the f*cking opening

who wants things with my new babes? i have emmanuelle aka emmy, my olivia taylor dudley fc who is a princess (can also be a vampire princess or fairy princess if you like that shit) and Ryan (sofia black d’elia fc) who is a tiny lil’ vampire who really loves older women, leather jackets and pretending to be bad ass when she is the furthest from it 

“Why exactly are you still over there, studying when there’s a gorgeous man in your bed?” Jimmy’s fingers tapped against his chest, raising his eyebrows. He had never been the type to be anywhere near alright with being ignored, yet stripping down to his briefs and practically draping himself across his partner’s bed hadn’t done him any good. “If you keep on prioritizing school over me, I might just have to go next door and hook up with that hot neighbor you hate so much. What’s their name again?”

Arthur: I figured it out. why I have such terrible luck all the time. It’s because, when I was a child, I accidentally opened an umbrella indoors. and then, knowing that was bad luck, I just kept opening and closing it, hoping it would all cancel out eventually.

Alfred: Mm..

Arthur: Well, it’s all coming down on me: all that built up bad luck.

Alfred: Yeah, I did something like that with mirrors…

Thanks to everyone who came out to last night’s special holiday show at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel! It was a special night for all of us.

Thanks to the WorkJuice Players: @paulftompkins, Marc Evan Jackson, Paget Brewster, @hallublin, Mark Gagliardi, Craig Cackowski, Joshua Malina, Annie Savage, Autumn Reeser, Janet Varney, and Busy Philipps.

Thanks to our special guests: Timothy Omundson, Chris Tallman, and Open Mike Eagle.

Enormous thanks to Jordan Katz and the Elements of Style, featuring composer Jonathan Dinerstein. And thanks to Rhett Miller and Ted Leo for the amazing new songs.

Thanks to our director Aaron Ginsburg. And thanks to Ben Acker & Ben Blacker who created, wrote, and produced the show. The doors are closed for now, but they aren’t locked.


Hey, Eban and I are doing our first-ever all-music show, and it’s for a couple of good causes! If you’ll be in Los Angeles on Saturday December 3rd or Sunday December 4th, come see PAUL F TOMPKINS HOGS THE COVERS, Live at Largo! 

Eban and I have been collaborators for about twenty years and we’ve done a lot of cover tunes on our various shows, and we’ve always loved doing imaginative arrangements of beloved songs. So this show will be FUN. 

Featuring songs with Aimee Mann, Open Mike Eagle and Ted Leo, plus surprise guests each night. And all proceeds from tickets and merchandise will benefit Planned Parenthood and The American Civil Liberties Union

The shows will only be very slightly different from one night to the next, so don’t feel like you have to go to both. But if you are that kind of completionist, don’t worry— we are recording the shows as an album, and all ensuing sales will be on ongoing donation to these and other worthy organizations.

Come have fun with us.



Art: Nathan Diffee