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Would it be possible to have a general discussion / get a rundown of your thoughts on Extroverted Thinking as a function? I thought it might be more interesting considering the new additions to the mod team, and there have been some conflicting posts and interpretations in the past.

Hi! Great question and I’m happy to get into the basics and not-so-basics of the function! Like I’ll address later in this post, Te is commonly associated with behaviors. I’ll even use some of these behaviors in this post but we have to be aware of why, which is the essence of Te. 

What is Extroverted Thinking?

Extroverted Thinking will assess and organize externally. Te is very factual, objective and matter-of-fact. Especially when paired with Si, Te can be very black and white. Te is very much focused on accomplishing a goal or satisfying a need. With a focus on both efficiency and thoroughness, Te is going to be dutiful and responsible. When you think of Te, think of someone organizing a huge pile of junk into one of those cube organizer systems from Target. That is, everything has a place and everything has a purpose or it is considered extraneous and illogical. Everything can and will be organized and used in the most pragmatic fashion and as quickly as possible. Completing tasks is as important as identifying and strategically planning them out.

Associated Words:

Precise. Concrete. Objective. Exact. Practical. Coordinated. Methodized. Systemized. Tangible. Direct.


Organization, efficiency, pragmatic decision making. A choice that may be hard for someone who absolutely requires harmony (such as an awkward work conversation) can be simpler for Te to approach.  


Te can come off as cold and calculated to some. Of course, this depends on the person and the situation but often the blunt and driven nature of Te may be interpreted as abrasive or even uncaring. Te may need to slow down and analyze a bit more before acting – this depends on its strength in a stack. Might have a difficulty accessing emotions if they are regarded as impractical for too long. 


It’s important to remember that Te is not a stand-alone function. Te reacts to the environment but it relies on other functions to really interact with its surroundings and situations. NOTE: The following are generalizations and of course do not represent a universal truth for everyone who identifies with each type!

Te-Si-Ne-Fi (ESTJ): Te dominates and directs. Te relies on Si to help systemize and familiarize tasks and circumstances. Te may tend to ignore or become frustrated with the possibilities Ne presents if this function is underdeveloped or not appreciated/realized for its strengths. Te utilizes Fi to (hopefully) achieve moral balance with the logical and systematic approach it takes.

Si-Te-Fi-Ne (ISTJ): Te works behind the scenes a bit more – it is less blunt and less outward. There is a serious shift in the level of compulsiveness in the ESTJ and ISTJ as an ESTJ is likely to react quickly and the ISTJ will likely think through a situation and reference past ideas and moments before acting. Te and Si typically reject Ne’s fantasies or daydreams as they are not practical or useful.

Te-Ni-Se-Fi (ENTJ): Te, again, is dominant and direct. Te is quick and strong, relying on instincts and in-the-moment prowess (Ni-Se) to navigate and control the environment. A natural leader, the Te-Ni user will read a scenario and efficiently organize and strategize at an alarming rate. Due to their singular, rational focus and drive, they may have a bit of difficulty tapping into their introverted feeling and may prefer to (attempt to) ignore their emotions as much as possible.

Ni-Te-Fi-Se (INTJ): Te advocates the goals and ideals of Ni. In this case, living in the moment is more difficult and Te really focuses on realizing the long-term ambitions of Ni. The INTJ is incredibly organized and precise as Te accurately enacts the vision. Think of Ni-Te as a dart flying toward a board. Ni aims and Te is the sharp landing on the bullseye. 

The ENFP, ESFP, ISFP and INFP (all Xi-Xe-Xi-Te or Xe-Xi-Te-Xi) may experience bouts of Te in the form of a drive to organize or to adhere to a system. Though their dominant and secondary function may promote daydreaming or sensory living, Te may attempt to be the grounded voice in the back of their mind.


It’s a common misconception or stereotype in MBTI that higher Te users, especially, are really focused on perfection and “always” keep everything clean and organized and “always” score top marks and are high achievers. I would certainly say Te is good at these things in general, at least in myself and in those I know who use it. However, it’s so important to realize that nothing is ever “always” the case. I doubt anyone is “always” clean or “always” is the best at everything they do. Te does do its best in most scenarios to be efficient (are you tired of that word yet? It epitomizes the function to me) and Te does have a natural tendency to organize and segment. Still, we’re humans. Sometimes I’m prone to having my Ne throw me off and I won’t complete a task. Sometimes I can’t be pragmatic or logical about a decision because my morals or values get in the way in the way of my introverted feeling. That’s just us being human. It’s important to also remember that things that are behavioral aren’t defining of MBTI. Behaviors commonly associated with Te like organizing are common because of the cognitive processes that are behind those behaviors. 

