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I’ve been chitchatting with my coworkers about the new Samurai Jack season, and a lot of ‘em seem surprised that he’s got a minigun.

I dunno, man, I think that’s PERFECTLY IN-CHARACTER for Jack.  His whole deal is, like, he’s supposed to be the world’s greatest warrior, versed in every kind of fighting technique there is, right?  Gotta be ready for anything and everything.  Of course he’d be willing to to pick up whatever weapon is available to him – whatever it takes, he’ll use it.  It’s not like he hasn’t used guns in the original series.  A common move of his was to take the guns wielded by his foes, still held in their hands, and aim that at his other enemies.

Jack’s a wily little ruthless bastard when fighting.  I’m stoked to see him with a minigun.

pretty over that story everyone in the creative industries seem to have about how theyve Always Known that X was their Goal, and how they always had a Big Passion for it and they were doing X before they could walk! like, that is fine and great and of course a valid and genuine story, BUT the myth thats gone up around that being the only path for creatives has basically invalidated everyone who didnt grow up making home movies or painting every week or whatever. it makes me afraid and ashamed to say ‘nah i wasnt really into movies as a kid’ or ‘haha ive actually never used this technique before uni’ or whatever bc i just KNOW people are gonna give me That Look and think less of me and its like, whats it matter though?? how does what i was into or what i was doing when i was 10 years old affect the legitimacy of my work and my passion now as a grown professional?? sorry that i grew as a person and it took me time to find myself, and sorry that u havent changed since u were in second grade i guess??


Summary: Shawn and yourself are best friends at University. 

Word Count: 6,052

A/U: So I do already have another 3K words written so chill. Still no idea what I’m doing here. 

Your name: submit What is this?

“Fuck,” Shawn muttered on my bare shoulder. “Why can’t I fucking get that right!”

Still breathless I was unfazed by what Shawn was referring to.

“What?” I said through my spacey mind.

That. I can’t keep myself together long enough.” His voice told me he was upset with himself.

Turning my head I found a head full of messy brown curls. He was upset because he came before me again, it was the fifth time now.

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prompt idea: trimberly going on a picnic together where Trini used to meditate! :-)

“Where are you taking me?”

“Don’t peek yet, we’re almost there.”

“I’m blindfolded. I’m pretty sure I can’t see a thing.”

Stumbling along uneven footing, Trini hears the chirping of birds off in the distance and feels the shifting ground crumbling beneath her feet and she knows they’re in the quarry. Kimberly had the bright idea of surprising her for their first year anniversary, which resulted in Trini blindfolded for that extra ‘wow’ factor.

Kimberly’s unbridled excitement and giddiness makes Trini’s heart do flips, and despite the cheesiness of it all, she’s always secretly wanted this lovey dovey shit but just never imagined it would ever come true; until now.

They stop after several more minutes and a couple more stumbles. Kimberly’s firm grip on her hips leaves and is replaced with rustling.

“Can I take this damn thing off?”

“No!” Kimberly shouts in a panic. “Just - just give me two more seconds.”

Trini chuckles sarcastically before muttering into the wind. “You know, when I first pictured us using blindfolds, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

She can practically feel Kimberly’s embarrassment radiating off her body, but then firm hands grip her shoulders and then rotates her to the right.

“Okay, now you can open your eyes.”

Ripping off the offending itchy cloth, Trini blinks momentarily from the sunlight before her eyes widen in awe.

They’re on top one of the highest cliffs in the quarry, one of the many places that Trini would visit in her own solitude to clear her mind, far away from the tumultuous clamor of the city. When being in the house became too much or when the disappointment in her parents’ voices weighed heavily in her heart, this became her home away from home.

A square red and white checkered blanket like something straight out of a romance movie lay safely from the edge with a woven basket and a bottle of wine sticking out of the lid. Trini doesn’t question how Kimberly got her hands on it, but she knows she has family problems of her own and doubts that her parents would even miss it.

Trini’s absolutely speechless.

She’s never had anyone do this for her. Nobody ever made her feel so special, let alone give her the time of day, but here Kimberly has done it all and gone above and beyond.

Kimberly fidgets in place, her eyes trained nervously on the shorter girl.

“I hope you like turkey sandwiches. I wanted to keep it kind of simple so… yeah.”

