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Welp! You asked for it! I scanned the comic! I indeed drew this in one evening a few days after first splatoon test fires (and thus was the start of my squid insanity). I was just starting to learn how to draw inklings and this comic was made without references and markers, so no erasing. Anything I did, staid there. This is why I’ll upload the  pages under the cut because I don’t want anyone to suffer through these pages unless they really want to. 

So yeah, I suppose this is how Orange and Blue met (even tho they don’t look like them here). I dunno. I change stuff with them all the time. Enjoy none the less! Hope you can read my horrible handwriting.

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for the anon about my art changing since i started studying illustration :0

i’ve put captions on the pics and they’re in what i’m..thiiiinking is chronological order? 2007//middle school, then one thing i found from highschool, then pieces from 5 of my last 6 semesters. and i tried to put in a mix of my traditional and digital works so hopefully that’s helpful?

 ok here are some of my daisuga as parents headcanons

- for now i’m settled with them having a girl and then a couple of years later a boy (but raising their own volleyball team is also an appealing option)

- when the baby #1 is about to arrive suga is pretty much freaking out while daichi is putting his years as a captain to good use and keeping composure and making sure they have everything ready for when the baby comes home with them

- when the baby is actually there tho, suga is the one who snaps out of his emotional trance first and takes her in his arms, perfect on his first try, the nurse doesn’t even need to step in and show him how to hold the child best (he practiced for months with a bag of flour btw), daichi is just standing there looking at their child in his husband’s arms, crying in silence

- daichi is that guy that takes 3000 pictures a day of his child doing basically nothing and stops every person in his office to show them off, paired with endless commentary on what is going on here and there, coos at how cute his baby is and if suga is in the picture too then the speech gets twice as long because he has to spend at least half an hour talking about his husband’s qualities too, right?

- suga has pictures on his phone too (and videos of daichi being silly while playing with the baby too) but he prints his favourites and frames them, puts them all on his desk at work and looks at them whenever he misses his darlings, which is really too much and too often for it to be normal

- for the first couple of weeks, whenever daichi is on diaper duty he wears a cloth around his nose and mouth, suga laughs his ass off every time and records the event, to daichi’s (short-lived) irritation

- suga has the sweetest singing voice so he is usually the one who puts the baby to sleep, he’ll rock her a little and make up silly songs because he always forgets how classic nursery rhymes go, while daichi silently walks into the room, leans on the door frame and enjoys the show with the most lovestruck look on his face (he starts to feel a little sleepy too, that’s how soothing suga’s voice is) (it disappears as soon as the baby is asleep and suga gives him the look)

-  daichi and suga falling asleep every-fucking-where around the house because the baby keeps them up all night, daichi falls asleep in the bathtub once and almost drowns, suga eats breakfast with his face in his pancakes because he doesn’t have the strenght to keep his head up

-  suga looks like a mess in the morning (so not a morning person), his hair wild and his shirt dirty with baby drool and food but daichi thinks he’s never looked more beautiful

- daichi and suga arguing over whether the baby said ‘papa’ (suga) or 'dada’ (daichi) 

- them both crying rivers when the baby takes her first steps and smothering her with kisses because they are so so proud

-  suga buying cute animal onesies for their children (and pouting when he can’t find one his size) —> also suga dressing them as shrimps or octopuses for a holiday and carrying them around in a pot (the adorable pot addition is courtesy of alexa )

- when the kids are a little older  suga and daichi let them choose their clothes in the morning sometimes, so they end up going to work in unicorn sweaters or jellyfish ties, more often than not they also sport bright nail polish

- suga teaches the children how to best use their puppy eyes and the smile they inherited from him to get what they want from daichi, poor daichi is so weak to that smile he has no chance but surrender every time

- that’s why suga ends up being the sterner of the two in many occasions, those looks and smiles won’t sway him, the teary puppy eyes won’t work, he invented those!

