the extra punch is actually a trip to the hospital how exciting!

The Cure for Loneliness: Part Three

A/N: This is part two of a gift fic for @fvckingavengers​, I split this part into two so this will end up being a four part series. I hope you enjoy it!

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Fluff, Violence (first chapter), language, Smut in later chapters, bunnies?

Summary: You finally get to come home from the hospital, will the Soldier’s stay to keep you company or will their affection wane now that you’re well enough to take care of yourself?

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Finally. It may have only been a week that you were trapped in that prison of a hospital, but you were more than ready to go home, snuggle your rabbits, curl up in your own bed and watch sappy Netflix rom-coms. Steve and Bucky were always there with you, at first both were nearly always there at the same time, then they slowly began a rotation. One would always be by your side while the other went and did whatever they needed to do. It was only a week but they just seemed to mold so perfectly into your life that already you couldn’t imagine going back to how things were before.

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