the extra factor

I’ve been chitchatting with my coworkers about the new Samurai Jack season, and a lot of ‘em seem surprised that he’s got a minigun.

I dunno, man, I think that’s PERFECTLY IN-CHARACTER for Jack.  His whole deal is, like, he’s supposed to be the world’s greatest warrior, versed in every kind of fighting technique there is, right?  Gotta be ready for anything and everything.  Of course he’d be willing to to pick up whatever weapon is available to him – whatever it takes, he’ll use it.  It’s not like he hasn’t used guns in the original series.  A common move of his was to take the guns wielded by his foes, still held in their hands, and aim that at his other enemies.

Jack’s a wily little ruthless bastard when fighting.  I’m stoked to see him with a minigun.


I started the war. From the day I met you, I was planning your end. I’m sorry it has to be in this… squalid little corner, but -c'est la vie

Chloe Beale is so important

There are so many reasons why Chloe is important to the Pitch Perfect movies. Beyond being the other half of Bechloe and I feel like the films don’t acknowledge this.

Pitch Perfect 1:

  1. She gets Beca to audition for the Bellas
  2. she keeps the peace between Aubrey and Beca the whole time
  3. she’s the choreographer.
  4. Had she not texted Beca about being back in the finals they would not have won.
  5. Because she decided to remove her nodes she acquired a lower voice range that gave the Bellas something they had never had before, it was specifically mentioned at the beginning of the movie that because women can’t hit low ranges was a reason no other all-female a Capella group had ever made it to the finals. She gave them that extra factor.

Pitch Perfect 2:

  1. She is the one pushing them all to work hard, motivating the group.
  2. She made the decision to let Emily join the Bella’s. Had she not they would not have had “Flashlight” for the finale.
  3. She took them all to the retreat where Beca was finally forced to come clean about her internship and work through her fears of not being a good enough music producer.
  4. They found their sound thanks to her improved singing of Cups (“when I’m gone”).
  5. Once again she is the the person responsible for the great choreography of the sets. She brings the songs visually to life.

Her importance is not as noticeable but it is big. If you look at it closely none of this would have happened without Chloe. Beca is the face of the Bellas, “created the Bella sound”, but Chloe is the backbone. She deserves more credit than she gets, imo. 

Bassian Headcannon #12

Often they have to stay in quarters on bases with only single bunks but instead of sleeping in separate beds for the night like rational human beings they always sleep together. The beds and narrow and this often means one of them has to lie practically in top of the other and they can barely move for fear of falling off the bed. Sometimes, for an extra risk factor, they sleep on the high bunk.

The truth about appblr

Today, I watched as one of my best friends was rejected/waitlisted to a total of 14 schools. And it really made me question the system. There are things you just can’t capture in an essay. Like how she always holds the door open for people or how she cares for her baby brother. She works hard and gets good grades, but doesn’t have that extra *wow* factor which would allow her acceptance at some of the more selective schools. 

And yet, I feel I (along with others) that I  have wasted so much time in the system- no matter what the results were. I remember the first time I took the SAT, I scored a 2200. But that was not good enough, I spent a whole month prepping again until I scored 2350 the second time around. So yes I improved but did spending (wasting) a month on the SAT transform me into a smarter person or a more empathetic human being? No.

I question why kids volunteer nowadays… So they can put it on an application? High school students are joining clubs when they have no interest in the subject but need activities to put down. It’s annoying when you want to take charge in an activity you truly have passion for, but someone who just wants the title goes for it. In the end, debt is the only thing I received. 

I go to a competitive school where everyone is judged at the end of senior year for where they go to college. It’s such a damaging concept. But I’m glad I joined appblr, because while you shouldn’t be a good student because you want to get into a school, you should be a good student, period. Because you can actually learn a lot in AP classes, you can have alot of fun in extra curriculars and life changing experiences are life-changing no matter how nice they would look on commonapp.

This week, when I was accepted to Johns Hopkins, I really should have been excited. But instead all I felt was…nothing. All the acceptance meant was that my SAT scores were higher than their average and that my essay was readable and that a couple random adults on the east coast thought I was a “good candidate” whatever that means.

Yes, the campuses are pretty. But so are Coach purses. I think, no matter where you are, you will always find opportunities. It’s so sad as I watch sophomores and juniors get eaten up by this process. I’m not saying don’t apply to selective schools because they are bad, I’m just stressing that your mind should never be consumed with college admissions.

Overtime (M - Yoonmin)

*Yoonmin is life*

Requests: Jimin x reader + 49. boss/intern au + 49 with suga and reader please!!!! thank you!

Word Count: 4,114 words

take me now

If there was a deity watching him in his life, they must hate him with all their being to put him in this position. He was selecting out of thousands from application, handpicked out of a hundred people and now he was a new intern.

