the extraordinary voyage


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Être indépendant est l'affaire d'un très petit nombre ; c'est le privilège des forts. Et, qui en prend le risque, fût-ce avec les meilleures raisons, mais sans y être contraint, prouve sans doute qu'il n'est pas seulement fort mais téméraire jusqu'à l'extravagance.
—  Nietzsche - Par-delà bien et mal - Paragraphe 29

Georges Méliès, À La Conquête Du Pôle (The Conquest of the Pole), 1912.

Jules Verne, À La Conquête Du Pôle Nord; Voyages Extraordinaires, c. 1905.

Face au drapeau (Facing the Flag). Jules Verne. Translator: Cashel Hoey. Illustrator: Léon Benett. The Extraordinary Voyages #42. Pierre-Jules Hetzel, 1896.

Thomas Roch, a brilliant French inventor, has designed the Fulgurator, a weapon so powerful that “the state which acquired it would become absolute master of earth and ocean.” However, unable to sell his unproven idea to France or any other government, Roch begins to lose his sanity, becoming bitter, megalomaniacal and paranoid.

Last night we stumbled across a doco called The Extraordinary Voyage, about Georges Méliès (if you’ve seen Hugo, you’ll know about this guy) and the reconstruction of Le Voyage Dans La Lune (A Trip To The Moon).

It was really interesting, but I missed half of it because my mum and grandma joined us to ‘watch’ it (read: talk really loudly about anything but the movie). 

Afterwards they played the reconstructed version of Le Voyage Dans La Lune, which was really cool. 

Anyway, I’d recommend the documentary to anyone interested in movies and the history of trick filming.