Trini’s eyes sweep over the spread, over the love that’s gone into the whole preparation, over the entire location. She feels the welcoming breeze on her skin and sees the overlooking town and it builds and builds until her heart burgeons with such powerful emotion that she can barely contain it from exploding out like the fourth of July.


There’s a crackling in her chest and the fireworks light up the sky in her heart and she realizes it’s far too late to hold it back.

Her vision starts to blur and it’s taking all her strongest willpower for it not to flow out like a river, but Kimberly sees the mist in her eyes and her expression turns to one of utter disbelief.

“Oh my god, are you crying?”

Trini punches her girlfriend in the shoulder before pulling her into a tight hug. Kimberly’s arms wrap around her smaller frame and she feels warm and safe and everything that a home should feel like.

“Thank you.”

Kimberly ruffles her hair and smiles. “Happy anniversary.”

Hey uhh… I am all for animal welfare. Working with ethical taxidermy and zoological specimens, Animals are perhaps the most important thing to me.

I’ve heard some things in the animal welfare/vegan/animal rights communities that are concerning.

I’m talking things like

“fur farm animals are skinned alive”
“Race horses have their vocal cords cut so they don’t scream out in pain”
“Pigs are killed by being electrocuted through the anus” “slaughter house workers work there because they love killing and feeling blood on their hands”

And umm…. WHAT. I

I understand that things like bull fights and dirty mass slaughter houses are bad and need a serious change. But spreading strange and dramatic lies like that don’t help make your cause any more trustworthy.

There is no need to add extra shock factor. Especially to already shocking things. Please… this is coming from someone who is a huge advocate of animal welfare.

When I was in high school I worked at milk queen. I was opening with a supervisor and pulled out a vine with about 6 tomatoes on it to get ready to cut them up for sandwiches. When I pulled them out they were absolutely covered in mold with a few good parts. Let’s say 50/50. But all of the tomatoes had some mold. I showed my supervisor who obviously told me to throw them away and she would call our manager and ask her to pick up some more. Manager says “pick them out of the trash, cut off the bad parts, and slice them up like normal.” We told her they were covered. She didn’t care she said she was not buying any more. My supervisor and I both new we would be in serious trouble if those tomatoes weren’t cut when she got there so we cut off what we could, and sliced them. And served them. Worst job I’ve ever had.
Just for the extra ick factor: in school we learned that by the time mold reaches the outside of something to where it is visible, it has already infested the inside.

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I've noticed that in Spain where there are many street dogs/homeless dogs, the majority of them seem to be similar in breed, even though they're all mixed. Could this be some sort of "average" dog? Instinctually, my guess is that those dogs that survive into adulthood in homelessness are also kind of a healthy breed, is there anything to that? Question tax: came for similar to wadtt, stayed for fascinating in depth discussion of fantasy anatomy

With a feral dog population, the phenotypes probably do trend toward an ‘average’ dog with some regional variation. The genepool will be most heavily influenced not only by those dogs that are best at surviving, but those that are best at evading spay/neuter programs.

Depending on their location and food source, while you would expect multi-generation street dogs to be reasonably well adapted to their local environment, they may not necessarily be the ‘healthiest’ example structurally or genetically. Putting aside all the diseases and conditions that can afflict a dog living with no veterinary attention, think about where they get their food from.

Feral dogs are not really hunters. They’re more scavengers. They often congregate around tips and human settlements.

Now, if you see street dogs begging for food, which ones are you most likely to feed? My guess would be:

  • The cutest ones,
  • or the ugliest, hardest done by, most pitiful ones.

These types of dogs may have a survival advantage because they receive more food based on their appearance. Which strategy is more successful will depend on the human population.

It’s also possible for a single male who has evaded the local spay/neuter program to happily inseminate a large portion of the unspayed female population in a given year, resulting in many of these dogs being half-siblings.

So there are a few extra factors at play with street or feral dogs, because even though they’re unowned humans are still heavily influencing them.

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I absolutely love your taako design. Every aspect of it is great in it's own right, equally. Period. Also paired with your fabulous style just brings out that extra "dude fucking yes" factor. I'm sorry if you had a rough introduction because of it, but I just want to let you know that there are people out there like me that appreciate the effort that goes into your work. Thank you for gracing my eyes with a beautiful treat that is your art.

awwwweee dude thats really lovely to hear —and yo the “dude fucking yes” appeal is exactly what i was trying to go for im glad you like it! Thank you for the kind words friend

Power Rangers Relationship Headcanons - Trini and Billy

Grumpy Cat and Soft Tall Boy. From Trini’s perspective.

