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a cozy nook by the hearth

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It’s quiet enough to hear the ticking of the wall clock.  The churning of the ice maker in the kitchen.  His solid heartbeat beneath your head, nestled safely inside his chest.  The thin grey sweater is soft against your cheek; you can hear it rustle as you clutch your hand into the fabric.  His hand runs soothing strokes up and down your back, lulling you into a state of peaceful bliss.

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Can't Wait

[Request: When he’s needy but you’re on your period]

Genre: Smut

Co-written by: yeoltoorshul and Chelsea

Pic credit to rightful owner


“Babe, it’s been 3 months, 11 days, and 7 hours,” Kris said to you one lazy afternoon while watching TV together.

“I admire your skill of keeping track of time, but what are you talking about?” You barely covered a wince as your stomach tightened from your cramps.

“You know…”

“I know a lot of things my love, but what you’re keeping track of, I do not.”

Kris leaned towards you, his scent usually pleasing but it was so heady that your head felt like it was swimming. “We haven’t had sex in that long,” he revealed, his eyes dead serious and pleading.

You knew where this was going. “I don’t think so, scooter.” You deadpanned and a burst of pain exploded in your back. You closed your eyes, focusing on kicking these cramps in the ass instead of your boyfriend.

“But,” Kris was insistent. “I miss your touches, the way you bounce up and down on my cock-”

“This dirty talk isn’t appealing to me right now Kris,” you interrupted. The pain was unbearable and you needed more aspirin. You hobbled to the kitchen towards the cabinet with Kris following you.

“You okay?” His pleading was overcome with concern.

“Ah you know, just enduring this Red Badge of Courage that Mother Nature gave me,” you griped as you popped aspirin into your mouth.

Kris didn’t follow the literary joke you made. “The Red Badge of what? Baobei, you’re not a war hero.”

Water nearly came out of your nose as you fought back the spasms of laughter. “No!” You exclaimed. “I’m- oh god a war hero-!” Your sentence was cut off by a violent attack of laughter erupting through your body.

“But what is this badge you’re talking about?”

“The badge I get once a month congratulating me on not getting pregnant.”

“Ohh,” Kris connected the dots. “You’re on your period.” Something glinted in his eyes that hinted skepticism.

“Take my word for it. I’m not gonna give you proof.” You giggled at the shudder of disgust from your boyfriend. “No thanks I believe you!” He headed back towards the living room.

You went to go to the bathroom to go change, taking your time. You were in there for a few minutes when Kris gently knocked on the bathroom door.

“You know, I heard that having sex relieves cramps….” He offered.

“There is not enough bleach in this world to clean up the bloodstains from the aftermath,” you shot back.

“We could do it on towels.”

“Unless you want to be scarred for life at the sight of your girlfriend bleeding from a very intimate orifice, I suggest you stop.”

“Paper towels.”

You laughed. “Oh god I love you.” You paused and pursed your lips together as a bright idea lit up your mind. “Say…” You began, causing Kris to perk up his ears on the other side of the door.

“What? What is it?” Kris said a little too eagerly. He wanted to know what was on your mind right away. Could you have changed your mind? He was grinning widely at the thought.

You swung the door open, startling your needy, giant boyfriend. “I guess I could…” Your eyes traveled down to his enlarged crotch. “You know.”

Kris widened his eyes in surprise. He certainly hadn’t seen that coming. “W-what?” His voice came out as a stutter, and you giggled at his adorable reaction. The thought of your warm, wet lips wrapped around his cock flustered him to no end as he felt his hormones raging to a dangerous level.

“I can suck you off, babe,” you bluntly said, trailing your fingers delicately on his chest. You could hear him suck in a sharp intake of air. “That is, if you want me to,” you looked up at him, blinking innocently.

“Ah-!” you yelped in surprise as Kris swooped down to lift you and carry you bridal style to the bedroom. He kicked the door open with his foot.

“I love how you think, baobei,” he purred huskily into your ear before pressing a kiss to your temple. Your sexy, dominant boyfriend was back as he set you down on your feet and began unbuckling his jeans. He maintained lustful eye contact with you the entire time, sending pleasant shivers down your spine.

"Let me,” you said, your voice coming out more sultry than you expected. Your small hands reached to pull down his zipper as Kris kept watching you intently. The sight of his baobei on her knees about to give him pleasure drove him absolutely crazy.

