Levi stares at it for far too long before he realises he’s grinning as well. 

Eren goes for the grunge aesthetic in his next video, and Levi will swear to every god ever that he was not expecting the sight of Eren clad in leather (those thighs, oh god) clutching at a microphone would ever do things to him. There are gratuitous close-ups of his lips, painted black, painted red mouthing the song, almost touching the microphone, and Levi is most definitely not thirsty as all hell. 

‘Nice pants’ he sends to Eren, and the reply is a simple ‘;)’. 

The next time Eren comes over, he’s wearing those pants. Levi has no idea why the studio let him keep them, because they were patently illegal. Whatever sarcastic greeting he had get stuck in his throat as he looks at Eren’s legs. 

“Hey, eyes up here!” Eren is laughing. “Also, good, I just wanted to confirm that you really have been staring at my butt,” he says as he shoulders past Levi to deposit their takeout lunch on Levi’s coffee table. 

Levi stares at Eren mutely, trying frantically to come up with a denial but failing. 

“I-shit. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, Eren,” he begins, stomach lurching as he tries not to freak out. 

Eren’s eyes widen, and he puts his hands up placatingly. 

“Nonono. I uh,” he scratches the back of his neck, tugging at his ear in a nervous gesture that Levi has already begun to find utterly endearing, “I like that you are staring at my butt? Wow this is terrible. I’ve had a music-crush on you for a long time but uh. I really like you? In the I-want-to-make-out-with-you way, if that’s okay.” 

Silence. Eren is beginning to look panicked, as though he’d completely misjudged. Levi has to say something. 

“That’s uh. Very okay. Shit.” 

To be fair, Levi’s levels of articulation were low because of those pants. And Eren confessing. Eren blinks, and laughs breathlessly, and Levi can’t help but chuckle at how terrible they are at all this.

“You do realise you’re a national sex symbol, right?” he teases, as Eren makes his way across his living room to stand in front of him.

“You do realise you’re the same, right? You’ve been making love to microphones with black nail polish since I was 16, Levi,” Eren murmurs back, eyes lowered. 

Levi reaches a hand out. His fingernails are painted black, and he snorts. He reaches out, pressing a palm around the curve of Eren’s waist. It fits there easily, and he thinks he can get used to it; the same way he got used to the heft of a guitar, the surprising weight of a microphone in his hands.

When Eren kisses him, Levi leans back and parts his mouth easily, tasting soda and mint. The soft, wet heat of him is addictive, and his hands are palming all over Eren’s long, smooth body-

“You really like the pants, huh?” Eren laughs breathlessly. 

“They looked good in the music video,” Levi says by way of answer, heat curling in his gut as Eren presses closer. 

Eren pulls back, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “I kept the miniskirt from the other MV, too, you know.” 

Levi didn’t really know what he did to deserve this, but he regrets ever thinking of Eren as pop trash. 

expectant dad!Calum would include
  • him passing out when you told him you were pregnant even though you’d been actively trying for a baby
  • leaving him to wake up from the kitchen floor with the pregnancy test on his chest so he can figure out what happened
  • tearing up with a huge calum smile on his face when he chokes out ‘we’re having a baby hood then?’
  • blocking calum from all of his social media accounts for weeks because you know fine well that he will spill the beans too early
  • sitting his and your parents down and making them watch the video of you both at the doctors that calum filmed on his phone
  • my baby’s having a baby’
  • buying too many vitamins for just one pregnant woman so now he’s practically running a drug cartel
  • the bump would finally be visible on your abdomen, first noticed when your husband would feel it under his hand one morning
  • ‘babe you need to wake up, someone has decided to shoooow’
  • putting up an instagram post with a picture of that stupid turtle babygrow he bought, with your due date and a love heart as the caption
  • reaching a certain stage in your pregnancy where seeing him, especially topless and laying in bed looking up baby names, turned you on
  • ‘cal, you know how you said you’d do anything for me and the baby?’
  • him having no problem helping you out with your sexual needs
  • ‘anything to keep my babies happy and healthy, right?’
  • Calum crying at e v e r y hospital appointment
  • keeping the gender a surprise, with him using that excuse to buy plenty custom made band onesies
  • blowing raspberries on your swollen belly in the hope that the baby will kick
  • ‘NOTHING GOES WITH HOOD, our child will be nameless’
  • finding it oddly sexy that you can eat the same amount of food he usually does and more
  • laying in bed talking about the future
  • ‘I hope our lil bean knows we love ‘em, cause they’re the best thing that’s happened to us’
  • him spending the afternoon in the nursery, sweating in the summer sun as he pieces together the complicated crib
  • realising its all worth it when he sees you singing one of his songs to the baby as you flick through a magazine in the living room, making passing comments on how ‘your daddy wrote this song for me’ and, ‘i’m sure he’d write one for you too one day’
  • the baby kicking ALL NIGHT against calum’s back because if you have to feel uncomfortable then dammit so should he
  • ‘i hate your child, calum hood’
  • you’re welcome’
  • calling the baby ‘lovebug’ or 'bean’
  • Thinking you’re a goddess with your new baby body
  • Calum going to sleep every night with the view of you curled up next to him, bump protected by your hand which flashes your wedding ring
  • I’m the luckiest man alive’
  • Nobody being surprised when Hood junior arrives exactly 9 months after your husbands birthday

