the face interlude


During the filming of Funny Face, the ‘beatnik’ interlude sequence occasioned a dispute between Audrey and director, Stanley Donen. For her long and complex dance number set in a Paris café, Audrey  was to wear a black sweater and black leotards; to this outfit, she wanted to add black ballet slippers without socks. No, countered Donen, the effect of your dancing will be much diminished — he preferred that she wear white socks, the better to highlight her intricate steps against the dark, smoky background. This was her only dance number without Astaire, and he wanted viewers to see her every move. Audrey was astonished. “Absolutely not!” she cried. “It will spoil the whole black silhouette and cut the line at my feet!”
“If you don’t wear the white socks,” Donen replied calmly, “you will fade into the background, there will be no definition to your movement and the dance sequence will be bland and dull.”
She burst into tears and ran to her dressing room but later regained composure, wore the white socks, returned to the set and continued. After seeing the rough cut of the sequence, she wrote Donen a note: “You were right about the socks — Love, Audrey.”

A Few of the Glorious One Direction Memes

Thanks to you, Internet, we have the gift of oh-so-many splendid One Direction memes!

Ones that answer the philosophical questions…

Show disturbing emotional states…

Encourage us to judge others whenever possible

Let people down easy

Make sexual propositions

Advise with compassion

Explain various car activities

Berate others in a kind manner 

More judging

Wig out

Cower in fear from the ones we love 

Regain sexual prowess

Scare unsuspecting puppies

This post has been brought to you by Louis + Zayn smoking in a car:


AND brought to you by Mermaid Niall….because lets face it, the Zayn interlude was only because there wasn’t enough Zayn in this post

On Aerys Targaryen and Tywin Lannister, from The World of Ice and Fire

A Compilation of Greatest Hits from The World of Ice and Fire, or, How Boy Bands Come to Die (these are all excerpts/quotes unless stated otherwise, trust)

  • Aerys and Tywin Lannister had known each other since childhood. As a boy, Tywin Lannister had served as a royal page at King’s Landing. He and Prince Aerys, together with a younger page, the prince’s cousin Steffon Baratheon of Storm’s End, had become inseparable. During the War of the Ninepenny Kings, the three friends had fought together, Tywin as a new-made knight. Steffon and Prince Aerys as squires. When Prince Aerys won his spurs at six-and-ten, it was to Ser Tywin he granted the signal honor of dubbing him a knight. (113)
  • Aerys Targaryen and Tywin Lannister made for an unlikely partnership, it must be said. (113)
  • And yet the Seven Kingdoms prospered greatly during the first decade of his reign, for the King’s Hand was all that the king himself was not–diligent, decisive, tireless, fiercely intelligent, just, and stern. “The gods made and shaped this man to rule,” Grand Maester Pycelle wrote of Tywin Lannister… (114)
  • As the king’s own behavior grew increasingly erratic, more and more the day-today running of the realm fell to his Hand. The realm prospered under Tywin Lannister’s stewardship–so much so that King Aerys’s endless caprices did not seem so portentous. … From Oldtown to the Wall, men began to say that Aerys might wear the crown, but it was Tywin Lannister who ruled the realm. (114)
  • (Elaborations on Tywin as an exemplary Hand of the King yet had been little loved by other lords. He had “despised” his father, Tytos Lannister, and his relationship with his siblings were strained. Kevan and Genna had been exceptions but even then he was more “dutiful” than “affectionate”.) (114-115)

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