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Creepypasta #616: They Said A Kid Died Out Here

Story length: Long

“They say a kid died out there,” I tell them. They oooh and awww and dare each other to go, playfully poking each other in the ribs, just like they always do. We stand at the edge of the field, a safe distance from the shack. It’s a strange little structure surrounded by a cluster of thick trees in an otherwise empty meadow, like a dark oasis in a desert of tall, yellow grass. The shack is tiny—far too small for someone to live inside. At least not comfortably. Its windows are boarded up with plywood panels and someone had long ago spray-painted “Zac’s 1st birfday” on the rotting walls. The kids always ask what it means and I tell them I don’t know.

“So what happened to the kid?” they ask. “How did he die? Was he murdered? A wild animal? A serial killer?” They always want to hear The Story. I stay silent for a bit and let them wonder. It doesn’t matter what The Story is, not really. They just want it to be dark and messy. They always do. If I told them it was an accident or some family dog that went rabid, the whole thing would lose its magic. They need it to be a horror story. They want someone ripped to shreds by a faceless stranger who lures kids to creepy shacks with promises of candy and video games. They want fanged demons that drag kids to the grave and ghosts that can turn their tiny hearts to ice just by looking into their eyes. They want blood and nightmares, and that’s what I give them.

They look up to me because I’m older, usually by a year or two. They trust that I know what I’m talking about. I don’t know why. They seem to believe that once you get to 6th grade, you learn all of your town’s dark secrets. Like there’s some kind of ancient book of local lore that’s passed down to those who are old enough and wise enough to attend middle school. I let them believe it. It makes the stories better.

They stare at me wide-eyed and excited, waiting for me to spill the gory details. This is my favorite part, the suspense. I make them wait as long as I can, until they’re practically drooling with anticipation. And then I begin.

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  • Barb: *slits a teensy bit of blood*
  • Monster: F E A S T
  • Steve and Jonathan: *literally beats the shit out of each other resulting to visible wounds*
  • Monster:
  • Monster:
  • Monster:
  • Monster: It's so sweet how he came to both his family's and the girl he has unrequited love with defense... It's like something out of the greatest romance of this world... My Immortal...
  • Monster:
  • Monster:
  • Monster: ♡JANCY 4EVA♡

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why do you like Kenny so much he doesn't even talk it makes no sense

why do i like kenny so much

you’re asking me why do i like kenny so much



he listens and actually cares

when kyle was about to die and stan was really fucking down, kenny sat there and listened to him. sure, he didn’t sit there long but he tried. he got upset and offended by stan but he tried to listen. in the movie, he asked satan, the guy who tortured him just five minutes earlier what’s wrong and wanted to listen. when he tried to pretend that he was fine and strong and evil, kenny insisted that he told him what was wrong, and helped him.


have you seen the episodes where he dressed up as mysterion?? he said, and i quote;

“I could no longer sit by and watch as my city became a cesspool of crime. I have lived in South Park all my life. I decided it was up to me to keep this town safe. Nobody at school knows my double life. To them, I’m just another fourth grader, but tonight, I am Mysterion.”

he became mysterion to save his town from crime and bad people. he never expected anything in return, he never told anyone about mysterion. he didn’t want any thanks or praises, he wanted to help. later he uses mysterion to comfort his little sister karen, and saving her from bullies.


like i said earlier, he uses mysterion to protect his sister. while he gives no shits about his parents fighting or his brother drinking, he wanted to protect his sister and tell her that she never is alone. in the poor kid, when they’re in their new school, karen asks him if she’ll see him at recess, which to he replies that he’ll be there. you must be thinking “that’s no big deal whatever” but that is a big deal. my brother would never be with me at recess, no matter how alone i would be. kenny already had new friends, he could hang out with them. but no, he chose to be with his sister instead. then later on he saves karen from a bully, and later gets them all out of the abusive home.


in the jeffersons, he dressed up as blanket jackson to help kyle and stan save him. i know that it probably was just the makers getting a character that could be killed off and it not be a big deal, but still. he knows how easily he dies, so going to a house of a crazy man who didn’t care enough for his son to even treat his wound [kyle did that lol] wouldn’t be the best idea. but he did it anyways, because his friends needed help. he died in the process, but i’m sure when he woke up it was okay since he helped his friends.


yep, you read right, the mostly faceless mccormick kid has feelings too!! wow what is this he’s not a just a faceless character that’s only there to be funny!! haha what a wonderful world we live in!! but yes, kenny has feelings too. jumping back to section one, he gets offended and hurt by stan never remembering him dying. in coon vs coon and friends he gets mad at kyle for thinking that not being able to die is cool, since it really fucking hurts to go through the most brutal deaths known to human kind. yes, anger is an emotion too, keep that caps unlocked. when cartman ate all the skin from the kfc chicken, he started sobbing [which was pretty fucking adorable and hilarious i must say] while stan and kyle just stared in disbelief at the skinless chicken peaces. when his parents were getting a new baby, he was immediately worried that his parents would care more for the baby than him. he died in the episode though, and the baby ended up being him lol


in the movie, he went back to hell so everything would be fine again. in jewbilee he sacrifices himself by smashing his head, in the same time freeing moses. he has sacrificed himself several more times, but i’m kinda lazy to look up what episodes they were lol tHE POINT IS, KENNY SAVES EVERYONE ELSE BUT HIMSELF VERY OFTEN AND THAT SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN

kenny’s a character that doesn’t need to talk for me to love him. he doesn’t need to do much for me to be able to want to be friends with him. good characters don’t need to talk all the time, or have a tragic past or even be in all the episodes.

kenny’s a wonderful and a complete character, with his obsession with sex, kindness, loyalty, and with his mysteries.

now, that i have gotten that explained, have a great day and please don’t question my love for characters again, because everything i love has a reason why i love it.

look at this cutie i mean c'mon

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will lionsgate be heartless enough to only show quick short glimpses of the toddlers!? I mean they're twisted enough to do that, it'll get them big bucks. I just wanna see the babies precious faces. no shaky ass camera. I'll cry real tears

I wonder if Lionsgate understands what I would do for Everlark family stuff. I mean I would easily pay 300 dollars to see like an hour long hyper-realistic family outtake. Peeta changing a shitty diaper, Katniss crying in a closet because the baby won’t stop screaming and Peeta having to coax her out, baby girl’s first steps but she falls on her face and Peeta cries and Katniss laughs at him and he gets pissed off, birth of second baby and Peeta cuts the umbilical cord, the whole family eating dinner in contented silence with no soundtrack at all except Peeta begging the little girl to please eat her pears and stop throwing them at the baby, Katniss coming out of the woods from hunting and finding baby boy Mellark behind the geese pen making mud pies with geese shit and she gets furious at Haymitch because he wasn’t watching him and just WHATEVER I WANT ALL THE FAMILY THINGS and now I’ve got to calm down and content myself again with the more realistic probability that it will just be two faceless kids running around in a field.