the expression on her face is just so beautiful

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down

After the carousel of emotions that provoked me the winter finale and the pre infarct that I suffered after seeing the kiss between marco and jackie I conclude that I loved the line of events, not because I¨m jarco team  One of the main reasons I saw the serie was shipping marco and star,  It was just a pleasure to see how star who is a girl who only thinks about going through great adventures and having fun with a smile on her face act so emotional and sensitive, She showed so many expressions that she had never shown before and that leave her usual character, it was so beautiful, While the red moon be in the sky will act as the red thread of fate sealing the fate of two souls who are destined to love each other, I am exciting to see how star shows us more expressions of a normal teenager who is not willing to let herself snatch what is hers

“There was a darling little five-year-old Cuban girl who played one of the native children being herded on board the submarine when they heard the Japanese were going to bomb the island where they lived. This little girl was absolutely thrilled that she was going to be an extra. She thought she was going to get dressed up in a pretty dress. She was in tears when she found out she had to wear just a little cotton shift with tatters because she was playing a native islander. She cried and cried, which worked fine for the scene, but the poor child was really upset.

So Cary, seeing all this, sent his assistant down to the store and bought her the most beautiful little pink pretty dress with tulle. And at the end of the day, when she was finished with her work, he presented it to her. You’ve never seen such an expression on a child’s face in your life. It was so thoughtful and kind and loving of him to do that.”

- Dina Merrill on Cary Grant’s generosity

Photo: Cary and the little girl in her pretty dress on the set of Operation Petticoat (1959)
Bloomtale - Chapter 9 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 9 is up!!! And the party starts NOW!! Just take a looksy~ <u<

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~Happy Valentine’s Day~

Adrien sighed, a smile on his face.

“Oh, man, you don’t even understand how wonderful you are. You’re so talented and strong, and smart, and clever, and bright. You have dozens of admirers, coming up and expressing their love for you - and who can blame them? You’re kind and fair, and you make me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed, and-wow. You’re just incredible and - and I just want to say I love you. So much.”

Marinette smiled, something clogging her throat as she stared up at the blond boy.

“Adrien, that’s a beautiful speech. Perfect.” She laughed airily and wiped her face. “You made me cry, look.”

He beamed, and it was such a beautiful sight it made her heart soar. 

“Thanks for letting me rehearse my speech; do you really think La-the girl I like will like it too?” He asked.

Marinette nodded, biting her lip. “Y-Yeah…she’s a real lucky girl, Adrien.”

The love of her life put his hand on her shoulder, and for once, she just wanted to slap it away and run far, far away.

“Thanks, Marinette! You’re such a great friend!”

Jealous Evans?

Lily Evans watched from the lake side as James Potter chatted easily with her best friend, Marlene.

Alice sat next to her, scribbling down something about the Amortentia potion, “So, what did you smell?” She asked absentmindedly.

When Lily didn’t answer, Alice looked up to see her stony faced expression, “Lily?”

The red haired beauty looked at her, “What?!” She snapped. Alice raised an eyebrow, “Woah- I was just asking what you smelt in the potion,” She said, raising her hands up in surrender.

“Oh… I don’t know,” Lily confessed, “Potter’s cologne was stinking up the classroom.”

Alice stared at her in disbelief, “Are you ser- kidding me?!” She exclaimed.

Lily looked confused, “What?” Alice turned around to see what she was staring at before, “Ah- That explains alot.”

Lily swallowed and looked down at her empty parchment, “I don’t know what you mean,” She insisted.

Alice snorted, “Nice try, Evans. You’re jealous!” She drawled with a wide grin.

Lily rolled her eyes, “Of what?” She said in exasperation.

“Of Marlene, of course. She’s the only girl that Potter’s been remotely interested in and you hate it!” Alice exclaimed.

Lily shook her head, her heart thudding in her chest, “That’s definitely not true,” She insisted.

