the expression on her face is just so beautiful

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down


My favorite part about this kiss is how intense Dylan/Stiles’ face is. He’s kissing her like she’s his lifeline, the air he breathes. He’s so consumed in this moment, in this kiss, in Lydia. You can feel how much he loves her and how much this moment means to him. This is everything Stiles has spent the past 10 years building up to, and the intensity with which he kisses Lydia is like none I’ve ever seen. Lydia holds onto to Stiles, kissing him back just as forcefully, and we get this incredible moment that seems to stop time. I just can’t get over how much you can tell that this is quite possibly the most important day of Stiles’ life just by the expression he makes when kissing Lydia. It’s gentle and intense and heartbreaking all at the same time. You can feel the gentleness he possesses for Lydia, but it’s also this intense fire that burns hot enough to consume them both. It’s so amazing that these two completely opposite things can exist simultaneously in just one expression. Dylan never ceases to amaze me with how much he understands Stiles as a character and his unconditional love for Lydia.

No need to hide your thoughts, boi.

Your face says it all.

Hold up! Just look at her face. Look at that subtle raise of her eyebrows, the tiny, almost imperceptible, quiver of her chin and the intake of breath. The way her lips part and her eyes just gaze longingly with that ‘please-love-me’ stare. It’s like she takes one look at Clarke and time stands still for a sec.
You can almost hear the internal conflict. -‘God your pretty. That face. Those eyes. Those lips. Can I kiss you? I swear you’re an angel. Jok! Pull yourself together Heda!
Love is weakness, except, maybe my love of candles. Wait, what was you saying? Your beauty stumped me-’.
Lexa is so thirsty that straight after this she has to pour herself a drink.

The subtlety and intricacies of ADC’s expressions and the mannerisms within her portrayal of Lexa still amaze me.

I do

this is the l o n g e s t thing i’ve ever written also it’s literally a fluff extravaganza so you’re welcome. thanks to @kidinlovewithakid for helping me on this (it would actually suck ass if she didn’t) so enjoy folks! 

feedback is very much appreciated! <3 

wc; 4644

“Y/n,” you felt someone shake your body in attempt to wake you up. You groaned and turned yourself around so you were facing the opposite side of your warm bed. “Y/n you need to get up, you’re getting married today!” the voice you now identified as Mel, your best friend and maid of honour, kept vigorously shaking you until you finally sat up. You figured they must have let themselves in earlier since you had given Mel a key to the house for emergencies.

“Guys it’s so early please let me sleep,” you mumbled, wrapping yourself up in your warm comforter again in hopes they’ll give you just 5 more minutes. It may be your wedding day, but you were still beyond tired from last night’s rehearsal dinner and you were really starting to wish you and Shawn hadn’t stayed up for 4 hours after you got home. Neither of you had been able to sleep due to nerves and excitement so you decided to stay up and watch movies until you were tired.

“Where’s Shawn?” you mumbled, noticing that the other side of the bed was already empty.  You were a little disappointed that he woke up before you, even though you aren’t supposed to see each other until the ceremony you wanted to sneak in one last moment together before the chaos started.

“He left, now get up so you can go marry my brother!” Aaliyah exclaimed, jumping onto the bed and pulling the covers off you, exposing you to the cold morning air that was coming in from the window that Mel must have opened. You sat cross legged on your bed and took a look at your bridesmaids and the two mothers standing around you waiting for you to get out of the bed so you could finally go to the outdoor field where the ceremony was taking place.  You let out a shaky breath, the realization that you were actually getting married later finally sinking in.

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Cure (2)

Bucky Barnes x reader

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, memory loss, recuperating, fluff, angst and obviously, eventually: smut.

Summary: Bucky comes back from a mission, not remembering who he is or who anyone else is. He doesn’t remember Steve, Natasha or the woman he loves. She does immediately catch his eye, though. He thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, and he’s not afraid to say it in front of people he doesn’t know anyway. What does he have to lose? As far as he knows, he has nothing. On top of being somewhere he doesn’t remember ever being and being stared at by people who seem to know him, but he doesn’t know in return, he hears a voice in his own head. Because, of course, he must be insane.

A/N: This might hurt a little. Just a little. 

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

It’s weird, waking up not knowing where you are. It took me a while to remember what happened last night, and it took me even longer to realise that I’m not alone in this bed; even when I’m curled around the warm body next to me, my arms around her waist and my face nuzzled into the back of her neck.

She smells familiar. She smells like.. home.

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Stagedoor July 9, 2017

Bean Plant was adorable ❤️He was beautiful and kind and gentle

The notorious RBJ told us she wouldn’t be signing that day but thanked us for being there and was just SO SWEET AND HEIDI-LIKE

JLT sandwich was so kind and genuine and had the best facial expressions

Laundry Dryer had the most subtle and perfect and real smile on her face literally throughout stagedoor like wtf. How does she not pull a muscle in her face with that constant smile ✨

team-bughead  asked:

Could I please request a hot smutty one where betty and jughead have a deal where they can't touch each other for like 48 hours, but they are both teasing each other in that time and one of them breaks (you can decide who) followed by lots of smut. I feel slightly embarrassed to request this 😂

love, love, love this one! Again sorry for the wait, i want to do all your ideas justice so sometimes it takes a while to churn them out! Anyway I hope you enjoy this love and thankyou for your support and encouragement on my work! I love you x

warnings: SMUT!!!!



It was hot.  More than hot actually, in fact Jughead was almost positive this summer was more akin to hell on earth.

It was early July and the heat had already exceeded Riverdale records, making it clear they were on track for a sweltering, unbearable few months.

And for the teenager whose wardrobe mostly consisted of layers, flannels, denim, and leather and of course the renowned beanie the heat wasn’t exactly a cause for celebration.