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That female sirius interviewer made them promote her single!! Are u kidding me?! Could she be more pathetic ?Louis' face in the video is epic though. He couldn't be bothered.

Once again, things that a normal and professional PR would have not allowed depending on what they want their client’s interview to focus on (remember the long list of NO Questions the radio hosts had for one direction radio interviews?) its clear what Simon jones wanted from this interview so i am not even surprised. i am frustrated Louis has to work with these people again who are making more damages than good and its just day 1.  

“You betta get the fuck outta my face before I punch you in yours.”

Request from @alltimelow108 and anons: “Can you do a imagine where you and Sam are dating but then you see the video of him and stass you can chose the rest“ “Can u make an imagine where sammy and y/n break up because of stassie but then he gets into drugs and she comes to help him or something pls xx Im your biggest fan though ❤️”  “Are u doing those prompts if so can u make #36??” Combined 2 requests together hope that was okay! and i kind of changed the title of it to fit the imagine more. it’s more enjoyable this way for me! the original was “You need to get the fuck away from me before I punch you in the face.”


“NO SAM! EXPLAIN TO ME!” My yelling echoing the hallways and into the master room, “Explain to me why she was grinding all up on you during Justine’s set? Please, enlighten me!” I threw my hands on my hips, looking at him, waiting. “IT. WAS. NOTHING. Y/N. DROP. IT.” Sam said in my face, walking to his hamper, taking off his shirt. “The video doesn’t show what really happened.” He tried throwing it off. “It was NOT nothing? She was grinding her ass. You grabbed her waist and fucking grinded with her! Fuck you mean?!” “What I don’t get is why you have an attitude right now.” He puts a clean shirt on, looking at me, confused. 

I start staggering my head from side to side, with a petty look on my face. Turning my head, a full 360, looking to find who he think he talking to, “What the fuck do you mean why do I have an attitude?!” “Yeah, why do you have an attitude? What’s your problem?” “M-my problem. MY PROBLEM IS MY BOYFRIEND IS FUCKING AROUND WITH OTHER GIRLS AND TRYING TO DENY IT WHEN PROOF IS SHOWN! THAT’S WHAT THE FUCK MY PROBLEM IS!” I started getting madder. “Stop it Y/N. You’re becoming one of those girlfriends.” “What? One of what girlfriends?” “You’re becoming crazy!” He yells. “YES I AM, WHAT’S YOUR POINT.” I yelled petty, batting my eyes fast. “I’M BATSHIT CRAZY BUT YOU KNEW THAT ALREADY. SO WHAT YOU DOIN’ ACTING SURPRISED LIKE IT’S BRAND NEW INFORMATION?” “Stass is just my best friend! Can you get that stuck in your brain?! BEST. FRIENDS!” He started huffing. “B-best friends.” I stuttered. “Best friends.” I repeated, nodding my head  

“Oh really? Okay. okay. Behst friehnds.” I emphasized, walking around him, going into the closet and grabbing my luggages, packing all my stuff in the closet and drawers. “B-babe. Babe. What are you doing? Hey stop.” He tried approaching me but I stopped him, “I know you betta not.” I stuck my index finger out. “Come on babe, you’re overreacting.” He lied on the bed, looking up at my face as I kept packing. “She’s just my best friend. That’s it.” “No. That’s your fuckbuddy.” “She’s not my fuckbuddy!” “BEST FRIENDS HAVE BOUNDARIES SAMUEL, BOUND-AR-IES!” “No they don’t.” “Oh, so ME seeing MY guy best friends, I don’t have to have boundaries?” “No, you don’t. Go ahead and do you.” He says. “Oh, okay. Let me call Kyle up and see if I can cuddle up against him in my bikini. Let me call up Michael so we can go to the club and I can grind on him. Let me call up Nate and have him see me naked.” I picked up my phone. “No, that’s definitely not okay!” “OH, BUT IT’S OKAY IF YOU DO IT BECAUSE YOU’RE A GUY AND I’M THE GIRL. OH OK. MAKES SENSE.” I rolled my eyes and continued packing. 

