the eyeball twins

Holy shit. So that happened.

That was a really good episode, in that I think it may have taken several years off my life. Matt is so much more menacing when he can stand at the table!

[image: Matt as Vecna casting a Finger of Death spell at Pike; everyone is freaking out and Travis has physically jumped in front of Ashley]

Cursed Images burned on my eyeballs: the twins hugging when it looked like they were both gonna permadie, everybody’s faces whenever Vecna targeted Pike with a permakill spell, Sam talking about how Taryon is just weeping on the floor clutching his necklace, Sam and Taliesin literally shaking with nervousness, Marisha’s face when Matt said “we’ll have to talk” about using True Resurrection on Vax, Liam’s face when Laura said, “…where’s Vax?”

Fucking wonderful feeling, though, when they were all debating the normal approach (fly up and attack) and then just went for it and decided to destroy the entire tower with dual Earthquake spells, everyone perma-winking, with Scanlan standing on Pike’s shoulders and pretending to be a cultist, and everything culminating in Vex calling a literal archlich a “dipshit”. So perfectly Vox Machina.

Winter Carnival


“Absolutely not.”

Bella’s brows drew together as she wheeled around to where the voices had come from. Butch and Vishous both stood in front of the library door, their legs encased in leathers were braced apart, their muscles bulging against the black shirts they wore as they stood with their arms crossed. The only difference between them was V was wearing a Red Sox hat.

Bella put her hands on her slender hips and glared at the brothers. She was casually dressed in a dark green cotton short sleeved blouse along with blue jeans and bare feet.

“Excuse me. Last time I checked you were not Nalla’s parents.” Bella said as she pointed at the two hard ass vampires.

“She’s our niece, enough said.” Butch said with a note of finality.

V nodded his head in agreement. “True? True.”

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