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Soft shower sex with 40s Bucky, he'd be so gentle the whole time. Little kisses peppered all over your face and neck, sweetest ones on your lips. When one of you would knock a soap bar off the ledge you'd giggle, kissing the other. Then you'd sit in the bath as he sits behind you and washes you up and makes sure you smell super good and he uses his soap on you so you can be extra calm by his scent. He massages your scalp, washing your hair soothingly, making sure you know how much he loves you

You guys are the best

Sinful Sunday™

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did lafayette have freckles?? i read in the biography i have on lafayette that he was "befreckled". i was wondering if you've read it anywhere else?

I haven’t, but I’m guessing because he was red-headed, that’s where the assumption comes from. It’s tough to tell in portraits, because artists of the time period tended to overdo the best qualities in their subjects while often doing away with defects, pock-marks, freckles, or acne altogether. 

Although…despite the rogue-tinted faces depicted by many painters during 18th century, Lafayette looks really red-faced in most of his up-close portraits. Very flushed. I’ve wondered if it’s the artists attempts to make him appear youthful…or if he possibly had mild rosacea. 

Personally, I could see him with a few freckles, but I’m not sure.

One of the best episodes of Avengers Assemble so far has to be the episode where the reality stone was used to make the Avengers into villains because. It’s Tony Stark as he should be.

Basically the Avengers ultimately win because Tony does some supervillain stuff and the evil dudes drop the stone. And so behind him reality shifts and he sees images of himself and other ‘supervillains’, only they’re wearing different colors, and it looks like they’re still facing off against the same guys… As a team!! So he starts thinking man, that’s so fucking weird, because I hate those guys.

But do I really?

He tricks them into all gathering together and tells them hey,, I think we’ve been tricked. The thing that gets all of them: “Have any of us actually killed someone? Hurt a civilian? Because I don’t remember it.” And then Cap speaks up like “I just feel… Wrong. You guys don’t feel it? Like I’m being forced to be something I’m not.”

Anyway I love that episode and Tony is important and definitely the Team Dad

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Prompt: Georgie had a bad day so Pennywise starts bringing in the random toys he's collected over the years to try and cheer him up

(*Sniffles* Okay. Thank you for the prompt! I think I made it too cute though.)

A child as young as Georgie Denbrough wasn’t worried about crying for no reason. Unless his father told him to stop crying sternly, or Billy made that puckered face that was his best way of communicating distaste for a whining little brother. 

So he didn’t browbeat himself when all at once, the fear that he would never get back to the surface and the exhaustion of maintaining corporeal form (whatever that was) and the little moments of pain from the bridge between mind and reality appeared and he cried. Georgie couldn’t put it into words the moment it happened, but the startled jingling of bells and those concerned green-blue eyes glowing at him from the dark let Georgie know that it was sudden and daunting. 

“I wa-want to go home.” Georgie cried, curling in on himself until he made himself into a little ball, made smaller in the dark of the underground that Pennywise couldn’t hope to erase no matter how hard he tried. 

Pennywise took to wringing his hands nervously, completely attune to the child’s misery. The tangible weight of it made the clown’s appearance wilt and discolor. It didn’t smell or taste or feel nice, not at all. 

“Oh, oh.” Gloved hands fidgeted as Pennywise broke away from his perch on the opposite side of the boy and looked for something to distract him. “Do you want this? You can have it, Georgie. Here. I don’t mind!” 

The clown placed a rocking horse in front of the slowly caving child, but got no real response. The crying and the sad, wounded animal-like noises were hurting Pennywise too, and didn’t sound as though they would taper off any time soon.

“We can share.” He said, trying a hula hoop next. He placed dozens of things at the boy’s feet like a loyal pet, things that were large like an oversized stuffed rabbit or small like play-money, pretend coins. It didn’t matter whether it was shiny or still soft and fluffy, or if the colorful xylophone that Pennywise had just discovered yesterday made pretty sounds when you struck it. 

He wadded through the water, downtrodden and unable to think as the soles of his shoes squeaked and chimed while he walked.    