Jughead groaned, head hitting the back of the vibrant leather booth he was sprawled across. The curser on his laptop screen blinked at him obnoxiously- a reminder of the words that would not come.  

The agitated boy glanced around the crowed diner, finding even more cause for frustration. It seemed as though half of Riverdale’s population had decided to seek refuge in the Chok’lit Shoppe, making it a little harder for Jughead to enjoy the air conditioned space he felt even more at home in than his foster house.

Just as he was spiralling into another brooding monologue about the woes of wanting to get a refill but dreading losing his booth, the bells at the entrance chimed, signalling the arrival of another patron.

It wasn’t just any patron though; it was the one bright spot in this god awful summer. It was the one thing that was making all his suffering, completely and utterly worth it.

And that was Betty Cooper, clad in a tiny sundress that showed off her gorgeous, long, tan legs.

Her eyes scanned briefly around the crowded space before landing on Jughead; lighting up when they met his and skipping happily over to his booth.

“Hey you,” he greeted, unable to keep the smile off his face in her presence.

“Hi,” Betty returned sliding in beside him before placing her lips over his.

Jughead relaxed into the kiss, savouring the taste of her lips which were much more refreshing than any cold beverage could have been.

As she pulled away Jughead couldn’t help but notice the dewy glint on her skin, the heat obviously affecting her too.  He licked his lips, unable to resist the enticing sheen and wanting nothing more than the trace the column of her neck with his tongue.

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though all to ruin fell the world {a shallura fic}

{this post} gave me Shallura feels, so here, have a random au

He comes to them as a child - six years old, wide-eyed and open-mouthed. An orphan whose parents died in an accident that he should never have survived. But he did, which is how the Altean ambassadors discovered his gift.

It’s only supposed to exist in Alteans. No one knows what to make of it. But the boy has magic, and he’ll need teaching, so he comes to stay at the Castle of Lions.


Aged seven, he asks Allura to marry him.

“When I’m big, I’ll marry you,” he says, as if offering a generous favour. He’s a sweet good-hearted child, and Allura’s just on the cusp of adulthood, still fresh-faced and willowy and uncomfortable in her own beauty. But little Takashi gazes at her like she personally hung every star in the cosmos with her own two hands, and she can’t help but smile fondly at the earnest expression on his face.

“Oh, you’ll marry me, will you?” she asks.

“Yes. If you want me to.”

“Why don’t you ask me again when you’re big, hmm?”

His smile could light the stars on fire, even then.


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To Sing

Hi hi there!!! Just wanted to write something fluffy and different to take a break from angst!! To the wonderful Nonny who sent this in, forgive me- I changed a couple of them to not all be in the shower… I started writing them in one sitting and this is what I saw, my apologies… 

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Cole Sprouse (ft Riverdale cast) | Introductions

Count of words: 773

Warnings: none 

A/N: I just really hope this is what you wanted to read . I FINALLY WROTE IT btw !!!!




anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a Cole Sprouse imagine? where him and his gf (they met in college) are pretty much goals and everyone loves them together. she’s a guest star on Riverdale and the cast go crazy because they’re fans of her as well (she’s also a former disney star) what do you think?

More Cole please! I saw the request, “where him and his gf (they met in college) are pretty much goals and everyone loves them together. she’s a guest star on Riverdale and the cast go crazy because they’re fans of her as well (she’s also a former disney star)” Could you write that one next, it’s got new excited to see what you write for it xx

Dating Cole was never ment to be easy. You were aware of it since day one. After all he was an actor and you were an actress yourself, so crazy schedules were something you both had to get used to. College was taking a lot of your time, too, back when you both met each other, but lately there would be more and more time spent away from each other due to Cole’s hectic filming schedule for Riverdale. So, when the opportunity to become a guest star on the show came up you had no intentions on letting it slip away.

It was your first day of shooting with your lovely boyfriend and his amazing friends, something that brought bubbles to your stomach, but it all stopped when you stepped your foot on set. The cast seemed to be extremely friendly and they seemed to be total fangirl matterial.

Walking in with Cole by your side, everyone turned their attention to you after hearing the little room’s door open.As you entered the room you saw Lilly and Kj sitting on a big table rehersing their lines. You were shyly hugging Cole’s arm for comfort as the butterflies in your stomach were tickling your intestants. On the contrary your smile and posture radiated confidence something that made both Lilly and Kj looking at you in aw.

When they actually lied eyes on you their jaws dropped. For a moment you looked at them terrified expecting the worse but after Lilly spoke up your fear melted away. “Cole! You never told us you are dating Y/N Y/L/N!” She exclaimed as she looked at your hands around his strong arm holding onto it for dear life. “Well, I dodn’t think he had to,” Kj said looking at us and chuckling, “He has photos of her everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE!” he said emphasizing the word everywhere as he looked at you, still a bit shocked that you were indeed standing in front of them. “Uhm, right. I’m sorry. This is not a proper welcoming. I’m Lilly Reinhart, huge fan of yours!” She fangirled a bit sticking her hand out as you pulled her in for a hug. “First of all, I don’t do handshakes, I do hugs. Second, I know who you are, I adore both you and your work.” You commented as she turned to Kj fangirling silently. “She ADORES me!” She fangirled once again as you just chuckled lightly feeling the atmosphere around you warm up. Imediately after her, came Kj holding his arms open for a warm welocoming hug making your tiny figure get lost in them. “I’m K-” “ Kj Apa.” You finished his sentence as he looked a tad bit confused. “Cole never shuts up about you! Also I am a fan.” You said as he looked at you with wide eyes. “Can’t say the same.” He joked. “I only had like every episode of D/S/Y/W/I (disney show you were in) on DVD just because of your character.” He said making you blush a bit as everyone laughed.