Alice shrugged, a mischievous smile on her lips, “I’m just saying- He’s changed alot over the last year and he’s a hell of alot less insufferable. Not to mention that fine a-”

Lily threw her quill at her, narrowly missing her forehead, “Shut up!”


I’ve been watching a lot of playthroughs of Inquisition as research for
my fan fiction, and this is letting me appreciate things that I can’t
always see on my television screen. Most particularly, I never really
realized just how beautiful Cassandra is. I love to watch her face when
she’s talking; she’s so expressive!


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“You don’t do this kind of thing often, huh?” you asked, head cocked to the side as you sent Jillian a soft smile.

“What? Psh, of course I do!” You raised a brow at her overly dramatic expression, crossing your arms over your chest. “Okay, so maybe this is my first date since high school…and feelings confuse me…and I say stupid stuff when I’m in front of a beautiful specimen such as yourself.”

“You flatter me, Holtz. If you want to skip all of this lovey-dovey stuff we can just go back to headquarters and you can do…science stuff.” Her face lit up at the mention of science. Sitting here in a candle-lit restaurant, with the occasional fan popping by for an autograph, wasn’t really her style, nor yours. You’d much rather watch her run around her lab, spurting out sentences that you would never understand.

“Can I kiss you right now? Because I really want to,” she said in rapid-fire succession. She almost took it back, realizing what she let her brain slip out, but the minute she felt your lips on hers, she lost her trail of thought and let herself get lost in your kiss.


So maybe it’s just a stretch but Blue Diamond’s character design seems somewhat inspired by Leiji Matsumoto’s tragically beautiful woman archetype (AKA: the only women he ever draws lol)

There seem to be too many aesthetic choices for it to be a coincidence like the elongated faces, the downturned eyes and eyelash placement, the hair part and face curls, and the way her cloak frames her face and was drawn as an amorphous void are all super Matsumoto-esque!

The relationship between the two diamonds is also kind of similar to the sister relationship of Emeraldas and Maetel. They both lost someone they cared for but while Emeraldas (yellow diamond) acted strong and moved on, Maetel (blue diamond) held on, grieving, sometimes returning home even though it caused her more sadness. This might be stretching it a little bit but this wouldn’t be the first anime reference in the season by far.

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Just wanted to express to you how much I adored your last Newtina Fanart. (The one where Newt is hugging Tina from behind and kissing the side of her face as she laughs.) It is just the sweetest and softest thing, I had to save it on my phone as a background because I just want to keep starring at it. (I hope that's okay? Your signature is on and its unedited.) Beautiful work.

You can’t even IMAGINE how I felt when I saw this message! SO HAPPY?! SO THRILLED WHEN I SAW IT’S FROM YOU!
EVERYTHING LIKE THAT IS OK WITH ME!!! It’s like the biggest compliment!!! ;;;;;;
Thank you THANK YOU!!!

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Prompt please for allison argent? "You look cute when you laugh" Thank you ;)

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“And then he fell” Allison finished her tale with an amused grin.

“Are you serious?” I laughed in awe.

“Yeah!” That smile wouldn’t get off her lips, which was both endearing and beautiful.

I just started laughing out loud, holding my stomach as I rocked backwards. Just picturing Stiles doing that and falling, and Scott’s and Allison’s reactions… It was just too funny to me, so much that I had happy tears arriving to my eyes.

“Oh my god…” I whispered in a high-pitched voice as I wiped my tears of laughter.

Just then, I looked at her and noticed she was staring with a delighted expression in her face.

“Al…” There was confusion and wariness in my voice, but I was smiling just like her. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

She took a few more seconds to answer, closing her mouth which was agape with pleasured awe. 

“You look cute when you laugh” Allison replied, half teasing me and half genuinely.

“Shut up, silly…” I rolled my eyes, but it was obvious that I was blushing.

Especially since Allison began giggling all of a sudden.

