the extra show


Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:

2x15 truly put the final nail in the coffin for the book malec breakup??

  • Camille? Done, Alec doesn’t care.
  • Jealousy over past lovers? Done, Alec understood there was nothing to be jealous of or judge.
  • Biphobia? Never even came up.
  • Alec’s fears that Magnus will forget him when he dies? Alec worries Magnus will be alone instead.
  • Magnus not opening up about his past? Done.

Wow, can’t believe Magnus and Alec are officially the healthiest couple in the world who talk to each other instead of breaking up. :’)


Click! Click! Click! It’s gonna be lit!

No offense but Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, standing in the middle of a frozen wasteland and looking into Jon Snow’s eyes, a dude he met 2 minutes ago and declaring that he won’t leave him behind was the most romantic and extra moment this show has ever had


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