All of that to say – Te is not just a blind, machine-like proficient. Te is the way the environment is interpreted and then externally molded and formed by its interactions with the other functions present. 


I hope this makes sense the way I’ve explained it. I’m certainly open to a discussion regarding personal experiences with Te. For me, as an ESTJ, I’m most familiar with the way Te-Si works. My parents are Si-Te and Te-Ni and I dated an Ni-Te so I think I understand those to a pretty decent extent as well and certainly can identify ways we differ. For instance, my ISTJ mother is much less interested in anything Ne-related whereas I believe (now, after some conditioning) it can be pretty beneficial when filtered.

Please do ask if anything is unclear or if there are specific Te-related questions you have!

- ESTJ Mod

Shakespearean Character Ask Meme

ANTONY: What bad habits do you need to break?
BEATRICE: What is the achievement you’re most proud of?
BENVOLIO: What comes to mind when you think of peace?
BIANCA: What do you want most in life?
CELIA: Do you want to fall in love?
CIRCE: Would you rather be loved or feared?
CLAUDIUS: What is the worst thing you’ve ever done?
CORDELIA: Do you consider yourself a good person?
CRESSIDA: What makes you feel trapped?
DESDEMONA: Do you believe that the truth will set you free?
EDGAR: Do you want to make your family proud?
EDMUND: Do you ever wish you’d been born someone else? If so, who?
GERTRUDE: Would you (or have you) ever cheated on a significant other?
HAMLET: Do you prefer to think things through thoroughly or act on impulse?
HECATE: Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
HELENUS: Do you believe in God?
HIPPOLYTA: What is your biggest regret?
HORATIO: Who do you love most?
JULIET: What is your favorite luxury?
LADY MACBETH: What is your favorite thing about yourself?
MACBETH: Have you ever killed anyone? Would you?
MALCOLM: What does honor mean to you?
MEDEA: Do you have any quirks?
MERCUTIO: Is there anyone you would die for?
MIRANDA: Is happiness a choice?
OBERON: Does reputation matter to you?
OPHELIA: Is there anything you regret not doing?
ORSINO: If you could have any material thing in the world, what would it be?
PARIS: If you had the chance to rule the world, would you?
PORTIA: When did you lose your innocence?
PUCK: Do you consider yourself a mischievous person? 
ROMEO: How far would you go for love?
ROSALIND: What does your ideal day entail?
ROSALINE: Which people from your past haunt you?
SEBASTIAN: Is violence ever the answer?
TITANIA: Do you believe in magic?
TYBALT: If you could kill one person without consequences, who would it be?
VIOLA: How skilled of a liar are you?
VOLUMNIA: Describe the biggest sacrifice you’ve made.

INFJ thing

So, I was casually scrolling through some INFJ stuff on Pinterest, and I saw a thing that was titled “How to annoy an INFJ” There were several things there, but the one that caught my eye the most was “Assume things about them.” Which is true. Especially since most of the people around me make a lot of assumptions about me. But, for the most part, I just let them roll of like water off a duck’s back. But I’ve found that the one assumption that people make most about me, is the one that pushes my buttons the most. The assumption that I am an extrovert. I think the reason for this, is because when I was little, I was really outgoing. But now, I’m really not. So then, the people who have known me my a long time assume I’m extroverted. Or the people who have been around my friend group. It’s incredibly annoying. Please tell me I’m not only INFJ with this problem? 

Admin Kate (INFJ)   

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(I'm an extrovert but I have anxiety so I still really relate to a lot of these things! Especially like the public speaking and phone call stuff. hope you don't mind me interacting with your content even though I'm not technically an introvert?)

@ask-sir-homestuck, you can totally interact with our content! We don’t mind at all!!

I can’t believe I’m saying but I really like my job. I thought as an introvert and all that’d I would do so well and I’d hate having to interact with people so much but honestly, I enjoy it. Like I’m not a full on extrovert but I feel a lot more loose and talkative than I usually feel and it just feels good to be around people and get some social interaction and what not. Idk I felt so deprived of it for so long cause I never had any friends irl but now, I just feel like my old self. Like the old person I used to be years and years ago like back during 7th grade, before I went through years of family drama and moving and just a lot of bad shit. I used to be a really talkative and not so quiet person. I’m not quite there yet but I feel
It coming back. And it’s good.