So I went and saw the new Beauty and the Beast and I absolutely loved it!
The original Disney will always have a special place in my heart and nothing will fully compare, but I am so proud of Emma Watson. Like, I always have been, but I was brought to semi ugly years because of her and how well I think she did. You can disagree all you want, but I won’t ever not love this movie and the soundtrack!!
And Luke Evans rocked my face off in his expression of Gaston!! I could go on but…. I’ll just go to bed. ✌🏼

One really amazing thing about the scene between Kanan and Mari was how realistic and pathetic Mari looked after Kanan rejected her. Especially this frame:

There is nothing elegant or beautiful about Mari’s expression here; even more surprising, it isn’t terribly exaggerated. In most anime cry scenes, characters either look too “pretty” for it be truly traumatizing or the amount of tears is greatly exaggerated to add to the drama, but neither of those commonalities is present here. There are only a few tears on Mari’s face, but her miserable expression in perfect combination with the shadows is heartbreaking. Her slumped posture adds an extra kick to the already crippling nature of this scene. She just looks so tired and rundown, as if everything she’s ever cared about (AKA KANAN also DIA) just turned to sand and was washed away by the tide. The animators did a fantastic job capturing that emotion; I’ll really can’t praise them enough. However, if they pull out crying Mari again, I may have to boycott life.

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my crush is one of my closest friends, we've known of each otehr for 2 years but only in the past 2 months have gotten close. she has such beautiful and expressive brown eyes, she has strong legs and beautiful arms and an amazing face and her personality is just out of this world. she makes me feel so safe and happy. we've been on 2 dates but shes leaving for at least 2 months soon and im going to miss her like crazy



Edited from really poor photos I shot with my really poor phone camera ;_ ;



Possible spoilers ahead!

So I’m meant to be essay-writing rn, but I just couldn’t contain my excitement over this scene! Look at that gentle, loving face as he strokes mc’s hair and then as he gives her a light kiss. It’s beautiful, absolutely goddam beautiful! I remember when I first read this I was squealing in delight and fangirling all over the place. Now…well, I pretty much haven’t changed. He is so full of love for mc, but he struggles to express it to her. Sometimes his words come off as harsh and scolding but he always has the purest intentions, especially when it comes to mc. At this point though I remember feeling really annoyed that she still couldn’t see how much he loved her. I realise now that if I were in her situation I probably would have had a similar reaction. I have such low self-confidence when it comes to love that I probably would have found some excuse other than he loves me as to why he was kissing my hair. And besides, Klaus doesn’t exactly state that he loves her so how’s a girl to know? At this point she thinks he has a fiancee too, so there’s that to colour her thoughts (which I must say was an annoying and unnecessary plot device). This plot device was akin to the fem-Randolph and Yukiya thing. Unnecessary jealousy pisses me off-   

Sorry, I was getting a little side-tracked. Anyways, I wanted to just say one more time how much I love Klaus and this scene. I too wish that moment did not have to end. 

Klaus is BAE.     


For boobsmuke (long over due) I hope you like it! if not I have no problem redoing it 

•Disagreements•Erik Durm

Gratias wasn’t a violent person; even when her emotions got the best of her—even at her angriest—the desire to cause someone physically harm was nonexistent. Her friends always teased her about having a ‘peacemaker’ complex but in reality she just didn’t see the benefits of taking things to that level.  She always believed that  expressing her discontent about something with words was far more productive. The words may come out in a unnecessary volumes but being violent was never an issue.So her current overwhelming desire to punch Erik in his beautiful face caught her a little off guard.  

Gratias would have never thought she would ever want to hurt him of all people,Erik Drum. The love of her life, her fiancé, and not to mention the father of the twin boys that had been steadily growing in her belly for five months now. Why even have one violent thought towards a man like that? He never deserved it, he was a good man who loved her more than she knew she could be loved. He supported her the way she supported him—unconditionally.

Maybe not as unconditionally as I thought. She thought bitterly as she glared at him, hands balled at her sides. With a couple feet in between them,as they stood in the living room area of the apartment they shared, the  couple were in a stand off. The explosive argument they were in the middle of had stalled in a brief anger charged silence. Gratias couldnt believe he had the nerve to even be mad at her.  