The whole time I was packing, Sam and I kept arguing. It literally got nowhere for us. “YOU KNOW WHAT SAM. I’M OVER IT. IT’S DONE. DROPPED.” “Dropped?” He said. “Dropped.” I instantly went calm. “Ok, good.” “Yeah, good.” I smiled petty, grabbing my luggages and started rolling it after me. “Woah, woah, woah, wait!” He gets up, running after me grabbing my wrist, “Where are you going? You said it’s dropped!” “Yeah, you know why? Because we’re OVER. DONE. OVER!” I said, still walking towards the front door. “HEY!” He runs in front of me before I approach the door. “Sam,” “No, let’s talk it out.” “Sam,” “NO!” “SAM YOU BETTA GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY FACE BEFORE I PUNCH YOU IN YOURS!” 

I got in his face, making him move before I start flipping a bitch. “Go get comfort from your best friend.” I said, walking out the door and slamming it behind me. 

“You are so petty, I love it.” Delany said, laughing from the kitchen. “The past, what, 5 months?, He’s been acting very FLIRTY with Stass and it’s PISSING me off! I’ve seen EVERY SINGLE FUCKING VIDEO that fans send me. But he wants to deny they even happen.” “But you’re flirty too,” She hands me a bowl of popcorn. “I am, BUT I’m flirty to a certain extent ESPECIALLY BECAUSE I HAVE A BOYFRIEND! You don’t see me grinding up on other guys or cuddling up against all my guy best friends, or wear my panties around other guys, and then let them grab my ass. It’s one thing being flirty, but it’s another thing being flirty back and continuing the flirting. Best friends have boundaries. Do they not. Especially IF YOU ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP. Am I right.” I looked at her. “You right. You so right.” Delany agreed with me. “So what now? Wait till he comes running back?” “No, because I’m sick and tired of it happening. I’m so over this bullshit. He wants me back, we gone have to compromise.” “His friendship went too far, he needs to cut it! Cut it. Cut it. Cut it.” Delany sings, “No. I’m not expecting him to drop her for me. But I’m expecting him to set some boundaries with her.” We high five each other. 

A week later, “Y/N, can we talk?” Stass huffs out of breath, trying to catch up to me as she saw Delany and I were shopping at the grove. “YO Y/N!” She tried yelling my name again. “She really wants to talk.” Delany said in between her teeth. “Y/N!” She grabs a hold of my shoulder and turns me around. “Hey, can we talk?!” She said catching her breath. “No.” I bluntly said, trying to walk away but she grabs me again. “This is serious.” “I don’t have time to talk.” I tried brushing her off. “It’s about Sam.” “I know.” I walked away but she jumps in front of me. “Listen, Sam and I are just friends. Me and him just joke around together all the time. We are super close. He’s like my brother. That’s why we are so comfortable around each other. He absolutely loves you alright? So would you stop being a bitch and get back together with him already? He won’t shut up about you.” She crosses her arms. 

“Listen, Stass..” I took off my sunglasses. “Sam and I are over. So, whatever the fuck you have to say, say it to Sam, because, listen closely now, I DO NOT GIVE A FUUUUUUCKKK. So, BACK. OFF.” I said in her face, putting my sunglasses back on. I turned around to Delany and started walking till she jumped in front of me again, “Y/N!” “I know you betta get outta my face before I punch you in yours!” I started giving attitude. “If he wants to fuck around with you, FINE! Leave me out this shit. Did you even consider MY feelings to all of this? Yeah, Sam may not care what you do to him but what about ME?! You and I are NO WHERE NEAR CLOSE so what makes you think I WOULD NOT CARE ONE BIT ABOUT THE SHIT YOU GUYS DO?! I KNEW you guys were best friends! I KNEW you guys were close! I signed up for that. What I DIDN’T sign up for is you guys groping all over each other! But I’M the bad person in all of this. But if roles were reversed, I’d still be the bad person in all this, right?” I snapped. “Now,” I tried motioning her away, “GeT ouT of my face or you will catch a fade.” I threatened. She looked at me, then stepped to the side, as I walked away from the situation.

