the faceeeee


taehyung and jungkook fucking cuddling and sleeping together holy shit

Reasons I think Sam & Cait are together, in gifs (part 5)

50. Cait’s favorite part of Outlander s1? Her and Sam. on a boat. Darling.

51. tapping out “I love you”??????

52. this LOOK

53. “he’s just such a sweetheart.”

54. gnrljaegralgegkjaieohar

55. giggly idiots

56. “And there’s Caitriona…”

57. Cait or Claire, Sam?

58. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. This wasn’t about Jamie and Claire, this was about them. Cait’s FACEEEEE. Sam’s lingering stare at her after he says it. LAWD HAVE MERCY I HATE THEM.

59. “It’s like a real marriage.”

60. He can feel if she’s not happy

yeah ok. 

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