- the children grow up loving volleyball and when their daughter comes up to them and declares she wants to be the ace of her team ‘’just like uncle asahi’’ daichi’s heart breaks ‘’being captain is cool too’’ ‘’eh, i don’t know daddy’’ and suga stops snickering for a second, sends a meaningful look to his daughter and says ‘’you could be both’’ and that news enthuses her and brings peace in the household

- when asked, their shy, frail, too sweet for his own good son just says ‘’i’ll do whatever is useful to the team’’ suga bites his lip and hugs his son tight, pressing kisses in his hair while the boy laughs, daichi leaves them be because he understands how much it meant for suga to hear those words

- suga teaches the children pranks to play on their uncles, their preferred victim is uncle asahi of course because he always jumps ten feet in the air whenever something happens (see daichi smiling proudly in the background)

- but uncle asahi is their preferred uncle for everything, the children adore him, he always lets them climb on him and carries them on his shoulders, he is the one they see the most because he visits often, spends the holidays with them, the kids make postcards and drawings for him all the time, he is almost always featured in their family drawings

- whenever the daisuga family comes back to miyagi in visit they always stop by the karasuno gym, ukai calls practice off earlier and teaches the children to spike and toss, often makes them sit on his shoulders so they can spike the ball to the other side of the net

- suga and daichi are those embarrassing parents who go ‘’that’s our baby!!!’’ during recitals or matches, their own kids pretend they don’t know them but are secretly pleased, the other children all have a crush on one or both of them and gather around because suga always has a gentle word and candy for every single one of them 

- suga and daichi are also those embarrassing parents who are still so disgustingly in love with each other after all these years and get caught making out like teenagers in every room of the house at all kinds of hours 

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Oh. So sad that most probably Karlie isn't going. I wanna see them together again in one picture. Just the two of them.

HAHAHAHAHA you really expect a kaylor selfie in the midst of all these shit? sorry for the language but bitch wouldnt even walk the runway with just the two of them. she had to make gigi’s ass fly first to london and drag cara out of annie clark’s sheets and summon martha even serena had to crawl out of her dungeon (tho i believe she was there bcos of karlie) just so karlie could join her on stage and make everything between them look less homo.

we would get a selfie of tayl*r and a random crying sea lion wearing a pink bathing suit in the middle of baghdad first before we could get a kaylor so idk expect no more maybe? 

So I've just watched the last episode

And the first part was kinda boring and dull but the second part was pretty good imo.

Sloppy animation as usual (not the worst we’ve seen in the series tho) and Black Lady freaking kissed Tuxedo Mask again but omg YES FOR SOME ACTUAL CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT FOR PLUTO!

She’s been the best thing about this episode and it looks like she’s going to get stuff done on the next one (she’ll be the first senshi to do that lol)

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(( Alright, I just wanted to say, that I absolutely love your art style first of all, and that you're a incredible Dirk. You're one of the ones that inspired me to make a Dirk blog tbh. You're one of my fave Dirk blogs and ask blogs in general, I always look forward to checking your blog and art blog lmao, so yeah, I just wanted to say thanks, we don't talk but you're great and man, I'd love to be friends with you. I'm so sorry if this is weird tho. ))

reading this makes me so very happy! haha im extremely pleased that i ( along with a few others im guessin’ ) inspired you to make your dirk blog! ( you’re blog is so great btw. <3 ) ahhh hehe. thank you so much! 

( also yes we can totally be friends :^). )

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I YOUR BLOG YOU GUYS ARE ALL AMAZINGGGGGGGG~~~~ okay so that's that. do you have any fic with a little dubcon (or noncon) where chanyeol is in a position of power? (like ceo, master, whatnot) but i don't want a resentful or sassy baekhyun. im looking for one where baekhyun falls in love with chanyeol first even though yeol's kind of an asshole? i feel kind of perverted asking this T_T im sorry. but yeah, you guys rock and i'm thankful for yall :D

BACK AT YOUUUUUUUUUUUU HONEEEEEEY~~~~ here are a few fics that hopefully fit your description ^^, 

- Admin Rose

Story time

When I was a baby everyone thought I was deaf. Even my doctor the first few appointments thought I could be deaf, even tho there wasn’t anything abnormal with my ears/hearing.
The thing was, I didn’t react to sound. At all.
My parents would clap near my face and I wouldn’t even blink.
We had a stove that, when shut, could scare people clear across the house because of the terrible and loud screeching slam it made.
I was sitting near it one time just drinking juice or something and my mom accidentally slammed it and I did nothing. Didn’t even look over.

I’m not deaf. I never had problems hearing when I was a kid, my doctor told my family that I could hear just fine.

I didn’t care enough, as a baby, about anything, that any noise I’d heard I just ignored.
People would talk to me and I’d just stare at them
Mom would try and get me to smile by cooing at me and I just stared at her.