After being introduced to two of Cole’s castmates, there came some more. It was the time of my first scene on the show. My charachter’s outfit was put together and my hair was looking amazing as well as my makeup. Now, I was walking down a hall towards the room my scene would be in as my black heels kicked down the marbled floor. As soon as you opened the door a black haired girl and a very familiar red headed appeared in front of you. Once again your stomach started bubbling with anxiety as you took a shy but also confident (if that makes sense) step inside. The black haired girl that you knew to be Camila had a shocked expression on her face as she shook it of and walked towards you. “Hello,” she greeted you, a beautiful smile plastered across her face. “I’m Camila Mendes! No, nothing to do with Shawn Mendes and no it’s not a shipping nickname for Camila and Shawn,” She blurted out pretty quickly, refering to people talking about that all the time, something you had noticed just the other day. Before you could speak up and introduce yourself Camila spoke up again. “I am a big fan of you since I was little and you were in D/S/Y/W/I. I swear I had so many posters!” She said giving you a hearty chuckle as you followed her actions. Wow, maybe introductions were not going to be as bad as you thought. 

Language of Flowers

*click through to read it on ao3

written by: S | @kinetic-elaboration

prompt: ‘Flower shop AU Prompt: Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says ‘How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?’ for @treehousesandpoohbears

word count: 1783

Bellamy Blake, small town florist, is used to sharing in the big moments of his customers’ lives. He’s seen them through everything from first date jitters to the stages of grief. But this–Clarke Griffin storming into his shop, furious, asking for a hate bouquet–is still something of a surprise.

Two weeks ago, at the Bi-Monthly Downtown Arkadia Small Business Association meeting, Luna, from the nature store on the corner, looked at him very seriously, took his hands in hers, and told him that he had been a warrior in another life. “A brave warrior-king,” she said. 

Yeah, okay. Maybe in another life.  

In this life, Bellamy’s just a guy who knows a ton about flowers. 


Because he knows flowers, and because Arkadia is the sort of small hamlet where people greet each other by name on the street, Bellamy also knows everyone’s business. He knows about every engagement, wedding, baby shower, and funeral. He knows which high school kids are going to prom together. He keeps records on his more forgetful customers’ anniversaries. And when someone screws up and actually feels bad about it, Bellamy knows about that, too, because nothing says I’m sorry like a purple hyacinth bouquet. 

The people who come into his little shop are sometimes ecstatic, sometimes despondent, often nervous. They’re not usually angry, though. Even less often are they absolutely furious. So when Clarke Griffin stomps in, shoving the door open so roughly that even the friendly tinkle of the welcome bell sounds agitated, slams a twenty down on the countertop, and asks, “How I do passively-aggressively say fuck you in flower?” it’s a bit of a surprise. 

He stares at her for a long moment, and pauses in arranging the daisies in Harper McIntyre’s get-well-soon bouquet. “It sounds to me like you want to aggressively say 'fuck you’ in flower." 

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The Joys of Laser Tattoo Removal

Pietro Maximoff X Reader oneshot

Words: 1370

Summary: Pietro Maximoff has a tattoo that he got when he was drunk, and he wants it gone. What happens when he comes to you for help?

Characters: Reader, Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers

Warnings: Lasers, secondhand embarrassment, not much else.

Author’s Note: Hi there! This is my first attempt at a writing challenge, set forth by the lovely @sgtbxckybxrnes and I had fun! I have to tell you, I know nothing about laser tattoo removal other that what I found from quick searches on Google. This was inspired by an episode of How I Met Your Mother. This is in Pietro’s POV, sort of. You’ll see what I mean. I hope you like it! My prompt was This. Never. Happened.

Originally posted by registeredalien

(Gif credit to owner)

“I can’t believe this is happening,” groaned out Pietro in his accented voice. He was staring at his reflection in the mirror, trying to clearly see his marked skin. His friends were all laughing loudly from the living room, which was not at all helping his hangover. Pietro walked out of the bathroom to face the room of laughing idiots.

Pietro woke up this morning, and disregarding his pounding head and dry mouth, he felt good. After his break-up, Piet was finally feeling like the world was back in order. At least until he spotted the road-runner tattoo’d on his left bicep. His parents would be so disappointed.

As Pietro walked into the room, his roommate and best friend Sam made a comment.

“So why a road-runner, Wile E. Coyote?” This earned more laughs.

“Shut up, Sam.”

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A Draco x reader request from anon!  This took me forever, and I have no idea why…but here it is!  Thanks for your patience, lovelies!  Enjoy! xx

Imagine:  Draco x reader. The reader is a pure blood but after her parents finding out that she’s dating Draco they kick her out. She goes to the Malfoy manor. Soaked from the rain with her magical bag and cat. Will Draco’s parents turn her away?

Originally posted by huhhowaboutno

The rain was unwelcoming, stinging your exposed limbs like an agitated swarm of bees.  As your weary gaze trailed up the cobblestone walkway, framed artfully with hedges of brilliant green, and settled on the foreboding structure before you, you shivered. Malfoy Manor, although grand and definitely awe-worthy, stood silent and stern in the summer rain.  You found yourself unsure and wrought with a sudden anxiety that washed through your very skin, much as the water did your clothes.

A meek “meow” echoing against the cold stone nearly caused you to jump out of your skin.  Your orange tabby cat hissed and whined in your tensed arms, clawing at your bare flesh. Swallowing hard, you adjusted your grip and proceeded through the unfriendly shadows of towering topiaries towards the oak French doors.  

You chewed on your lip as you shakily lifted a hand to knock against the glossy surface.  The knock was swallowed by the pounding of the rain on the roof above you, mixed with the dripping of your hair and clothing.  The cat stirred in your arms once more and you breathed in deeply, closing your eyes and praying fervently that he would answer the door.

