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Prosecutors have just released hundreds of disturbing photos of an apartment belonging to James Holmes, who’s spending life in prison for killing a dozen people at a midnight premiere of “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.”

“This apartment was designed to kill,” said Oates, as noted by USA Today.

Initially a robot was sent into the apartment to investigate and spray water on the explosives.

Wires were strewn about the apartment linking different explosives. Oates told The Denver Post the devices were “pretty sophisticated,” adding that “we could be here for days.”

A mixture of bullets, gunpowder, and a flammable liquid were wired to explode in Holmes’ apartment.

Among the improvised devices were 30 homemade grenades.

Holmes’ living room was littered with lighter fluid, containers of gasoline, and gunpowder.

These images are jarring. However, Army veteran Gary Smith, an explosives expert with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, whose team worked to diffuse the many bombs, told NBC that, “I really wasn’t too scared.”

During the investigation, an unnamed official told CNN that if the devices went off “you would have an explosion that would knock down the wall of (nearby) apartments.” He added, “That flame would have consumed the entire third floor.”

Authorities say that there were 10 gallons of gasoline in different containers throughout the apartment.

the fox: the leader. confident. kind. driven. a little brash. knows how to hold the team together, but hides his insecurities behind a happy facade. he just wants what’s best for his friends

the hedgehog: shy, confused, ditzy, never knows what’s going on. isn’t very good on missions, but everyone still loves her anyway, and she brings her own special set of skills to the table!

the seal: fully devoted to the safety, success and wellness of his team. will lay down his life for them. thinks of the fox as a perfect and flawless leader. too proud for his own good

the mouse: explosives expert. do not mess with her

Okay, after reading 500+ Kingsman fics I have observed that: 

  • Roxy is never put on any top ten list regarding Kingsman agents, she is her own category
  • If the fic is in multiple chapters, there is at least one obligatory chapter dedicated to Eggsy and Roxy having a sleepover doused in ice cream, alcohol and movies that they never really pay attention to because they spend most of the time covering topics from their mission related field trips through to Roxy promising Eggsy to kick Harry’s arse because the older gentleman spy did something stupid (again)
  • You do not want to cross Merlin. EVER. Otherwise you will find out just how much damage the man can do with his tablet.
  • Most fics also give Merlin’s real name as Alastair or Graham. Sometimes Ian, Iain or Andrew come into play. And sometimes Merlin is not just a code name, it is his actual name.
  • Former Lancelot, James was most certainly Percival’s lover (either occasional, one time or full time) or husband. 
  • Percival is rarely Roxy’s father but always an uncle or godfather. 
  • Sometimes Arthur dies in far more creative ways than how he died in the movie. 
  • Daisy is a princess, has everyone around her little finger, including on one occassion the Royal Family. 
  • JB owns every single soft place in the house or Kingsman’s mansion. Deal with it. 
  • Bors or Lamorak are in house experts in explosives and poisons respectively.
  • Gawain likes to gamble (very rarely loses though), is dangerously good sniper and pretty much the funniest agent to be around. 
  • Bedivere (unless this code name is given to Eggsy) is almost always a stuck up snob and has a proclivity to be a traitor. 
  • Harry is either superb, five Michelin stars chef or he sucks to the point where his culinary achievements are properly made tea and toast. 
  • This also applies to Eggsy.
  • Eggsy is a smug little shit who likes to show off his parkour skills every time he is paired with another agent that isn’t Harry or Roxy. He is ExtraTM when his mission partner seems to be of the same opinion of him as Arthur or Charlie.
  • Merlin stress bakes and Lord have mercy on your soul if you drink all the coffee and not replace the empty pot with a full one.
  • One or two weeks long missions to Siberia are reserved for agents who displease Merlin.
  • Merlin is also a dog sitter. Really good one. But do not EVER speak of the times you came back from mission and found him on the floor playing with the dogs. You will end up in Siberia.
  • In the event that Harry is not appointed as Arthur, the new Arthur is either really competent, forward thinking person or a total elitist snob who usually schemes on how to get rid of Eggsy and turns out to be a traitor later. In this case, Harry is appointed as new Arthur the moment they get rid of the traitor.
  • Harry as Arthur hates the fuckton of paperwork that keeps finding its way into his office but does it anyway. With breaks when he takes JB for a walk. Sometimes he goes back to the field because he is not even fifty five, damn it, he will go crazy from sitting down all day. In this scenario, he freaks the fuck out of new recruits because this Arthur is not like the old one current Galahad killed. This one is good with paperwork and is absolute champion in the field. Never think damage to his left eye has in any way diminished his skills as a field agent. You will regret it. 
  • Every fic has an obligatory sex in fitting room three. No exceptions. 
NCT in a Heist (As Requested)