There’s no real point or metaphor here I was just a baby who gave no shits man

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I don't know if you've ever seen Anastasia, but I need that AU in my life. Thorin as the lost prince of the line of Durin. Dis looking for him and willing to pay a large sum. Bilbo as Demitri. Thorin and Bilbo bickering back and forth. But Bilbo was the one who saved him the first time as a boy. They both don't realize it until later. Smaug/Azog as Resputan. I just need it in my life.

the bagginshield anastasia au needs to happen. it’s one of my faves


anime expo starts tomorrow and I’m so excited to whip this cosplay out on the Fourth of July!! It took me forever to make the jacket (I did get some help from my parents tho) but I’m happy it’s done and everything looks great! I chose to cosplay America Chavez because she was the first superhero ever that I saw and said “hey she looks like me!” And it got even better when I found out that she’s a queer Latina, just like me. So she is one really important character to me that I hope gets more recognition in the future!

Ships, ratings, etc

I haven’t thanked you guys enough for keeping up with me or this blog, I really haven’t. I reached my goal of 1.5k a long time ago without notifying or thanking any of you so I thought why don’t I just do it now?

To thank you guys I will be doing the following:

(Only teen wolf tho)

  1. Ships- Just send in a small description of yourself (inrests, how you look, name, etc.) and I will write who I ship you with, who your best friend is, which one is your hater and who secretly admires you.
  2. Name ships- Send in your name and I will tell you which name I think it sounds the best with and what last name it fits the best with.
  3. Ship name- your name + the requested
  4. How you met
  5. What the first thing he/she notice about you
  6. Who says i love you first: you/him/her
  7. Who cuddles better: you/him/her
  8. Who cooks better: you/him/her
  9. Who falls asleep first: you/him/her
  10. Who picks out the movies: you/him/her
  11. Big spoon: you / him/her
  12. Wants kids first: you / him/her
  13. Plans the dates: you / him/her
  14. Who saw the other first: you/him/her
  15. Who spoke to the other first: you/him/her
  16. Who always wants to cuddle: you/him/her
  17. Misses each other more when away: you / him/her
  18. Takes random pics of each other: you / him/her
  19. Who sends the cute good morning/night texts: you/him/her
  20. Who sends the silly snapchats: you/him/her
  21. Who asks to take selfies with the other: you/him/her
  22. Who likes to give random little kisses: you/him/her
  23. Who starts the arguments: you/him/her
  24. Who comes running back first: you/him/her
  25. Who throws the popcorn during movies: you/him/her
  26. A movie you guys like to watch together
  27. Your song/ song on shuffle
  28. Ratings: Icon: okay | great | awesome | FAVORITE | URL:  okay | great | awesome | FAVORITE | Theme:  okay | great | awesome | FAVORITE | Mobile Theme:  okay | great | awesome | FAVORITE | Overall:  okay | great | awesome | FAVORITE | 
  29. Compliments


Please write your sexuality or which gender you want to be shipped with, otherwise it will be hard for me. 

Please write the numbers of what you want or if you want the whole package. 

Thank you guys and start sending! I will do every single one.

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Im not the best with aus but i could try i guess lol So imagine a dragon rider!dean and a dragon trainer!cas maybe. Dean goes looking for his first offical dragon, having just graduated and meets cas and he gets all wide eyed and blushy as he goes through the little inclosure with cas while theyre trying to find the perfect one

(SHUSH SWEET CARROT. THIS IS A V GOOD ONE. imma be a butt tho and take a lil twist.)

Castiel squinted at the quickly-filling auditorium. 

The stands were almost full, spectators taking up as many seats as possible. Only a few rows were saved lower down, toward the grounds of the stadium. Already, those were filling with the darker-clad figures of the Riders.

The air was filled with sound; human voices intermingling with the trumpets, calls, and roars of dragons. Smoke and hints of sulfur teased at the nose underneath the familiar briny scents of the sea.

Great fire-warded bars with metal mesh enclosed the stands. The metal gleamed in the sunlight, reflecting hints of blue and yellow with their ingrained magic. 

Castiel shifted, feeling the dragon at his side nuzzle his shoulder. He turned with a small smile. Scales met his hand, hot to the touch. One great golden eye regarded Castiel from the dragon’s lowered head. 