  • It’s hard not to know who Billy Cranston is after the locker accident. But Trini has seen him around. It’s hard to ignore him in the halls as well, since he’s so god damn tall. 
  • It kind of pisses Trini off how tall he is like jesus christ. She can barely make it to his shoulders even in heels. 
  • He’s sweet though, Trini has to admit. It’s tooth-rotting amounts of sweet how innocent and shy and geeky he is compared to the of them and he needs to be protected at all costs. 
  • Trini kind of gets annoyed by his mother-hen behaviors and how he always make sure she isn’t hurt, even after the least-injury provoking events. But she does think it’s nice of him to care about her, since she’s never had a friend who’d show worry about her like that. 
  • After they start to bond she becomes very protective of him? Like she shoos bullies off of him and it kinda gets to a point where he physically has to stop her from getting to a fight and putting a bully in the hospital. Which leads to her wriggling in his arms and yelling angrily while being carried away.
  • Acts as his tech translator for the team but starts off a bit rocky. ‘So what does this thing do exactly?’ ‘Awesome science shit, that’s what.’
  • Going with the theory that Billy’s dad passed away, Trini helps him build an altar for his dad on Día de los Muertos along side the rest of the altars Angel Grove makes on the day. It’s small but Billy brings the items that were his Dad and Trini helps him decorate it. 
  • ‘I don’t know what loss like that feels like, I really don’t. But please know I am here for you, and you are not going to face this pain and grief alone.’
  • Trini being Billy’s ultimate wingwoman??? He’s so shy and bumbling around girls (and guys) he’s attracted to and Trini just smiles as Billy wants back with a number in his hand and a smile on his face.
  • She decides to channel her inner Jason and protect Billy whenever Rita targets him??? Like that green hard candy bitch is certainly not going any where near Billy.
  • Trini actually gets hurt trying to defend him and it goes to show how far their friendship has come if it means risking her life to save him.
  • ‘If I run and leap at Billy he’ll most certainly catch me.’ ‘COMIN’ IN!’ ‘NO I’M HOLDING COFFEE!!!!!’
  • Sometimes she just plonks down into his lap without any prompt and will just sit there. He’s taken by surprise at first but he quickly gets used to it.
  • They work out together during their free time in some cases. Trini actually convinces Billy to get a gym membership with her.
  • She sometimes will substitute herself in for a weight when he’s practicing lifting.
  • Trini will also use him as a weight because sometimes you just need that extra challenge and awesomeness factor.  
  • Trini’s parents really like Billy? They really think he’s a positive influence on Trini and how nice and kind he is. Her brothers think he’s alright though, not as cool as Jason.
  • She really likes him! At first she thought he was a massive dork and a nerd but he’s so sweet??? He’s such a good and pure force on this team and honestly really needed someone like him in her life, to make her feel wanted and needed and she couldn’t ask for anyone better.

Power Rangers 2017 Relationship Headcanons (9/40)

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Which person in ur top five ships watches Disney movies obsessively and which one says that they are movies for kids but secretly loves them

mchanzo: mccree’s top 3 movie genres are western, romcom, and disney. hanzo wasn’t ever really into disney or anything as as kid (besides pokemon) but enjoys watching them with mccree, even if he thinks they’re a little silly

gencio: no they both love disney lbr. any and all disney movies. lucio sings along to every musical

reaper76: gabriel loves disney. jack’s the “marvel is disney lets watch superhero movies” on disney movie night and gabriel stars him dead in the eye as he put on the little mermaid again.

anahardt: they both love disney movies. they grew up with the same disney movies that we have rn, so they’d love them extra for the nostalgia factor. they both try to sing along with all the songs as well

pharmercy: fareeha likes disney bc her mom does, but angela’s a little more “aren’t these for kids?” but she watches them with fareeha anyway because she loves her. 

