the exquisite beast

Beauty and the Beast •Part 2• (AU Newt Scamander x Reader)

A sniffle escaped you as you sat in the man’s shack. He had brought you back to his hotel and forced you into his case before letting you sit in his shack. His wand had created a chain that kept you linked to a tree outside; you were thankful you at least had enough room to walk around.

“Who are you?” A voice asked from the table beside you. You startled slightly and looked to see a Niffler sitting up and looking quizzically at you.

“Y-You can talk?” You questioned through your shock. Being from New York, you didn’t know much about majical beasts except for MACUSA claiming they needed to be exterminated. However, you knew enough to know that a Niffler should not have been able to talk.

“Don’t worry, it’s only temporary,” the Niffler reassured you as it picked up a coin off the table and shoved it into its pouch.

“What do you mean?”

“When the master goes back to normal, so do I,” the Niffler explained. “I used to be the greatest thief in the world, and then I was cursed. I can talk now, but I lost my abilities to steal, and… I don’t want anything I used to. Everything is meaningless and life is simply sad. Maybe you can help, though.”

“How can I help?” You quipped as the Niffler sat down and began to scratch it’s head.

“You want her to break the curse!” Another high pitched voice piped up from behind you. You whipped around to see what appeared to be a stick walking around on a bookshelf.

“What are you?” You asked as it watched you carefully.

“I could be asking you the same thing,” the stick replied as it crossed its arms. “But I’m Pickett, a bowtruckle.”

“Well,” you began before performing a small courtesy. “I’m Y/N, a human and wizard. Now tell me, Pickett, what is this curse you mentioned?”

“That’s classified,” the Niffler pointed out.

“Why is that?”

Before either one could answer, the door to the shack burst open. The man stood in the doorway, his cloak still over his face.

“Leave the girl alone,” he growled at the creatures who sheepishly nodded in response. The Niffler and Pickett left the shack slowly after saying a brief goodbye.

“Why can they talk?” You questioned as the man stepped into the shack and went over to the table. You leaned against a counter on the opposite side of the room and watched him sort through a stack of papers.

“I don’t know,” he grumbled lowly.

“I don’t believe you,” you stated with eyebrows raised in disbelief. The man stopped sorting through the papers and turned to face you.

“What?” He hissed out, angry that you would dare to talk to him like that.

“You obviously know why,” you began as you crossed your arms. “The creatures said there was a curse.”

“They don’t know what they’re talking about,” he huffed as he clenched his jaw.

“I’m sure they will tell me sometime soon. In the meantime, what do you need me for?“

“I already told you, you are the new addition to my collection.”

“Am I allowed to contact my friends?” You asked after a moment. “They’re expecting me for dinner tomorrow and-”

“No,” the man growled.

“Please, I don’t want them to worry and-”

“I said no!” He yelled, turning to storm out of the shack.

His foot got caught on your chain that went out of the shack and he pulled harshly to get out of it. You went tumbling to the floor, knocking down an empty glass and it shattered as soon as it hit the floor. Your hands were stained red as you came in contact with the shards of glass and you let out a cry of pain.

“I’m so sorry!” He exclaimed as he rushed to help you stand up. For the first time in years, he felt guilt. He felt like he was just a human again who had made a terrible mistake.

“I’m fine,” you snapped as you flinched away from his large hands that had reached out to help you.

“You’re hurt,” he whispered sadly as you got up by yourself. You winced at the blood on your hands and a throbbing pain on your back from where you hit the counter as you went down.

“I just need to get the glass out,” you sniffled as you became dizzy from the sight of the blood. You swayed slightly and he took you in his arms, picking you up and sitting you on the table.

“Your name is Y/N, isn’t it?” He asked, trying to make sure you didn’t pass out. The last thing he wanted was for you to injure yourself more than what he had done to you. You gave him a weak nod, your skin pale as your stomach became queasy. “I’m Newt, Newt Scamander.”

“After I’m hurt you think it’s best to finally tell me who you are?” You joked lightly. Newt couldn’t help his lips from turning up slightly at your words; it had been a while since he had talked to someone with a sense of humor.

“I’m going to take my cloak off,” he told you quietly as he noticed it getting in the way. He was shaking nervously, scared to reveal himself to you. After the last time he had shown someone who… what he was, he vowed to never do it again. However, he seemed to have no choice in this situation.

You just watched him closely in response, wondering why his cloak seemed to be such a big deal. Newt breathed in deeply to gather his courage before slowly dropping his cape from his beastly. You let out a shocked gasp as you took in the sight of the man before you.

His black scars that covered his body and face. His dark eyes and messy hair, the small horns that sat on top of his head. His arms were covered in thick dark hair that could easily be mistaken for a thin layer of fur. He barely resembled a man.

A gasp escaped your lips and your eyes widened. You had never seen anything like his condition before.

“I know that I’m hideous,” he whispered quietly as he looked away from your shocked face. “But this is what I am, and you need help.”

“You’re not hideous,“ you promised as his eyes flickered up to yours. He went to protest before you stopped him. “Your curse has made you… exquisite. A true beast, yes, but you are completely different from anything I’ve ever seen before.”

“That doesn’t make me exquisite,” Newt argued as began to prepare his supplies to remove the glass from your hands.

If you had said those words to him before he was cursed, he would have been blushing like a mad man and stammering out a thank you. But there he was, appearing calm despite the feelings building up inside of his chest. He cursed himself for being so impacted by your words before attempting to forget what you told him. The last thing he needed was for you to build his hope up only to be crushed when you didn’t have the power to break the curse.

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The Eighth Beast.

I am going to be honest, I felt that we were becoming complacent with the evolutions so I just went out of my way to take the beast into an odd turn.  

Tail fins have migrated to the beast’s back and become more well-defined.  Eyes are now fully socketed, and the eye ridges have extended and end with more eyes.  Talons have become more hoof-like, lower jaw has extended into a bit of an underbite.

We’ve been seeing some amazing evolutions, challenges, and other cool things being made based on this project!  Please keep them up, we love seeing them!

The sixth beast.

The beast is becoming fully quadrupedal, completely freeing its arms for manipulation.  It now also has some sort of lower jaw.  Eye-stalks are compressing, the frill display is becoming larger and meatier, and the lower “tails” have become defined weight-bearing back legs.

If you didn’t see it, Aaron Diaz did some crazy Exquisite Beast evolutions over at his blog!  Vondell Swain did some as well!  Evan and I are delighted by the interest people are taking in this, and if you want to start your own Exquisite Beast project, please do!