the eyeroll ugh :(

Season 7

When Sleazy Pete goes, so does my interest in this super predictable show. He’s been one of the most fascinating and intriguing characters no matter whether you loved or hated him.

I was really hoping there would be this cool twist or a dark horse just waiting in the shadows. That’s what I like about Littlefinger… you had no idea what he was up to or was willing to do to fuck everything up. That wild card in the story is what was interesting. At least to me. Everything else is predictable as hell and I have zero trust in D&D throwing in some great surprise or crazy ending that we haven’t already figured out in over 7 years.

For the smartest character (who also started all of this) and how meticulous in his game plan to be reduced to a shell of his own book character is sad and a waste of Aidan Gillen’s talent. He’s been brilliant as Baelish and loads of fun to watch to see what kind of shit he’s going to stir up, lie his way out, manipulate the fuck out of people and screw other characters game up.

I used to like Tyrion, but even now Peter is phoning it in. He’s had nothing interesting to do since escaping Kings Landing.

Never cared for Cersei, but hell, I’m thinking she should have bombed all of Westeros with wildfire and saved us this overused trope D&D seemed to bent on dragging out to an anticlimactic ending.

Now, we’re just going to get some ‘epic’ LOTR battle with either Jon or Dany taking the throne. *****SNORE***** Right now, I’m rooting for the WW to kill everyone.

Baelish was most likely going to die…but my gut says it’s going to be stupid as fuck and that ticks me off. The idea of Arya killing him and taking his dagger… ugh. *eyeroll* If anyone has the right to kill Petyr, it’s Sansa.

The writing on this show has gone downhill big time over the last 3 seasons.

I’m depressed and dreading this season.

Now all I want is Baelish to somehow bring down the Wall in epic FU 🖕🏻Littlefinger “King of the Ashes” fashion before he dies and THEN become the new Night King and kill everyone.

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I thought FAPuary was going to be some nsfw thing... I was so confused.

I am actually ugly laughing at every post that goes “FAPuary - really??” like I wasn’t 1000% aware of what I was doing with that tag. And it was voted as the most popular option so I’m not entirely to blame here.

Hilariously, it seems to be such a marmite thing. Some people are absolutely gleeful about how childishly suggestive it is, while others are like ugh *eyeroll* but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it’s just a fun art challenge with a stupid name that made me laugh. Maybe if I do this again next year I’ll come up with a more Serious and Mature tag, but we’ll see. 

Of course they would kill the black woman who’s only inherent purpose was to give the main male character a son. And make him better? But she doesn’t get to be a really accomplished doctor like how she was in the first season? She just exists to further his emotional development and give him a legacy. Ugh *eyeroll into forever* I literally said cut off Quinn’s head, there’s no way he’s dead because that’s how these darkedgy shows go. Oh you think there’s a happy ending? THERE ARE NO HAPPY ENDINGS IN THE POST APOCALYPSE BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS DEPRESSING AND BROODING. Like why bother to write shows like this when all I’m getting is just humanity should kill themselves because there’s no point?? No matter how hard you try or how good you are you just die. Bajie could’ve stayed and surprise attacked Quinn and they’d all be fine but NO. UGHGHGHGH.


My mother-in-law dropped an F Bomb today. I have known her for 14 years and I’ve NEVER heard that one. She’s kinda loose with shit; occasionally will drop a damn. But never any varietal of Fuck.

She called tonight, which was odd, but I barely missed it so I called her right back. There’s drama, as ALWAYS, with her in-laws (aka my FIL’s family) and she got yelled at by his sister and needed a Person™ but my SIL obviously wasn’t available so she called me. I was all ugh yeah eyeroll they suck but then she said fucking and I was like whaaaa and froze and then offered to FaceTime so she could cheer up via the grandbabies.

Got yelled at by a woman today for rinsing a cup.

A woman came to the register wanting a coffee refill, I saw some of her previous drink left in the cup so I started to rinse it out and then get her coffee.

Me: getting your refill? I’m sorry what’s wrong miss?
Me: I’m so sorry I thought it was just a bit of foam I didn’t think there was anything left I’m so sorry
Customer: i just paid $4 and you’re just going to dump it down the drain WHY -laughs at me in frustrated anger-
Me: I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to id be happy to make you a whole new drink
Customer: I DONT WANT A NEW ONE I just wanted that one I don’t understand why you would do that
Me: I can make you a whole new one on the house I’m so sorry for the mix up
Customer: don’t bother just give me my refill -ugh- -eyeroll- -more mumbling-

I don’t understand why customers get upset just for the sake of getting angry. I offered to fix it for you and yet you choose to be mad. Okay.

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Who's most likely to grab your butt when they hug you? (You're obviously dating them... if you weren't that would be weird)

dom ugh, an eyeroll and a half, but he’s such a lil shit, hard to be mad at haha

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Well at least modest recycles.. I don't see how people don't see how similar these fauxmances are though... It's blatantly obvious

melly, my special tin hat agent. what are your thoughts on niall and his ‘girlfriend’? lol, honestly, i thought this child was ‘beard-free’, given his activities for months in 2016. ps i miss ziam (they need to flirt on insta soon)

I’m not trying to take anything away from Niall and his “relationship” but It’s just very weird to me that most of the “girlfriends” were/are “models” and/or “students”. I feel like they (PR or whoever is in charge) were/are trying to make it seem like the girls are to a certain extent just regular girls. It’s like a running theme I guest. Like it’s recycled and honestly kind boring. Like all of the relationships at the this point it’s just *eternal eyeroll* ugh. When will they use something new


I’m gonna  answer these in one fell swoop not because I don’t lobe you all, but because I’m mostly a tired and lazy hoe. 