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Mmm what about capricorns?

idk a lot of caps to write too many facts so forgive me if this is a but inacc
- ppl love yall. wether ure an introverted cap or an extroverted cap, the people around you will always love you so much.
- yall r so achingly slow in romance. like i know y'all wanna b sure that you’re gonna date di right person but uh…pick up di pace 🏃🏾‍♀️
- yall are so cool calm n collected
- yall are lowkey emo but ppl never notice tbh. they just think you’re chilling even tho ure having a mental breakdown on di inside
- yall are normally funny tbh
- yall can be kinda mean and cold tbh
- and y'all can be detached w stuff

that’s all i got 😴

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Ayano Aishi

Originally posted by memequeenstrash

  • Her parents leave her alone way more than one might expect, usually for making outdoor trips and long vacantions.
  • Even if her father often brings many gifts from said vacantions, those aren’t enough to make her completely love them. In her eyes, they’re still the people who should care for her, yet often end up ignoring her.
  • Despite them both being considered “yandere”, she’s very different from her mother. While Ayano is the girl that ends up being ignored and sometimes even forgotten by her class, her mom was a quite popular and extrovert girl.
  • She reads many mystery books and manga, and loves stealth games. In fact, we can say that while the first make her think of good ways to not be caught, the latter taught her how to properly get rid of someone without being noticed.
  • Yep, she’s bisexual. Let’s follow the Senpai-can-be-a-female-too canon because honestly I dig all those canon bi/pan ladies
  • She’s a very skilled cook - being forced to stay home alone for most of her life taught her she had to learn cooking quite quickly if she didn’t want to live on nothing but water and istant noodles 
  • Out of all the rivals, there’s only one she won’t feel like killing - and that one is Taro’s sister. She might be as annoying as you expect a young-litlte-sister character to be, but Ayano is smart enough to realize that her sister’s death will completely break her senpai.

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What's a ENFP? :0

AAA its a personality type in the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

its basically stands for Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception which mean i lov to talk n share ideas with groups of people

but i also get INFP a lot in quizzes i take which is almost the same except Introvert instead of Extrovert aa

smh its fun take like 432042 quizzes and watch yourself get dragged

okay honestly you need to surround yourself with people who are opposite to you. for example, if you’re an introvert and your friends are introverts, you’re not gonna do something outside of the norm however if you befriend an extrovert, they will help you get out of your shell and introduce to new ways of life. surrounding yourself with the same people will only make you stagnant. surround yourself with different people because they will help you grow and make you experience and look at things differently

My able bodied roommate is so extroverted and constantly wants to talk and even though I’ve told her in the past when my pain is bad I don’t want to talk much, when I hobble into the kitchen to make some food she has like a dozen different questions and her own stuff she wants to update me on….

It all comes from a good place but it’s kinda killing me like if we aren’t in the same room she’ll be in another room speaking loudly to her cat hoping I’ll take the bite and come ask about her cat? I’m just so tired and in so much pain and why are the ableds like this jesus christ let me make a sandwich and lay down for an hour before I go to work without having to answer 800 questions.

I just wish extroverted people understood how loud and too much they are for introverts and I’m happy to talk when I’m feeling ok but when I’m running on 2 hours of sleep and my pain is through the roof and I know I have to work in a few hours so I’m trying to keep whatever little energy I have for that.

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midheaven and gemini

Midheaven: What do you want to be when you grow up? XD I am already what I want to be, I suppose, I get to work with animals more than I have to deal with people, and that makes me happy. If anything I would love to be a published author, maybe one day. I looked into personal training for a while, but I’ve already been in the industry long enough that I can see I would get frustrated with people that only want the quick fix to lose weight or change temporarily and don’t actually want to improve their lifestyle or quality of living. :/ 

Gemini: introvert or extrovert? If you haven’t figured it out yet, introvert XD I still like to go out etc, do new things and meet people, but its exhausting and I really have to prepare myself mentally for it. I struggle to keep friends that always want to do something or go somewhere, I shut myself off really easily, and yeah, I find peace at work and at the gym more than anything. 

// mun confession time; 

I am not at all confident in the way I play Miko. She is the exact opposite of me; she’s fun, she loves life, she’s extroverted, she thrives off attention and she can cope well in social situations. I immediately liked her when I first saw TFP. I liked how she wasn’t made into a ‘typical’ female in a predominantly male show; i.e. she wasn’t made into a damsel in distress. Okay she gets herself into plenty of scrapes, but she’s just as capable at getting herself out of them. 

I on the other hand, am shy, socially awkward and scared of pretty much everything. :3 

I don’t think I write Miko particularly well, but I’m gonna keep writing her. She lets me explore other aspects of my personality that would otherwise remain hidden. 