She was still in disbelief with the way he came at her almost half an hour earlier. It wasn’t like she had expected him to come back  home in great spirit, he was coming home from an away match, the result of the away match against Bayer Leverkusen was a scoreless draw that did nothing for Dortmund’s current place near the bottom of the table. It wasn’t a lost so it didn’t count against them, but it did nothing for them either. And there lay the root of the frustration.

Gratias was fully prepared to be there for him—allowing him to vent then try to get his mind off it for a moment. She had no problem in being there for him at all…but Erik was on a completely different wavelength. He come upset like Gratias expected but what she wasn’t expecting was for him to come in and accuse her of things. Things she hadn’t done and the furthering insult to injury by scolding her like a child. After bombarded her with pictures and articles from Internet gossip sites of when  she went out  dancing with her friends  earlier that week, he had the nerve to yell at her. Nevermind that some of these so called articles were accusing her of the unthinkable—consuming alcohol.that alone should have made the stories lose any bit of credibility among other flat out lies….but none of that mattered to Erik.

He wasn’t focused on any of that—he knew Gratias would never foolishly endanger their babies that way. His  anger was because  she had gone out at all. In his eyes none of these stories would even have an opportunity to fabricate if she was at home like she was supposed to be. His exact words, words  that sparked the heated argument underway. How could he even say that to her? Basically implying that because she was pregnant that was somehow in no condition to go out and enjoy herself?she couldn’t hang out with friends? What was she supposed to be the barefoot pregnant wife—-or in her case wife to be—the men had expected of their women back in the day? Erik had another thing coming if he thought there was even a possibility of that being their reality.

“I’m not disabled.” Gratias finally spoke up, breaking the tense silence that had  enveloped them. Her words clear and tone full of defiance and attitude.

“What?”Erik narrowed his eyes; what the hell did that even mean?Disabled? Who even said…? “I’m not disabled,” Gratias repeated firmly,” I’m fucking pregnant, I’m not disabled.”

“I never said—“

“you didn’t have to!”she cut in the volume of her voice significantly increasing with every word,” The way you reacted to me going out, the fact you said I should have been home! You’re acting like I have some sort of handicap.”

“That’s not what I meant, I don’t think you’re disabled and I don’t think our babies are handicaps. I know you’re a perfectly able bodied woman and being five months into a pregnancy doesn’t change that….I just don’t think going out was the best idea.”Erik said as calmly as he could. Even  thought she was yelling at him, he decided in that moment that it wouldn’t do any good to yell with her. He wanted her to understand he wasn’t trying to attack her but say how he felt. It would’ve been a good approach…but it was too little too late.

“Well last time I checked I didn’t  ask  for your permission or approval.” “Gratias shot back. Maybe she should be used to this..Erik had always been protective. Something  that only amplified when she found out she was pregnant. She understood him wanting to protect her but she’d be damned he dedicated over what did or didn’t do. Erik Durm had another thing coming if he thought he was running this show.

“I never said you have to ask for my permission, or approval Grati, I said it wasn’t a good fucking idea.”he shot back, anger quickly finding its way back into his tone. She was twisting thing for no reason. He wasn’t trying to dictate her,he just didn’t want her in an environment that was unnecessary and potentially dangerous. Was too much to ask?

“Well good thing you had no fucking say in the matter, huh?” she offered him a sarcastic smile as she taunted him. The truth of the matte was it was done and No matter how much he didn’t like it,he couldn’t do a damn thing.

“What was the point of you going anyway, huh,"he shot back,"it’s not like you could drink.”

Gratias let out a humorless chuckle,shaking her head at his ignorant statement. He was really so upset about nothing. “I didn’t  have to fucking drink, I went out with my friends, to hang out with my friends.that was the point. Sorry I didn’t stay hidden away in this fucking place until you saw it fit for me to go out.”

“Don’t. don’t fucking do that."Erik closed his eyes briefly trying to get a hold of the anger quickly escalating within him. Sometimes he wished she was more physical when they got into it. He’d rather her slap him then to her patronizing him. Gratias always choose to fight with words because she knew how to make them cut worse than any physical wound could.

