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Since I do not understand French, and the quality of the interview promo vid isn't that good, I come to you. They make Harry watch some vids and there's Zayn leaving, and I hope there won't be drama, but is he laughing?

Ok I basically only know enough French to ask people about their skincare recs (Quelle est votre recommandation de soin de peau?) and how the bathroom is (”Comment fonctionne la salle de bain”), so I went ahead and consulted @financial-larrie, an extremely glamorous French woman. 

Harry wasn’t laughing at Zayn, he was laughing at the dramatic hoe fan video. Here is her scientific play-by-play -I went ahead and pointed out where the Harry is for you in the screen shots because I’m so helpful:

financial-larrie They say : ‘but in 2015, badaboom" show videos of fans crying


financial-larrie: “Zayn leaves the band, the fans can’t take it”

that’s his face when the guy says" no more music from Zayn, no more tour from Zayn"

the “no more music from Zayn, no more tour from Zayn” it’s the guy in the video that they show

So in Melly’s summation, there is no Harreh vs. Zayn drama.

Rescued - Jughead Jones

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Hey, can you write an imagine that the reader lives in Riverdale only in childhood an was in love whit Jughead, than she tels him but he doesn’t fell the same, than she goes to other city and now she’s back and Jughead had discovery that he lover her too, and she still loves him, then they kiss and love each other Sorry, I don’t know how to explain that, and I don’t know if a write it in the right way, I’m Brazilian :/

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I hope you don’t mind that I changed it up a bit, I just followed my idea.

Riverdale; the small town in the middle of nowhere, unknow simply because of it’s simplicity. Riverdale had also been your home once. The quiet little town served as your stomping grounds for ten years. That decade was filled with adventure and from what you can remember, heartache. During your childhood, you had been subjected to the cruelty of privileged grade schoolers. One day, the second of your fourth year, a taller boy and his gang decided to pick on you. First, they stole your ball and tossed it across the school yard. The main boy then proceeded to taunt you with your imperfections; words that were still burned into your brain, despite the passage of time. Their childish assault ended only when a lanky boy, wearing a very large flannel shirt rescued you from them. You later became fast friends with this boy, later you learned his name was Jughead Jones. You smiled at the memory of this boy, wondering that when you started Sophomore year, if he would still remember you.

A few years had passed since your family had relocated and despite the distance, your mind often wandered back to the boy you left behind. What had started as a infatuation turned into a middle school crush. The fact that you still thought of him, that his imprint on your mind was so powerful, made you smile a little. That smile had morphed into a grin as soon as your family announced they were moving back to the snoozy town of Riverdale. All summer was spent packing things, settling house purchases and what not. Although it was hard to pack up your life once more, you had hopes of what was in store in your home town. As you fell asleep, in your family's’ new house in Riverdale, you silently hoped Jughead Jones still thought of you as well.

You took a breath of fresh air as your eyes landed on the front doors of Riverdale High School. People were already filling into the school, hoping to get a jump on the first day. You let out a sigh and made your way to the entrance.

The hallways are crowded, overcrowded more like. You scanned the top of doorways, looking for the main office. Your mother received an email telling you to report to the office before 1st period. When you gaze finally landed on the sign reading ‘Main Office’ the first bell of the day had rung. You groaned as you pushed open the office door, almost running into two girls.

“Hi! You must be Y/N, right?” The perky blonde gave you a smile, reaching out her hand for you to shake. You smiled at her awkwardly, taking her hand. “I’m Betty Cooper. I’m going to be giving you and Veronica here, a tour of the school.” She gestured to the pretty girl behind her and the dark haired girl gave you a wave.

“Sounds great,” you said, trying to carry your hope fully on your shoulders. You’d need it to get through to today, especially if no one remembered you.

“Y/N L/N,” Betty paused, “didn’t you attend middle school with me?” You smiled and nodded. You could easily remember you and Jughead running around with a happy blonde girl. You also remembered a red-headed boy, not part of the group of bullies, but you remembered Betty talking to him a lot. You didn’t remember the other girl, Veronica.

“Well, should we get this tour started?” You glanced over at Veronica, the girl with the pearls. She gave you a kind smile, one you returned. Betty smiled at the two of you and nodded.

“Let’s go face the music!”

The tour was incredibly helpful to you, in that you also gained two friends to sit by at lunch if Jughead didn’t remember you. When the tour ended, right before second period, you wandered to the bathroom. Inside, the restroom was more less clean and not riddled with graffiti like some schools. You glanced in the mirror, taking in your appearance. You leaned over the sink, turned on the water, and took some deep breaths.

