the face on him


Jackson for Never Ever and Q Stages on Music Core: 170325



(If you saw Springle’s stream from a couple days ago, you’d understand lmao)    Many brain cells were lost in the making of this. Rip brain cells. I blame @springledongle  for this bullshit coming to be, but what glorious bullshit it is.      I had to draw @foxygogogo too, since their Fun Foxy fits this perfectly to me, but that might just be me. Idfk lol. (This is based off the vine at 7:34)


“thank you so much, finnegan, for being here when she got home from school.”
“it’s no problem. she’s a handful, that one.”
“oh, yup. I don’t know if i’m scared or excited about her teen years.”
“be very afraid. I can’t believe you’re having another one.”
“when will you be back in the city, uncle finnegan?!”
“hmmm… let me see. when you’ve thought of your scary new nickname, give me a call.”

I hope this face is the face of a woman who feels like a complete and total shitheel, and is overwhelmed with guilt.  Because this was like fifty levels of wrong here.  And even watching the first time, when I disliked Regina and was rooting for Emma to break the curse, this left a bad taste in my mouth.