Georgie did manage to laugh at the squeaking, a little - a hiccupy, watery giggle that bubbled from his mouth then transformed into another sobbing fit. 

“A-” Pennywise nodded, resorting. “A balloon?” 

He thought he saw Georgie nod, and if it would get Georgie to stop crying then Pennywise would do it. Making a pretty balloon appear out of nowhere wasn’t too strenuous anyway, when it made Georgie beam so brightly and look at him with such awe.

Pennywise smiled while he splayed his enormous hand out in front of the boy to keep his attention, like a good magician would. 

“How about we try and make it like an animal, this time?” The clown asked. “I’ve been practicing!”

Think it and it’d be real, that’s all Pennywise had to do as he got ready, imagination already forming, before he was stopped short. 

Gloved fingers stopped midway through the air as Pennywise froze, uncomfortable in the sense that no one had touched him directly and with care or need before. His existence was older than time itself, and yet he’d never experienced this before now. 

The little boy wasn’t phased by his friend’s standoffishness as he brought the clown’s hand closer, tugged him forward until Georgie could wrap both his frail and thin arms around Pennywise’s limb and embrace it. The whimpering was getting softer, as Georgie coddled the hand like it was one of his stuffed animals or as if he were hugging Bill before running after the boat they’d made together. 

Tears rolled down his round face and splashed on the damp, cold ground. It took the clown a while, but Pennywise eventually crouched down and swept Georgie in for a hug, grateful that the human child was patient enough to show him how it was done. 

And the trove of toys were forgotten, discarded in the loose, grey water.  

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Seeley on his twitter stated he'd love to make a Nightwing&Green Arrow mini series. After Gotham Resistance I'd kind of want that. Ollie would be trying to ask Dick for advice on how to correctly bond with a little ex assassin sibling you didn't grow up with and Dick would be face palming over how bad Ollie is with relationships. Then Roy would show up and get annoyed with his mentor bonding with one of his best friends forcing Dick to be the mom friend for the two of them. xp

Ooooh I want this! Yes, yes, yes! 

Okay fuck… I can’t believe I’m doing this shit…Especially because it’s Lydia and Jackson, Holland and Colton, and you know I’m anti all of this.

But ffs it’s just a hug. Jackson wasn’t the only terrible person in their relationship. Rewatch season 1 will you, listen to what she says to him practically tells him to his face, that if he wasn’t the best she would replace him, then goes to make out with Scott when he becomes top player. Listen to what he says to her.

But it was a damn hug. She thought he wasn’t real or something—maybe idk. Who knows, they probably kept in touch all these years. Plus I’m pretty sure that hug was mainly Colton and Holland because they are pretty close in real life.

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Probably one the quickest but everlasting scenes from Halloween is when Laurie takes off Michaels mask to reveal what appears to be a normal face but is actually much more creepier then his mask

It’s a great moment. One of the best things about Michael, I think, is that he doesn’t actually look abnormal under the mask. He just looks like a person. It makes the blankness of the mask make that much more sense. There’s a human being under there, but nothing inside him. Just emptiness. It’s a very quick, great moment, one of the only moments in the movie that genuinely creeped me out when I first saw it as a kid and I didn’t even really know why. 

One of the first interviews I ever did was with Tony Moran, who played the unmasked Michael in that scene. Surprisingly, it looks like that can still be found here.  

There are a lot of little moments in the original Halloween that are absolutely fantastic. One of my favorites has to be when Annie’s talking on the phone, passes by the window and Michael’s there, passes by again and he’s gone, all in the same shot.

And, of course, the head tilt he does just after he kills Bob. Even though we don’t know what he’s thinking, that’s one of the first times we have any bit of character detail from Michael, just watching him study his own handiwork. I love that showing a human face later on doesn’t take away from the blankness of the shape at all, it just helps to further illustrate everything Loomis has been saying. 

