the face of akb48


Time: March 15, 2017 22:37:17 JST

Title: Fresh ☆

Shooting has ended

I like the clean and fresh feeling of washing off my makeup smoothly at the location (of the shooting)

Bare face with no makeup (´-`)

I’m really sleepy

I was really happy to spend the day with members today!


The scenery on the car during the trip back was my favorite!!


What kind of time do you like?

See ya later (· o ·) ノ

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101 Finalists and their AKB48 counterparts

Maeda Atsuko - Jeon Somi (JYP)

-face, ace, and centre of the group

Takahashi Minami - Kim Sejeong (Jellyfish)

-backbone and natural leader of the group that the members can turn to

Matsui Jurina - Choi YooJung (Fantagio)

-great charisma on stage and dance ability

Yamamoto Sayaka - Kim Chungha (M&H)

-all-rounded and immensely talented

Shimazaki Haruka - Kim SoHye (Red Line)

-both ponkotsu(so untalented that they’re charming)

Kojima Haruna - Zhou JieQiong (Pledis)

-4D personalities with model-like visuals

Watanabe Mayu - Jung ChaeYeon (MBK)

-every schoolboy’s dream girl

Matsui Rena - Kim DoYeon (Fantagio)

-traditional beauties that are in charge of building the aura of the group’s performance

Oshima Yuko - Kang Mina (Jellyfish)

-dancers with personality and cute images

Itano Tomomi - Im NaYoung (Pledis)

-chic and stylish girl-crush icons

Kashiwagi Yuki - Yoo YeunJung (Starship)

-balance out the absence of a strong vocal and attract fans with a feminine but gentle appeal

[Mobile Mail] Yokoyama Yui 2016.03.15 16:42:23

Subject: Thank you ☆

Thank you for sending me your thoughts on yesterday’s Shikujiri Sensei.

Today is Karen’s graduation stage performance.

to think that it will be our last rehearsal together makes me feel sad,
I will miss her.

Before the rehearsal,
I had a meal with Yuiri, Megu and Annin!!
We could smile and be happy at that time…

But, when the rehearsal started,
I started to feel sad.
Feelings change too fast.

See you (・o・)ノ