Chenle: Sniper who is there to take out any big opponents who get in the way of the heist. 

Doyoung: Smooth operator who could talk his way out of anything or is good to use as a distraction because of his tendencies to be a drama queen. 

Haechan: Demolitions man. Important to have in sticky situations where there seems to be no escape as he can create one using his skills as an expert of explosives. Should only be used in extreme situations because of the casualties. 

Jaehyun: Getaway driver whose there for a quick escape, especially handy when things go wrong. Also helps to calm down the others by being an excitable puppy despite the situation.

Jaemin: The Cleaner who cleans up any evidence of the crimes that have taken place during the heist from removing finger prints to cleaning up blood. 

Jeno: Look out. In charge of making sure that they aren’t caught before their time is up

Jisung: The rookie or member in training for a position as a gunmen. Too young to actual to become part of the heist.

Johnny: The brute. Because Johnny is tall and has some muscle he would be in charge of brute strength and making sure people listen carefully to instructions. Would literally just intimidate people with his height despite being the softest ball of fluff.

Kun: Medic who is there in case any of the members get hurt and has to step in. Constantly in the background and people often forget he’s even there until they need help.

Mark: Hacker who is in charge of all things to do with computers, mostly used to remove evidence from security cameras. 

Renjun: Safe Cracker. He would be in charge of getting into vaults and high security places.

Taeil: The planner who comes up with everything ahead of time and explains in detail what everyone’s job is. He then replays all the plans to the mastermind who puts them into practice. 

Taeyong: Mastermind who is in charge of the plan and making sure everything runs smoothly. Makes sure they have time and skills to execute the plan and there to work out an escape if things go wrong. 

Ten: Cat Burglar who often checks out the area or location before the plan is put into action so they can map out how everything is gonna happen and if the plan will be successful.

Winwin: The inside man. He’s cute so he can charm anyone into getting what he wants, including information which he then passes onto Taeyong.

Yuta: Hitter aka a professional assassin. If someone need’s to be taken out inconspicuously before the heist then this is the guy to do it. 

hey look! another unnecessarily long hc post!! as always blame @manonblaxkbeak but also pray for her i sent her nearly 100 (one. hundred.) messages about this

here we go

Six of Crows Modern/Zombie Apocalypse AU!!! 

The basics: Five homeless kids working B&E jobs for the local gangs in NYC and a rookie cop band together in the aftermath of a bioterror attack on the the major cities of the country. They decide to flee the country to escape the infected areas, but the entire plan goes to shit and they make some new friends and a helluva lot more enemies on the way to finding a cure to the virus and way out of the country.

