the eyes of hope

Yesterday, Donald Trump was sworn in as president. That sight is now burned into my eyes forever. And I hope the same is true for you — because we will not forget. We do not want to forget. We will use that vision to make sure that we fight harder, we fight tougher, and we fight more passionately than ever — not just for the people whom Donald Trump supports, but for all of America.
—  Elizabeth Warren at the Woman’s March in Boston

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Would it be selfish of me to request a one shot where reader only finds out that Iggy is tattooed when they're about to be intimate for the first time?💩

Not at all! I love this idea.


Ignis linked arms with you while walking out of the restaurant that night. Your place was closer, so you led him that way. When you reached the door of your apartment building he pulled you into a hug and wished you goodnight, but you held onto him. He grinned and kissed the top of your forehead.

“Come up with me?” you asked, hopeful. He caught the look in your eye and held the door open or you.

“I’d love to. Lead the way.”

The two of you are full of giggles as you leave little pecks on each other’s cheeks and lips on the way up the stairs to your apartment, and when the front door is closed and he finally has you alone, Ignis presses a lingering kiss to your lips. You return it, with your hands running up his chest so you can loosen his tie and start to unbutton his shirt. Your hands are fumbling because you can’t see, and he can’t help smiling while pulling away from your kiss briefly to flip the lights on.

“Somebody’s eager,” he says, snickering. He sweeps you up into his arms again and leads you to the couch, pulling you into another kiss.

“And you’re not?” you’re trying not to laugh too much, but his lips are on your neck when he nods and it tickles. He keeps it up until you give him a playful shove and return to trying to unbutton his shirt. Ignis is watching you as you do this and runs his fingers through your hair. You notice his hand is trembling a little bit. He’s just as nervous as you. This is further than you’ve ever gone together. When you’ve successfully managed to get his shirt unbuttoned, he starts to shrug it off and you busy yourself with pulling your shirt up and over your head.

You stop midway at the sight of his bare torso – not because he’s shirtless in front of you, but you notice the winding, intricate filigree tattoo that starts peeking out from the waistband of his pants, creeps up his lower abs and fans out, up along the sides of his ribcage. Noticing your double take and how you’re in a frozen partially-topless state, he looks down at the ink on his skin and smiles sheepishly.

“Gladio took me to the guy that did his and I thought I’d get one myself,” Ignis explained.

Was he blushing? His cheeks looked a bit red and he looked to be avoiding your gaze. You tug your shirt off the rest of the way and look at him fully, then hesitantly reach out a hand to trace some of the swirls on his skin. Ignis allows it and inches closer to you.

“I take it you like them?” he inquires while he pulls you onto his lap and into another, deeper kiss. You nod and can almost feel the relief wash over him. He holds you close for a bit in silence while you admire the tattoo. Eventually his hand takes yours and he draws your attention away from them to look at his face.

“I hate to distract you Y/n, but where were we?”

He smiles at you when you hop off of his lap and take his hand.

“I’ll save the grand tour for the morning,” you whisper to Ignis as you lead him to your bedroom.


@ladyscientia - This isn’t quite nsfw but I saw your post about lookin for something different for Iggy. Something like this?

BTSxReader: Miss Right

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PART 7 <<                                                              >>PART 9 (Soon)

“It’s like I know you, even without knowing your name”

A sentence that made Jimin chuckle, knowing that you knew him better than himself. He could now confirm, that you were a fan. Which made it harder, to reveal himself. It was to no surprise, that he wanted to tell you. Jungkook noticed the doubtful Jimin and approached him, to sit on the couch.

“Is she mad?” The maknae questioned, curious of what the answer would be. Jimin sighed, but shook his head in denial. Jungkook nodded along, pursing his lips into a thin line.

“Do you remember the coffee shop we met Mina?” Jimin asked, looking at the youngest with hope shining in his eyes.

“Yeah, why?” The youngest questioned, his eyebrows furrowed and unsure what his older brother wanted. Jimin gave him a smirk in response, before standing up from the couch. His hand inviting the youngest to take it, so they could move on. “You’re going to show me where it is.” Jimin requested, making Jungkook shake his head.