“Fuck,” he hissed as you finally took out his long, hard, and throbbing member. He threw his head back in pleasure as you placed your lips over the thick head of his cock, licking delicately as your hands enclosed the rest of him and pumped him in slow, precise movements. “Oh god, baby. More,” he pleaded you through uneven breaths.

Slowly, you took inch by delicious inch of him into your mouth, bobbing your head back and forth as you went. Your hand never ceased to pump him on the few remaining inches that your mouth couldn’t reach, maximizing his pleasure. You trailed your other hand to his thigh, caressing his skin there, which sent a tingly sensation through his body. Kris tangled his hands through your hair, guiding your pace on his cock as he looked down on you with eyes clouded with intense pleasure. The feeling of your warm, wet mouth on his length was something he could never get enough of. His body was overtaken by pure bliss as he began thrusting his hips forward into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat several times.

“F-fuck, baobei~ I’m so c-close. Ahh,” he moaned and grunted loudly. Sweat trickling down his temple and his wonderfully-shaped lips parting was the most arousing vision of him you have ever seen. You winced and pulled back slightly to avoid gagging on him as he went a little too deep in you. But you still bobbed your head faster on him, taking as much of him as you can. You wanted him to reach his climax as your hand continued to rub soothing circles on his thigh. “Fuck! I’m cumming!” he finally yelled as his body trembled with delight. You felt his cock twitch before finally exploding into your mouth, which you swallowed down with one gulp.

Kris gazed down at you with satisfaction and love as he came down from his high. He immediately pulled you up as he realized that he might’ve hurt you blindly when his mind was hazy with pleasure. He sat you down on his lap on the bed with his arms banding around your waist securely. “Baobei, are you alright? Did I hurt you?” His worried eyes searched yours for any sign of pain.

You shook your head simply, giving him a warm smile. “No, I’m okay.” Kris sighed in relief as he swiped his thumb over the corner of your lips. “Thank you, baby. I love you,” he said with nothing but sincerity in his voice. He captured your lips with his in a loving kiss, tasting himself on you. He pulled back, looking into your eyes warmly before pecking your nose.

“I love you, too.” You said, wrapping your arms around his neck. “You know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, right?” Kris felt his heart swell in joy as you snuggled against him and said those words. You were his precious baobei.

He tilted your chin up and pressed another kiss on your lips. “The same for you as well, baobei,” he smiled cheekily, showing his gummy smile.

You chuckled heartily as he shifted slightly in his lap. You could feel his member growing harder under you. “Kris, no sex until I’m done receiving Nature’s gift, okay?”

Kris grumbled, but he agreed.

“Alright, just when you’re free from the Crimson Wave, you’ll wear that sheer negligee you bought last month?” Kris wiggled his eyebrows at you, proud at his own suggestion.

You sighed and bit his collarbone lightly. “Of course, Wu Fan.”

[Yeoltoorshul’s A/N]:

-how do you end a thing

-y’all come up with the darnedest scenarios

-no just let me write this just let me shhhh just let me ease the burden

[Chelsea’s A/N]: hola guys! hoped you liked this update!! this was my first time writing a blowjob scene OTL. i’m sorry if it wasn’t very good. 0.0 but feedback is always welcomed!! Lol I will put up a kris pic tomorrow for this scenario. Too tired now haha. thank you to yeoltoorshul for writing half of this scenario! it was very kind of you!! <33 i hope you get to see this because your account seems to have been deactivated. :((

anonymous asked:

I LOVE this blog btw!! N can u have a scenario where, you get in a fight with jimin and he says things like: “Who else am I going to cuddle with at night?” N have like the cutest ending ever, please?!? Could u also make it extremely fluffy please??

I tried OTL ❤️


Jimin felt his muscles tense up immediately; whenever you sounded like that, it either meant you were extremely horny or extremely angry. Finding out the difference between both was the hard part.

“WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?” you fumed, stomping through the house, searching for him.

You let out an exasperated sigh when you finally found him on the couch, holding up a measly pillow in his defense. In your left hand, you had a locked and loaded fist, and in the right you held out your phone, donning a picture of you sleeping—posted on Twitter.


Jimin stood up from the couch slowly, holding his hands out in front of him just in case you tried to ‘attack’, “You see, baby, I came home late and you were asleep on the couch—”

“Jimin, I swear to god, why would you post this?!”

At a time like this, he knew it wasn’t a very smart idea to laugh, but he couldn’t help it. It wasn’t his fault that a giggle slipped out; it was a nervous habit. When you were angry, you tried to so hard to be scary—which you succeeded at sometimes—but most of the time he thought you looked adorable while you were enraged.

