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Derek x Reader

“Hello Love.” Klaus hummed as he spotted you at the end of the bar, Camille would stop serving people to give you notes or when it wasn’t busy she’d sit and help you study.


“What do you want Klaus?” You sighed.


“To offer you the pleasure of my company.” Klaus smiled and you rolled your eyes.

“Believe me your company is anything but pleasurable.” You sighed and grabbed your books. “I’ll come back tomorrow.”


“Alright, see you later (Y/N).” Camille waved at you before turning to scowl at Klaus who had an innocent look on his face.


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There are too many dead eyes in this episode of the 2nd cour *laughs nervously*

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Bad Dragon firmness demo

Because I had quite a few people message me about the helpfulness of my last firmness post, the new and improved post is here. (That means better photos and more examples!)

I will be showing off the 3 firmnesses from Bad Dragon. (excluding 2; extra soft) 3 is soft, 5 is medium, and 8 is firm. Each double photo set will show me squishing the toy before & after. I hope these photos help! 

-Soft firmness (3)-


+ Sleipnir’s head

-Medium firmness (5)-


+ Chance’s head


Since Winston is a thicker and smaller model than Chance, it has less give even in the same firmness. The thicker the toy, no matter what firmness, the less give it will have.


For example, Ridley’s tip is thin so it has more give than Winston’s middle would have. The knot on Ridley is pretty firm.

-Firm firmness (8)-

The Gryphon:

Just like Ridley, the tip of this toy is squishier than the rest of it because of how thin it is.


(Psst, click the pic because tumblr eats the quality)

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boys with yellow eyes

From the Facebook page of Larry Fessenden’s horror film production company Glass Eye Pictures:

“…official stat from The Guinness Book of World Records: “Longest script for a graphic adventure game: Screenwriters Graham Reznick and Larry Fessenden (both USA) wrote 1000 pages of dialogue for Until Dawn (2015), reduced from an initial 10,000-page outline. The script’s epic length was in part owing to the game’s extended development period. It was originally announced as an action title back in 2012.”

For those that don’t know, Larry played Flamethrower Guy in Until Dawn.


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