the face in the lens

one day you will be happy. not constantly, but it will become a theme in your life. you will have days where you feel sad and that’s normal. but eventually you can wake up with a smile on your face even if there isn’t a reason. you’ll see yourself through a clearer lens. you’ll think of the best case scenarios. you’ll find people who you can share your happiness with. you’ll settle into your own body and mind with a sense of security.

One day you will be happy. Not constantly, but it will become a theme in your life. You will have days where you feel sad and that’s normal. But eventually you can wake up with a smile on your face even if there isn’t a reason. You’ll see yourself through a clearer lens. You’ll think of the best case scenarios. You’ll find people who you can share your happiness with. You’ll settle into your own body and mind with a sense of security.

Just imagine Barry being de-aged and the only people he wants to be with are Iris and Len and Len only stopped by because, you know, the Flash wasn’t around and no, Len was not worried he was just bored and ‘why is there a tiny child clinging onto my leg, no don’t you dare pull out your phone Miss West’


Hey everyone! I briefly joked and screamed about this on Twitter, but I’m going to be a little more serious here.

All four of these pieces are my work. The drawings on the left are pieces I found in my old sketchbook, from around 2011 when I was about 13 years old. They’re actually my very first drawings of Rin, Len, and Miku. On the right are pieces I’ve only made a few days ago. 

6 years ago I was your typical deviantArt young teenager. I was the type of artist I see people sometimes make fun of now. There were plenty of times in my art journey where I received some rather harsh criticism, and on top of that I have always lived in the shadow of my older brother, who’s an amazing comic book artist. I figured my art would remain looking the same forever. But I really just tried to have fun with it, because despite all the metaphorical rocks thrown at me it was something that I really enjoyed doing. Though it was hard sometimes, I kept drawing. Only because it was fun. Looking at those old pieces now, I can easily point out all the things wrong with them. But I vividly remember, sitting in my room at age 13, adoring these pieces that I made, showing them off to my parents, and to the point where I actually saved them in a drawer (to be discovered by me yet again now lol). 

There’s been some rough spots. There were times where I’d cry and kick myself and swear “I’ll never draw again!” It’s really not easy, being an artist. You can ask me why I didn’t stop now and the only answer I can really give is “Well, making art is just fun”. That’s the most important thing art should be to any artist, no matter how many years of experience, in my own opinion. When I started, I wasn’t expecting to get as far in my art as I did. I wasn’t expecting to get so devoted to it. I wasn’t expecting to meet so many other talented artists and make friends through this medium. It was all for fun. Sometimes I would focus hard and look for ways I could improve. Other times it would just seem to hit me one day and I didn’t even realize it until later. Making art is a journey. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a “bad artist”. Every artist is constantly making progress and we’re all only ever improving. 

Again, yes, it can be hard. But look at this. 6 years between the times of these two pieces. All this effort – all the walls I’ve hit, all the holes I’ve been stuck in, all the proud and cheerful moments I’ve had – they’ve all came to this, 6 years later. I love drawing. I can’t wait to see what my art will look like in another 6 years.

TEW Dating Headcanons

Dating Sebastian would involve:

  • Falling asleep alone but waking up with him. He doesn’t like staying out late for work, but definitely makes up for it with warm cuddles
  • This man cannot cook but will try his very best to impress you with plenty of home cooked meals and other little labors of love
  • Sometimes when he’s drunk he really can’t keep all the horrible things he’s seen, and all his fears from spilling out. He’s always afraid you’ll leave because of he’s such a unreliable wreck. Just hold him tight. He’s a sensitive guy and needs love and support.
  • Big on PDA, no mater the time or the place if he gets the urge to kiss and cling to you it’s going to happen
  • Acts really confident and serious during lewd acts but will fall apart if you give him attention
  • Seb’s a detective. He almost always a pair of handcuffs on hand. No need to say anything else.

Dating Joseph would involve:

  • He is such a dork and will try to be really formal and polite the first few months you are dating. A bit old fashioned and always a gentleman.
  • Working at the KPD is overwhelming but with your support he feels like he can do anything
  • So passionate it’s rather infectious. Seeing him get excited about a movie/book/whatever seems to rub off on you even if you have zero knowledge/investment in what he’s obsessing over
  • Loves receiving PDA. Hoh boy its wild how reactive he is to every little touch. He’s a bit loud though, so maybe save it for home and not at the station.
  • He’s so soft spoken and gentle but he is fucking strong. It’s almost frightening when you see him work with an axe to cut wood. Wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of that.
  • Soft cinnamon roll in the streets, total freak in the sheets

