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Racial differences in skull shape:

White (Caucasian) skull:

· top skull has a very flat profile

· bottom skull is ‘prognathic’ (it’s jaws protrude out)

· skull is relatively long and narrow when compared to Asian or African types

· less pronounced cheek bones and exhibit elongated chins

· nasal openings are triangular shaped with a more pronounced (protruding) nasal bridge

· the eye orbits are rectangular in shape, resembling aviator sunglasses, and somewhat sloped when viewed from the front

· teeth are smaller in comparison to other skull types and set closely together

Negroid (African) skull:

· skull is longer from front to back and has more of a forward slope from forehead to chin

· the slope causes a protrusion of the jaw, also referred to as prognathism

· the nasal opening is also broader

· the teeth are larger and show wider spacing than skulls from other races

Mongoloid (Asian) skull:

· skull tend to be shorter and broader when compared with European or African types

· the cheek bones are wide, flare out to the sides of the skull and are forward-sloping

· the eye orbits are rounded and don’t have the same downward slope as European skulls

· the upper incisors tend to be more “shovel shaped” than either European or African types

· the nasal opening is flared at the bottom, making it wider than the European skull

· asian skulls also have a less pronounced nasal bridge.

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What is your favorite facial feature of Dylan’s

How about The Everything facial feature?  ;)   If you asked me a day ago, I might say his prominent broad lion’s nose, if you asked me a week ago, I might say his very strong, defined chin and jawline or the crescent shaped curve of his smiling eyes with those hooded eyelids.  Though, right at this particular moment, that dimple on the right side of his mouth speaks to me. ;) 

But sometimes, people kick you to the ground at recess because they think the shape of your eyes is funny. They lunge at you because they see a vulnerable body. Or a different skin color. Or a different name. Or a girl. They think that you won’t hit back - that you’ll just lower your eyes and hide. And sometimes, to protect yourself, to make it go away, you do.
But sometimes, you find yourself standing in exactly the right position, wielding exactly the right weapon to hit back.
—  Warcross, Marie Lu

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Nozels reaction (maybe a scenario) to a girl from the boonies (who joined the Golden Dawn) who's able to fly literally. Like she can use her magic to spread wings on her back which actually works and flies like a bird through the air? (I'm sorry if it's too long..><)

At first, Nozel didn’t know what he was seeing. The vague shape of a bird, gradually coming closer and closer. As the shape became clearer, Nozel felt his eyes widen.

A girl in Golden Dawn robes, he thought, regaining control of his expressions. Flying like a bird - that was a first.

“That would be handy,” he murmured, only half-aware that he had spoken.

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hii i love ur art! <3 how do u do side view people so well? do u use like guidelines n stuff? ❤️❤️

I don’t use many solid guidelines honestly, it’s mostly all practice (profiles have always been one of my favorite things to draw, so I doodle them a lot).

These are my basic guidelines for profiles:

As for placement, some of the notes I made in this post apply to the profile as well (i.e the ear lines up with either the eyes or eyebrows down to the bottom of the nose, the mouth lines up with the top of the jaw, and the eye changes it’s shape when it’s turned). Additional notes for the profile:

Everything else I mostly know from memory or intuition, so sadly I don’t know how to offer you much help besides this. I still struggle with my profiles so I’m always using references, making quick studies, and tweaking my art like crazy to get things right.

Thanks for the ask! I hope this helps a little bit.

me, waking up in a cold sweat at 2am: i need to make a screenshot gay

or in which lance is the best Sharpshooter and his boyfriend is rightfully absolutely smitten


Sketches of my d&d character, Haili Raasniemi aka Silakka. Based on quick play character sheet from 5e (folk hero, human, fighter). He has a tattoo written in dwarven language that translates to (Baltic) herring. He doesn’t know that himself, tho.

Aesthetics before everything, the boob window stays.


Why do pupils come in so many different shapes? A new study suggests it all has to do with the animal’s size and whether they are predator or prey.  

For example, longer pupils are found in predators that lie in wait for their prey, like small cats. These predators need to accurately judge the distance to their prey, and the vertical slit has optical features that make it ideal for that.

But that rule only holds if the animal is short, so its eyes aren’t too high off the ground. Larger cats like lions (who chase down their prey) tend to have round pupils.

And why do goats have horizontal pupils? Find out here.

Image sources

Lion by saritNigerian dwarf goat by Yoopery, Gargoyle gecko by v1ctory_1s_m1neKitten by Kévin V. PxlCuttlefish by Alexander VaseninHorse by Michael WifallFantail stingray by Philippe Guillaume

Yuuri awoke to the light of the sun and the care of a delicate touch on his back, grooming through his feathers. The past two days, Yuuri had barely been able to move. Adrenaline burned off, the strain he had put his wings and body through had hit him like canon fire.

Emil had ordered him to bedrest the moment he had seen Yuuri, hardly able to lift a limb yet still laboring to act as a nurse to Victor. Small sachets filled with heated sand were lain across his back to ease the soreness in his muscles, but Yuuri had flung them off in protest. He substituted them for the heat of Victor’s body against his own.

Stubborn, Yuuri had not permitted Emil to change Victor’s bandages nor mix more of the siren medicine he had received. He had fought through his own pain to deliver Victor’s doses, until the red of infection began to recede.