There are so many things I’m side eyeing about the sudden arrival of Celine Helene VanDycke (her name sounds very Gossip Girl and I feel like she would fit right in with Serena Vanderwoodsen and Blair Waldorf.

1) The fact that she fits the 1DHQ relatable girl template: A pretty brunette fashion model who also students, just like Eleanor, Sophia, and Melissa before her. There’s real marketing behind it as to why these girls are students and hometown girl-types, and 1DHQ has to stay true to those focus groups and spreadsheets.

2) The fact that Dan Wootton and his forked tail broke the story (a big red flag for me & my Olivia Pope Gut if there ever was one)

3) The super suspish fact that update accounts for Celine were created a full FOUR days ago and now we are awash in a river of Celine & Neline hoe stroll photos. No one knew who this she was up until today, and now there’s photos of them on the tube, at a concert, in Portugal. There’s even photos of them from their hoe stroll tonight where Niall is wearing the 1D-patented “I’ve Made A Terrible Mistake™” fauxmance face:

So natural! So totally not suspect and a suspiciously timed attempt to possibly distract from another large scale stunt!

4) Despite the fact that Celine’s social media is set to private (just like Sophia’s was), the Update accounts that sprung up four days before the news broke still manage to have exclusive photos and facts about Celine at the ready (did you know Celine listens to Diplo? Now you do! What luck! What riches!)

5) In case you wanted to know all about Celine, thank God there were articles today that gave us facts about her (she’s got a Soundcloud account! She’s a Taurus! She’s taught dance! She can speak many different languages!)

Honestly, the biggest sign of all is that it fits the pattern of 1DHQ’s stunt patterns before it. I’m sure Celine & Niall will be moving in together in two weeks and will have a dog tomorrow. I don’t make the rules, it’s science.

The biggest question is why this and why now? With the arrival of that shady 1DHQ/Ashley Jessica JungwirthUnseen Instagram yesterday and other various underwhelming Zayn/Zigi/Cherliam-related stunts, its a matter of what this is the distraction for. Babygate is the natural thought, so get a prayer circle, throw salt and/or holy water behind your shoulder, and send positive thoughts and snacks into the universe. 

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Discovered Slytherho last night, dude she's ridiculous. From her obsession ... err I mean hate of you and klubb to her shit talking about white people. Apparently she's "native and Irish" and yeah I know that people who are mixed can be "white passing" (I hate that term) but honestly she strikes me as one of those people who is only like a drop Native American but claims it because white people are "evil" . Ugh. Eyeroll.

time to move our feet (to an introspective beat)

adam/ronan | 1.9k | fluff; established relationship + declarations

(it ain’t the speakers that bump hearts, it’s our hearts that make the beat;
and I’ll be holding on to you.)

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This isn’t a scenario Adam had ever expected to find himself in. Something similar, perhaps, but there are a few key details he could never have imagined.

Himself, freshly turned 19 and attending college in New York: that part was not surprising. The warm coat and scarf shielding him from the November chill: also an element he’d often fantasized about. Sitting at a table by the window of a hipster-chic bistrot with Ronan Lynch sitting opposite him: not something he would have put his hypothetical money on. Ronan, his boyfriend of several months: definitely unexpected.

It’s pleasant, though; he quietly admits as much to himself as he watches Ronan stare out the window. The city looks very pretty in the cold autumn sun, but Ronan’s squinting at it suspiciously, because first of all, it isn’t Henrietta, and second of all, it sees Adam on a daily basis and he doesn’t: ergo, it sucks by default.

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Huge congratulations to The Revenant on three wins at the Golden Globes! Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor for Leonardo DiCaprio! 

Leo gave a gracious speech, saying he wanted to share his award with all the First Nations people represented in the film and all the indigenous communities around the world, and thanking his director and co-stars, in particular Tom Hardy.

“I really want to thank the actors that I got to stand shoulder to shoulder with in this film, in particular my good friend Tom Hardy who is a beast, an unbelievable talent who was there every single day, who I know in real life would never bury me alive and leave me out in the cold to die like that.”

oh ha fuck knows that the new clip will generate very diverging opinions as far as people’s reactions to tony bringing up the nuke are concerned. and quite honestly i have trust issues and i wouldn’t put it past whedon to have done the thing where everyone REALLY is annoyed with tony when he brings that whole thing up. BUT the sad thing about that scenario is??? it kinda makes the other avengers look awful???????? yes, YES, go ahead and throw shade at tony because he made ultron, but from that to EYEROLL and have a UGH, NOT AGAIN attitude to a team mate’s trauma? that’s shitty tbh. that’s not any admirable “putting tony in his place” policy. it’s hard to judge the scene without a much broader context, but if that annoyance vibe some people are rejoicing about is REALLY the whole story, and you people tell me thats NOT considered out of character…. well then i’d judge some of those guys pretty hard