  • Kaz: a brooklyn boy who showed up seemingly out of nowhere in the world of new york gangs, but quickly makes a name for himself with his ruthless efficiency. Fearless Leader, as always. He is safe cracker and strategist extraordinaire. he organizes hits on supply storage of survivalist camps and uses a bow staff to beat off zombies. he wears a brace on his leg that he fashioned sheaths to for two long ass daggers, also for zombie destroying.
  • Inej: stolen by a human trafficking ring she escaped upon landing in the states and started up with the gangs to make money to get back home. the spy, the scout. she sneaks into camps and finds out what theyre hiding where. she uses two big ass swords and has all the knives. so many knives. she never runs out. she decapitates zombies and intimidates any other survivors by being Very Pointy.
  • Nina: an illegal immigrant from russia who fled after the authorities put out a warrant for her arrest on the grounds of “homosexual acts” (”what the fuck? i’m bi. they could at least get my sexuality right if theyre going to imprison me for it”). she is the face of the operation, she is beautiful and amazing and she knows how to work diplomatically to get what they need through bartering and trade. also i don’t care if its impractical, she uses brass knuckles because theyre badass and fashionable. she also has one of those snap out metal core batons for beating people off and a machete for chopping off zombie heads.
  • Jesper: an accounting major with a gambling problem who took up gang work to pay for school. he has his signature pistols, but i am a strong believer in melee weapons in the event of a zombie apocalypse because ammo runs out, dudes, so my boy has throwing knives and a slingshot (fight me they’re actually really cool). Him and inej bond over their cool knives. He’s got those badass rainbow ceramic ones that he always had on him in case there were ever metal detectors when they were casing a place. 
  • Wylan: he’s still their resident explosives expert, a master of being cute and using household materials to make pipe bombs, fertilizer bombs, molotov cocktails, shrapnel grenades, etc. Wylan got kicked out for similar reasons to canon, his father is a UN rep and working with the CDC (idk man i don’t know how these things work just roll with it) after the outbreak. also he doesnt play the flute he plays the harmonica because i think harmonicas are cool, theyre smaller and less fragile than flutes, and it’d be really funny if he played it if they were ever stuck in holding at a precinct
    • just imagine jesper: “ayye boy what that mouth do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”
    • wylan: “play cotton eyed joe” *sick harmonica solo*
  • Kuwei: my brilliant boy is chemistry prodigy who went with his dad to family day at the CDC but then everything went to shit, a bioweapon was released, he missed his tinder date, and now he’s a hostage being used as incentive for his father to further develop this bioweapon released to create more zombies and spread to other countries. He super didn’t ask for any of this, especially when his dad got sick himself and died and he had to take over making increasingly aggressive strands. Pretty please message me if you are interested in my theories on the creation of zombies. I have ideas. 
  • Matthias: a rookie cop back from one tour with the special forces after some disciplinary issues regarding protecting refugees and going AWOL. He’s put on a task forced focused on gang activity and he’s been chasing this group of kids his damn age for over a year now and how the hell are they so good at what they do??? He’s chasing them when the outbreak happens and in order to escape a zombie horde ends up running off with them to find shelter. he’s an excellent shot and strategist, also known for physically tossing zombies like a fucking amateur mma fighter this boy is jacked ok he fills out that uniform like a stripper cop and Nina is most definitely Here For It

Miscellaneous plot ideas!

  • Pekka is a sleazy businessman who had jordie killed in front of kaz by some dirty cops while he was getting carted off to juvie for some work they were doing (he never made it to processing). 
  • They hole up in a hospital and find patient records - this is how they start to figure out the outbreak’s origin.
  •  The kids have are trying to leave the country through the CDC base since thats the only place with functioning travel. 
  • Kuwei is saved once they find out who he is while theyre sneaking around the base, Inej is taken in the process trying to protect him. 
  • The Dime Lions are basically the national guard.
  •  Matthias and Nina met when he helped her when she arrived in America, he knew she wasn’t here legally and barely spoke english but after a few weeks she picked it up fast, and disappeared with a bunch of his cash. 

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Imagine Steve Rogers finding out that one or two of the Howling Commandos (maybe Dugan and/or Falsworth) are still alive (but hella old) in present day because they just show up one day at Avenger tower and just let themselves in and before long the three of them are telling the Tony, Thor, and the team a tale of the glory days of the Howling Commandos. (Up to you if you want to throw Bucky in)

Thor’s unmistakable, booming laughter was easily discernable from the other side of the door, as was a mess of chatter and laughter from his other teammates.  The softer, slower cadence that came when the laughter subsided, Steve couldn’t place.