He thought it would be like the movies, being sent to get coffee, piled with work and have a cruel boss. One out of three is true and he couldn’t forget this one extra factor. He has a bubbly red head sitting next to his cubicle and he couldn’t stop giggling. To be fair, he entered the internship a mere two months before he had, still not becoming a full-fledged employee so he was glad, he had someone to at least level with at times. His strawberry coloured hair matched his overall personality but seeing in a boardroom setting was different. What was once the shy and bubbly man was a calculated and precise man that executed his presentations perfectly. If it weren’t for the fact that he became a bounce ball, maybe he would be in a higher position.

Yoongi, on the other hand was well rounded, he has the skills to get the full time position but there was just one problem.


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while living underwater may have suited the supposed aesthetic of the snake pit, there was nothing more annoying than the constant swish of the lake that plagued the slytherin dorms. on an already late night where her sleeplessness was fueled by the buzz of alcohol in her system, the fitful water was no more than an extra agitating factor. with an unconscious emma vanity hogging the covers next to her, she felt a shiver run through her body, eyes rolling with minimal real irritation behind it. she watched as a familiar shadow drifted across the foot of her bed, a huff falling past full lips. “fucking pervert,” she muttered gracelessly when the shadow grew tentacles. the damn giant squid. it was sheer selfishness that led to her knocking a hand at her roommate’s shoulder — if she was awake, so would emma be. “peeping squid.”

Hi Cassandra, I want to ask you 2 questions: 1) Will Alec be Hispanic too since Isabelle is now Hispanic? 2) Will there be TID spinoff if the TMI show is successful? Thanks :) — ina6134

1) I don’t know, as I’ve said before. I don’t know what the overall plan is. Isabelle was cast with a Latina actress, and I am delighted about it, but I don’t know how they plan to handle it script-wise, especially given the extra confusing factor that race is a social construct, and race among Shadowhunters is differently constructed than race in the human society we know.

Isabelle may well be part of a completely mixed-race family, which I would be fine with (as long as she is not the only POC). My main concern with Alec is straightwashing, that’s where I’m focusing my energy!

2) Let’s hope for a successful show first — sure, They could do a TID spinoff if they wanted. They could decide to do a TDA spinoff, which might work very well! Spinoffs would be awesome, but it seems very far ahead of the game! They’re certainly not going to do one, or make a TID movie, before the Shadowhunters show airs.

Recipe of the Day: Alex’s Birthday Cake with Marshmallow Frosting        

Coat a chocolate chip-studded yellow cake in a cloud of homemade marshmallow frosting for a slice with extra fluff factor.

Tony: I can learn any move I have seen once, a lot of the times the suits love demonstrating them by using them on me, no healing factor or extra dense bones caused the start of my career to be spend in a cast a lot, but as soon as I had some repertoire I became a lot less touchable, I haven’t had a fracture in years.

Things Fangirls Say Regarding Moth/Butterfly Symbolism of Crimson Peak

Outside of the lighting in the film and the color of the ghosts the other huge symbolic factor, which is made more clear in the novel again is the butterflies and the moth.  However, they do bring this into the film well as well, there are just extra factor sin the novel that make it more clear.

After first meeting the Sharpes, Edith has a discussion with Lucille regarding Butterflies and Moths.

Lucille informs Edith that the house and the area surrounding it can only sustain the black moths.  The harshness of the house, the darkness, kills the butterflies.  The butterflies are too delicate and innocent to survive there.

She also notes that the moths eat the butterflies– it is why she is collecting the cocoons.  

This symbolizes Lucille’s plans for Edith in bringing her to Crimson Peak.

The differences is further emphasized by the clothing of the two women.  Edith wears bright butterfly like colors or warm earthy colors.  This emphasizes her warmth, innocence and light. Meanwhile Lucille wears dark moth like colors (or red…that symbolism should be obvious) which emphasizes her harshness, cold, and death.

In the novel there are mentions of Lucille collecting beautiful insects…Thomas notes her killing them and pinning them to the display boards.  We also see her collection of hair from her victims in the same way  

We see other hints of this throughout the set design of the house…note the butterfly on display. 

Yet the whole house is taken over by this wallpaper that on closer inspection is clearly moth patterned.

“The mad head of the house was rotting, and night was dragging her wings across the moon, tracing filigree on the floors. In the attic, more black moths were dancing because it was cold, because it was dark. Because they were hungry. For the butterfly.” – novel

The novel notes that the moths are most prevalent in the attic…where Lucille and Thomas were kept as children.  This is where the madness and darkness in Lucille first began to fester.

This is also where Edith learns the truth.

Then in the end the symbolism becomes so fantastic.  The butterfly is the one to survive– the innocence, the light and love symbolized in the butterfly survived, killing the  dark and ugly nature of the moth.

Again the final imagery of each character representing the butterfly and the moth.  Edith is continued to be seen wearing white/light airy innocent colors.

While Lucille’s ghost takes on the color of the moths the infest the house (the house that infested her heart and mind).