the extended version of the kissing scene in which they end up doing it against the wall

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Everything is beautiful and everything hurts,because of Nick,aw,bb,like the last image of a smashed water-melon was unexpectedly to the point and so symbolic,his audible resigned sigh after Jess' boyfriend says he's missing out,the broken way he says "I meant something like that",just guh,all the feelings, and of course, TEH KISS,so epic,so hot,and so tender,especially the last two little kisses he adds in the end *creys*

Naaaaah anon, it doesn’t hurt… YET. What I loved about that moment is how determined and confident Nick was when he kissed her. He didn’t hesitate, he knew he wanted to do it and that’s all that mattered. And it was the perfect mix of passionate, hot and tender. The way they looked at each other after the kiss and those two little kisses and the ‘I meant something like that’… fjghdfkjghdfkjghk ALL THE FEELINGS. ALL OF THEM.