the eyebrow game tho

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so here’s to drinks in the dark at the end of my rope (x)

Exo Reactions To Their Already Skinny Girlfriend Going On A Diet

Here you go xo

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Baekhyun: *is concerned but hides it with humor* “But if you lose more weight, I won’t be able to see you anymore.”

Chanyeol: *doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to offend you but he’s super concerned*

Chen: “Are you serious right now?”

D.O.: “I think you’re beautiful no matter what, but if you think it will make you happy then go ahead.”

Kai: *as he’s shoving food in his mouth* “Food doesn’t make you fat, just look at me. I’m skinny & I eat like a pig. Come to the dance studio with me instead & we can work out together… Are you going to finish your chicken?”

Kris: “I don’t think so. I can’t let you do that, it wouldn’t be healthy.”

Lay: “Why does everyone say they’re on a diet when I cook dinner?”

Luhan: “That’s ridiculous. You’re perfect the way you are.”

Sehun: “As long as the booty doesn’t go anywhere, I’m fine with whatever.”

Suho: “I’m going to buy you the best, most delicious diet foods ever.”

Tao: *when you tell him you aren’t eating junk food anymore* “But… cake.”

Xiumin: “Are you testing me to see if I’ll call you fat? Because that’s not going to happen. You’re the most beautiful creature in the world.”

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I finally drew my rendition of human Sans? Granted all but one of these were drawn at @determinedtopun​‘s drawpile sessions, but i do most of my art there nowadays anyway, so I’m not really that surprised.

I’m thinking he’s kinda like Ray Narvaez, Jr. in personality and in eyebrow/eyelash game. Got more prominent eyebags tho. And he usually wears that mask, regardless of health (which probably wouldn’t be very good anyways).

Also, I’m all up for scientist!Sans just being a younger Sans, so that’s that little doodle there, and he wears contacts now.

hansol: *showering, sleeping, waking up, performing on stage, rapping, singing like an angel, eating, getting his lines stolen by seungkwan, sitting, dancing, rolling on the floor, doing a science experiment, reading the bible, telling his sister not to say oh my god, crawling up on ur bias list, pulling up on ur wacks with a mac fully loaded*

eyebrows: *still on point*