Here’s the black an white (first sketch)
CA: I it’s to big ….
(Save the rain child … I I messed up his smile and it kinda looks like he has a mask on now )
Time: hello meow?

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I’m sure if i tried to sketch something just in pen, you wouldn’t even know i tried to draw XD, This is cool and amaze tho OMFG, AND THEY ALL WANT THESE, CA be the only one that actually has what he wanted XD


a fun redraw

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Okay, okay. But. Have you ever imagined Hide with his natural hair color?

i have now 

a lot of people asked me to clean it up/finish it, and I hate myself just enough to do that! This isn’t the complete animation cycle, but here’s a WIP of how much I got (mostly) cleaned up/roughed of the first half.

Look at how magically the ink lines just disappear! :O


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Let’s talk about this

Rebecca and the Crewniverse always do a stellar job of reminding the viewer life doesnt begin or end with what Steven sees/perceives. This is Amethyst comforting Pearl. Even though we know Garnet is close to resolving her issues with Pearl, she and ameth are still left in the dark. Imagine how Pearl must’ve been feeling, knowing she disappointed Steven, desperately looking for Peridot to win Garnet’s trust back, just for Garnet to show her that she’s so angry at her that she physically needs to distance herself. She probably was a wreck during this time, having to face the guilt of what she did on top of her self-deteriorating over not at all being over rose’s death. This scene forces to you to think beyond what we just saw and realize that what was a time of healing for one party, was a time of worsening depression for another.

Sidenote: Peep Amethyst tho. I’m always the first to say she’s way deeper than her character is currently, but look at her, caring for her sister/mother figure, consoling her because, possibly for the first time, she understands exactly how Pearl feels, how it feels to think so lowly of one’s self and basically beg for the approval of someone else.


“It’s just like Hamlet said: ‘To thine own self be true’.”
“No, Hamlet didn’t say that.”
“I think that I remember Hamlet accurately.”

Seungkwan is important

I was watching hansols 24 hour self cam and it was so awkward (it was adorable tho), and i remember wishing that some other member had appeared and dispersed the tension.

After thinking some more, I realized that the least awkward person in the group was seungkwan and I realized that he was needed in order to make the entire group feel relaxed.

Like seriously, he is the only one who feels comfortable enough to spontaneously scream and cry and laugh loudly in front of the camera and I think that makes everyone love him ten times more.

Plus he is great at talking. All the members look up to him since he can present great speeches and other formal things on the spot especially in talk shows or even just in their reality show. Dont get me wrong tho, s coups is amazing at that too.

Seungkwan is caring. When Seungkwan is praised as the main vocal, the first thing he says isnt “oh man I worked so hard for that kind of recognition and I am so happy”.

The first thing he mentions is Seokmin.

He is sensitive to Seokmin’s emotions and he shows that he cares. He doesnt use that praise to glorify himself, in fact he immediately praises and comforts DK.

I think that is beautiful, especially since many people would probably be happy for themselves and forget that someone was hurting because of those same words.

Seungkwan accepted those words but even then, he didnt forget for a single moment that DK was there, hurting.

Sorry this is sorta long but hansols video really got me to think about how much I love seungkwan and I just had to write it all down in the heat of the moment.

iron bull with kids tho

at first all the little kids in skyhold are scared of the big horned man with the eyepatch, but one day when they’re playing, someone throws a ball and it lands squarely on the tip of one of his horns, and they all freeze and hold their breath as he pulls it off and turns around, eyebrows raised. but then he just bursts out laughing and says “nice shot” and throws it back to them

from then on the kids start slowly warming up to him, until every time he comes back from adventuring, they’re all waiting there to run and jump on him when he comes through the gate

he starts bringing things back for them, little toys or sweets, and he looks dramatically from side to side before “sneakily” handing it to them, putting his finger over his lips and making an exaggerated ‘shh’ sound

the kids start going to bull whenever there’s a fight, if one of them is mean to the other, and he sits them down and has them explain exactly what happened and he explains what they did wrong and why they shouldn’t do it, and he tells them to apologize if they need to, but he always makes sure they know it’s okay to mess up and that he still loves them

eventually it becomes such a chore to keep them out of the tavern that bull just yields and brings them in to sit with the chargers, and everyone ends up with a kid on their lap, telling them stories about fighting giants and dragons. (one of the boys starts hanging around krem a lot and eventually tells them he doesn’t feel like a 'he’ at all, and krem is so happy to be able to be there for her, and answer her questions and let her know she’s not alone)

sometimes bull will be in the yard reading, and he’ll feel a tug on his pants and looks down to see one of them there with their arms raised and he grins and lifts them up to sit on his horns. it keeps happening until he can’t read anymore because he’s got little children sitting on every part of his body, but he doesn’t mind at all

some of the kids are orphans, their parents dead or lost in the war. they found their way to skyhold with returning soldiers or refugees or pilgrims, and bull goes to the inquisitor on their behalf, asking that a shelter and food and clothing be provided for them. he and the chargers help build it.

one day, when he’s reading them a bed time story, one of them, snuggled up against his chest, whispers “i love you papa” and he’s surprised, but he smiles and kisses their forehead, because “i love you, too, imekari”

he doesn’t really get the whole 'parent’ thing, but he’s better at it than half of thedas


today was weird



Klaus & Hayley + looks 

every time i see the beautiful brutus-the-fake-prostitute post it reminds me of the fact that there is zero (0) doubt in my mind that in Amy’s first year on the Nine-Nine they have to do like, a prostitution ring bust and they need someone to go undercover and initially the obvious choice seems to be Amy but she teeters into the bullpen on her heels in her sparkly gettup and looks super uncomfortable and anxious (even tho she’s ready to take one for the team but. like. yall. it’s her first time doing this stuff.) and everyone’s gathered round to Assess and they just sort of. look at her, mostly because of how incredibly uncomfortable and unconvincing she looks

and there’s this prolonged moment where Amy’s like “okay so um. I’m ready? h-how do i look?”

and Rosa just turns on her heel and looks at Terry, totally deadpan, like, 


so Terry heaves this huge long suffering sigh and says “Santiago, take that off. Peralta, go get dressed, you’re being the fake prostitute” 

and Jake whoops and jumps up to his feet with a freakni backstory ready to go

anyway, this happened

svt version of shit i heard from college students

s.coups: yeah mom i love u too. o mom? im…out of money

jeonghan: the only reason why i woke up from my nap was cuz it was dinner time

joshua: yeah i dunno how the quizzes are gonna be like so im just gonna wing the first one

jun: i just caught my reflection in my computer. i look so bored lmao but my brows look nice

hoshi: i hav so many fun stories to tell but people are like gonna judge me but i still tell them anyways

wonwoo: ah…autumn, my favorite season of the year. the era of sweaterpaws begins

woozi: its only week 1 and im ready for break

the8: can’t we just karate chop this coconut in half tho.. it’ll be more effective than my butter knife

mingyu: i’m not goin- wait did u say free food

dk: ur lotion smells so gooooooood if u blindfolded me, i would have probably eaten it

seungkwan: omg i know that girl !! shoot lemme check my groupchat to see who she is *checks phone* catherine! uhh emma??! no…..cynthia????

vernon: i wanna experience a college party before i graduate but idk where they are. where are they hiding……why are they hiding from me

dino: mom stop calling me the problem child