“Don’t do what Erik?”she questioned in the same tone as before,”don’t answer your idiotic question?”

"Don’t imply shit I’m  not trying to do! I’m not trying to hide you! Why would I? You’re going to be my wife and the mother of my kids for fucks sake! I get that you wanted to be with your friends. I get that but why they couldn’t have come over? Why did you have to go out?"Erik gritted out.

"Why do I have to stay in?” She countered, “am  i carrying  babies or a disease?”

“Fuck, Grati, I dont think your disabled, I don’t think the babies are a handicap and I know your carrying my sons. Stop because I don’t think any of that. That was not the right environment for a pregnant woman no matter how you try to spin it ."Erik said exasperatedly. She was quiet for a few seconds before shaking her head.

"Whatever, Erik,” sh said in a tone that could only be described as ‘done’. She was done with this conversation, done with the pointless back and forth…and as of right now she was done with being in Erik’s presence. Without another word she stomped off to their bedroom, Erik hot on her heels. She ignored him as she stuffed her feet into her boots before grabbing her coat and keys.

“Where are you going?"his eyes widened as her actions threw im for a loop. Gratias wasn’t a runner, when she didn’t want to argue anymore she would say so before giving him the silent treatment for the remainder of the day. There were  significant changes in her mood that were understandably from her pregnancy… she was unpredictable and it made him uneasy.

“Gratias where are you going?” he asked again, blocking her from leaving the room.”None of your business.” She glared up at him, “move.”

"It is my business,” Erik countered, “you’re my fiancée and you’re pregnant.”

"Yeah and your pregnant fiancée doesn’t want to be bothered with you right now. So like I said it’s none of your business.” She spat before shoving and pushing past him as she slung her purse on her shoulder, and with that she stormed out of the apartment leaving Erik  with only  his thoughts.


Erik was restless; it’s been hours since the argument and Gratias still wasn’t back. He knew where she was—she had been courteous enough to call and tell him she was at her sisters fifteen minutes after she left.— He knew she was safe and no doubt comfortable…but that didn’t make him feel better. He felt like an asshole…he was an asshole.  

He blew the whole situation out of proportion and definitely overreacted. After having time to think about it, He had no right to come at her the way he did, implying things that were anything but true. The stress of the currently awful season Dortmund was having, having to leave his family behind as he traveled, and the overall fear of anything bad happening to the loves of his life just made him snap over nothing.

He knew Gratias was a smart woman, she would never put herself in a position that could endanger herself or the twins…neither would her friends for that matter.

"Man I’m so stupid.” Erik groaned placing his hands on his face.

“Yeah you are.”

He shot up at the sound of her voice.  Seeing her beautiful presence standing in the doorway. Had been so far gone in his thoughts that he hadn’t even heard her come in?

“You’re home, baby, I’m so sor—"he started as he scrambled off the bed and moved towards her

"Yeah I know.” she cut in; once he was as close enough she wrapped her arms around standing on her tippy toes trying to closing the height gap between them. Erik instinctively leaned forward and closed the raining space, smiling when she pressed her lips against his.

“I forgive you, blödmann,” She smirked once she pulled away making his smile grow.  Gratias’ amused stature faded as she gave him the hardest glare, “But if you ever try to imply that I can’t go out and I should basically just be your barefoot pregnant housewife… I will punch in your pretty face got it?”

Erik raised an eyebrow, the sudden mood change throwing him off. He knew that came along with her being pregnant but he still wasn’t used to how quickly it happened but nodded all the same, “got it.”

And just like that her scowl turned into a bright smile. As she pecked his lips again, “good! Now let’s go to the kitchen, I want some Ritz crackers and ice cream!” she said cheerfully, giving him another peck on the lips before turning on her heels. Erik watched as she practically skipping out of their room towards the kitchen.

He shook his head; he slowly followed after her. It was official—-he was slightly scared of his fiancée. If this was five months he could only imagine what the remainder of this pregnancy was going to be like.



