the eye that shapes

Good grief, this man is gorgeous. What I truly admire about him, aside from the obvious, are his eyes. The shape and color and so soulful, and his brows kill me. They are both sharp and gentle. He's a work of art.

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Hey! I have a lot of trouble with drawing eyes :( i struggle with size and shape especially... any tips?

Oh heck, hello haha um honestly I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’ll try to answer as best I can!

I like to take pictures of my face and practice from my own eyes. here’s one and Here’s another one (this one’s a few years back heck)

those ones i just traced a base line over the pictures and then eyeballed the coloring. That’s really useful for getting shapes and angles down when the head is turned. good for drawing the same eye with different expressions and things.

I’m actually doing one right now for some new practice. this one I didn’t do a base sketch at all, I just started SLAPPIN’ color on there. I’ll post progress pictures once I finish it.

ALTHOUGH IF YOU DO THIS, I WOULD RECOMMEND SWITCHING IT UP A BIT AND USING OTHER PEOPLE EYES TOO. because I have a slight difficulty drawing girls with different eye shapes than my own haha oops

I would also recommend paying attention to lid shape, eyelash length, and the angle of the eyes as well as the basic shape. just little details that will set them apart from other eyes. 

learning from real life is always super great

here’s my eyes, compared to my sisters. just showing how related people have similar but different eyes

sometimes starting with a circle helps

the same shaped eye with different lids

size differences

for coloring: Eyelids make shadows. eyelashes make shadows. light shows through the iris, depending on the angle.

hope that helped you a bit. mostly just learn from real life for coloring and shape and everything. and then apply it to your style. sorry if this wasn’t that helpful or anything. I’ve been a bit scatterbrained lately as well as busy. I hope i wrote everything i wanted to D:

Total Eclipse of the Heart

For @agentdaisymaximoff

Pairing: Bucky/Natasha

Word Count: 1051

Prompt:  ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ - Bonnie Tyler (1983)

Rating:  T

Tags:  Fluff, Feels, Established Relationship

Warnings: None

Natasha’s eyes flew open, darting around in darkness until she could discern some shape or another.  She blinked groggily, trying to remember where she was and where she’d fallen asleep.  

What country was this?  

She let her head loll to the side and relaxed once she spotted the bedside table lamp.  It was hideous.  The base looked like a pineapple.  Damn Clint for giving it to them as a housewarming gift.    

The tension left her shoulders.  She was home.  

But she knew even before looking that she wasn’t going to like what the clock told her.  

Three forty-four.  A.M.  

She huffed out a loud sigh and rolled over onto her stomach.  Her arm brushing across the cold empty expanse of mattress to her left.  Natasha wasn’t so naive to expect him to still be there.  

Bucky had an even worse time sleeping than she did.  And she wasn’t exactly holding a world record for consecutive nights without pacing.  Ever since he’d come out of the cryo-sleep in Wakanda, he’d been on edge.  His memories were coming back.  And from the looks of it, not a single good one.    

Swinging her legs over to the side of the bed, she hauled herself up and towards the door.  A glass of water was in order.  

She tried to think back to the last time she’d slept through an entire night, attempting to ignore the blaringly obvious.  That she didn’t like sleeping alone.  That Bucky getting up and leaving in the middle of the night was the cause of her insomnia.  

But it wasn’t as if she could tell him about it.  She couldn’t ask the guy to stay in bed with her at the expense of his own mental wellbeing.  

Of course, she wasn’t really sure what the steps were to ensure her own, either.  Mental well-being was not one of Natasha’s areas of expertise.  

All she knew about self-care was how she instructed other people to indulge.  She didn’t have a clue how to take her own advice.  She didn’t know what her creature comforts were.  She’d never been aware of any.  

Steve was partial to comfort food.  

Bucky liked to be active.  He liked to be moving.  Probably something to do with all that time he spent frozen.  

Natasha let out a ragged sigh and took a sip from her water glass.  When she pushed herself, she could remember her childhood before she became what she was.  She was young.  Very young.  And she wasn’t even sure if it was a memory or just wishful thinking.  

But at their core, both memories and wishful thinking were just chemical reactions in the brain.  So she supposed it didn’t matter.  

All she could feel was warm.  A blanket being tucked around her.  A toy of some kind – a doll or  a stuffed animal – being pressed in beside her.  And it had been nice.  So nice.  

One of the nicest feelings she’d ever felt.

She was still holding the glass of water when she heard his key in the door.  

The hinges squealed loudly as it swung open.  She never remembered to lubricate them until the door was open and she was either going somewhere in a hurry or coming home exhausted.  

His gait was heavy, but familiar and calming.  She immediately felt the weight in her shoulders lift.  

“You awake?” he asked.  Obviously a rhetorical question, but Natasha answered it anyway.  

“Looks that way.”  Her tone was a bit more clipped than she realized it would be.  But now it was too late to take it back.  

“Sorry…” he replied, tilting his head momentarily before sitting down to remove his shoes.  “Tried to be quiet.”  

“You were,” she reassured him.  “I just…I can’t sleep when you’re gone.”  