It would be fine if he didn’t remember you, after all it had been years since you had last seen him. Your feelings for him were odd anyway, so if he didn’t recognize you, maybe you could finally move on. Find someone new and live out the high school experience with them. You thought back to all the small things, drifting to those days on the playground. When playtime turned into a free period, you and Jughead just spent the whole hour talking about everything and anything. One time in particular, you and Jughead were talking your parents and how much they love each other. Jughead had just smiled at you shyly then before saying, “I love you that much too.” At first, younger you had been confused, but when a minute passed you understood. Before you could answer him though, the bell rang and he ran off to class. Other than the slight awkwardness that ensued afterwards, it was like nothing had changed between you two. Sadly, that day was one the few before you moved away from the boy who said he loved you.

You felt so at ease with him, so when you moved away from your only true friend, everything changed. The prospect of being able to talk with him again made you giddy and even the bathroom of Riverdale High School, you found yourself smiling.

The smile faded from your lips as the second bell rang. You hurried out of the bathroom and into the crowded hallways. You scanned faces, looking for the boy that rescued you all those years ago. The idea o f getting to your next class was only a lingering thought in the back of your brain as you continued your search.

“Look at that, Donnie Darko making eyes at the new kid,” at those words, you spun around. Your eyes locked with the very familiar blue pair of Jughead Jones. You smiled softly at him, but his gaze was interrupted by three large guys. Your blood started to boil as once again, your friendship with Jughead involved the cruelty of children. That’s what they were; those people picking on Jughead. They were nothing more than children who felt the need to assert themselves as the best; but you were having none of that. You had gone too far, harboring these feelings for Jughead, just to let these boys get in the way of it.

“Hey! Go pick on someone your own size, Skyscraper.” The taller of the boys turned around with wide eyes. You attempted to hold back an evil laugh when you recognized Reggie Mantle; the very boy that had started your relationship with Jughead. Your first bully on that playground so long ago. You walked towards them, pushing past the dumbfounded jocks. You reached for Jughead’s hand and when you took it, you pulled him away from those brutes. The hallways were still crowded, but you managed to find an unpopulated area near the stairwell. You turned to look at the boy who was still holding on to your hand and smiled.

“I guess it was your turn to be rescued.” Jughead smiled at you, and awkwardly let go of your hand. Your smile faded slightly at the loss of contact, but you still held his gaze.

“Do you remember me, Y/N?” Jughead asked, and you grinned.

“I never forgot about you,” you said quietly. Jughead smiled brightly, a sight you didn’t realize you missed so much. He still had that boyish smile, the same one he had as a child.

“I missed you,” he said finally, “a lot. I missed you so much.” His arms wrapped around your waist then, and you melted in his embrace.

“I missed you too, Jug,” you whispered. He pulled back enough to look into your face, his bright blue eyes glinting with happiness.

“I never got the chance to say this but,” you felt your heart race a mile of minute as you spoke. Maybe you shouldn’t do this. It wasn’t like if he remembered you, he remembered everything he said to you. As you thought, you flashed back to the sweet times you spent with him as a young teen. You realized that there was no other choice; after all, he was the only thing you could think about at your new school. No one connected with you the way he did. “I love you too, Jughead.”

“Thank God,” he whispered, leaning in just enough to brush his lips against yours. You pressed against him, deepening the kiss to your liking. His hands found their way to your neck, cupping your jaw gently. It finally felt like everything you were holding back was falling into place. Those years of loneliness in that school seemed all worth it, now that you had been reunited with Jughead. He pulled away, a big smile on his plush lips.

“I’ve been waiting for you to say that since the day you left.” You giggled slightly at his words.

“I’ve wanted to say that since the day I met you.” His smiled widened as he leaned in again, pressing his lips to yours once more.  

Hey, hello, hi and all those other greetings that you may prefer to use. The name’s Gerard Way, you’ve probably heard my voice, seen my face, but I’m not on the tour for musical purposes this time around. I’m more than happy to talk about that, but I’m here to promote the comics I’ve been working on with DC, so feel free to ask me about those or just hit me up to hang out. I’m just one of the most recent guys to hit that big 4-0 mark, so don’t mind me if I seem a bit old at times. gh is doompatrolway and I’ll be around as much as I can, hope to make some new friends out here!