Alas, I finally used every last second of my 10 hr trial. Here are a few things…

1. It’s Mass Effect, important to remember that it’s not Dragon Age so the graphics are Mass Effect Graphics. That being said… the character creator is extremely limited but upon actually starting the game you quickly learn why, the whole family thing. Also… it’s not a beauty contest, at least IMO. 

2. There are some expressions that are down right hilarious… there is this one part, I played through it with both a male and female Ryder, went further with the female than the male… but there was this one part… and I won’t say anything other than “this one part” but the expression on her face was fucking priceless, I about fell off the damn couch LMAO. So, yeah. 

3. So far, at least to me, maybe I’m just easy to please but the voice acting has been pretty damn good. On all fronts and Vetra… oh man… y’all are gonna like her. As well as a few other characters. At least I did… and I was grinning like a big idiot when it got to the Nexus. Krogan. -sage nod-

4. My main man Liam has yet to disappoint. 

5. I cannot wait to keep playing. March 20th at 11 pm central time cannot come soon enough! :D 

So yeah, I’m still just as excited about the game as I was before. When you keep in mind that it’s a Mass Effect game, thus the graphics and animations fall in line with ME, it all falls into place. 

She loved him with all her heart.
He loved her with all his being.
Everyone around them could see that.
Except for them.

He admired the way she’d be so into her book that she wouldn’t pay attention to anything else.
Her focused face meant everything to him.
She didn’t know that.

She admired the way his lower lip was always a prisoner between his teeth and his eyes rarely blinking whenever his fingers painted wonders on papers.
He didn’t know that.

He often wished he could take every ounce of pain kids with cancer suffered from just so he wouldn’t see the pained expression on her face whenever she saw one of them.
She didn’t know that.

She often wished she could get everyone to tell him how beautiful his paintings were whenever she saw the disappointed expression on his face every time he finished a work of art.
He didn’t know that.

His beating heart loved her with every will power he had and her beating heart loved him with everything that she was.
But somehow, she didn’t know that, and he didn’t know that.

And they kept falling in love with each other, from afar.


Day 1: Scars/Bruises


Summary: Natsu wish he could take back what he did, but he can’t… now they both have to live with his mistake.

Natsu never truly believed beauty was ever on the outside, it was the inside that counted. The outside looks were just a plus, but if you were truly in love with someone; you love them for whats on the inside. And thats exactly what he did to win over Lucy.

Lucy was beautiful.

She was just so beautiful in Natsu’s eyes. To him, her beauty outshined everything. The moon, the sun, even the stars shining in the clear night sky.

She was just so beautiful.

As he held his wife in his arms, a peaceful expression etched on her face; he truly believed nothing was quite as beautiful. He brought up a battle worn hand to her cheek, caressing it softly with his thumb. It was all smooth skin, under the caress of his thumb. his thumb hit a certain spot; just below the side of her plump pink lips.

It was a mini imperfection in her skin, a scar. It wasn’t very long in width, but left a deep mark within Natsu’s heart every time he spotted the scar.

Or any scar on her body.

Especially since he was the one who gave her the morbid scars.

His grip on Lucy tightened; he could recall giving her the scars, could tell where every scar was located on her body. There were some on her face, the ones on her arms and legs were longer, stretching almost the full length of the appendages. Though there were an excessive amount the rest of her body, most of the scars centered around her abdomen that she no longer liked to expose for the world to see. He remembered how the demon, the demon who called himself E.N.D., had captured Lucy and used her body for his personal amusement.

He specifically remembered being trapped in his own body’s mind, watching as his alter ego chain the blonde in the rusty chainis. She screamed, shouted, begged for him to stop and for the ‘old’ Natsu to return. The way he smirked in reply, and the venomous way he said ‘I am Natsu’ did not set well with him. He couldn’t stop his tears of regret when the monster took his large talons and started slicing at the blonde, leaving large gashes, deep enough to leave blood running down her pale skin. He remembered how she tried to be strong enough to not cry due to the pain, she withstanded it for a little bit trying to compensate the screams of pain with trash talk and tears of agony rushing down her cheeks. Soon, the attacks came more frequent, his claws went deeper into her skin until she couldn’t help but scream in unbearable pain. She cried out his name, begging him to stop. Natsu kept screaming at his alter self to stop attacking her, but he didn’t.

