the eye that shapes

-TideTale:102- Aftermath: StrongerMonsters

The world consists of smells and movements and reaching out to feel out the texture of what lies ahead. Inside it’s very quiet, but it doesn’t matter to them. They don’t know what sound is, they never have, they never will. They don’t need it. They have other senses to find what they are looking for.

The One reaches out carefully, crawling up the walls of their confinement, eyes wide open and looking for a shape, a different texture, anything to signify that they can get out.

So boring in here. Nothing to do.

A small draft of air makes them linger, sucking in a breath and tasting the room beyond the one they’re in. It smells familiar, of nice, fuzzy little scraps of memory that the Other connects with certain emotions. Soft little hands that aren’t afraid of anything, and a breathless giggle that drives away the emptiness. Words that mean something, words to listen to. They would know that voice anywhere.

The Other makes a hopeful noise that they themselves aren’t able to hear, but the Beyond are. The Beyond stops doing whatever they were doing before and listens, smiling. They can taste the smile. If the One reaches out fast enough, they might be able to feel it. But they won’t. The Beyond is faster than them, and doesn’t seem to be in the mood for playing.

The Other makes the wishful little sound again, asking for a while outside, for some running and searching around. Maybe find something. Maybe not.

And the Beyond gives in. Sighing, they come closer, and grab the confines from where it was lying. There’s shaking and a low humming sound, and then the walls are gone.

The Other is long gone before the One even has time to open its eyes. Doesn’t matter. Catching up is easy. Just hold on tight to everything around.

There’s a smell, a feeling.

A new one.

They both hesitate, unsure of how to approach this new one.

It’s deep within the constantly moving space, huddled into a corner, rocking to and fro like a little child. The One can feel the soft vibrations in the air, the tiny ripples caused by an almost unnoticeable, constant shivering, a shaking that seems to have taken hold of the entire fragile little body they’ve found. It’s clawing its own nails into the flesh of its arms. Its mouth is gaping open in a soundless scream, the eyes a bright, unnatural blue that looks almost white. They are huge and round and sunken deep into the skull.

The thing is so small.

A shivering little creature, a bundle of fear and sadness and suffering and hopelessness.

The Beyond is standing next to them. They didn’t hear her approach.

The smell of happy memories and kindness is gone, and left behind is only a cold, calculating feeling of success. They hate that taste. It never means anything but bad things.

Do you like her? Isn’t she beautiful?

It looks sad and lost and not at all beautiful.

Her name is Joy.

It’s hugging itself tightly, shivering in the cold emptiness that surrounds them. Its Soul is pulsing softly within its ribcage.

That’s one Soul too many.

The Beyond turns around and walks off, and they can taste her smile. The Other is stretching its body, shaking off the dust of their confinement, and the One reaches out to it, quietly and deadly. It doesn’t even seem to notice the darkness creeping up on it; it’s too caught up in its own misery and sorrow to see them. The Other lunges forward, eyes glowing, and rips the little thing apart violently, cracking the ribcage and piercing the Soul within, biting down on it while the One watches from everywhere around, and feels.

The creature lies there for a while, motionless and all mangled up, like a broken toy that someone threw away. They wait, patiently. They remember what will happen next.

It starts with a single finger that twitches, once then twice, and then the shaking returns and the little thing raises its head and looks at them with bright, glowing eyes. It reaches out to them, and the pattern sewn into its skin stretches painfully. It sits up slowly, never letting them out of its sight. They can hear the Beyond laughing quietly.

Enough for today. Back to sleep.

So they leave the creature to itself and rush back to where they came from.

They don’t have a concept of time beyond what is here and now.

Their awareness of the past is limited to those happy things that the Other brings up every now and then. The future doesn’t exist for them. They don’t know what might happen tomorrow, and even if they knew, it wouldn’t matter.

Silently, they sleep, and the Beyond is giggling quietly and watching the little thing stand up and take those first few painful steps in the life of a soulless creature.

It’s so easy once you know how to do it.

Welcome to the game, m’dear.

The Beyond is bored.