ITS TIME FOR two blogs part 6 or something

“there’s one SUPER loud frog in the moat outside my room tonight”

now let’s take a moment to gaze into


Merry is tiiiiiired. He’s really just a young teen, holy shit. He’s also a little cranky at some perceived slight during the talk with Saruman that I didn’t make note of. Gandalf comforts him by telling him that Saruman is probably confused and furious about his continued existence. “haha, okay,” says Merry, “but um when are we stopping?” Then there’s some, uh, other stuff. And Gandalf says:

‘There was some link between Isengard and Mordor, which I have not yet fathomed. How they exchanged news I am not sure.’

Guys. Last chapter he picked up the palantir and was like “Pippin this is really dangerous don’t touch it.” He definitely KNOWS what a palantir is, if he’s worth his hat. ???? COME ON DUDE WORK IT OUT

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When I watched the scene with Fitz and his father talking on the stairs in 4x18 I noticed (i'm sure many other people heard as well) his father said "sometimes you have to feel the strap on your back (...) like you did." So does this canonise in real reality that Fitz's father was physically abusive along with emotionally or can we not take it as canon as the dialogue roots from the Framework?

Hi Anon!

I want to tag @theclaravoyant because they have done some very nice metas on the subject even before this arc began.

We need to be careful with the Framework and the history we get there being actual canon since we have Puppetmaster AIDA in play and we know she has been manipulating that world in there as a means to her own end.  Fitz being a huge part of that.  

The writers said that the Darkhold populated the Framework with people from the real world.  So Papa Fitz, Ward, Trip, Bob the poor guy in the elevator when Daisy was busting out all had real world counterparts.    Then AIDA took over and her hostage fixes with her own meddling shaping those Avatars and how/where we see them. Bob the elevator guy wasn’t a Hydra in the real world, but the hostages fixes rippled to get him there.    Trip seems to very much be our Trip.  With Shield, grandson of a Howling Commando using antiques to gather intel.  Ward however, he’s  different than any of the other versions we knew of him.  Still the double agent…but he is still different than the Ward we knew.   

The extra x factor we have with Papa Fitz is that he is there to control and manipulate Fitz.  The person AIDA needs to make her plans a reality.  So while it is canon he is “not a good man” and emotionally/mentally abusive in the real world we don’t know what all that entails there.  We just know that the Framework version of him was physically and emotionally abusive to Fitz.  

For me the huge take away is if we see Papa Fitz in the real world we need to freak the crap out because he does not need to be anywhere near his son.  


Pairing: Kanamari

Word Count: 7614

Summary: It’s Dia’s 21st birthday, and Mari can think of no better way to celebrate than by hiring a stripper. But as Mari realizes her own attraction to the girl she hired, nothing seems to go entirely as planned. 

Note: Anyway my experience with strippers and the process of hiring one is limited to what I researched for this fic, so bear with me 8′) This is obviously not the most safe for work, so be careful and stuff. 

The 21st birthday was a rite of passage for many in the world. For some, it marked true adulthood, and for others, it was a time to celebrate with friends in a night full of drinking. It was all too boring for Mari. She’d seen it all before in countless movies, books, and shows. It was so popularized that it no longer felt special to do anything within the norm. Why do what everyone else is doing when you could turn it up a notch?

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Men’s hairstyles, ca. 1830

Massive post today, as usual for my fashion posts.

Talking about men’s hair is funny, because when I just line up a bunch of portraits of guys from this period, it inevitably becomes a bit of a collection of hot period pin-ups.  Who says women don’t objectify men, I guess.

In my post on ladies’ hats, I said that hats are designed to suit hair.  Now, the more I think about it, the more this only seems to apply to ladies, whose hairstyles and hat styles are in fairly frequent flux.  For gentlemen, whose hairstyles and hat styles change more slowly over time, it seems that it may be the hair that must suit itself to the hat and not vice versa.  Chicken or egg question.

Now men’s hats ca. 1830 were of two basic varieties: the brimmed cap (for working-class men, young boys, and occasionally hunting/riding), and the top hat (for pretty much all well-dressed guys).  Just as with women, there was other “shit men could put on their heads,” but these were the two basic hats, as in, “shit men could wear outdoors and not look weird.”

^^^Riding cap ca. 1830.

^^^Top hat, ca. 1830.

Let’s ignore the cap for the moment, because we’re talking about fashion, and the cap sadly has little place in fashion ca. 1830.  The top hat was what fashionable men had to contend with, and it was what they had to suit their hair to.