Your eyes snapped back open to the sound of the great double doors creaking open.  With relief, they met the grey eyes of a welcomingly familiar white-blonde haired boy and, all at once, welled with tears.

“Y/N?  What on Earth…?” Draco stepped into full view, his black turtleneck clinging flatteringly to his slender, muscular frame.  The sight of this man, your only love, was nearly too much.  Your tears flowed freely and burst from your swollen eyes, coagulating with the rainwater that remained on your cheeks.  Without wasting another second, you flung your arms around the fair man in the doorway and let your tears and sobs fill the fibers of his unseasonal sweater.  The orange cat jumped to the black marble floor and sauntered into the manor, standing out like a flame against its dark surroundings.

Draco was immediately filled with dread and confusion as your arms constricted around his midsection like a vice.

“Y/N!  Love, what’s the matter?  What’s happened?” he pulled you back only a few inches so as to hold your face between his hands, hurriedly brushing a few soaked strands of hair off your temples. Your eyes burned and your lip quivered as you tried to blubber out an explanation.  Sobs escaped one after another from your throat and Draco wrapped an arm around your shoulders, ushering you inside and closing the door behind you.  

You were in such a state, you simply couldn’t describe it. Anguish and fear coursed through your veins and you nearly crumbled to the ground upon entering the grave foyer of Malfoy Manor.  Draco remained calm and collected, at least on the outside for your benefit as he scooped your shivering body up effortlessly into his arms and ascended the stairs to his bedroom.  His eyes gave him away however; they swam with unease and worry.  You choked knowing how nervous you were making him.

Placing you gingerly against the cool green silk of his four-poster bed, Draco knelt in front of you and squeezed your hands.  He spoke in barely a whisper, hoping his voice didn’t shake.

“Y/N, darling…please tell me what happened. Let me help you, please,” he pleaded and lifted your hands to his eager lips, kissing them gently.  You shuddered and sniffed.  The horrible truth reopened the wound in your heart.

“M-My parents, Draco…t-they…” you bit your lip to hold back a pained sob.  He stroked his thumb over the back of your hand and sat patiently, the love and care written almost painfully in his pale complexion.  You took a deep breath.

“They’ve kicked me out,” you stated plainly, trying ever so hard to detach yourself from the words, which cut through your very being. Draco’s shoulders dropped and he moved quietly to sit beside you.  He rubbed the tops of your cold, bare arms and was quiet, but frowned.  You couldn’t quite read his expression.

“Bloody Hell, you must be freezing,” suddenly standing, Draco fished around in his wardrobe and produced a black jumper.  He extended it to you and nodded for you to put it on. You shakily held out your arms and he slid the garment over your head before sinking back down beside you.  He tucked a wet strand of hair behind your ear and searched your eyes.

“Now, why have they thrown you out?  How could they, darling?” he murmured, his eyebrows knitting together.  You swallowed and dropped your gaze from his.  Your lips quivered as the words you so desperately wanted to keep inside tumbled from them.

“They know about you and me…about us, Draco,” the familiar sting of tears persisted behind your eyes as you fixed them to the ground, afraid of his reaction.

“I’m so sorry, love…I was stupid and–“ you were whispering until Draco’s lips pressed softly against yours.  You welcomed the familiar feeling and blossomed under his lips, letting your damp hands slide through his fine hair.

“They were bound to find out, Y/N,” Draco cooed, stroking his thumb over your cheekbone.  You closed your eyes and kissed his palm.

“You’re the one who deserves an apology…” Draco stood quietly and walked to the window, watching pensively as the rain cascaded down the glass outside.

“If it wasn’t for who my family is…for who I am…” he turned to look at you with pain in his eyes and a scowl twitching on his lips, inwardly directed at himself.  “You’d still be safe and sound at home.”

You choked again and shook your head fervently, stumbling over to him and engulfing him in your arms.  He held you close and buried his face in your neck.  The two of you shared a moment of silent sorrow laced with the utmost care and love of two searching souls.  Somehow this man never failed in making you feel safe; in a sense, he was your home.

The loud crack of Draco’s bedroom door swinging open struck you both apart, your hearts beating nearly out of your respective chests. You stood by the window, eyes wide, as Narcissa Malfoy strode into the dimly lit bedroom.  In her arms was a mass of orange fur.

“Draco, darling, the funniest thing!  I was accompanying the house elf into the kitchen to prepare for tonight’s dinner when I found this little fellow snacking on our hanging plant,” for such a striking woman, Narcissa’s laugh was light and comforting as she stroked the fur of your tabby cat.  Her eyes smiled as she looked upon her son, but you tensed when they landed upon you.  She quirked her head and her fair eyebrows furrowed.

“Oh, I didn’t realize you were expecting a guest, sweetie,” she looked down at the cat, which was purring incessantly.  “Is he yours then?”

You swallowed and nodded slowly.

“Yes, ma’am,” you stuttered.  Draco cleared his throat.

“Mother, this is Y/N,” he started to explain, offering a small smile.  All at once, she herself broke out in a smile.

“Oh!  My goodness, we’ve heard so much about you, dear!” she exclaimed.  You stared in confusion and were hesitant to respond. She continued:

“Draco mentioned he was dating a lovely girl from school, I just didn’t realize we’d get to meet you so soon,” she chuckled. You shot Draco a wary glance and he turned a rosy shade of pink as he avoided your quizzical stare.

“Well, it certainly is lovely to meet you, Mrs. Malfoy,” you finally sputtered.  The tall, slender woman before you looked exactly as you’d pictured.  Only, in your mind, she had been cold.  This figure before you had warm eyes and a kind smile.  To your own surprise, you found yourself confusingly at ease in her presence.