He was quiet for a moment.  So quiet that any regular person might have thought he left.  Or dozed off.  

But Natasha wasn’t a regular person.  And she was highly trained to hear the wheels turning in other people’s heads.  

And the wheels in Bucky’s were turning at full tilt.  

“I…” he faltered.  “It’s the nightmares, Nat…I have to get up and move…and–” 

“I know,” she interrupted him.  “I know you do.  I just…I just thought I’d be honest for once. Just trying it out, let me know how you like it.”  

He stood, leaving his shoes by the couch as he crossed the floor to stand in front of her.  Taking the glass first, depositing it safely on the counter beside them, he wrapped his arms around her waist, tugging her close so she fit right against him – her head cradled against his shoulder. Her arms linked behind his neck.  

“I’m sorry…” he murmured, swaying her slightly.  Softly.  It almost wasn’t noticeabe.  They could be sitting in a narrow treetop, being moved by the wind.  It was hypnotic and soothing.  

“It’s okay.”  

“No, it’s not.  This isn’t just about me, doll.”  His fingers dragged slowly up her spine.  Her head grew heavy against him and he must have noticed, because he bent slightly and scooped her up into his arms like she weighed nothing.  “We gotta take care of you, too.”  

“You can wake me up when you have them, you know…” she whispered, tightening her hold around his neck.  “You know I don’t mind that.”  

“I dunno if you’d want to hear about my nightmares.”  

She snorted.  “I can guarantee some of them are mine too.”  

“Right?  And ya probably don’t need my mess on top of yours.”  

“Bucky…” Natasha crooned softly against his throat.  “Your mess.  My mess.  It’s just one mess now.”  

“I know, but…”  

“If you don’t want to tell me about them, at least let me know you’re leaving.  I don’t like waking up alone and in the dark…if it wasn’t for that stupid lamp, I wouldn’t even know where I was…” She waved her hand vaguely in the direction of the bedside table.

Bucky smirked as his gaze flitted over to the lamp.  “That’s why I like it, though.  It’s so…mind-numbingly ugly…but it’s home.”  

A smile pulled at the corners of her mouth as he deposited her gently onto the mattress.  “I’m glad you’re back,” she said, stretching her legs out beneath the cool sheets.  

“Me too,” he agreed.  

“I don’t just mean tonight.”

“Me either.”  

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Hey Chris. What are some characteristics you find extremely sexy? For guys and for girls?

I must admit I’m a simple man
impressing me is something everyone can
humour and kindness are both things I seek
but there is one other thing that makes me so weak…

The butt, the behind, the rear and the ass
this is a feature that every dream has
not one too large
not one too small
a bum that will drive me up every wall

They all have their beauty
they all have their grace
they’re just as important as the eyes or the face
in every shape we think there is
the ass is something I need to kiss

So if you ever wonder
how to get to my heart
It’s really not hard,
let me give you hand
with this simple hint:

I’m more of an ass-man ;)

-Chris <3

someone put this in my inbox centuries ago, go take a pic of yourself and share what you love about yourself and one thing you don’t bc it’s important to remember that everyone has their flaws💓 I like my jawline and my facial structure. I don’t like my eyes (the shape or color) and I don’t like my lips. But that’s okay! Bc I’m loving myself more and more everyday!💜

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How did it come to this? You're at a furry convention. Your mom would cry if she knew. Thankfully you're wearing a fursuit, and your identity is concealed. As you browse quickly through stalls set up by furry vendors, you quickly look back at one stall, to make sure it wasn't what you thought it was. It was. It was a collection of dragon dildos, in all shapes and colors. You accidentally meet eyes with the vendor. He says:

I said before.

no offense but stop! romanticizing! the same female face over! and over! and over! what about girls with huge lips? thin lips? chubby cheeks? asymmetrical cheekbones? small eyes? funny-shaped eyes? tiny foreheads? huge foreheads? girls with thin eyebrows? girls with monobrows? girls with wide noses or crooked noses or tall and strange noses? what about anything besides the same facial features I see again and again on my dash?? I know there are beautiful and strange girls out there, show me them!

me, waking up in a cold sweat at 2am: i need to make a screenshot gay

or in which lance is the best Sharpshooter and his boyfriend is rightfully absolutely smitten


Sketches of my d&d character, Haili Raasniemi aka Silakka. Based on quick play character sheet from 5e (folk hero, human, fighter). He has a tattoo written in dwarven language that translates to (Baltic) herring. He doesn’t know that himself, tho.

Aesthetics before everything, the boob window stays.


Why do pupils come in so many different shapes? A new study suggests it all has to do with the animal’s size and whether they are predator or prey.  

For example, longer pupils are found in predators that lie in wait for their prey, like small cats. These predators need to accurately judge the distance to their prey, and the vertical slit has optical features that make it ideal for that.

But that rule only holds if the animal is short, so its eyes aren’t too high off the ground. Larger cats like lions (who chase down their prey) tend to have round pupils.

And why do goats have horizontal pupils? Find out here.

