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wait, how is sansa now a part of the fab 6?? i dont get it?

GRRM’s original outline for the series circled around the internet not that long ago, saying that the core 5 was Tyrion, Dany, Jon, Bran and Arya. Sansa had very little role in his original plan - she was supposed to marry Joffrey and give him a son. She was also supposed to turn her back to the Starks - her own family. GRRM probably rethought this, and decided not to do it this way - and changed her plotline completely. (As he changed many things as well, ofc)

In ASoIaF Sansa has a major role, she is an important part of the narrative. She also has a strong bond with her home and her family. She’s learning and changing and becoming smarter and smarter with every chapter. She’s becoming one of the most important players still in the game. And she is set on that path since ACoK.

Many people in the fandom believe that GRRM changed his mind when it came to Sansa - and we believe she’s not part of the bigger picture. So the core 5 became the core 6. Obviously, these characters would end up doing all sorts of different roles during the endgame - Dany, Jon and Tyrion are probably the three dragon riders; Arya will probably fight on the ground (someone has to take that role too!) - at least this is where I see her, among the people where she belongs to, whom she’s fighting for, whom she saw suffering in all her life; Bran is the battle commander; and Sansa…? 

Sansa is the heart of it all, I think - she has a strong link to Winterfell and Winterfell being the last safe place in the North, during the final battle she could be there, being the living, breathing soul of the people - someone who inspires, someone who’s smart and kind, someone who’s not afraid and endures - someone who is there to set an inspiring example. Sansa is not a fighter - in the common sense of it - but she has strength. And seeing that would inspire the people.

There are probably many interpretations of how and why Sansa belongs to the core 6 - this is mine. Probably everyone has their headcanons. The fact is that Sansa is becoming more and more important in the books, and that is a huge hint for her taking an important role in the future. At least this is how I see it :)