“Mum,” Draco interrupted your distracted thoughts as he gently placed a hand on the small of your back.  

“Y/N hasn’t got a place to stay for right now,” he started, choosing his words with exact preciseness.  “Might she be able to stay here?  At least for a few nights.”

You could practically feel Draco’s breath filling his lungs and holding still inside of him.  Narcissa smiled demurely.

“Well, I, for one, would love the opportunity to get to know Y/N,” she nodded.  You exhaled along with Draco and looked to him gratefully before looking back to Narcissa with the same thankfulness dancing across your expression.

“Oh, thank you so much, Mrs. Malfoy…I promise it won’t be for very long.  It’s just that my parents and I…well…” you searched the cold marble floor for answers and pushed back any remaining pain.  Draco stroked small circles into your back.  It helped.  “We’ve had a bit of a quarrel, that’s all.”

Narcissa nodded knowingly and strode towards you, never letting her gaze fall from your face.  You found yourself a bit intimidated by the beautiful, grand woman in front of you and a tinge of pink burned across your cheeks.  The woman only offered a sympathetic smile and extended the orange fur ball towards you.  The cat looked to you and mewed in protest.  Your nervousness broke and you smiled.

“Seems he’s fond of you…I don’t mind if you watch over him for a while, Mrs. Malfoy,” you explained, the cat seeming to stuggle back towards Narcissa.  She looked almost relieved and bundled the creature back up in her arms.

“Lucius will be cross…we don’t keep pets, you see.  The fur gets on the carpets…but I’ll just have to convince him,” she winked.  Draco let out a sigh and bit his lip.

“Oh yes…what about father, mum?  Will he allow Y/N to stay?” Draco’s voice was quiet, and you tried desperately to read his expression.  It was nearly a mix between fear, desperation, but quiet determination. Narcissa stroked the cat and raised her eyebrows, shrugging.

“Y/N is a part of your life, Draco, and she comes from a noble family from what you’ve told me.  He will allow it, and so will I, provided that Y/N is shown to her own bedroom of course,” she smiled gently and touched her beloved son’s cheek before nodding to you and exiting the bedroom.

You let out a breath so deep, you thought you might deflate right then and there into a limp mass on the floor.  Draco’s arms were back around you instantaneously, pulling your body against his and rubbing your back.  You closed your eyes and placed a small kiss under his jaw.

“Thank you, love…thank you,” you mumbled against his skin. He kissed the top of your head, and then frowned when his lips were met with such wet hair.

“You need a hot bath, darling,” he cooed, stroking your cheek. A small smirk played across his lips and you blushed.  After kissing the tip of your chilly nose, he sauntered into his connecting bathroom and soon, you heard the rushing of hot water as it began to fill the bathtub.

Draco stood in the doorway, his turtleneck slung over his shoulder and his hand tucked away in his undone jeans.  You stood shivering, whether from the cold or from the sight of your love in such a sensual state, you had no idea.  He quirked his eyebrows and smirked, beckoning you to him.  Without another word, you slipped off your clothes and joined him.

Your eyes fluttered in the small panel of sunlight that slipped past the blackout curtains onto your flushed cheeks.  The sound of Draco’s steady, deep breathing only inches from your ear did wonders to ease you into your still new surroundings. You smiled and rolled on to your side to face the sleeping man beside you, and giggled hoarsely and quietly when you noticed how disheveled his white-blonde locks were.  His body, though nearly pale as snow, radiated a heat that was irresistible.  You pressed yourself against him and placed a lingering kiss on his collarbone.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” you whispered against his skin. Draco yawned and pulled his eyes open with great effort.  Upon seeing your smiling face, so close to his, Draco grinned sleepily and pressed his lips to your forehead, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Good morning,” he mumbled against your hair.  You smiled as his eyes closed again and he traced his fingers over the exposed skin of your back.  The sensation was calming and soft.  You relished in the familiar feeling of him.  And yet, you could recall a sensation similar to this, years ago when you were small.  

Images of your mother and father’s bedroom blurred through your mind as a 5-year-old you teetered through the cracked door.  You’d been crying, as nightmares terrorized your lonely sleep.  You could feel them lift you into the haven of their bed, your mother’s soothing kiss to your cheek, and your father rubbing your back to calm you as Draco was doing now, over a decade later.

“Darling?” Draco’s eyes blinked open once more as your tears rolled off his skin.  He propped up on one elbow with his eyebrows knit together, gripping your arm. “Darling what’s the matter?”

You sniffled quietly as nostalgia washed over you, and shook your head.  Your heart ached with a still fresh wound.

“I can’t believe they’ve thrown me out Draco…” your voice cracked as you spoke quietly, a lonely noise in a dark, unfamiliar room. “I miss them.”  The warm skin of the familiar boy’s hand brought you back, cupping your cheek and stroking away your tears.  Draco’s expression had softened and he pressed his lips to your forehead.

“All will be well, love,” he assured softly, slipping his arms around your waist once more and pulling you against his body.  You sniffed and braced your hands against his broad chest.  