“I heard he almost started overdosing on something at the party.” “What??? Are you serious?” “Yeah.” “I didn’t even know he did those kind of drugs.” “He didn’t, till Y/N broke up with him.” “He’s on drugs now because Y/N is gone? What a freaking prick.” “Yeah, all the guys are scared to even bring any type of shit to the party or something will happen to him.” “They better not bring him around that stuff.” “Should we tell Y/N?” “Tell her what? That her ex-boyfriend is starting to become a drug addict? I don’t know if she’s a really good actor or she really doesn’t care.” “Has he called her?” “Multiple times. Denied all.” “We need a find a way to help him and fast before he continues in this path..” Delany and Derek were talking in the living room as I overheard it in my room. 

“I want you back… Please..” I cried out on the side of the hospital bed, holding his hand. “Please, i’ll do anything to have you back.. Please, help me…” I cried harder. “Excuse me.” The doctor pulled me off of him, as all the guys held me back straight faced. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I cried even louder. “NO STOP! NO WHY ARE YOU UNPLUGGING HIM! NO! HE STILL HAS A CHANCE PLEASE!” I tried stopping them but I was being held back. “NO! PLEASE!!! I’LL DO ANYTHING! ANYTHING!” I begged out.

I immediately sat up on my bed, sweating and tears coming down my face, breathing hard. I woke up from the sound of my phone ringing. I grabbed my phone, moving my hair out the way, answer it, “Hello?” “Y/N?!” I barely heard Stass over the phone. “Stass?” I asked confused. I could barely hear her from the loud music and yelling from behind her. “Y/N? CAN YOU COME TO NATE’S HOUSE? THIS IS IMPORTANT. SAM NEEDS YOU. PLEASE. I DON’T KNOW IF YO-” I pressed the end button. 

Stass’ POV

“Y/N? CAN YOU COME TO NATE’S HOUSE?” I yelled, plugging my open ear, to hear better. “THIS IS IMPORTANT. SAM NEEDS YOU. PLEASE. I DON’T KNOW IF YO-” I heard a beep. I looked at my phone and saw that she hung up. “WHAT DID SHE SAY?” Nate screamed loud for me to hear him, “SHE HUNG UP!” “WHAT?” “SHE HUNG UP!” “WHY?!” “I GUESS IT’S REALLY OVER BETWEEN THEM.” “WELL, WHO’S GOING TO STOP SAM FROM TAKING ANOTHER SNIFF?!” I extended his arm, pointing to wear Sam was. I saw Sam arguing with a couple of the guys cause they wouldn’t give him any more drugs. I started rushing to where he was, “SAM! HEY! THAT’S ENOUGH! YOU DON’T NEED ANYMORE!” “NO! PLEASE! IT’S THE ONLY THING MAKING ME FEEL AGAIN!” He begged. “SAM!” I tried pulling him away, but he just pushed me off. “Sam!” I yelped. “Hey! I’m here for you okay? Please look at me! You are so much better than this!” I held his face, but he couldn’t concentrate his eyes on me, sweating hard. “Sam, look at me.” But he wouldn’t budge. Him and the guys started arguing more and more. 


“Sam? Sam?! SAM??!” I started yelling and pushing through the crowds. I finally reached the backyard as I saw Nate, Swazz and Stass hold him back. I start running to them, “WHAT IS GOING ON?!” I yelled, on the side. “CONTROL HIM!” Rupp pointed to an angry Sam. I breathed in deep, stepping to Sam. “Sam. Sam! Hey, look at me. Listen to me.” I grabbed his shaky face, and forced it downwards, to look at me. His eyes going crazy, looking all over, he looked down at me for a second then back at the boys. Once he realized who he say, his eyes looked straight into mines. “Hi, Sam. Hi.. Hey. I’m here.. I’m here..” I started stroking his face. “Please, stop. Please.. You’re scaring me. I got you okay? I’m here.” I felt him relax, and tears started running down his face. “I know I know, I’m a bitch. But I’m here. I got you, okay?” He wraps his arms around me, hugging me hard, crying on my shoulder. “We can get through this, I promise. Sh, sh, it’s okay. I know.” I rubbed his back. I grab the side of his head, pulling it off to look at me, “No more drugs, do you understand me?” He sobs, nodding at me, hugging me tighter. 