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Can you tell us about your crush. Like spare no detail

do you mean about appearance or personality? i mean, shes so beautiful!!!! shes latina and japanese and her hair is long, really wavy (but not curly) and its really dark. the shape of her eyes is really pretty and hER FUCKING LIPS god theyre like drawings and theyre soooo kissable omg. also shes like really small and i love short girls!!!!!!!
and idk a lot about her personality but she seems really outgoing and shes like ALWAYS smiling and she seems so happy and her laugh is so pretty and shes really touchy, and i love that so much!!! she’s also a really sweet person, you know? she always treats everyone so well and idk shes just really nice. but ive never really talked to her yet, just a few short conversations, so idk much about her opinions and beliefs, but i really wanna get to know her more, although i think she may be straight or at least not interested? idk

college is lying in bed w ya eyes stinging from exhaustion and ur roommate missing and having to hear “shape of you” on full blast along with a bunch of drunk college kids slurring the words from the room above you

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Hey Wen, I have a friend who has a creature or spirit that knocks at his door and has said his name more than once. It can't get in due to warding. When he catches it out of the corner of his eye it's a dark vaguely human shaped being. Any ideas of what it might be?

I’d assume a Shadow Person, but I’m not an expert on the spiritual and paranormal. You can see if @notaconspiracytheorist has an idea, though!

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🐥- A memory about their children (past, present, or future)

(( Future times, if Misaki and Lucius have children! ))

The summer had been hot, and most of the days of the Sylla family were spent at the seaside – though it wasn’t exactly a far trek, given that it was practically at their door. The little family had, three suns previously, had their first addition to the family. It was a bright-eyed, giggly little girl with rolls on her arms and her legs. Her hair and face shape belonged to her mother, but the eyes belonged to her father – Garlean third eye upon the forehead included. Though they were monolidded like Misaki’s, they were a brilliant blue, the same hue as the sky that had charmed Misaki from the first day she met Lucius.

Her fingers ran through the silken locks of her daughter as she pulled them into two neat pigtails, smoothed the bangs over her forehead, and kissed the top of her head while the girl played on the toy piano she’d been given. She was a bright and talkative little girl, empathetic and kind even from a young age. Her bucket and shovel sat by the door, and with a gentle nudge from Misaki, she was given permission to stand and slap her little bare feet against the floor to retrieve her toys for their beach day. 

“Daddy coming?” she asked as Misaki gently took the thumb her daughter was sucking out of her mouth. 

“No fingers in your mouth, Rei!” she chided gently, smiling as she smoothed her hair from her eyes. “And he’s busy today, but he’ll come join us later on.” 

The little girl named Rei nodded almost comically seriously at her mother’s reply and looked over her shoulder, rosy lips pouty in thought. Bright blue eyes peeked back up at Misaki, who understood the look, and nodded her head once in reply. A dimpled smile splayed across Rei’s face and she turned in the garden, letting out a yell:

“’Mon, Akira!” she called before placing her little fists on her hips, waiting. 

Their dog - a large, fluffy beast with dark brown hair all over except upon her chest - came bounding from the back yard, tail wagging as she lapped her tongue over Rei’s face, to a chorus of pleased giggles. Misaki laughed and beckoned to them both to follow her down the little path to the seaside in front of their house. Rei sped ahead of her with Akira in tow, barking and giggling in a chorus that warmed her to her core. 

They had charged into the calm waters and Rei had screamed in playful shock, stomping her feet against the soft sand. Akira nipped at gentle waves, but stuck close to her little charge, watching her carefully. When it seemed as though she might topple, gently was the child’s bathing suit clamped between her jaws and righted again. Misaki ran down to the shoreline and scooped her daughter up into her arms, tickling her belly as they both laughed. She swung Rei around with her arms securely around her before placing her back into the sea, pointing at shells and helping her find them for her to gather into her bucket for the craft they were making in secret for Lucius. 

Spending time with Rei and raising her was Misaki’s career, but never had one made her half so happy or so fulfilled. Her daughter was the light of her life, endlessly endearing and entertaining with something interesting or strange to say. Bound and determined were her parents to ensure that Rei never questioned whether or not she was wanted or loved, to never feel the pains Misaki’s parents had inflicted upon her when they left her at the geisha house.  Lucius was an adoring and doting father, as serious-minded as he was. He had been so excited to become a father, to raise a child with the love of his life, soldier though he might have been. Misaki was so grateful for him, every single day, for showing Rei what a father should be, for being a husband that she could have only ever dreamed of being so good. 