“I posted it because I thought it was cute!”

“With a messy bun and drool hanging out of my mouth?!”

He scoffed, “Oh c’mon jagi, that’s nothing compared to your snoring!”

Your eyes went wide and in that moment he knew he was about to get pounced on. You, however, actually maintained composure. You closed your eyes and took a deep, deep, breath.

Turning your back to him, you spoke as calmly as you could, “When I count to 3, you better be out of my sight or else I will tackle you like a linebacker.”

“Is that supposed to be a threat? Because I think I’d probably enjoy that—”


“Okay look, I’m sorry baby, I’ll delete it.”

The was a long pause of silence.

“(Y/n)…” he groaned, hoping you would forgive him finally, but that proved to be wrong when you kept you back towards him and rolled your eyes.

“No~” you sang out, tapping your foot silently. You could hear Jimin creep up behind you.

“Jagiya~” He murmured, snaking his arms around your waist warmly. You could feel his soft lips trail up the length of your neck before whispering into your ear, “Jagiya, please forgive me.”

“No,” you repeated plainly, huffing and folding your arms. “And don’t call me that, I’m not your jagi right now.”

“You’re not?” he whined playfully, chuckling. His fingers started to dance on your sides a bit in an attempt to make you break, but it elicited no reaction from you. You had to have been really angry, he thought, because there was never a time where tickling didn’t work on you.

“This is not funny Jimin, I’m serious!”

He quirked a curious eyebrow at you before turning you to face him, his eyes and lip fashioning into the best puppy dog face he could muster up.

“You’re seriously not mine anymore (y/n)? So who else do you expect me to cuddle up with tonight, huh?” he pouted. Jimin took a stray piece of your hair and twirled it on his finger. You had to admit, the face was starting to get to you a little. “Who else am I gonna tell ‘I love you’ to and give little kisses on their face until they beg me to stop? Just…like…this.”

He reached up and caressed your cheeks before pecking at your nose, your cheeks, your chin, and anywhere else he could get to that was exposed before you both were a giggling mess. Jimin bit his lip and placed one last passionate kiss on your lips before leaning his forehead to yours.

“How can I make it up to you, baby?”

Gently removing them from your cheeks, you took his hands into yours and started stepping backwards, tugging him towards your room.

“Come cuddle with me, and I might think about forgiving you.”


Click. You pressed a hand over your mouth, struggling to hold back your laughter. Your boyfriend had drifted off to sleep next to you while you were lying in bed together. You made sure to zoom in really close on his face. Click, click, click.

“Hello, Twitter~”

Hey, he wasn’t the only one handy with a camera.

|Admin Raine|

Triptych ; Chapter Forty

Whoop! Here it is! I promise that this one is better than the last chapter– that one was a complete mess and I can’t tell you how embarrassing it was to actuall post that, otl otl. But, here we are with asshole Hoseok! The post I based this off of is here! All other chapters are linked below!



Hoseok walked faster than you to the small car you assumed he drove over, your legs struggling to keep up with him as you held onto your papers. You constantly looked back to Suga’s small house, hoping that you would see him in the window- but nearly running into his car brought you out of your thoughts.

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anonymous said: Hey~ I hope you’re having a nice day! Could I request a Baekhyun university au where “my friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex, quick make out with me.” I hope this is okay in your guidelines, sorry if it isn’t. Thank you!

It most certainly is in my guidelines! I’ve always wanted to try out this AU situation. Hope you like it!

“Why are we even here…” you grumbled, settling yourself on a couch.

“Look, I couldn’t pass up this invite. Plus, there are a lot of cute guys here. Trust me, you’ll be glad you came by the end of the night.”

Here’s the thing: cute guys are a lot less cute when they drunkenly drape their arm around you and whisper slurred pick-up lines in your ear, especially when you’re pretty sure you could get drunk from their disgustingly alcoholic breath alone. You shoved another student — who was probably two seconds away from passing out anyway — off of you to get a drink. The party was largely uneventful as your friend had ditched you an hour before, and you would’ve left already had it not been for the fact that you didn’t actually know how to get back to your dorm.