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sherlock and john.

chairs by the fire
drenched in warmth and small flickers of flame
with little stars dancing up the arm rests and laying upon their skin
because they’re home, they’re home, they’re home,
their feet almost touching, separated, a wall of sock,
a knife stabbed in paper and a love they cannot reach.

running, shoes upon pavement, hearts upon sleeves,
shattered laughter aching in their eyes as they look at the staircase where they dreamed,
smiling, eyes meeting in a mirror cloaked in thought,
wishing and hoping and sighing and crying,
and sadness, a broken violin, notes cast upon a broken house and
loneliness, so deep it burrows a hole in their hearts, so they lay awake
thinking about the places where they used to feel and the people
they used to be when they were younger and braver and free

a sad man who fell from a building and a sadder man who fell with him.
gentle, sweet, soft words whispered where they do not reach closed ears.
love, love, love, unspoken, untreat, raw and tender, an open wound like the one on john’s shoulder, the one that still aches, and sherlock’s bullet wound, a second hole in his chest
where she shot him in her wedding dress.

and relief, kissing, up against walls and in creaking beds that they carry with them day to day
smiling, free from horror, words they always wanted to say bare in the air and captured in a fluttering kiss that chokes them with love and happiness.
whispers, scars melting under touch and skin, eyes burning with tears that they let fall,
tender, tender, tender
like a romance, only deeper, stretching across their lives and beginning in the moment they meet.
they kiss until the world is right again and their hearts don’t hurt anymore.
sherlock and john never end.

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You are awesome for the glitter, and I wish I could do that. But even little bits end up with me going "is it supposed to be doing that, or am I exhausted/hallucinating/on the edge of a migraine", so glitter is out for me. On the other hand, I think today I am going to try to get up the second string of fairy lights, and spend the day with those lights on, because pretty and fun. :) *hugs you tightly* (The glitter posts are being the oomph for me dealing with the lights.)

Oooh I know the feeling. I really struggle with certain shades of glitter too near my eyes, especially if it’s holographic. I hope you managed to get the lights up, that sounds pretty :D

Dear Self,

You just want so desperately to be loved right now. I can see that. What you don’t see is you already have so many people who love you. There are a bunch of people who would drop everything and come help you if you needed it. Appreciate them. I know you feel empty because your best friend isn’t around, but use the opportunity to appreciate everyone else. You don’t always have to be attached at the hip to someone. 

-Girl with Blue Eyes and a Hopeful Heart

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Do you have any music recommendations? Anything really but I guess music with the same vibe as enya or similar artists is kinda what I'm getting at? Thank you!

I’m assuming you want some ethereal/atmospheric music with female vocals. Here are some songs I think you might like:

-Mesmerism: Dead Can Dance

-Trøllabundin: Eivør

-Afterglow: Phaeleh

-I’m God: Clams Casino

-Spirit of the North: Eldamar

-Warrior: Anilah

-Isa: Wardruna

-The Mystic’s Dream: Loreen McKennitt

-O tu Suavissima Virga: Hildegard von Bingen (find the album Canticles of Ecstasy on spotify, its all beautiful)

-Return of the She King: Dead Can Dance

-Aidu: Eluveitie 

-Sirena: Faun

-Eyes on Fire: Blue Foundation

-Seven Devils: Florence and the Machine

Hope this helps!

Do you think the world could get even worse than it is now, Bernardo?“ She turned towards me, and by the look in her eyes  I could tell she was hoping for a positive answer. "Well,” I said quietly, and with the greatest intent of not wanting to disappoint her, “it probably will, before it may get better one fine day.”
—  Sereno Sky, the hippie novel “Lonely Traveller”
I Want to See You

Guys, I’m feeling for some Jay Park. Not any smut, but actual fluff, so I’m going to write a fluffy scenario! This is written from Jay’s POV. The OC is Indian because we don’t see many fanfics with Indian OCs. And as an Indian, that insults me.  Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!  

My eyes fluttered open. The first rays of morning streamed into my eyes and it was blinding. As I looked over my shoulder, I smiled. There she lay- the love of my life- sleeping peacefully. 

