the eye infinity

*Squeals Excitedly*
Feast your eyes on this beautiful Infinity War artwork with not even HALF of the characters featured, which makes me think there’ll be an accompanying poster with Captain America and others, like a two-piece jigsaw puzzle. It’s so amazing yet surreal seeing the Earth heroes beside the comic Guardians 😍

Chris Evans

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see how his chest kinda rise up at the end? so cute <3

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Chris Evans

I’m sort of scared for Avengers: Infinity War because I’m going to actually combust from the overwhelming amount of characters being in one movie.


Time Infinity Stone

Color: Green

Abilities: Time travel; stop, slow down or speed up flow of time; accelerate or slow down aging; see into past/future.

First Encountered: Having been stored within Kamar-Taj for safeguarding, the Eye of Agamotto was eventually discovered by Doctor Strange during his studies. Taking the Eye, Strange experimented with its power by creating a time loop in which he regrew an apple several times until he was discovered by Wong, who warned him to stop due to the risks of using such a powerful item. Strange kept the Eye with him during his battles against Kaecilius and the Zealots, not yet using its power.

Current Location: Kamar-Taj

How will Thanos get the stone: This is a tough one honestly. I don’t know if Thanos will beat the shit out of Dr strange or loki will steal the eye of agomotto from Strange and then Thanos kill loki for losing the mind stone in the first place.