Yuuri glanced over his shoulder, at the caress of lips against it. Victor had sat up in their bed and dipped low to kiss beneath the bruise there, from Yuuri’s fall onto the deck. Soft lips trailed down, dotting along each inch of Yuuri’s bicep before slipping further. Victor’s mouth had Yuuri shivering into the sweetness of dawn, kisses counting down his ribs and the curve of his waist to settle above the second bruise marring Yuuri’s hip.

The siren lifted long strands of silver which cascaded over Victor’s face, palm cupping his forehead. Warm. But naturally so. The fever had broken.

Yuuri launched himself at Victor, bowling him over into piles of their pillows and blankets. Streaks of irritation shot through his spine. Equally so, Victor groaned in displeasure.

“Ahhh, careful, lovebird. My side’s not quite healed yet, I don’t want to go bleeding out on you.”

“Shut up,” Yuuri commanded and followed through by plunging his hands into Victor’s morning messed hair, holding Victor’s tongue silent with his own. He could pour his entire heart out into his kisses with Victor, permit himself to flood with emotion. He had his mate beside him, breathing, smiling, flirting like always, alive.

Yuuri pulled back to see the beauty of Victor’s flushed cheeks, pink seeping down past the sharpness of his collarbone, highlighting the paleness of his skin. Yuuri wanted to paint it all in color.

The rush of blood to his own face caused the little feathers around his ears to sprout and quiver.

Victor’s eyes pleaded, his heart-shaped smile like a work of art, a treasure beyond any other that Yuuri greedily hoarded. He relented. “You can speak.”

Instead, Victor drew Yuuri into another kiss, a brushing of petals, the blooming of spring. His fingers curved over the line of Yuuri’s wings, a reminder that his new colors had finally come in full.

“I adore you.” Victor’s words lost themselves on Yuuri’s lips, swallowed by one desperate kiss of response after another.

Yuuri tipped their foreheads together, eyes shut, simply breathing in the closeness between them. The feeling swelled inside him until he felt too small to contain it, threatening to break through his ribs and spill over. Like the fondest infection, spreading into every nerve, every fiber, lighting him up. Dancing through his heart and the glimmer of his wings. Yuuri bubbled in that adoration, in the celebration that he could feel the full beat of Victor’s heart under him, unwavering.

Tears splashed from his cheeks down onto Victor’s, glittering off his skin like diamonds. Victor’s fingers, as gentle as always, swept them away.

Yuuri let himself overflow.

“I love you.”

Describe your OC’s eyes without using color or shape terms. Are they bright, contemplative, wise, intense, empty, etc.?

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I'm trying to draw the YOI characters in my style. What's your take on the non-Asian male ice skater's eyeshapes? (Out of the Asian characters, Otabek probably has the narrowest eyes)

That’s an interesting question! Before I figured out the style I prefer to draw in, I tend to try to draw as close to the source material as possible. But if you look at enough references, you’ll be able to deconstruct how certain artists draw certain things! YOI style is distinct enough for me to recognize it. 

What I observed when I started drawing fanart for YOI was how Kubo-sensei drew eyes. So I followed that! 

The main character design however, is by Tadashi Hiramatsu (Hiramatsu-san!) and they follow this collaborative guide on how to draw the characters for the show. That’s how the characters would stay and look the same even though several different people are drawing them for the entire series.

I’ll trace over the eyes and then draw how I draw eyes and then show the basic hexagon shape (red).

For most of them, she goes for distinct half hexagon shapes for eyes. There’s a certain way she does this, and when you notice it you’ll see mostly the same eyes for most characters!

Victor’s are expressive coz because they’re bigger towards one side and slants down towards the ears. But Yuuri’s eyes are much more expressive because they have a rounder shape.

She follows a basic hexagon shape for everyone but it differs per character depending on their personality! For Yurio his eyes slant upward towards the ears (also because he’s always looking down lol) while Leo’s eyes droop downwards. Also take note of the double eyelid!

Chris’s eye shape is like Victor’s but rounder like Yuuri’s. The eyelashes distinguish his eyes from the others. JJ’s eyes are very boxy and it’s very noticeable since everything re: his facial features is big. It’s like a box that’s slanted downwards! And Emil’s is like Yuuri’s but with less eyelid, and rounder towards the middle :D

These two are actually my favorite because the hexagon shape isn’t followed as much but they have the Stereotypical Ikemen Eyes. I couldn’t find a decent screenshot of Michele’s L’Homme Arme program, his eyes were sharper there than Serenade for Two (or when he’s emotional lol) his default eyes are sharp, straight (lol), and masculine. While Georgi’s are the opposite, although they actually share shapes! The bottom of Georgi’s eyes are more of slanted upwards towards the ears, while the top curves downwards (like Victor’s eyes, but not as round). I love his eyelashes too, just saying. I rly love how they drew Georgi especially in Tale of the Sleeping Prince (when he was looking up!!!)

I hope that helped!!! 

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i went pumpkin picking today and they had goats u could feed and pet and this lil guy loved just resting his head in peoples hands and i wanted to share that with u

fucking good gracious… he’s beautiful……….. thank you……