The tears of desperation ran down his cheeks in streams, he was so useless. He couldn’t do anything. He was trapped inside his own body watching his best friend get tortured by a creature that took over his body.

Finally after what seemed like hours of anguish, the relentless attacks had stopped her body. Natsu couldn’t bear to look at Lucy, but he had to. He had to see the damaged state she was in now because he was too weak to control himself.

He really wish he hadn’t looked.

He could barely recognize her in her bloodied state, her blood was everywhere.

On her skin, her hair, the walls, the floor, the chains and even on him. He remembered the last thing that his alter ego told him, and it would haunt him until this very day.

I’ve had my fun, good luck cleaning up my mess.

And like a rush, Natsu was back inside his own body. He could control his limbs, his thoughts, his actions. And his very first thought was to console the blonde whom he was pretty sure went unconscious due to pain.

“Lucy…” His voice came out softly, he could barely even hear himself say it. He took a step forward, the crackling rubble under his shoe made the blonde flinch. He seen her begin to raise her head, until her muddy brown eyes met with his onyx orbs. He seen her eyes widen, her mouth began to shake.

“No…” Her voice was shaky, she tried to back up into the wall ignoring the pain of the rocks digging into her wounds. “Please… no more… no more…” She whimpered out, tears beginning to fall from her eyes once again. His heart hurt at her words, he didn’t blame her for being fearful of him.

“Lucy, its me. Natsu. Hes gone, I promise you he’s gone.”

“How… How can i believe you?” Natsu’s moments ceased, how could he show her? For the first time, he noticed that his talons receded back into his body as well as his demon wings. He reached his hand out, trying his best not to retreat it when she pushed herself farther into the wall.

“See Luce? My claws are gone.” For emphasis he drug a finger across his now flat nails. The blonde looked at him, looking a little relieved in Natsu’s eyes.

“N-Natsu…” She whispered out, the sobs taking control of her body; shaking the chains she was still shackled in. Natsu pulled her into his arms, trying to sooth her with running a hand through her bloodied hair and resting the other hand on her back making sure to avoid the gashes on her skin. He cooed her with loving words, promising her everything was going to be okay.

Even though he doesn’t know if anything would be okay anymore.

He kissed her scar having reliving the memory for the umpteenth time. Still thankful for this day that Lucy didn’t think he was a monster for what his body had done for her. He cried for days, weeks even, feeling remorse for the whole situation. Lucy, being the loving and the forgiving person that she naturally was, forgave him instantly saying it wasn’t him. No matter how many times Lucy tried to console him, he said it worked but truly it didn’t.

Natsu hated himself.

Even if it wasn’t him that truly did the deed.

His eyes travelled from his wife’s face down to her growing stomach. By some miracle, two years ago Lucy had agreed to become his wife. It was now two years and five months later that Lucy was four months pregnant with their child. The thought of becoming a father scared Natsu. When their baby girl asked how her mother got her scars, what were they going to say? ‘Oh daddy’s body got taken over by a demon and tortured your mother.’ No, they were not going to tell their daughter that. Natsu felt his eyes watering at the thought of his unborn child.

He didn’t want his daughter to think he was a monster.

He already hated himself, he hated himself sometimes to the point of where he didn’t believe he had the right to live. When he felt like that, he always went to Lucy even if it didn’t do any good. He hated himself, regardless of what Lucy said; of what anyone said for that matter. Deciding it was time for his brain to stop thinking, he decided to go back to sleep.

His eyes traveled back up to Lucy’s head, planting a soft kiss on her forehead and apologized to her for the umteenth time

I’m sorry I’m a monster.