Image sources

Lion by saritNigerian dwarf goat by Yoopery, Gargoyle gecko by v1ctory_1s_m1neKitten by Kévin V. PxlCuttlefish by Alexander VaseninHorse by Michael WifallFantail stingray by Philippe Guillaume

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I'm trying to draw the YOI characters in my style. What's your take on the non-Asian male ice skater's eyeshapes? (Out of the Asian characters, Otabek probably has the narrowest eyes)

That’s an interesting question! Before I figured out the style I prefer to draw in, I tend to try to draw as close to the source material as possible. But if you look at enough references, you’ll be able to deconstruct how certain artists draw certain things! YOI style is distinct enough for me to recognize it. 

What I observed when I started drawing fanart for YOI was how Kubo-sensei drew eyes. So I followed that! 

The main character design however, is by Tadashi Hiramatsu (Hiramatsu-san!) and they follow this collaborative guide on how to draw the characters for the show. That’s how the characters would stay and look the same even though several different people are drawing them for the entire series.

I’ll trace over the eyes and then draw how I draw eyes and then show the basic hexagon shape (red).

For most of them, she goes for distinct half hexagon shapes for eyes. There’s a certain way she does this, and when you notice it you’ll see mostly the same eyes for most characters!

Victor’s are expressive coz because they’re bigger towards one side and slants down towards the ears. But Yuuri’s eyes are much more expressive because they have a rounder shape.

She follows a basic hexagon shape for everyone but it differs per character depending on their personality! For Yurio his eyes slant upward towards the ears (also because he’s always looking down lol) while Leo’s eyes droop downwards. Also take note of the double eyelid!

Chris’s eye shape is like Victor’s but rounder like Yuuri’s. The eyelashes distinguish his eyes from the others. JJ’s eyes are very boxy and it’s very noticeable since everything re: his facial features is big. It’s like a box that’s slanted downwards! And Emil’s is like Yuuri’s but with less eyelid, and rounder towards the middle :D

These two are actually my favorite because the hexagon shape isn’t followed as much but they have the Stereotypical Ikemen Eyes. I couldn’t find a decent screenshot of Michele’s L’Homme Arme program, his eyes were sharper there than Serenade for Two (or when he’s emotional lol) his default eyes are sharp, straight (lol), and masculine. While Georgi’s are the opposite, although they actually share shapes! The bottom of Georgi’s eyes are more of slanted upwards towards the ears, while the top curves downwards (like Victor’s eyes, but not as round). I love his eyelashes too, just saying. I rly love how they drew Georgi especially in Tale of the Sleeping Prince (when he was looking up!!!)

I hope that helped!!! 

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Describe your OC’s eyes without using color or shape terms. Are they bright, contemplative, wise, intense, empty, etc.?

chasingthehero  asked:

Hi! I struggle a lot with drawing eyes, especially with shape and size :( but I love the way you draw them! Do you have any tips or tutorials???

Thank you!! well, eyes are a really particular thing in an artist style i think, and also something that can give a lot of expression and emotion to characters. I’m not really good at explaining my own drawing style, but i’ll try to give you a few tips that i use a lot to start drawing/sketching.

1) the size; i think face proportions play and important role here, starting to where to position eyes so they actually make sense. I start doing the circle and the crossed lines to make a mental map of the face

Also the cross makes easier to imagine the direction the character is looking at and so, where the eyes and the gaze is directed to, for example Pidge here may show us…

So, once you directed the face and positioned the eyes, you can start drawing on top, that’s a first step, so now you use what you’ve done to start the real thing and EXPERIMENTING!! 

2) the shape; here i can only say that it’ll depend on your liking and what kind of drawing style you’re after. In my case i like to make them inspired in real life eyes, but a little bigger and rounded, it dependes on the character tho, and the expression you’re trying to achieve: for that i usually play with how open or close is the eye and the final tip of the eye, which i lift, for example if it’s for a cat-like eye, make it more rounded, for example for kids or surprised expressions, or i draw it down, for sad or tired eyes.

The rest is to complement the eyes with the eyebrows (which is a strong game in my opinion) and well… go draw drAW DRAW!!

There and on is a lot of practice and observation, and eyes and expressions will come out naturally :) I’m also still learning all this so if you need any help you can check my ‘art-help’ tag, with tutorials and reference about drawing that i’ve been collecting. 

Hope this helps!! (◡‿◡✿)

As she stared in awe at the sketch hanging on the wall of his room, he gazed, spellbound, at her face. He noticed how her eyes would turn into the shape of a cashew when she smiled, and somehow he was left breathless.

“Did you draw this?” She pointed to the sketch. It was a rough sketch of an empty street. One of his favorite.

“Yeah.” He nodded.

“Wow,” she said, admiring his work,

“How did you even come up with this? It’s so simple yet so beautiful. I can’t take my eyes off it.”

“Well, that’s a question I’ve been wanting to ask the universe.”

“Hmm?” She blinked at him, not having a single clue on what he was saying.

“You,” he began, “how did the universe come up with someone like you?”

“With just a smile, you effortlessly drowned the weight of the world on my shoulders. With just a look, you simply take all of my breath away,”

“And I really, really can’t take my eyes off you.”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #148 // Can’t take my eyes off you