Despite your distress at the previous days happenings, his words soothed you and you believed him.  In his arms, you felt almost as you had in your parent’s bedroom all those years ago.  As you peeked up through the strands of his white-blonde hair into those cool, grey eyes, you couldn’t help but smile through the reminiscent tears.  The man you so loved smiled back.  With a lingering kiss on his pale, eager lips, you knew you had found another haven.

just little ‘3rd wonder woman viewing in 6 days’ things

  • the wayne enterprises car license plate number starts with “JL”
  • themysciran armadillo
  • the way lil diana says “no sharp edges” is my favorite line delivery of the whole movie, except possibly adult diana cooing “ohhh, a baaaaaby?”
  • lil diana putting on a cloak to sneak out to meet antiope??? like maybe it’s just chilly out but humor me: diana thinking she’s totally gonna fool those guards, they won’t see through a child-sized person in a cloak. nope! sure won’t think to themselves “hmm, could it be THE ONLY CHILD ON THE ISLAND”
  • robin wright’s scars and wrinkles i love her as much now as ever
  • diana unpinning her hair. that’s all. 
  • holy smokes she does lightning-quick outfit changes??? and not one sexualized boob- or thigh-lingering shot god BLESS
  • the music building as diana climbs the ladder to cross no man’s land
  • diana’s smiles!!! when she takes her cloak off in london and etta and steve both freak lmao, at the villagers when they’re thanking her, at charlie when she says “who will sing for us?”
  • i really love the look on diana’s face before she and steve have their fade-to-black… instead of being coy and seductive, her eyes are just. huge and dark and her expression is so OPEN they’re so tentative and trusting of each other what the heck
  • chief casually stealing a car and how excited sameer is to drive it
  • also, sameer’s many hats
  • can i please get a comedy (romcom?) about chief, sameer, and charlie post-war omg
  • diana’s pose when she stabs ludendorff… standing with her arms back, her head back, thinking her mother’s work is completed… the lasso’s fucking beautiful in that scene too
  • the way steve says “we are all to blame” and honestly that whole exchange
  • the fact that diana is naive and flawed and loses her faith but she is never beaten down for this; steve is never harsh with her or condescending. he didn’t try to stop her after she saw the dead villagers — he knows humanity just broke her heart twice over — so he holds her face — he presses their foreheads together, he pushes his hair out of his eyes so he can hold her gaze, and he BEGS for her help. 
  • you might think the third time you hear steve say “i wish we had more time,” you’ll be prepared for it. you are wrong about this.
  • the pale pink dawn that rises after ares’ defeat. the hush that falls.
  • “i used to want to save the world” vs “only love can save the world”
  • so diana dedicates herself to becoming it
Dress Shopping  (Tom Holland Imagine)

Warning: none really, but some real cute Tom

Summary: Tom invited you to your first red carpet but you didn’t have anything to wear. So you and Zendaya decided to go dress shopping and Tom decided to come along.


You, Zendaya, and Tom walked into a dress store and right when you walked in, Zendaya was already grabbing things for you to try on. Tom had found a seat outside the dressing room knowing that this would take a while. The store wasn’t crowded cause it was pretty late and it was raining outside.

“Oh my gosh, look at this dress y/n. It’s going to look so good on you. Go try it on.” Zendaya said as she pushed you towards a dressing room, Tom just scrolling on his phone right in front of it.

You tried it on as you hear ‘Wild Thoughts’ come on the speakers and hear Zendaya yell “OH, THIS IS MY JAM!” You started laughing at her. You finally got the dress on and it was literally so long, that you actually couldn’t see your feet. You walked out of the room slowly, trying not to trip. Zendaya and Tom started laughing. You looked at them with your arms crossed against your chest.

“Okay okay maybe, a little shorter dress?” Zendaya said in between laughs. You nod your head in response as you also start to laugh. You looked over to Tom who was still dieing of laughter. He finally looks back up to your serious expression.

“Oh my, i’m so sorry. You look beautiful.” Tom tried to say with a serious face.

“Shut up” You chuckled and walked back into the dressing room.

*like an hour later*

Time passed by and you had tried on so many dresses. You just couldn’t find the perfect one. The one you were wearing right
now was too bright for your liking. You walked out and saw Zendaya shake her head at it too. We heard her phone go off and she excused herself to some other part of the store to go answer it.

“So…. you look kinda bored.” You said while looking over at Tom. He had his head resting on his hand. (Look at the gif at the top if you want cause it’s perfectt)

“I don’t know what your talking about. Every guy wants to spend hours watching a girl try on dresses” Tom said.

“Alright sassy pants. Why don’t you just leave then? The dress could be surprise for you tomorrow” You told him.

“Well… i have to make sure you get the right dress. Ya know? One that looks just right on you. I don’t think it’s gonna be hard tho, you literally look good in everything.” Tom says and looks down at his twiddling thumbs. You start to blush. Right before you could respond, Zendaya was back.

“Bad news (y/n), they want me at the photo shoot a little earlier than i was suppose to be there.” Zendaya said.

“No problem, you go, i’ll be here with her.” Tom said as he got up to hug Zendaya.

“Yeah… It fine Z, thank you so much for the help though.” You say and give her a hug goodbye.

“No probably bby, see ya guys later” Zendaya says and pulls up her hoodie to walk in the rain to her car.

“And then there was 2” You and Tom say in unison. You giggled. Tom just looked at you with a smile and you just smiled back.

“Um… ima go look for more dresses” You say as you break eye contact with him. You walk away before your face turns red again. You looked through some more dresses as ‘Let Me Love You’ by Mario, came on. You began humming and then singing.

“You don’t believe his stories. You know that they’re all lies…” You sing as you feel a pair of hands grab your waist. You jump at the sudden touch and turn to see Tom.

“Bad as you are, you stick around and I just don’t know why.” Tom finished your lyrics.

“Tom you scared me.” You whispered so the old lady working there didn’t get mad.

“Opps, sorry. I just heard you singing. And i also, found you this…” Tom says and shows you the dress he picked. That was it. That was the perfect dress you had been looking for.

“Wow.. Tom, that’s so..” You said.

“Ugly? I can find another one.” Tom said and began walking back but you grabbed his hand. He looked down at your hands and smiled.

