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Ever thought about the fact that if Show Pony were a girl–i.e., if Dr. Death Defying’s “friend” was a young oversexualized girl who’s half his age and always wears skimpy outfits–there would have been a huge backlash from the fandom?

I guess it’s different for Pony because he seemed like he had more agency, and deliberately dressed that way because he wanted to be flamboyant or challenge gender stereotypes. Like, I didn’t get the impression that we were supposed to ogle him, whereas oversexualized female characters are usually meant to be eye candy. It’s an interesting example of the way that male vs. female characters are created and perceived.

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Do you also ship he cheng x guan shan? just curious.


2. You must be a troll?

3. if you’re not, maybe you got lost? Just in case I’ll give you a long answer…

Ahem, Disclaimer: You can ship whatever the fuck you want. These are my opinions. I’m not trying to influence anybody else or police anybody else. I find He Cheng an interesting character (and great eye candy) and I would like to see more of him I just don’t ship with with Guan Shan.

Why would Old Xian make He Cheng x Guan Shan happen? I doesn’t make any sense since she planned TianShan since the very beginning, even when Guan Shan didn’t exist, the clues were there–He Tian and Jian Yi weren’t going to be end game, He Tian wasn’t going to be Zhengxi’s rival. It was lust at first sight for He Tian, and now he finds himself deeply devoted to Guan Shan. He Tian literally can’t control himself when he’s around Guan Shan.

Why would Guan Shan ever be interested romantically in He Cheng? The guy is way older than him, and as we have seen time and time again Guan Shan is hella naive, he thinks intimacy and love is gross. If he does end up meeting He Cheng, Guan Shan wouldn’t be the shallow type to like somebody based on their hotness.

Seriously anon, let’s be real, Guan Shan is having a really tough time understanding his feelings for He Tian, how is he gonna crush on He Cheng all of the sudden?

Anyways, let’s all calm down, ship whatever you want. I just think it’s very out of character for Guan Shan to crush on He Cheng. You do you though.

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Hey!! I just found your blog and since I work at ulta I'll tell you about some of the newer security shit we have -- on the perfumes is this black or white block thingies and they make this loud beep if the sensor on it is blocked from light and moving (like in your bag and on the move) it also sounds the alarm if you take the tag off -- and I have seen soft tags inside of drug store cosmetics the only product I've seen it in so far is hard candy glitter eye liner. If I think of any ill tell ya!

omg thank you so much

(tell me about working at ulta in general please i rlly want to work there tbh))

me: yeah yan qing is cute and buff and has big tiddies and muscles but he’s just eye candy to me. definitely not a top fav esp this early

yan qing: [is the type who thinks he’s a bad guy no matter what but also has puppydog like enjoyment of things and prizes loyalty above else to a frankly unhealthy degree]

me: mother of fuck

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“It’s weird!“ - SN: 12x04 or the one with all the eye candy