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Any role play scenarios between Snape and desired charcter?

  • They’re tied up and placed back to back over a boiling lava pool. Severus, who has worn a mask and refused to speak to this point, says, “Funny, I thought I’d die in a slightly less cliche manner.”
  • She goes to the Muggle bank to withdraw some money. The teller has to get the manager because her ID is expired. The manager is Snape, but though he recognizes her, he has apparently forgotten that he is a wizard.
  • She calls for an Uber for a multi-hour trip, and the driver is Snape.
  • There’s a video game tournament. After beating everyone else, they face off against each other. Snape grins ghoulishly as he selects Chun Li as his character. Who will win? 
  • She’s at a convention dressed up in HP cosplay and sees someone else dressed up as a very convincing Snape, though it’s not exactly like the movies- he’s wearing black platform-like shoes that make him look impossibly tall, and he’s much thinner and gaunt-looking, but his glare is ALL SNAPE.  She asks to take a picture with him and he complies, whispering in her ear, “What, exactly, is this strange place? I thought I saw Albus earlier.”
  • She’s sitting in the theater watching Fantastic Beasts and hears someone dryly comment about the inaccuracies in the film a few seats over.  She turns and recognizes him instantly by the long, hooked nose and his scowl.

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Ahh thank you for doing the angry Harry post! I've been curious. I totally see the saltiness but I haven't been here for any actual promo so ... I just find them all so interesting as fully faceted people who we only catch glimpses of ... anyway thanks! Love your blog, and love when you debunk gifs. Makes the real ones even better right?! Xo

My pleasure! As I said, I think he jealously guards his privacy and his intimate emotions — even the Another Man feature was a carefully curated presentation of self. We’re only provided glimpses and it’s easy to view him as someone we fully (intuitively?) understand, which is a disservice to him. We all present public faces and curated images, after all. In general I find it a fascinating dichotomy to think about.

I love to examine video and gifs! If you ever have particular questions about anything, please feel free to message me! Though I very rarely do so publicly, I’m always happy to delve into what I think about something. Context, context, context!

Winner Reaction To Their Girlfriend Falling Asleep Wearing Their Shirt

Yasss!! Our first Winner request!!


KSY would find you so cute! After coming back from a stressful day at work, seeing you like this definitely make him feel much better. 


When Jinwoo saw you he couldn’t help but just embrace you as you were, even though he did wake you up. He couldn’t help but cover your face with mini kisses.


Seunghoon saw you, and immediately drew a smile on his face. Seeing you curled up wearing his shirt would definitely make him think about how lucky he is to be dating someone as beautiful as you.


Mino would be a lot like Jinwoo. When he saw you, the first thing he did was hug you and cover your face with mini kisses.


“Is she drooling on my $400 shirt??”

P.S please watch their latest music videos:


Baby Baby

I’m Young

- Admin L

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Congrats!🎊ok, um I'm a heterosexual ENFP girl with a love for sports and video games. At first, I'm really shy and quiet but once I warm up to someone, I become more playful and I love making jokes. I love being able to put a smile on someone's face and make them laugh, though my jokes could be interpreted as mean. I love to eat food and sleep and laze around all day. For those lazy days, I just play video games all day. It's a wonder how I can still do well in sports, 'specially volleyball.

Ya grunt matches ya up with… Molayne! He loves the sporty side of you, and will always come to cheer you on during games. He appreciates the video game side as well, and will definitely sit down with you and play for hours on end. He has that sarcastic sense of humor as well, so you’ll be in for some witty conversations.

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A preference about being the best friend of the different members of the McCall pack? xx

Allison Argent: The two of you would sit up late at night talking about anything and everything that was on your minds. Constantly being there for one another; you’d help each other with pretty much anything you could and be reassuring that things are going to be fine.

Liam Dunbar: Being super protective of one another, to the extent that you have to try and stop the other from fighting someone that has done something – no matter how little – against you. Lazy days playing video games or just being with each other doing your own thing.

Derek Hale: Telling him every werewolf joke that comes to mind and him acting as though it annoys him, despite you knowing that there’s a smirk on his face the whole time. Him looking out for you, even when you tell him you’ll be fine. Trying to cook but he takes over.

Lydia Martin: Dressing up in terrible outfits to see who can make the other laugh first. Shopping trips out and constantly chatting. Only really calming down when you sit in a coffee shop, bags around your feet, and talk about anything that may have been on your mind.