“No, it’s perfect. Let’s go try it on.” You say and rush to the dressing room, still holding onto his hand. He sat back in his seat as you went to go try it on. It was beautiful. It was a black on top and an ombré mix of purple black and white on the bottom. It was flowy on the bottom which made you wanna keep spinning in circles. It hugged your curves, which you loved. You walk out of the dressing room. You clear your throat so Tom will look up from his phone. His head raised and he just looked… speechless.

“So….” You said.

“It’ you look, uh. Beautiful.” Tom said as he still looked you up and down. You did a spin as he watched you and you both began to laugh.

“So is this the one?” Tom asked as he stood up.

“Yup. Let’s go buy it.” You said after you walk into the dressing and change back into your clothes. Tom had his hand on your lower back as you walked together to the cashier.

“I’ll pay.” Tom said as he pulled out his wallet. You stop him.

“No, you don’t have to. It’s okay, i’ll pay.” You say. Tom proceeds to take his credit card out.

“It’s the little I can do for the girl that’s going to be my date to the red carpet.” Tom says as he smirks.

“Oh am I?” You ask in shock.

“Of course. With you in a dress like that, you can’t be any other guys date.” You say and the lady at the cashier ‘awws’. You smile at her then look at Tom and just shake your head with a chuckle.

“Okay Thank you, have a good night” Tom says to the cashier as he carries the bag with the dress. You step outside into the cold night. It stopped raining but it was pretty windy. You started walking towards his car.

“Um, thank you. Not just for the dress but for also spending the night with me. I had fun.” You say while you stare at the ground.

“Anytime. I actually had fun too.” Tom says as you sneak a look at him. But he was already looking at you.

“Hey, um. Since we’re here already… together. And i’m guess you’re hungry too. Do you wanna go to dinner with me?” Tom asks as he scratches the back of his neck.

“Of course i would” You said and saw a smile arise on Tom.

“Really?” He asks as if it was a surprise.

“You did pay for my dress. Which reminds me, i should probably pay for dinner” You say as you see Tom pull out an umbrella. Although, you were both already soaked.

“Ha. Like i’d ever let that happen.” Tom chuckles and holds the umbrella over you two. He intertwined his other hand with yours.

“Let’s go.” He said and you walked hand and hand past London shops in the November rain.


Happy Birthday, Bucky!

Summary: AU! Bucky comes home from work to a celebration in his honor.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader, plus some dad!Bucky feels

Word Count: 982

Warnings: fluff and cuteness overload

A/N: This is a one-shot (my first one on this blog!) in honor of Bucky’s 100th birthday (and in honor of me reaching 2k+ followers). I was in mighty need of some Time After Time Bucky, so that’s the family I used. I wrote this in like fifteen minutes to try to make up for my previous story’s angst.

HBD Old Man!

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For Better or Worse - Part 1

*Deep breath* ok, here we go! I went and wrote my first Bughead fanfic. Or, the first part at least. I’m so self conscious of my writing but hoping it’s ok! (Also sorry if this is maybe a bit long? Shall I shorten the next one?) Let me know what you think :)

*Update* Part two is here: —————————————-

Betty Cooper had known since before she could even remember that she wanted to marry Archie Andrews. After their very first kiss she hadn’t a doubt her mind, and she had intended to carry that with her for the rest of her life. Of course, they were only children back then. Archie had distanced himself for many years during high school, keeping Betty as a close friend but never wanting to pursue anything more, but Betty had always known deep down that they were meant to be together and that eventually Archie would realise that too. At least, that was what she had thought up until she was sixteen.

During that school year, things had happened and things had changed; things that she had repressed ever since. She had never told Archie that she wasn’t really in love with him back then, she’d realised pretty early on that it was just the idea of him that she was so desperately drawn to, but it had been ten years since that night on her doorstep. She knew that she was in love with him for real this time. She was, most definitely. The boy with the red hair who had stolen her heart from the day they’d met. The boy that she was going to marry. Why wouldn’t she be?

Applying a thin layer of pale pink gloss across her lips, she stared vacantly at the person looking back at her. She didn’t want to think about the past today. She’d spent way too long stuck there, and now it was time to move forward. It was time to be Betty Andrews.

“Well,” she muttered. “You did it, Betty. You finally got what you always wanted.” She smiled, unable to look herself in the eyes as she smoothed down her perfectly slicked back ponytail. The very essence of Betty Cooper. The Betty Cooper that she had always supposed to have been. In fact, she’d been smiling almost non-stop for the past four years. After having graduated from college, she had spent the majority of her time keeping as busy as she possibly could. If she wasn’t writing for The Register, she was at home helping Polly look after the twins, or working part time at Pop’s for some extra cash. As life piled up on top of her, she couldn’t help but grow closer to Archie.

He had finally admitted his feelings for her at graduation just moments after everyone had thrown their caps in the air amidst a mixture of cheering and crying. He had taken her aside and hoped to sweep her off her feet like they’d always imagined when they were kids. She would’ve been lying if she’d have said she had felt nothing, but it was too soon back then. She wasn’t ready for anything. She still wasn’t sure if she was ready now, eight years on, and the smiling was starting to grow painful. The truth was that Archie had provided her with a sense of safety and comfort and familiarity, and she was twenty-six years old now. She couldn’t have waited around forever. She had taken four years to recover after what had happened, and then spent the following four with Archie, up until this very day. The day she never thought would come. Their wedding day. She forced herself to look back up, tightening her ponytail as she did so.

“Knock knock,” a familiar voice chimed as Betty turned her head to see her mother, Alice Cooper, stood in the doorway. “Are you almost ready, sweetheart?”