The creature huffed, a plume of smoke issuing from it’s nostrils and curling overhead. Castiel patted the dragon’s nose.

“I know, Imp. I know.”

It was an important day. The one day a year that all Riders came together in the auditorium; showing off their skills and prowess. New Riders and those who’s dragons had fallen to old age or battle chose new companions from the Aery. 

The Riders were soldiers of their land, for millennium, they had been trained in aerial combat, battle magic, strategy, and multiple arts of war. Over the world, their nation was feared and respected because of the Riders and their companions, the dragons.

Castiel wasn’t a Rider. He was a Keeper, a trainer and caretaker of sorts. He’d grown up with dragons, learning how to converse with them in their language of touches, sounds, and looks before speaking any human languages. He’d never have the thought connection a Rider had with their dragon, but Castiel could communicate just as well through the other manners. 

He was, hands-down, the best Keeper in the land. The dragons he raised and kept were fierce, intelligent, and unable to be matched by any other Keeper’s. 

Imp huffed again, her eyes rolling before she nuzzled at Castiel’s hands. The simple sign of affection warmed him from the inside out despite the sadness that threaded through his veins. 

Imp had reached maturity just after last year’s Rider-Day. She was rather large for her gender and blacker than an oil slick. Her eyes shone a bright amber-gold the same color as her fire. She was temperamental and clever, loyal to a fault. Castiel had been there at her hatching and had raised her from fledgling age. He’d helped train her. He’d watched her grow from being no bigger than knee-high to dwarfing the horses the civilians rode. 

It was a bitter-sweet day for the both of them.

Castiel knocked his head with her’s when she nosed at his shoulder. Imp let out a low hum that vibrated through his bones. She was just as emotional as Castiel was.

They both listened to the opening ceremony from the interior of the Aery’s underground caverns. The space led up into the auditorium. Other Keepers were gathered there with their dragons. 

Smoke filled the tiny space, curling high over the ceiling. 

When the gates were drawn up, the dragons and their Keepers would parade around the auditorium in a lap. The Riders would be watching, trying to determine which, if any, of the dragons would suit them. After the lap, the Keepers would take posts around the auditorium as the Riders filed inside. From there on, it was the dragon’s choice to which Rider they would accept as their’s. 

Castiel’s nerves jangled. Imp raked her claws over the ground and tossed her head. He reached out and stroked his hand over her wing. The membrane shifted and fluttered as she ducked her head in apology.

With a deafening creaking screech, the gates rose.

Light poured inside the caverns. Sound seeped in, deafening and raw. The Keepers marched out, dragons at their sides. 

Castiel eyed this year’s Riders. Only two were familiar faces, two battle-wizened elders who had refused dragon after dragon out of respect for their fallen companions. Castiel dipped his head out of respect as they passed.

The other Riders looked young, fresh-faced and yet to be scarred by battle. Their dark, weathered leather outfits stood out starkly from the brighter colored clothes of the spectators and civilians. Some were female, some male; bright-haired and dark-haired, light-eyed and dark-eyed, light-skinned and dark-skinned. They were all strong-looking and attentive as the dragons paraded past. 

Castiel manned his position and watched Imp settle into her place. 

Her black scales shone like obsidian in the sun as she fitfully toyed with her wings. 

The Riders filed into the auditorium one by one.

Castiel watched as they walked up to and around the dragons. Some matches were immediate; dragon and Rider bonding instantaneously. 

Imp snarled at the first Rider that approached her, hands going straight for her muzzle without permission. The second, third, fourth, and fifth fared no better. 

Castiel bit his lip as the sixth approached. The Rider’s hood was up as they sprinted across the auditorium from the stands. When they reached up to cast it off, Castiel drew a sharp breath.

The Rider was broad and tall, built solid and strong. His face was a work of art; freckles evident across his nose and cheeks. The sun-spots softened his good looks, making him appear almost boyish. His hair was fair and his lips full. 

The Rider halted before Imp, simply admiring her. Imp blinked, clearly taken aback by the turn of events. After a moment she puffed up slightly, pleased with the attention. 

Imp sniffed delicately when the Rider offered his hands for her to scent. She then rose off of her haunches and circled the man, playfully snapping at his limbs to gauge his reactions. The Rider was quick on his feet despite his frame and even managed to tag Imp’s nose a few times, displaying just his skill. 