Men had basically two strategies for getting their hair and their hats to work together.  The first strategy I will call “vertical,” the second, “horizontal.”  The vertical solution is to pile all your hair on top of your head, or else comb it in that direction for us sad straight-haired people (who were surely resigned in this period to being plain).  This allowed for the hair to mostly sit beneath the hat.  The horizontal solution was to pile/comb the hair to the sides of the head, leaving the top of the head pretty much smooth.  This allowed for the hair to sit outside the hat (or rather, for the hat to kind of sit on the piles of hair).  Both of these methods worked, since neither allowed the hat to crush the hair.  And when a dandy takes so long to get his hair just so, nothing is worse than getting hat hair.

^^^The vertical solution.

^^^The horizontal solution.

Just like their female counterparts, fashionable men were meticulous with their hair.  They used many of the same products and methods of grooming that the ladies did, including pomade for smoothing and holding the hair in place and curling tongs, papers, and cloths for curling it.  The hair could be parted pretty much anywhere, though in the earlier years of this period (ca. 1825-1827) they were still favoring the no-part, Napoleonic-type combed-forward or piled-on-top styles, while throughout the rest of the period (ca. 1827-1835) most men favored a side part.  Side parts could even be extreme, as in, just over one ear.  The hair was often brushed forward over the temples, but expansive, unblemished foreheads were thought to be a mark of masculine beauty, and so the hair was usually brushed up and away from the forehead to leave it bare.  In describing Enjolras’ beauty in Les Misérables, Victor Hugo wrote appreciatively:

“Much forehead in a face is like much sky in a horizon.”

(He may have been a little biased.)

Curls and waves were all the rage throughout the 1820s and 1830s, and these guys had them in abundance (or made sure they obtained them in abundance).  Really, that’s all you need to know about men’s hair ca. 1830: curls, curls, CURLS.  It’s all about the curls.

External image

^^^Gotta say, this guy’s got nice hair, but he looks like a total douchebro.  One day I’ll post the whole painting, and then maybe you’ll see what I mean (body language speaks volumes), but really, if this guy was standing at the other end of the bar, giving you this look, I’ll bet you wouldn’t give him your number, would you.

^^^Even Louis-Philippe is stylin’.

^^^Ohhh, I dunno, Charles X is pushing it a little.  Those curls aren’t too curly…walking on the edge of uncool.

Because let’s face it, anybody born with stick-straight, uncurlable hair was simply screwed and should have just sat out the 1820s-1830s, because they were never going to be hot and popular.  However, they did try to make do with some sad, sore-loser comb-overs.

Or they could try to coax it to flip up…

…or forward…

…or back…

…or…whatever the hell this is:

(Also, extra points for extra skeezy facial hair on that last one.)

Sometimes they just gave up and cropped their hair:

^^^I assume this is Blanqui’s “prison chic” look, ca. 1835.

Textured hair also makes for great 1820s-1830s hair.  It’s all about the shaping: you can rock it up…

…or down…

…or Dumas, which is always the sexy choice:

In a society that values huge piles of luscious curls, the bald or balding probably had an even rougher time of it than the straight-haired guys.  Victor Hugo implicitly acknowledges how unfortunate male baldness is: being bald at twenty-five comes first in a litany of unlucky things in Laigle’s life.  Unlike for ladies, there weren’t too many opportunities for guys to cover their hair constantly with caps and kerchiefs, so a few false curls tied on in front weren’t going to go very far for them.  Of course, being that high foreheads were cool, a balding guy could always live in denial for a few years, but eventually fate would catch up to him.  Now, he could age gracefully, as I’m sure many did…

…but there were of course full and partial wigs available too for men’s use.  I haven’t yet found an extant example of such a thing, but if I ever come across one, I’ll be sure to share.  I can’t begin to imagine how they would have held these wigs securely on their heads, but there you have it.

