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RIP Michael Ballhaus (1935-2017) - German cinematographer best known for his collaborations with Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Martin Scorsese and Mike Nichols passed away yesterday at age 81. The three-time Oscar nominated director of photography began his career in 1959 with a TV movie. In Germany, it was his association with Fassbinder that brought him acclaim and public perception with 15 films together, including Whitty (1971), Beware a Holy Whore (1971), The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant (1972), World on a Wire (1973), Martha (1974), Fox and his Friends (1975),  Mother Küsters’ Trip to Heaven (1975), Satan’s Brew (1976), Despair (1978), Chinese Roulette (1978), The Marriage of Maria Braun (1979) and Lili Marleen (1981). His career in America started with Dear Mr. Wonderful (1982) and Baby It’s You (1983) but it was with the partnership with Scorsese that made him a more recognisable and important name in photography, beginning in After Hours (1985). They also worked in The Color of Money (1986), The Last Temptation of Christ (1988), the elaborated shots of Goodfellas (1990) going through hallways without cuts, The Age of Innocence (1993), Gangs of New York (2002) and The Departed (2006), which was Ballhaus final major film work. Other works include: Under the Cherry Moon (1986) - to which he directed a few sequences without credit, Broadcast News (1987) - his first Oscar nomination; Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988), Working Girl (1988), The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989) - 2nd Oscar nod; Postcards from the Edge (1990), Guilty by Suspicion (1991), The Mambo Kings (1992), the exuberance of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), Quiz Show (1994), Outbreak (1995), Sleepers (1996), Air Force One (1997), Primary Colors (1998), Wild Wild West (1998), The Legend of Beggar Vance (2000), Something’s Gotta Give (2003) and 3096 (2013), his last work. He’s father of cinemaographer/camera operator Florian Ballhaus and assistant director Jan Sebastian Ballhaus, and nephew of actor Carl Ballhaus who appeared in M (1931). A genius of speed, movement and light, Ballhaus was a true versatile cinematographer during his day, embracing several genres and styles. One who’ll be missed.

michelle pfeiffer gif hunt ◢  under the cut you will find #628 HQ, medium, textless gifs of the absolutely perfect michelle pfeiffer in her roles in films WOLF, THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM and WHITE OLEANDER respectively. all gifs are roleplayable and made by me in dedication to someone’s birthday. please do not claim as your own, or add into your own gif hunts. reblog or like if you find useful, thank you! (more.)

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superfunkysushimonkey  asked:

I absolutely ADORED Hater's performance of "You're The Greatest"! How did you go about boarding and timing his dancing, poses, expressions, etc.?

I hope you’re talking about my part - where Hater is singing to Dominator’s empty suit. 

If it is, it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had storyboarding and timing. 

With songs you kind of have to animate them more than storyboard them. We work in Storyboard Pro which allows you to basically animate to the soundtrack, which makes timing a lot easier.

Hater singing on the piano was visually inspired by Michelle Pheiffer in the Fabulous Baker Boys. It was also inspired by torch bars I used to go to sometimes when I lived in San Francisco. The singers are always touching themselves all over, and I thought it would be funny to have Hater do that too. 

After that we go to the straw hat and cane sequence which was inspired by the Jolly Holiday sequence from Mary Poppins:

It’s an awesome contrast to the sexy stuff right before it. The dumber dance steps came from reference video I shot of my wife and I trying to out do each other with the dorkiest dances we could think of. It was fun!

That is followed with the fantasy sequence, inspired by Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love.” The video wasn’t much help in terms of inspiration, but his album covers were:

Again, killer contrast! 

To contrast that, I wanted Dominator and Hater’s dance to be as un-metal as possible, so I looked at Courtney Cox and Bruce Springstein in “Dancing in the Dark.”

Then we return to reality. I wanted Hater to be all alone and vulnerable when he finally tries to ask out Dominator, so I put him in a spotlight, like he was being interrogated. There was nowhere for him to hide. It wasn’t hard to remember how painful it was to ask girls out, and that’s where all his squirmy poses came from. My pals Eddie Trigueros and Justin Nichols really helped me push those poses!

Anyway, Hope that answers your question!