Dating Ruvik would involve:

  • First and foremost is his work. If you really are serious about being with him, be ready to lend a helping hand in the lab
  • PDA is a no go at first. He’s not too self conscious about his burns but still doesn’t like being touched or exposed for prolonged periods of time. gradually he’ll come to enjoy holding hands and hugs, but it’ll take some trust.
  • Ruvik is petty as fuck and will hold grudges. Expect small acts of revenge (nothing lethal or really harmful) in the strangest of places.
  • His version of ‘talking dirty’ is using very detached and scientific observations to describe the situation he has you in and what he plans to do you. Don’t expect your actual name to be used. You are just another test subject after all.
  • While he doesn’t seem to care and appears cold at times, he is trying so hard to be a better man. While they are few and far between, he will make grand gestures to try and show how he really feels.

Dating Laura would involve:

  • Sneeking out in the middle of the night to see her at the Victoriano mansion
  • She is so soft and beautiful but she is such a fighter. She has a strong spirit and will do anything to protect what she believes in and you are constantly amazed by her sheer resolve
  • She will always blush really hard if you compliment her, without fail. She says she doesn’t like all the flattery but really she holds everything you say close to her heart
  • She will sing until you fall asleep, and loves writing small songs about you
  • She isn’t super confident with PDA, so you’ll have to make the first move. With some reasurement that you love being seen with her she’ll get much more daring with handholding/kissing in public
  • The last gift you receive before the fire from her is a small locket with a picture of the both of you inside.

Dating Stefano would involve:

  • Art. 24/7. You’ll never not be hearing about his art or other artists that he admires.
  • Stefano is rather private about how his art is made and doesn’t divulge many details, but loves the fact that you constantly ask how he does it.
  • Will never ask you to model for him. Don’t take it personally. He just wants to keep you all to himself. The world doesn’t deserve to see the true face of his muse.
  • Not super into PDA but he does leave plenty of marks in the bedroom. No public displays are needed for other people to know that you’re taken.
  • Stefano might take a few pictures now and then when you don’t realize he’s watching.
  • Despite his smug and superior attitude, he does have a good heart (most of the time) and always is someone you can depend on
  • Might like having you depend on him just a little too much…

Dating Tatiana would involve:

  • Team mom will do everything in her power to make you feel safe and loved
  • Not the best at expressing affection out loud and usually comes off as sarcastic but man is she a sap for writing poetry for you
  • She tries to maintain a small ‘garden’ in her office so she can give you bouquets when pretty flowers are in season
  • Middle of the road when it comes to PDA. Either no physical contact whatsoever or she goes full force.
  • She’s a dom. Sorry I don’t get to make the rules
  • She loves spoiling you with gifts

(Bonus: Monsters)

Dating Reborn Laura would involve:

  • General disclaimer, watch out for those nails
  • You were sure the thing was going to maul you the first time you encountered it, but soon the resemblance between the creature and your deceased lover makes sense
  • It’s hard to tell if this Laura remembers you or not, but you aren’t dead yet so that’s got to count for something
  • No need to fear the other creatures of STEM when your significant other is top of the food chain

Dating Haunted Joseph would involve:

  • It’s never clear if he wants to kiss you or eat you
  • So many bite and scratch marks.
  • Despite his aggressive nature, Joseph seems to have brief moments of lucidity in which he frantically apologizes for what he’s done to you.
  • Possessive and nasty as fuck. It’s not beneath him to openly take out his aggression on other Haunted so that any and all monsters will keep away from you and him.
  • Returning his affections will calm him… temporarily

Dating The Keeper would involve:

  • B i g boy
  • Expect to be carried in his arms or over his shoulder everywhere
  • Honestly the best at hugs and cuddles
  • The tentacles that sprout from the inside of his safe are a bit frightening but they seem to help The Keeper sense his surroundings and gradually become less scary.
  • Cant really kiss but will bend down to softly press his head against yours to show affection
  • Look you will probably die if you attempt lewds. If you are so determined to bang the Keeper just take it slow for your own sake

Dating Obscura would involve:

  • Loves cuddles but she doesn’t really realize that the size difference might be a bit hard on her human
  • Touching her ‘face’ makes her purr, just avoid smudging her lens!
  • Loves bringing back gifts and random things she finds in STEM. Some of these things are more pleasant than others…
  • Stefano is protective of his sweet Obscura. Don’t piss him off.
  • Obscura especially loves ‘surprise hugs’. Try not to have a heart attack when she drops from the ceiling to engage in some PDA

please for the love of g-d can somebody put radial blur around this guys face and lens flares on his eyes and completely fuck up the color and sharpness