“Seriously Salim? You’re still acting that way?
He blew his tongue weakly and tried focusing on the vial in his hand.
“Okay, well…we’re done…I guess.”
He tried making the rocket blast off and it barely hovered off the ground.
“Uh, well it took off the ground? I’ll get a C at best.”
I was rubbing my face. “Please don’t tell anyone I helped you with that.”
He laughed, “Can you stay for one more?”
“How many do you have?”
“I’m so behind Hana. So behind. Anyway can you do one more with me?”
“Can I please do it-”
“Okay yeah, yeah do it all then. Tell me what to do.”

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Bakugou's voice cracking in the new episode cracked my own heart... ;;;

Bakugou crying will always make me cry too, that’s just a set rule of this universe (;;) terribly enough tho today I’m not the best person to have a feels fest with cause, uh, actually I spent most of the episode being annoyed at the way the fight and most of Bakugou’s moods were being adapted so hahahHAHAHA 

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(kids au)When Red and Jim W get home, they're surrounded by worried faces and hugs. It's overwhelming, and they hide in the Jims room. Jim R isn't there. He's giving Dark plans to make the house more wheelchair accessible. He's hiding from the others because he doesn't want to see anyone else. He's hiding from Jim because he isn't quite sure he can fake surprise well enough. He's looking up the best forms of wheelchairs for his bro. He's ttrying


“When I’m with you, I’m happy.” (Asher x Reader)

(A/N: I love writing fics that are a bunch of dialogue. I feel like I’m the best at that. Anyways here’s some Asher cuteness)

Asher sat down next to you on the couch, exhausted from a long day of filming and editing. There were smudges of left over makeup on his face, making the dark circles under his eyes deeper and sullen cheeks more prominent.

“You ok Asher?” a worried tone in your voice.

“It’s nothing,” he sighs, looking at the reporters on the TV ramble, “it was just another stressful day, you know how it can be”.

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Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol


Anon, I wanna thank you cause I agree with like all of this!!! 

In fact here’s a good list to expand on more of this:

( Train AU Beginnings )

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Today's Cartoons
  • Gravity Falls: Two Kids spending summer vacation with their weird uncle in a town where bizarre things happen with a big mystery. Also about trust, growing up with maturity rather than grow apart from family, always sticking by your friends through the roughest times.
  • Wander Over Yonder: An Optimistic alien who wants to help people across the galaxy. Also wants to make sure no one is ever helpless like he was and help villains rather than hurt or beat them just because they're bad.
  • Star vs. The Forces of Evil: A magical princess from another dimension fights evil with her best friend while having magical and fun adventures. Also shows the fear of the future, fear of growing up, and realistic crushes/relationships/love triangles and how to face them sensibly while growing as a person.
  • Steven Universe: A young boy being partially raised by aliens and has space related adventures while learning about his mother. Also about love and acceptance for everyone and character development that's relatable and real.
  • Voltron-Legendary Defender: A reboot of an 80's show that didn't have much to offer centering around five people who are chosen to defend the universe. Also about teamwork always works, everybody has each others backs, and helping anyone in need no matter how small they seem. Becoming more than just a team, they've become a family all while saving the universe from a former hero.
  • O.K K.O! Let's be Heroes: A boy wants to become a great hero like his friends and family and fight evildoers. Also explains that a hero's journey is long and hard but can be achieved by focus and discipline, while showing that everyone has different sides to them including dark ones and can grow everyday.
  • Society: They're just kids shows, people. 😑

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: okay so in It (2017) why does Richie pull Eddie towards him at a time of crisis?? When It pops up from the movie screen, Richie instantly grabs Eddie and pulls him close to him?? THEN when the losers club is in pennywise’s house and It is coming over to them. Eddie has a broken arm. What is Richie doing? Comforting Eddie and making him look at him as Penny stalks over to them about to kill them. Not like ‘hey, bro we about to die. the fucking clown which is my number one fear is coming over and going to kill us’ nO he is holding Eddies face in his hands and making him look at him in a way of comforting his hurt friend. Even when his #1 fear has come to life and is going to kill him, he’d rather comfort his best buddy Eddie like how far gone do u gotta be-