Her hair covering her face, a happy look on her face, snuggled underneath the covers. Every time I look at her, I can feel my heart rate speed up. My brain goes blank, warmth spreads through my body, and I can never stop smiling. 

I slowly get off the bed, careful not to wake Aaloka. But as I was about to leave the room, I heard a quiet murmer. “Don’t leave…” 

I walked back to the bed. “I have to. I have work.” I whispered into her ear. 

“No. I miss you. Everyday. Every minute. Every second.” Aaloka said.

“Babe, you know I don’t want to leave. But I have to.” I replied, as softly as I could. 

“Okay. But come back! Promise?” she muttered, still groggy.

“Of course. I promise. Pinky!” I grinned.

“Alright. Be on your way.” Aaloka said, falling back asleep in an instant.

“Bye…” I whispered quietly, before leaving the room, proceeding to go to work.

At AOMG, Aaloka was the only thing on my mind. I had never been so needy. I coudn’t focus on anything but her. I was zoning out in the middle of practice and I kept on making mistakes. 

“Take five!” my trainer yelled.

“Jay, what’s going on?” he asked me.

“I’m just out of it today.” I replied.

“Ahh! I see what’s going on. You’re in love, aren’t you?” he said.

“Well, yeah.” I answered, unable to say anything else.

“Then go. Love has no bounds. It has no limits. It is a beautiful thing in life that many only experience once. I can’t keep you here like that.” he explained.

“Thank you. Thank you so much!” I bowed.

“Babe, you there?” I knocked.

As the door opened, I saw Aaloka standing there, in all her glory.

“Jay, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at practice?” she asked, confused.

“My trainer let me off early.” I answered.

“Well, come in.” Aaloka told me, holding the door open.

As I walked through the door, I couldn’t help but think: this is who I want to grow old with, this is the woman I want to have kids with, this is the woman I love.

I hope you guys enjoyed this!  I hope it satifies your Jay Park cravings, because it definately did mine! I don’t own Jay park! I only own this story! Feel free to reblog, but CREDIT ME!!! Love you guys! <3

Anonymous prompted: With what I’ve seen so far in the series, Phil is always the one who’s patching up Melinda. Can you write one where Melinda is the one patching up Phil? Thanks :)

Such a great prompt! Thank you for sending it! I hope you enjoy. :)

The cut over his left eye was still bleeding. He just wiped it away as he opened the door to the little medical room on the plane.

Somehow he always managed to get hit there. But he had retaliated. His first punch took the Watch Dog out. Now he was locked up  in the back of the plane. They would focus on him again once they got back to base.

He opened a cabinet. Somewhere in there must still be some of that super glue stuff Simmons had developed to treat cuts and bruises.

“Plane’s up in five,” May said behind him.

He turned around.

She raised a brow. “You look like shit.”

He grinned and winced. Smiling hurt. Damn it, his whole left side hurt. Trying to relax his face as much as possible, he focused back on the cabinet. “You should see the other guy.” Right in the back was the glue! He reached for it and pulled it out.

He felt her hand on his shoulder and turned to her again.

“Let me,” she said. She already had grabbed the cotton sticks from the counter.

How could he say no?

He handed her the glue and leaned against the counter to make himself smaller.

She pulled her lower lip between her teeth as she applied to glue to his forehead, making him want to kiss her.


This is part of my Remember The Happy Weekend Extravaganza

Tensemi Week [1]

Day 1: Childhood / Family

Can be read on ao3

Tendou pokes at the sand, fingers swirling through the ground in an indiscernible pattern. There’s no one at the playground—the two other kids had scattered when they noticed Tendou shyly making their way towards them, eager eyes wide with the potential of making new friends. The question to play had hung on his lips when one of the two kids turned to his friend and whispered loudly, “Look, it’s a monster,” before they quickly stood and scrambled away.

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The moment was so poignant that brought tears to Bill’s eyes too. He felt incredibly hopeful that maybe, after all, it’s not yet too late. Maybe in the most unexpected time, everything will fall in the right place, just as the arrival of their child. ~ Stay With You, chp. 10