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1, 15, 42, 55 (for the ask thing ofc)

1. okie so here is one of the first (i think first actually) selfies ive ever taken and i was like 10

15. according to this quiz: im type A but im an introvert and extrovert both too lol, im worse than dan at procrastination and my friends think im pretty funny  

42. my all time favourite books would have to be Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine, The Lottery Rose by Irene Hunt and the Chronicles of Nick series!! 11/10 recommend you read

55. (other than you,,) @cruciokendall @fkalester @phanicornundertherainbow @sleepy-doodle @softyugen @hmu-josh @peachiekidlester @dantlers @phanhtml (also there is more but its 11:30 and im tired but basically i consider whoever decided to follow my dumbass a friend) and half these ppl ive known for almost a year omg wow

She's into Romance and Sharing Feelings

I’ve had it all wrong for so long. Even with all my intelligence, I have managed to be very stupid in thinking about her. I made so many dumb assumptions. I forgot that not everyone is so transparent from jump. I thought she was all about indirect communication and figured she was rather introverted. I recently learned the opposite. She enjoys a lot of direct communication and she is somewhat extroverted. I also thought she didn’t care for romance. Some time ago, she told me she had a handful of relationships thanks to online dating and quickly lost interest in the suitors and the whole process. She recently told me she thinks people should commit to wild romantic gestures and she had at least one nice relationship in grad school. I see her for who she is now and I am very much relieved to learn I was severely mistaken.

I think I have to go for it. I can’t tell if she’s into me for certain. I only know our friendship keeps getting stronger and she’s still willing to see me once a week, even spending an entire day with me. I know she can still listen to me talk about my experiences for hours and I love every thought she shares. I don’t know how, but I’m going to find a crazy way to tell her what I haven’t so far. I’ve told her a lot of the thoughts I have about her. I haven’t explained my feelings in full. I don’t think there’s any potential for serious loss. As long as she enjoys the gesture, it will be perfectly okay if she has to tell me she can’t reciprocate. As long as I can make her smile, I won’t care if she doesn’t feel the same for me as I do for her. Now I just have to figure out how to execute it.

It’s no ones fault their busy or occupied in their own lives it’s just one of the worst parts of being lonely (and an extrovert) that you just have to accept.

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Would you describe Bella as a party girl? And an extrovert?

She goes out like a few times pretty much every week and she’s always surrounded by like a million people, like we rarely see her do something or go somewhere alone and she really always only ever looks happy when her friends are around.

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🎉: Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert

📖: Do you write? If so, what? Yes, fiction, fanfics, and fanfics for my own fiction

🎶: Favorite genres of music/favorite musicians? I like basically any music other than heavy metal and country. My fave bands are P!ATD and Celtic Women/Enya.

Mod Jay

Extroverted Introverts: Ten things to know

Also known as an ambivert, an extroverted introvert is someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion.

1. Their spot on the spectrum changes with their environment.

Your ambivert friend may be loud and gregarious around their family, but quiet and thoughtful at the office. Seeing them in both situations may feel like meeting two entirely different people.

2. Talking to strangers is fine – but don’t expect them to keep it to small talk.

Although an ambivert can hold up their end of a conversation, talking about the weather will not be enough to engage them. Their social energy is limited enough that they won’t want to waste it on meaningless chatter. They will likely push the conversation into deeper territory or bow out entirely.

3. They like to be alone – they don’t like to be lonely.

There is a big difference between the two. Choosing to sit at home with a tub of ice cream and a book feels fantastic. Sitting at home because nobody called them back feels sad and lame.

4. Getting them out of the house can be a challenge.

If you catch your friend on a highly introverted day, you may just be better off leaving them at home. They might manage to be social, but they’ll just be thinking about their books and their couch the whole time.

5. If they’re new, you can find them in the back of the room.

An introverted extrovert will approach new situations with cautious excitement. If they know someone in the group, they will likely cling to them a bit as they become comfortable. If they do not, they might waver on the edge of the crowd, slowly getting used to the water rather than jumping in all at once.

6. They’re selectively social.

They don’t mean to be snobs. They just have limited social energy and prefer interacting one-on-one or in small groups. For this reason, they can only afford to invest their social time and energy in those who they feel truly connected to.

7. Making friends is easy. Keeping them is hard.

They like talking to people, but they value their alone-time, as well. This can make maintaining a friendship tricky. If your ambivert friend makes an effort to consistently invest time and energy in your friendship, be glad. You are truly special to them.

8. Their social desires change with the breeze.

They might be desperate to hang out with you on Friday, but then not answer your call on Saturday. They’re not mad at you. They’re just super comfortable in bed watching films.

9. They can talk to you for hours.

If you manage to catch them in a one-on-one situation, an extroverted introvert will just not shut up. Once their interest is engaged, there’s no stopping them.

10. Listening is great too, though.

Sometimes they want to be a part of the action, but their social energy levels are too low for them to contribute in a meaningful way. Listening allows them to get to know you without burning up their social fuel. They also know its value from their chattier moments when they are desperate for an ear.