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Also, it’s the most beautiful thing of when you realized how many bloggers love Yukio~

How to Prep Your Skin For Foundation

When it comes to foundation, you really need to take the uttermost care when applying it, and that goes for prepping your skin too. Whilst it seems quick, easy and effective to simply slap your foundation on and head out the door, you may find that it moves about during the day and doesn’t look as fresh as possible. It’s SO important to prep your skin properly for foundation and that goes beyond just applying moisturiser.


One of the most common steps people forget in their makeup routine is cleansing their skin, but it is also one of the most important. You don’t necessarily need to do a full deep cleanse using foaming cleansers or cream cleansers, but giving your skin a quick cleanse before applying makeup is something that can really help improve the appearance and application of your makeup as it helps to remove any excess dirts and oils that are in the pores. A gentle micellar water (I recommend Bioderma Sensibio h2o Micellar Water as it is gentle but still effective) After cleansing ensure that you “pat” your skin dry to remove any excess moisture.

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So, as some of you might already know, I had quite a day at Forbidden Planet. At first I didn’t think it was really him, I just thought it was a guy looking like Bryan. (Then I was sure it was him, turned around to freak out and then I see JOHN BARROWMAN. But he was there with friends so I didn’t bother him.)
It took me a while until I approached Bryan - I didn’t really want to bother him either but he was so warm and engaging and he said he remembered me from Red Dragon Con.
We had a really lovely chat about what I’m doing in London which lead to us talking about Klaus Kinski (I’m watching Woyzeck with John Boyega this week and we talked about Klaus’ movie). Then I said I’m sorry if I’m bothering him and I wasn’t sure about talking to him and then he gave me the tightest hug ever and said “oh no it’s a pleasure talking to you! Don’t worry!!!!” During the chat he kept half-hugging me it was so sweet!
Then HE asked me if I wanted to take a pic and he was like “let’s pick something funny for the pic!!!” and then we settled for a Twin Peaks chronicle.
He was so friendly and warm and engaging and for saying good-bye, he hugged me again and said “till next time, see you!” Bryan Fuller is the cutest bean on earth.