Isaac Lahey: Always being there for each other, even if it’s just sitting together while there’s a film on or something. Constantly going on day trips to try and get him out of the house and not returning until later. Taking way too many terrible pictures to make you both grin.  

Scott McCall: Helping each other study but getting distracted by terrible jokes that you both come up with. Sitting up talking while looking at the stars, randomly making up constellations if you don’t know them. Knowing when each of you just needs a hug to help.

Stiles Stilinski: You have too many conversations open about the little facts that the two of you may have found out either through Google or just what you were doing. Knowing instinctively how to cheer each other up and doing it without missing a beat.

Malia Tate: Reminding her about what being human involves but also trying to help her do some things that she misses. Her being really protective over you and threatening pretty much anyone who even looks at you odd. You stick up for her if anyone notes she’s a little odd.

Kira Yukimura: Movie nights, and days, and just basically the two of you hanging out by watching films with way too much food and talking about whatever may be on your minds. Having each other’s ringtones as the loudest so you can respond as soon as possible.

Video games with Dean.

This was a request that is kinda old, but it was really fun to write and I hope whoever requested it likes it. 
It turned into ultra fluff haha :D
Feel free to request more stuff even though I have a few things left to write. :)

Request:  dean x reader where they’re playing video games and she’s surprised at how well he’s doing?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 902 Words+

Warnings: so much fluff

Originally posted by acklesjensen


“(Y/N), I´m most definitely not going to play some stupid video game with you, where did you even get this thing?”, Dean said and rolled his eyes.
You looked down at the [insert random game station] that was plugged into the TV in the bunker and you tried to make an innocent face: “Well… I stole it.”
The Winchester raised his eyebrows: “You stole it? You do know stealing is bad?”
Now it was your turn to roll your eyes: “Don´t you dare try to give me a lesson about stealing Winchester. You´re the bad boy, I´m just the girl that got tagged along and now deals with the side effects of two criminal best friends.”
A small smile played around his lips but then he sighed: “Why don´t you go get Sam and ask him to play? I bet he´s into stuff like this.”
You shrugged: “Sam already played with me yesterday and he´s busy doing research. And he always wins so I thought…”
You stopped talking because you realized what you were implying but of course Dean had already caught up on your train of thoughts and now frowned:
“Wait, you want to play with me because you think it´ll be easy to win against me?”
For a moment you looked down at your feet and then back at him with an apologetic face: “Well, kinda…”
He pursed his lips: “Okay, I´m in.”
A grin spread over your face: “How could I forget that Dean Winchester never turns down a true challenge?”
He continued to look grumpy, but you could see his eyes twinkle when he said: “Wanna make it interesting?”
You looked at him in surprise. You were so sure as hell gonna kick his ass that it seemed ridiculous to even start betting on this.
You had played video games all through high school before you had met the Winchesters and Dean probably never touched a controller before.
“What did you have in mind?”, you asked and he grinned:
“Well, a kiss maybe?”
That kinda caught you by surprise, even though you knew it shouldn´t. Dean hit on you for fun all the time, just to see you get uncomfortable and blush.
For a second you thought about what would happen if Dean really kissed you, but then again, he was never going to win so you nodded: “All right then, if you win you´ll get a kiss, if I win you let me take the Impala for anything I want for the next month.”
The car was already yours.
You expected him to back out now, knowing that he hated other people driving his car but he just said: “Okay.”
For a second you wondered if he really knew how good you were and had almost informed him right then but instead you started the game, some kind of ego shooter, and handed Dean the controller:
“Here we go Winchester.”

You laid the controller on the ground and stared at the screen with big eyes: “How did you do it?”, you asked, your voice completely amazed.