Frankly, you really weren’t in the mood to party tonight, so you settled for a light beer to at least loosen up a little. You were aimlessly taking swigs from the can while surveying your surroundings when… crap… is that…? Oh hell no. You spotted your ex at the other side of the room chatting with a few girls. Of course. You internally panicked when, shit, he felt your eyes on him and glanced in your direction. You made eye contact for a split second before you looked the other way and hoped he didn’t recognize you. Yet when you glanced up again, there he was, ambling his way to where you were while trying to wave at you. You pretended not to notice and weaved behind a cluster of students, where you spotted a small circle of boys conversing casually in the hallway. You looked behind you and damn it, why was he still following you; you needed to come up with a plan and come up with one fast. Running up to the group, you barged into their conversation in a frenzy and they looked at you for an explanation.

“Quick, someone make out with me!”

They only stared at you with furrowed eyebrows, lips slightly parted as if asking why, yet they kept silent.

“Don’t just stand there! You don’t understand, my ex is coming over here right now; please, help me!”

One of the shorter boys of the bunch shrugged and put his drink down, placed his hands at the base of your jaw and kissed you. His friends migrated to a different area, leaving you two alone as you wrapped your arms around his neck to make it more believable. You kept your eyes open for any sign of your ex and internally cheered when you saw him confusedly walk off. You were going to pull away but the boy had quite a firm grip on you, and come to think of it, his lips were really soft and gentle, so maybe you’d stay like this for a few more moments. You finally closed your eyes to enjoy the sensation, and his hands gradually traveled down to your waist where they slowly but surely pulled you in tighter against him, intimate yet comfortable. You began to lose yourself in the kiss, lips on lips and tongue yearning to explore more of him. He was a total stranger, yet why did his kisses make you feel so relaxed? As if you’d known him for a long time? There were small pauses in between for breaths of air but he kept going, completely disregarding the original purpose of the plan, and truthfully, you had too. You could’ve gone all night had it not been for someone clearing their throat next to you. You jumped at the sound and saw that the boy’s friends had returned and were awkwardly standing next to you. How long had they been there?

“We’re going to head back to our dorm. Are you coming with us…?” a tall bronze boy asked.

“Or are you going to stand here and keep eating each other’s faces?” the tallest one joked.

You blushed and hid your face in the crook of the boy’s neck as he chuckled and took a moment to think.

“You guys go ahead. I’ll catch up with you later.”

“Alright. Have fun Baek,” a boy with curled lips commented.

“But not too much fun!” the tallest one added, giving you a wink and sauntering off with his friends.

The boy — Baek, was his name? — turned back to you with a dazzling smile.

“I guess I should properly introduce myself. I’m Baekhyun.” He held out his hand and you shook it.

“I’m _____.”

You both exchanged numbers and chatted for a few more minutes, where you learned that he was a music major that planned on making it big when he graduated. At the end of the night, you two were reluctantly saying your goodbyes at the door.

“If you ever need someone to help with a make-out session, you know who to call,” he jested with a wink. You laughed and nodded, hoping there was at least some truth to his offer. “One more thing…” He leaned in and placed another simple kiss on your lips, making you grin in delight. “Do I kiss better than your ex?”


Note: This request took longer than it should’ve for me to finish because I kept imagining a soft make-out session with Baek and OTL I was a mess.

Request: Disguise [Sunggyu Part]

O 3O This is actually Version 2. Version 1 got scrapped for being both terrible and off on a tangent I didn’t intend. Ugh. I knew how I wanted it to end but I kept having issues with the first half ; A; Dongwoo will be the next attempt at this request. Because this is Sunggyu’s bit of the slightly “sexual” oriented scenarios = 3= It isn’t really what I intended and it’s much more mild than I had thought it would be. The others might get a bit more escalated…since this is the intro-ish one to the Series it’s not too bad. OTL I have no idea what I’m talking about anymore ; 3; This is kind of long. But I do still like it. The request will be at the very bottom. And assume this takes place in an older time and all the characters are wearing Traditional Korean clothes so when I use the word jacket…it’s not a normal everyday jacket…and so on. O 3O I think that’s all…enjoy? Gah. My brain is just melting ; 3;


You glanced at the women sitting around you. They were all really attractive looking. You felt slightly intimidated.

You didn’t have long to feel that way when yet another woman stepped in front of you.

She was dressed differently than all the others.

She still had embellishments on her outfit but they were of a different sort. It took you a moment but she was probably an Officer for the Harem. Most likely the only female Official figure in the entire palace.

“Let’s start with the basics.” her voice was clipped, “There are certain rules to follow in the Harem and in the palace. I expect you to be able to follow all of them. Most shall be lenient with you over the first few days but mess-ups further in the future will be dealt with harshly.”

You swallowed and nodded in understanding.

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