Unlike the ladies, of course, men also had facial hair to contend with.  Facial hair was extremely popular ca. 1825-1835, even more so than in earlier decades.  Of course typical sideburns, mutton chops, and mustaches were common, but the most striking and unusual style of facial hair of this period is what I can only call the “under-the-chin beard.”  I have no idea if there is a more concise name for this odd thing, but I just call it like I see it.  This beard sits, well, under the chin and extends along the jawline, all the way up to the hairline.  Like so:

Sometimes, for the extra ick factor, it can be paired with a mustache, thusly:

This beard is extremely (extremely!) common in fashion plates ca. 1830.  It is less common in portraits of the period, but by no means absent.  Yes, guys did have these proto-Abe-Lincoln beards, and they rocked them, I must say.

^^^Work it, Champollion!  He cracked the Rosetta Stone code with the sheer force of his bushy whiskers!

As anyone who has had elaborate facial hair knows, it requires a good deal of maintenance: not only cleaning and grooming the hair itself, but shaping it and shaving the areas around it.  Just as there were professional hairdressers for ladies, there were professional barbers for gentlemen.  (And no, they didn’t all slit your throat and make you into meat pies.)

I’m sure gentlemen who could afford it either visited “tonsorial parlors” or else had barbers come to their homes, but seeing as stubble is constantly requiring attention, I think lots of men dealt with their whiskers themselves, to the best of their ability.  With straight razors, of course.  What could go wrong?

The result is some pretty fantastic facial hair.

The artist Franz Xaver Winterhalter’s self-portraits from this period show a perfect progression from 1820s to 1830s facial hair:

^^^Young Winterhalter in the mid-1820s.  Abundant curls, no facial hair.

^^^Not-quite-as-young Winterhalter ca. 1830.  Abundant curls, side-whiskers, and the beginnings of a little mustache.

^^^Mid-1830s Winterhalter.  Abundant curls (seeing a pattern here?), and full-blown under-the-chin beard with thick mustache.

And among all these perfect little Beau Brummell types who pet and cherish and maintain their hair daily, there are a number of 1830s guys who plainly don’t give a shit.  To those guys: cheers, it’s all good.

Of course, in the Romantic period just as in today’s bedhead fashion, it’s hard to tell if guys just don’t give a shit about their hair, or if they are taking, like, an absurd amount of time and effort to make it look like they don’t give a shit.  Hmmm…

Among guys not giving a shit, I should also file the long-haired dudes.  Long hair, i.e., hair down to your shoulders, no matter what you’ve been told by a million Les Mis fanarts (including my own past stuff), is not a thing in this period.  Repeat: long hair on men is not a thing.  It is the kind of hair worn by a few eccentrics, but it is by no means a thing.

^^^Audobon.  An eccentric.

^^^Paganini.  An eccentric.  (It suffices to say “artist,” right?)

^^^Liszt.  Artist.

No matter what the Japanese want you to think, Enjolras, that stern, severe “soldier of democracy” and “priest of the ideal,” would not have had a gorgeous, flowing waist-length pony.  

Sorry, it’s just not true.  It’s a little white lie, like the Tooth Fairy: harmless in the moment, but creates an atmosphere of distrust for the long run.  Consider this my PSA for the fandom: stop the long-hair madness!

Long hair looks strange and bohemian, but the award for absolute weirdest male hair I have come across in this period (aside from runner-up “prison chic” Blanqui) goes to famous caricaturist Honoré Daumier in a ca. 1829 portrait:

…Um, okay.  A straight-haired comb-over.  A kinda under-the-chin-beard.  But with, like, totally shameless panache.  Like, “What, so my hair is straight?  Fuck it, I will rock this straight hair!  I will draw further attention to it with this over-the-top flip and uncomfortably long length!  I will also make my under-the-chin beard as off-putting as possible!  I will confuse you by growing out the goatee part of it but refuse to style it sensibly!  I also will not pair it with a mustache, that is too mainstream!”  I love his confidence, but then, I guess if you’re going to spend your life mooning the government without fear of repercussions and generally being the South Park of the mid-19th century, why worry about “fashionable” people’s dumb opinions?  Instead, you should go draw a caricature of fashionable people’s dumb fashions.

After shaming movie hair design last time, I feel like I ought to go out on a positive note:

^^^Yeah, I like.  And it’s funny, too, because there’s a montage in which Pip is transforming from poor kid to fashionable gentleman, and he does suddenly go from straight-haired bedhead to 1830s dandy curls, which I really thought rang true to (1830s) life.  Sadly, the ladies’ hair didn’t live up to the example set by the gentlemen.  BBC Great Expectations (2011).