“Momma, will you tell me the story about the mermaids?” Rei babbled in Doman, the language they spoke at home, for the most part. Misaki smiled and looked down as the golden hour blessed her child in its light, reflecting in her black strands of hair.

“Whatever you want, my precious girl.” 

(( thank you for the ask, @rihqa! writing this made me feel many things. 

mentioned: @sylla-ffxiv <3 )) 

Maple Trees and Libraries

idk if yall remember but awhile back my friend jeannie and I did a prompt exchange where we would each give each other a prompt and a pairing and then we’d write the fic. well anyhow i’m doing another one with my tumblr amigo @lost-in-the-in-between​ who’s super cool and is the reason this fic has come to exist! cheers to you Ash.
anyhow i dont know how college works so please forgive me, and also this is mediocre at best but WHATEVER leave me alone just read it

college au because i’m a slut for those

prompt: “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”

pairing: zoe murphy/evan hansen

“Hi, Evan, right?”

Evan jerks his head up from his book about various different tree species, and swirly shapes bloom in front of his eyes, which he blinks away. “Um — yes? Evan. I mean yes, that’s me.”

And you’re Zoe Murphy, only the girl I’ve been in love with since we both started here two years ago.

Zoe smiles at him, but it’s oddly strained. “Look, I know we’ve literally never talked, but you’re the only person in the library right now and I need a weird favor.”

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Why do pupils come in so many different shapes? A new study suggests it all has to do with the animal’s size and whether they are predator or prey.  

For example, longer pupils are found in predators that lie in wait for their prey, like small cats. These predators need to accurately judge the distance to their prey, and the vertical slit has optical features that make it ideal for that.

But that rule only holds if the animal is short, so its eyes aren’t too high off the ground. Larger cats like lions (who chase down their prey) tend to have round pupils.

And why do goats have horizontal pupils? Find out here.

Image sources

Lion by saritNigerian dwarf goat by Yoopery, Gargoyle gecko by v1ctory_1s_m1neKitten by Kévin V. PxlCuttlefish by Alexander VaseninHorse by Michael WifallFantail stingray by Philippe Guillaume

ok but imagine if Lysandra got pregnant
(as herself… i’m pretending the ending of eos didn’t happen okay)
and when her child first opens its eyes, she remembers.
she remembers the color of her true eyes.
because her child looks just like her.
as her child grows, Lysandra will begin to gradually transform back into her true self. 
it’ll be the curve of their cheekbones.
it’ll be the tawny color of their skin.
it’ll be the way their dark hair curls. 

she will remember. 
she will be herself once again.
and she will no longer be trapped in another’s body.


Understanding Shapes and Images with Your Third Eye

We will focus on deciphering shapes and images with this particular exercise.

Some people feel more relaxed with music playing, others prefer silence to focus.

These images are always present as your consciousness is usually occupied in more than one reality of thought. Most people don’t pay attention to the images because they are not programmed to analyze these images in a higher frequency. Waking from a dream not imply that your soul has stopped experiencing that level of reality.

Consciousness is multidimensional and ceaseless. It is about learning slowly in third dimension, but gradually increasing the pace as it spirals upward in frequency.

Prepare as you did in Lesson 1.

Focus on the screen in your mind behind your forehead again.

You will soon see a shape or an image appear.

Make a mental note of the shape as it may be an archetype that your cellular memory has set in for you at this time, one without physical analogy.

Few shapes may remain stationery, while others become animated and holographic. Observe as if watching a filmstrip, reality is nothing more than projected illusion, a consciousness hologram - in which souls experience virtually.

If you see nothing, practice with meditation, or the like. It will help you tune into to the images. It’s like any other skill, the more your practice, the easier it becomes.

Blockages may come from mental illness, substance abuse, fear, lack of understanding what you see or seeking an answer that is not shown.

Examine the images and later record what you have seen. They may mean one thing to you at present, and something else in the future.

By K.Nagori