Imp bent, touching her forehead to the Rider’s. Both sets of their eyes shut as Imp solidified her bond.

The Rider laughed out loud, a low, husky sound when Imp wormed her head between his legs and flipped him onto her back. Her wings spread as the Rider settled, hands wrapping around her spines and feet finding the grooves behind her legs.

Imp bounded over, joy practically radiating from her every move as sparks flashed between her jaws. 

The matched dragons and their Riders were taking their first flights. Some Keepers declined to be a part of the rite of passage, not wanting to intrude on the moment of bonding. Castiel always relished that last moment on his companion’s back.

The Rider stooped, offering a hand when Imp lowered herself. His eyes were a bright green that reminded Castiel of peridot and summer fields.

“Come on up, Keeper.”

The Rider’s voice was just as rich and deep as his laugh had been.

Castiel settled in front of the Rider, his back to the man’s chest. Her gripped Imp’s spines as her wings fanned wide and she launched herself into the air.

Imp trumpeted loudly as she flew for the ocean.

The Rider leaned close, his voice obstructed by the wind.

“What’s your name, Keeper? I’d like to give you honor. Imp is a beautiful, great girl.”

Castiel half-turned, feeling heat trip down his spine at the proximity of the Rider’s face to his. He could have counted every freckle on his cheeks right then.

“Castiel, Rider.”

“Name’s Dean. You don’t have to call me ‘Rider’, Cas.”

Imp banked, wing-tips skidding across the waves and spraying up water. Dean’s grin was wide and bright as he laughed. The man’s arm around Castiel’s waist tightened and Castiel felt his insides erupt into warmth.

After they’d returned and the Riders and the dragons had completed the day’s events, Castiel found himself sitting atop Fair Scale Hill with the Rider, Dean.

Imp was curled around the two of them as fireworks sailed high in the sky and music filled the air. Her scales reflected the sparks and light. 

Dean’s hand lied on the grass between their bodies, fingers entwined with Castiel’s. They shared small kisses as the celebrations broke out in the streets below as Rider’s Day closed.

Castiel felt like his heart would explode with heat and happiness as Dean grinned at him.

Her loud trumpeting roar of happiness echoed over the hillside when Dean bent close and kissed Castiel once more.

cookie dough or dildos


I’m cool right

I refuse to leave the bathroom because it’s hot also my hair has officially turned fucking pink

at least it still looks cool tho

kinda just realized how weird my mouth looks in the first one and I don’t feel like taking another picture ugh

also don’t ask about the bandaid

I was up all night and I got fucked up ok

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the poor manager who always gets the night shift when they go is all "that troll and his human boyfriend are here for another date, someone get the fake flowers and put it on their table." at least something entertaining happens during shift, tho. not too often that you see a human and a troll dating

im so glad you phrased it “the troll and his human boyfriend” instead of the other way around lmao and yeah oh gosh can dave have arranged for it the first time like look i know this is a shitty fast food place but i cant afford to take my bb anywhere nicer so if you could just do this for me itd be like so fkn great

karkat who never complains ufeel, mb o gosh,, imagine one or both of them getting jobs finally and saving up to take the other out on a Big Date and they find out last second and pool their resources and go out for a super fun night on the town ahhhhh


I like the official design of both Kamui a lot, so that I was quite sure I’m just gonna play as the default for both genders when the games come out. 

But, the more I see this custom example, the more I like how she looks like, since she is basically almost like a copy of my main data Robin (just with less pointy eyes) that I’ve grown so attached to and must protect at all cost.

Still not digging any boy customs that have been shown so far, tho. So, probably I’ll do like Awakening and play as default Kamui for my boy data, then spending like 5 hours deciding the appearance of the girl ones, before then deciding at the first custom design I made in the end lol.

left this beauty out of my Heroescon swag post until sakuratsukikage got him so she could be surprised PROPERLY

i about ran several ppl over to get to Ming Doyle’s table when i saw him from across the aisle, he’s SO GORGEOUS, at first i thought he looked sad but (excuse the shoddy photograph) the more i looked at him, the more pensive/thoughtful he looked, the halo effect and strong shoulders def helped that out (quintessential paladin steve rogers) THAT JAWLINE and just augh yes ahem anyways, there we go, he’s so beautiful, might one day buy another print of him AGAIN but just for me this time (i got myself her Constantine print tho hhh yessssss SO gorgeous)