Black and White (Jughead x Reader Soulmate!AU)

Prompt: Can you do a soulmate au where jughead and the reader can only see the world in black and white but once they see each others eyes they can see color? Also can the reader be a really quiet and shy photographer but friendly and kinda loud when around people she knows well?? Ps: I really love your blog💕

A/N: I hope you like this!! It turned out more poetic than I thought it was going to? Oops. (It’s also almost 4am so my brain is like fried? Hopefully it made some sense.) xx


Black and White (Jughead x Reader Soulmate!AU)

The world had hidden colors within reach.

Black and White hid the vibrant colors from those who weren’t lucky enough to find their soulmate at a young age.

Some saw colors at age 6.

While Some never saw the greens and blues the world had to offer.

In the small town of Riverdale, it was uncommon for those to find their soulmate with those they grew up with.

But there was always childhood friends who find themselves staring at their soulmate’s eyes and seeing colors bleed out of the plain black and white.

You were different than the others.

The Black and White. It captivated you.

The idea of vibrant colors. The Purples, pinks. All of it made you wonder how it came from the black and whites.

How could one look in a stranger’s eyes make you seen a whole rainbow of colors?

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do you think Viktor polishes his ring every morning for Maximum Shine™?
like at that point Yuuri has ask him to please polish it maybe once a week or smth; because he can’t keep getting hit in the face with lens flare on his glasses via Viktor’s sparkling engagement ring.

  • (Reaper is in view of the camera, his eye super close to the lens; you can barely see from his nose to his hairline)
  • Reaper: Hey, you there! Can you see us? Why aren’t you answering? Yes you, the dumb-looking bastard in the monitor!
  • (Reaper pulls back with a wicked grin; you can now see his mouth just barely in view of the camera)
  • Reaper: Well, whatever.
  • (Reaper bows slightly to the camera. You can now see Widowmaker polishing her rifle and Sombra on a computer in the background.)
  • Reaper: This is an advanced military crime organization. Let me introduce the strike members. First, Talon member 001; The founder and vile mastermind... Reaper...
  • Widowmaker: 'Gabey' sounds cuter though...
  • Reaper: Silence! 'Reaper' is simply my cover name. Next, Talon member 002; Costume designer, and the only sniper in the group, Widowmaker!
  • (Reaper points to her dramatically, prompting Widowmaker to stand and wave)
  • Widowmaker: Hello.
  • Reaper: And finally, Talon member 003; The super hacka, Sombra!
  • (He moves to the side, pointing to Sombra, who turns her head from her computer to talk to him)
  • Sombra: It’s 'hacker', not 'hacka', chorra.
  • (Reaper then pushes his face into the camera lens again)
  • Reaper: Those three are the only members.
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Summary: Stiles just wants something to take with him to college. Something special.

Notes: I’ve been wanting to poke fun at this inconsistency in the show for a while, and I finally wrote it! Just another excuse for a little fluff and humor. (On AO3)

Derek grabs a few of Stiles’ heaviest boxes (but not enough to be suspicious, who knows if the neighbors are watching), and slides them into the back of the jeep with the rest of Stiles’ college “essentials.” He’d said he was only taking the bare minimum, but Derek is beginning to doubt that.

At this rate, they’re going to have to pack some stuff in the Camaro, too.

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‘A Naughty Photo Album’ - Harry Styles Imagine

Originally posted by stylesinthewild

Words: 1,269

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

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They say when you are in love, and you are young you do a lot of different things. But what happens if you’re young, in love, and married. Harry and her got married at a young age, he said it was not too young, but for her it was very young.

They got married at twenty-two, having all their time to themselves, nothing to worry. In their young relationship, both of them were in love with the concept of photography, she was particularly in love with that concept. When they moved in together, it took him by surprise of how many different cameras she had, but not just the modern, digital camera, it was the old polaroid ones that he loved. He took them without her knowing and just took pictures of her. She did the same, keeping them in an album, decorated by her.

The photos were all adorable at first, of her writing, cooking, etc. Him with his guitar, piano, cooking as well, etc. It was the “couple goals” kind of photos, but over time they escalated.

One of the days, a few weeks into their engagement at twenty one, he decided to be a bit cheeky with it at all, and started to take pictures of her naked, changing, etc. The album was lined with pictures of before and after sex, her asleep with her on her side, leg sticking out, he loved to take pictures of her at these moments, all vulnerable. She caught on fast, seeing him with the camera every morning, waking up to the lens in her face, her covering herself as fast as she can, but she enjoyed the adrenaline of it all, of her feeling loved and in a relationship. Like said, she caught on and began doing it with him.

