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Okay, okay. But. Have you ever imagined Hide with his natural hair color?

i have now 

a lot of people asked me to clean it up/finish it, and I hate myself just enough to do that! This isn’t the complete animation cycle, but here’s a WIP of how much I got (mostly) cleaned up/roughed of the first half.

Look at how magically the ink lines just disappear! :O

Let’s talk about this

Rebecca and the Crewniverse always do a stellar job of reminding the viewer life doesnt begin or end with what Steven sees/perceives. This is Amethyst comforting Pearl. Even though we know Garnet is close to resolving her issues with Pearl, she and ameth are still left in the dark. Imagine how Pearl must’ve been feeling, knowing she disappointed Steven, desperately looking for Peridot to win Garnet’s trust back, just for Garnet to show her that she’s so angry at her that she physically needs to distance herself. She probably was a wreck during this time, having to face the guilt of what she did on top of her self-deteriorating over not at all being over rose’s death. This scene forces to you to think beyond what we just saw and realize that what was a time of healing for one party, was a time of worsening depression for another.

Sidenote: Peep Amethyst tho. I’m always the first to say she’s way deeper than her character is currently, but look at her, caring for her sister/mother figure, consoling her because, possibly for the first time, she understands exactly how Pearl feels, how it feels to think so lowly of one’s self and basically beg for the approval of someone else.


“It’s just like Hamlet said: ‘To thine own self be true’.”
“No, Hamlet didn’t say that.”
“I think that I remember Hamlet accurately.”

Seungkwan is important

I was watching hansols 24 hour self cam and it was so awkward (it was adorable tho), and i remember wishing that some other member had appeared and dispersed the tension.

After thinking some more, I realized that the least awkward person in the group was seungkwan and I realized that he was needed in order to make the entire group feel relaxed.

Like seriously, he is the only one who feels comfortable enough to spontaneously scream and cry and laugh loudly in front of the camera and I think that makes everyone love him ten times more.

Plus he is great at talking. All the members look up to him since he can present great speeches and other formal things on the spot especially in talk shows or even just in their reality show. Dont get me wrong tho, s coups is amazing at that too.

Seungkwan is caring. When Seungkwan is praised as the main vocal, the first thing he says isnt “oh man I worked so hard for that kind of recognition and I am so happy”.

The first thing he mentions is Seokmin.

He is sensitive to Seokmin’s emotions and he shows that he cares. He doesnt use that praise to glorify himself, in fact he immediately praises and comforts DK.

I think that is beautiful, especially since many people would probably be happy for themselves and forget that someone was hurting because of those same words.

Seungkwan accepted those words but even then, he didnt forget for a single moment that DK was there, hurting.

Sorry this is sorta long but hansols video really got me to think about how much I love seungkwan and I just had to write it all down in the heat of the moment.

So i just kinda fell into the Sims era again.

So I basically made Larry. I changed the clothes like thousand times after then, but here we go

even if it’s not that similiar, it’s still better than nothing, that’s to my imaginary

I have to compliment myself tho they look sexy as hell,shut up.

My platonic boyfriend is so excited im just gonna check his booty

not gonna lie, with a few cheats that was the first thing i’ve done with them. look at those smirks. I even have lube on Louis’s nightstand how cool i am.

 Treat him like a queen he is!

I almost forgot about all the possibilities! (fuck these Ken bodies)

wait? Louis is actually really fucking attractive sim when he sleeps????


fluff time now, here we go.
Yay, they’re married.

?????? Harry you fucker Louis is out there on yours wedding and you’re here sleeping like a fucking newborn I don’t care how many times you two woohooed i would starve you to death.

Million kisses, hugs and some woohoo again and thats it, save, quit.
I would just like to thank Jesus for sims okay.


today was weird



Klaus & Hayley + looks 

Okay. So I don’t know how tho make a gif so there won’t be one to accompany this thought but:

Can we just talk about how at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve’s looking around at Time Square and responding to Fury. Fury asks if he’s going to be alright and Steve says,

“Yeah… just. I had a date.”

Now everybody seems to think that he’s talking about Peggy, and at first glance that makes sense. The last interaction he had in his own time was planning his dance with her.

The Captain landed that plane in the ice so he could sacrifice himself for his country. He went into a glacial state certain that he was going to die.

Guess who else “died” in service of his country:


If steve really thought he was going to die, who was that date with?


xiaxiaxia1215 instagram update - november 11, 2015  - parts 1 and 2

rough translation:
Because of the promise made for Genie Time, after I recorded this video that day, it’s only now that I remembered to post it…in the end the shape is a bit distorted, but please accept my heart~haha!
After I finish I’m going to put it in the refrigerator. Today I’m going to eat it all..;;


Tango AU cause is the dance of my city and inspired in something my beloved friend wrote for me (It’s in spanish tho).

In a milonga you invite a person to dance doing head movements like looking at the other person’s eyes, then pointing your head to the dance floor and then looking back to that person. Thay can refuse by moving their head too.

I actually don’t like AUs where they are not chilhood friends cause that’s one of my favorite things of their relationship… but maybe they knew each other from before, just they don’t remember. When I was drawing this I thought that maybe Haru was the one that remembered first, Humm Idk if I’m explaining it well (sorry my english is bad ugh)

Por supuesto que también hay una versión en español