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The Ocean ❤️

Useful To You - “SIGNIFICANT”

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Rick’s blood was warm and sticky on her fingers; on her palms, creeping up her arms. She could feel it on her knees, seeping through the material of her leggings.  She was right by his side in the ambulance, as the paramedics dressed his wound, fitting his slack face with an oxygen mask.  She stared at him, holding his hand, willing him to wake up.

And then he did.

His eyes fluttered a bit, and he looked right at her.  As soon as they opened, they fell closed, and the sound of a piercing beep filled the air.

“He’s flat lining.  Get the paddles.  Ma’am, I’m gonna need you to let him go.”

“Let him go?”

I can’t.  I can’t. No. No. No…

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I’m in love with The Face. So much oportunity for those girls already on the first episode. I mean, Patrick Demarchelier on the FIRST episode, they nailed it. I loved the teams division but I have to go with Team Coco cause she’s the best and her team is so strong and awesome and they take the right risks. I feel like the other teams are not taking the opportunity. And omg, wtf was Naomi’s scandal ? C'mom, this is not personal, it’s about the girls on your team, don’t blame Karolina, she did the right thing. I’m loving it, those girls are so lucky.