Not only had Dean Winchester just beaten you, he had crushed you, totally and as humiliatingly as possible.
“Well, guess you don´t know everything about me after all”, he said and when you looked at him a smug grin was written all over his face and you remembered what had been in for him: Your kiss.
Your heart started beating fast, and the familiar blush spread over your face.
He stopped grinning and looked kinda nervous now:
“You don´t have to kiss me (Y/N), don´t worry, I just wanted to mess with you because you thought I was an easy opponent.”
Disappointment spread through your chest and that was the moment you realized you really, really wanted to kiss him so you said: “A bet is a bet, and I´m not walking away knowing that I backed out.”
Suddenly the grin was back, but now it was more of a gentle smile: “All right then.”
He shifted around so he was now sitting in front of you and then you leaned in, closing your eyes in the process, ready to do it before you changed your mind.
The moment your lips met his was really great, he felt so soft and good.
At first the kiss was a little distant and cautious but then you moved a little closer to him, which he took as an invitation to pull you on his lap, which you gladly allowed.
After a minute or so, he pulled a way and stroked over your back: “You know, I think that covers your debt.”
You grinned: “I don´t think so.”
And then you kissed him again, this time really loosing yourself into him, his hands on your back and in your hair, and yours stroking up and down his arms.
You could have continued doing this for ages, but suddenly you were interrupted by someone clearing his throat and the question:
“What´s going on here?”
You both stopped kissing and looked up at Sam who had just entered the room and now looked kinda confused.
You couldn´t help it but chuckle and then said: “Dean beat me at a video game.”
Sam frowned: “I beat you three times yesterday. And I don´t remember getting that kind of treatment for it.”
Dean grinned: “Well, too bad Sammy, you really missed out on something.”
And before you could do something, his lips were back on yours.

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"Female sexual objectification by a male involves a woman being viewed primarily as an object of male sexual desire, rather than as a WHOLE person." The women were in that video solely for their body parts. Women can show skin and be sexy as a form of female empowerment because they are owning their sexuality. But I draw the line at the director only showing the women's breasts. For me thats not respecting a person as a whole. In the entire vid its never just ravis abs without his face.

It’s been brought up that the entire video was satirical in the first place. It makes fun of modern rappers and the ideal that women are just objects for viewing pleasure. Therefore it should only be even more of a reason for people to hush up about women being objectified.

Though, even if it wasn’t satirical, it still wouldn’t warrant the reaction it is getting or the hate Wonshik is getting. It’s not as if he’s some mysoginistic pig that makes all of his female staff or friends dress that way 24/7 or treats women like garbage. He’s one of the nicest, most respectful idols around, as is the entire group. Just because a woman’s body is the center of a music video scene without her face showing doesn’t mean they’re being disrespectful to women altogether or that they’re objectifying women. Did you take into consideration that maybe the actresses didn’t want their face shown in the first place or that it had a valid reason for the blurred / not shown faces? Don’t get all pissy until you can cite sources that things are what you think they are. And definitely don’t feed into the whole idea that Wonshik is some awful person just because this is the way his music video was directed.

Real Talk

My friend and I were playing Overwatch together and I mentioned how Genji and Hanzo are some of my most favorite characters and he was like, “Is that cuz ur Japanese?” (I’m half Japanese, half Caucasian)

And I was like, “Bro, I’ll be honest - that is like 60% of the reason I was initially drawn to them.”

A pause.

“Fair enough.” And I could just see the Not Bad™ Obama face he was making even though we were playing online. He had initially been trying to playfully rib me, but realized quickly that it was actually an important point.

Racial representation matters. People naturally identify more easily with people that share cultural and physical similarities. I have always had a soft spot for virtually ALL Japanese characters in books, movies, TV shows, and video games my whole life. My Japanese mom went out of her way to make sure I learned about multiple cultures (including Japan) as I grew up. We live in America, but I could use chopsticks by the time I was five.

Having Japanese representation in popular media validates a part of me. So it should come as no surprise when I - or anyone that has non-white ethnicity - say that I like a character for their race. There’s always a need for diversity in media, so I appreciate it when it happens.

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Originally posted by cassielle

I know I’m quite late, but I want to say this.
12 Million Subscribers, that’s how far Adam has come since 2010. From my own experience, I have been with Adam since 2011, when he had reached 500K subscribers. Looking back from this year, it has been 6 years that Adam was on youtube, reaching that 12 million sub rank. From Team Crafted to having his own family.I’ve seen Adam progress through his youtube career, all his videos, all of them never fail to make me smile. Though I’d never even met him before in my life or even got noticed by him, the only thing that I could do to support him is just watch his videos and giving a like for every single one of them.

Some people say that “oh, I prefer the old Sky, where he cusses alot and is also very close to Team Crafted.” People change, but for Adam, he changed to a better person.
During his journey, he faced alot of ups and downs, eventually, look at the position he is at, owning his own company and creating a new family.
You’re doing a great job Adam Dahlburg, and I’ll like to congratulate you on hitting 12 million subscribers, keep doing what you do.

Like what Max said, “I appreciate your existence.” :))