“Almost,” she replied, returning her gaze to her reflection and shifting slightly in her seat. She looked down at her engagement ring, soon to be paired with the wedding ring that she had wanted ever since she was a little girl. Everything was so perfect. Just like her. The perfect girl next door and the perfect boy next door joining together to make the perfect little family. This was how it was always supposed to be.

Alice’s smile faded slightly, sensing something was off. She approached her daughter and carefully put a hand on her shoulder. “Is everything ok?”

Betty looked down, feeling something familiar burning up inside of her, trying so desperately to contain it. She burrowed her fingernails into the exact same spot, the exact same scars, scars that nobody knew about. Nobody, except one. She pushed even harder, using all of her force to bury the memory. Almost instantly, and as if nothing had happened, she brought herself back.

“Of course,” she smiled. “Why wouldn’t it be?”

Alice stared at her daughter for a moment, unable to see anything other than the image of herself all of those years ago waiting to marry Hal. For some reason, it brought on an overwhelming feeling of deja vu. Betty had always been good at hiding how she felt, but Alice knew that she had never been the same since what had happened all of those years ago; she knew it better than anyone. As she removed her hand, she considered stroking her hair but changed her mind at the last minute. Instead, she looked towards the ground and swallowed.

“He’s not here,” she said, keeping her voice low and cautious. Betty flinched, unable to catch her breath for a brief moment.


Alice didn’t move, keeping her eyes firmly on the floor, her voice now just a whisper.

“You know who.”

Without another word, Betty was standing up and smoothing down her dress as she brushed her cheek to wipe away the slightest remain of a tear. Alice had jumped at the sudden movement.

“I’m ready now,” she announced, looking up to meet her mother’s eyes for just a second. There was something there; a knowing. Breaking away, afraid of revealing too much, she looked over to see her father, Hal Cooper, who was now stood in the doorway with an expression of pride spread across his face.

“You look beautiful,” he smiled, holding out his arm for Betty to take.

She took it quite willingly, making a point not to look at her mother again as she did so. Observing the almost empty room, an intense feeling of loneliness began to pour over her. Just down the hall there were hundreds of people waiting for her, but the silence was deafening.

“Have you seen Veronica?”

His smile faltered. “Yes, she’s inside with the others,” he replied, refusing to look her in the eye. So much had happened. So much that nobody dared speak about anymore. It felt like everyone had been treading on thin ice for the past eight years, and that feeling seemed to never fully disappear, no matter how much they had all wanted it to.

“I’m so glad she came,” Betty replied. “Even after- you know…”

“Betty,” Hal snapped. “This isn’t the time or the place to rake up the past. Please.”

There were a few moments of silence as they proceeded to walk down the hallway, the muffled sound of chatter growing closer and closer. All of a sudden, Betty’s head was spinning. She had tried so hard not to think, but now everything that she had been blocking out was slowly creeping its way back in. She started to replay her mother’s words in her head over and over again and she couldn’t seem to stop. He’s not here. Why would he be? Had she really expected him to show? Had she wanted him to burst through at the last moment and tell her not to go through with it? Had she just wanted to see him? To scream at him? To kiss him one more time?

“Dad,” she cried, a little too loudly, bringing the both of them to an abrupt halt.

“What?” he said. “What is it?”

“Can I just, have a moment?” She replied. “Just to go outside and take a breather?”

He studied his daughter’s face, searching for something that he couldn’t find. He sometimes felt as though he wasn’t even looking at his daughter at all, as though something in her had changed. Something he could never quite put his finger on.

“What? Why?”

She was rapidly struggling to breathe, that uncontrollable depth of darkness grabbing a hold of her chest. “I just- I just need a minute to myself. Could you say that I’d had a problem with my dress? That should buy me a few minutes.”

“Betty, I don’t-“

“Dad,” she clutched his arm tightly, panic and desperation soaking her words. “Please.”

Hesitantly, Hal looked towards the door just a few yards away where so many people were waiting. Almost the entire town of Riverdale had shown for this; one of the biggest events of the year. He couldn’t help but think of Archie behind those doors, stood in his tux waiting for his bride. He was there himself in this very church once before so many years ago. Worrying if she’d show. Worrying if she’d change her mind.

“Ok,” he whispered, “but be quick.”

“I will.”

Welcoming the sound of the slight rustling of the trees, Betty steadied herself against a balcony entangled with bloodshot roses as she inhaled the smell of petrichor. She glanced back to make sure her dad was out of sight, before closing her eyes. She exhaled deeply, shaking her head and clutching her temple. She had done so well up until this point. What was wrong with her? Why was this happening now?

She took a few moments to gather her thoughts before releasing a subdued sigh and pulling herself back together in the best way that she knew how; it was second nature by this point. It was time to snap back to reality, whether she liked it or not. Turning on her heel, she started towards the door but Hal wasn’t there. The doorway was empty, in fact, which she couldn’t help but think was a little bit odd. It had definitely been longer than the minute she had been promised.

“Dad?” she called out, beginning to feel uneasy at the silence that followed as a shiver crept its way down her spine. She hated herself for it, but in that moment she wondered if she would be able run away without anyone seeing her. The thought of it made her stomach flip as she turned again only ever so slightly.

That was when she saw it.

A silhouette, a shell, an image she had only ever dreamed about for the past eight years. A person that was no longer real to her, but merely a figment of her imagination. A reminder of another life, just a small trick of light in everything that she did and everywhere that she went. She froze dead in her tracks, unable to catch her breath for even a second. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

He was on the other side of the terrace, far enough away that she was at a comfortable distance, but close enough that they were breathing each other in with every passing second. He looked up then, his eyes burning directly into hers. The darkness, the sorrow, the longing. Ten years and not a thing had changed about the way he looked at her. Her lip quivered. His voice cracked. Suddenly, she was sixteen again.

“Hey there, Juliet.”