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Is The White Princess Empowering? 

I love period dramas. Like most things in my life, I blame Xena for that. This past week I was able to watch a special screening of The White Princess through Refinery29. It was an interesting watch. I am not a fan of Phillippa Gregory’s interpretations of the women involved in the Wars of the Roses. However, I do often enjoy these types of shows because, despite it all, I know there are good acting and eye candy. The White Princess was no different and while I was watching it and listening to the Q&A after, I was thinking about how we tell the stories of women in history. Specifically as to how they choose to portray empowerment. This got kinda long, but I hope all my other history lady loving nerds will see where I’m coming from. I’m enjoying the show, but I just gotta call something out…

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Captain Swan once again blesses me with magical OTP magnificence

They never let me down
Like c'mon
Angsty build up ✔️
Amazing chemistry ✔️
Two beautiful people playing the characters (not that it matters by the c'mon eye candy galore, it helps) ✔️
The actors ship it 100% ✔️
The writers ship it 110%✔️
We had amazing build up✔️
Smoking first kiss✔️
Amazing character development✔️
Most romantic moments ever “you traded your ship for me?” “Until I met you” “I swear on Emma Swan” ✔️ so many more moments go look up every captain Swan moment ever on YouTube and sit crying for like 3 hours you won’t regret it.
True love bitches!!!!✔️
They are getting married!!!! In a musical episode!!!!✔️
They have the hottest chemistry ever!✔️

Blessed by captain Swan what can I say


The amazingly lovely @sylvermyth has just given me a couple of guest passes for Crunchyroll, to get my anime BACK ON TRACK - so I need SUGGESTIONS, people, RECOMMENDATIONS. I already have determined that I must binge-watch Yuri On Ice, and thus feast upon the eye candy and wonderfulness that I have only seen in art and screencaps - BUT I NEED MORE. HELP ME HELP YOU HELP ME.