^^^His hair’s okay, but it’s really his overall look that’s so perfect.  His features are really sensual, and he has that strange 1830s dandy je-ne-sais-quoi.  To me, this is Courfeyrac, right here.  Une vieille maîtresse (2007).

^^^Slightly later period, but still pretty admirable hair design.  The Young Victoria (2009).

^^^For those of you who have spent the last two years bitching about this wig, I have a message for you, straight from the 1830s: Stop.  Just stop.  You’re wrong, and you’re making a fool of yourself.  It’s glorious.  It’s full of curls.  It’s side-parted.  It doesn’t have a ponytail.  It’s BLOND.  It’s everything that historically-accurate Enjolras hair ought to be but never has been in a movie version before.  It’s probably the best thing in this movie, and that’s saying a lot.  The first time I saw a photo of Tveit in this wig, that’s the moment I knew they were serious about this adaptation.  Musical!Enjolras has come a long way from the 1980s fro with rat-tail look:

(It’s okay, I still love the hell out of your Enjolras, Anthony Warlow!)

Marius’ hair design in the 2012 Les Mis movie is also good–suitably goofy, but still totally period:

^^^Horizontal and vertical hair strategies, you see?

I approve.  Now if you boys could just convince Fantine and Cosette to put their hair up…

Spideypool Headcanon #34

Peter buys and scoops the pumpkin, Wade carves it. Peter gave him a long speech about why using a katana to carve a pumpkin is not a good idea. Wade did it anyway. Let’s just say there was an extra squick factor added to their pumpkin this year.

The truth about appblr

Today, I watched as one of my best friends was rejected/waitlisted to a total of 14 schools. And it really made me question the system. There are things you just can’t capture in an essay. Like how she always holds the door open for people or how she cares for her baby brother. She works hard and gets good grades, but doesn’t have that extra *wow* factor which would allow her acceptance at some of the more selective schools. 

And yet, I feel I (along with others) that I  have wasted so much time in the system- no matter what the results were. I remember the first time I took the SAT, I scored a 2200. But that was not good enough, I spent a whole month prepping again until I scored 2350 the second time around. So yes I improved but did spending (wasting) a month on the SAT transform me into a smarter person or a more empathetic human being? No.

I question why kids volunteer nowadays… So they can put it on an application? High school students are joining clubs when they have no interest in the subject but need activities to put down. It’s annoying when you want to take charge in an activity you truly have passion for, but someone who just wants the title goes for it. In the end, debt is the only thing I received. 

I go to a competitive school where everyone is judged at the end of senior year for where they go to college. It’s such a damaging concept. But I’m glad I joined appblr, because while you shouldn’t be a good student because you want to get into a school, you should be a good student, period. Because you can actually learn a lot in AP classes, you can have alot of fun in extra curriculars and life changing experiences are life-changing no matter how nice they would look on commonapp.

This week, when I was accepted to Johns Hopkins, I really should have been excited. But instead all I felt was…nothing. All the acceptance meant was that my SAT scores were higher than their average and that my essay was readable and that a couple random adults on the east coast thought I was a “good candidate” whatever that means.

Yes, the campuses are pretty. But so are Coach purses. I think, no matter where you are, you will always find opportunities. It’s so sad as I watch sophomores and juniors get eaten up by this process. I’m not saying don’t apply to selective schools because they are bad, I’m just stressing that your mind should never be consumed with college admissions.

The Truth about Cosplay Contests: What They Don’t Show You on Heroes of Cosplay

While I approve of the less dramatic direction the show has taken this current season I’m still a bit frustrated with the portrayal of the competitions themselves. Most cosplay contests are nothing like the ones they are show on Heroes of Cosplay. I know it’s played up for ratings but I started think about what it was like when I began entering contests. If all I knew about how these contests worked was from this show I would be super discouraged to even think about competing.  I’ve been doing cosplay competitions for several years (at large and small cons) and have a few awards under my belt. I also help run a contest at a local con and have acted as a judge before. I am by no means on the same level as most of the competitors of HoC but I do have knowledge of what it’s really like during one of these contests.  I’m not picking on any of the cosplayers on the show (in fact I have a lot of respect for them) I just want to set the record straight for anyone who it thinking about entering a cosplay contest for the first time.

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