Harry was a man that liked to be naked, to walk around wearing nothing, she was more of the shy one who hates to do that, always covered in someway. So when the one day where she could take the advantage of him barenaked, making pancakes for her, she had to take the picture, the first picture of him in that album…naked.

The album was forgotten over the years, after their sex life died down, with marriage and children, it still laid, in her draw, in the side table, at the right side of the bed. It laid there, collecting dust.

Both of them got busy, let’s be honest. She got her dream job, he always had his, but it was high up in the charts, and they had five kids to look after, ranging from the ages of thirteen, eleven, eight and four. It’s hard having an eight year old, but have twin eight year olds and a four year old, together, just adds on to the stress. So the fun nights of endless love making, the angry fucks, or just the experimental times, came to the end, not completely, there was the few that happen once in awhile, in those words, not so often.

When she heard giggling coming from the upstairs hallway, she could not help but question what was happening. (Y/N) carried herself up the staircase, holding onto the railing, forgetting about the task that she was just doing, and listening closely to the giggling coming from a few feet in front of her.

“Look at this one.” She barely heard, it was Rosie, their oldest daughter, a faint, but sweet voice, never failing to stop smiling. When she was born, and over time of the few months after, it took both Harry and her by surprise that she started to go strawberry-blonde and eventually fully redheaded, it was not common in both their families, barely there, but it complemented her quite well.

“Look at mum’s face, oh, look at dad, they look so young.” That was her son talking, Caleb, a little troublemaker, and looks that will flawn all the girls, eyes that look innocent, but not entirely the whole time. He was their first child, still a like mischievous one, always will, always was.

She was awfully confused of what they were so giggly about, she turned the corner, and saw all five of them sitting around something in the hallway. The twins, Charlotte and Alfie’s backs to her, Rosie and Caleb towards her, their eyes were so focused on it.

“What are you guys doing?” She asked. (Y/N) could not help but speak to them, their eyes shot up, noticing that their mother was trying to see what mischief that they got into this time around, Caleb took charge fast, closing the book.

“Nothing, mum. It just some…old photos. Wedding photos of you and dad, yeah.” He said, looking around at his siblings for help. That’s when she knew that they were definitely not looking at something that they should.

“That’s odd, since my wedding album is actually at Nana’s.” She began, taking a few steps towards them, she bent down next to Charlotte, seeing exactly that she was hoping not to see. Quickly grabbing the album and standing up, bringing it to her chest.

“Where did you get this?” She asked, stern glaze on each of them.

“It was in your draw, mum.” Rosie said, simply.

“What did you see? Did you look at the whole album, or just one or two pages?” she asked, still looking at them, they each look down at the ground. Her mainly concern was what they saw, it was many pictures of post sex, after sex and nakedness, nothing else pronographic, but it was intruding, it was her youth.

“Just a few pages, Ma, the last picture we saw was dad in an apron, only an apron.” Caleb said, giggling to himself a bit, she nodded, it was just her they saw naked, that was one of the first pictures of him, in that state.

“Did it ever occur to you, the moment you saw some of these…graphic pictures, that it is personal and intruding?” She asked, starting lean against the wall.

“We just thought it was a photo album, we’re sorry.” Rosie spoke up, starting to get up, she simply nodded, staring at each of them, “Never again, do I make this clear, there are some things in here, that I wish that I did not take pictures of, and there are pictures here that I wish that no one, even Nana, or Grandma, to see, this is Dad and I’s personal book, no one gets to go in, am I clear?” She said, they all nodded. She picked up her youngest, Noah, and started to walk down stairs, placing her on the carpet in front of her dollhouse.

“Harry!” She said, looking for him, she thought he was in the kitchen, but he was not. He yelled back, coming from the office.

She simply, started to walk fast, closing the door behind her, he turned around towards him, a smile on his face.

“What’s up, hun?” He said, taking his attention off his computer. She walked up to him, handing him the album.

“They found it, got as far as a bare naked picture of you in the kitchen, with the apron on with “Kiss the Chef”, written across it.” She said, he smirked and started laughing.

“Did you mention to them that, that was when we created Caleb, banging on the kitchen counter, burning the pancakes.” He said, crossing his arms across his chest, giving her his famous smirk. She glared at him, eyeing him.

“Harry!” She yelled, fast, smacking his arm, “You’re not taking this well.”

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