When he turned the corner into the common area, he nearly dropped his shield.  The faces weren’t the same – lined and aged – but he still knew them.   

“Dum Dum? Monty?”

“’ere he is!” Monty grinned.  “Let’s us have a look at you.”  

Steve stumbled over in a fog. He hadn’t had the time – he’d read the files shortly after the Chitauri, but that had been a few years before.  He didn’t think they’d still be alive and he felt something deep within him ease to know that they were.

“Even ages better’n we did, Monty.”  Dugan was still sporting his mustache, though it wasn’t as full as it’d once been. 

“How – I didn’t think-“

“-That we’d miss a chance to warn your new team about your particular brand of shenanigans?”  There was a familiar glint in Monty’s eyes.

“Cap? Shenanigans? I don’t know if those words belong in the same sentence, gentlemen.”  Tony’s grin was shit-eating.  

“Suppose not.”  Dugan mused. “Unless you count the raid in Al—“

“—No.  That was strategic.”

“The goat was not strategic.”  Monty tipped carefully to his right, stage whispering to Natasha: “He thought barnyard fauna counted as a sufficient diversionary device.” 

“It worked!”

“Not the point! You couldn’t have guessed that goat was going to head-butt a HYDRA operative.  You got lucky!”  Dugan took a sip of what Steve was reasonably sure was a Hot Toddy.   

“Dernier trained it.”

“He was the explosives expert!”

“-And goat whisperer.”  Steve set his jaw against a laugh.  

“Wait, I’m confused.  Was there a special ops goat, or wasn’t there?”  Bruce looked between the three Commandos curiously and seeming a little hopeful that it was possible to train a goat for such a task.  

Dugan cracked up first, Monty and Steve devolving into helpless laughter not long after.  

Maybe.”  Came the unified, giggled response.  

“Aw, be nice to Eleanor, she saved the day that day!”  Bucky was back and had caught the tail end of the conversation, apparently.  


Overwatch Junkrat inspired Steel Trap Necklace

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RogueOne The Italian Job AU  » 

Jyn Erso - estranged daughter of criminal mastermind Galen Erso - lead a completely normal life, working as a private safecracker for the police, when one day a ghost from the past showed up at her office and offered her something she couldn’t resist - revenge for her fathers death.

One year ago her father assembled a team to steal 35 million dollars worth of gold bullion from a safe held by Italian gangsters in Venice. The team included Cassian Andor, a professional thief; Bodhi Rook, a computer expert; Baze Malbus, their wheelman; Orson Krennic, their inside man; and Chirrut Îmwe, explosives expert. When heist was sucesfully completed, Krennic betrayed the team, killed Galen and left everyone else for death, while taking all the gold with him. 

Now, when Cassian and his team are back to Los Angeles, their only purpose is to revenge their mentor’s death and get back their gold. But they can’t do it without a  safecracker, and this is where Cassian needs Jyn. The girls with whom he always had tense relationship; the girl who blames him for her father’s death and constant absence; the girl he always had very mixed but very strong feelings about.

Their enemy is strong, the odds are not in their favor. They don’t have luck, but they have each other.

Would the team make it out this time?

Stranger Things Heist Movie AU:

The Mastermind: Lucas Sinclair—comes up with the plan, gathers the crew, calls the shots
The Partner-in-Crime: Mike Wheeler—second in command, keeps the operation running smoothly
The Hacker: Will Byers—gets you past anything password protected, erases the footage
The Gadget Guy: Dustin Henderson—builds whatever tech you need, keeps the crew in contact
The Conman: Steve Harrington—suave and charismatic, can talk his way into or out of anything
The Distraction: Jonathan Byers—explosives expert, can easily slip away when necessary 
The Pick-pocket: Eleven—steady, quick hands and a little something extra to lift whatever you need from whoever has it 
The Burglar: Nancy Wheeler—safe-cracker, infiltrator, phantom thief 
The Muscle: Jim Hopper—menacing, packs a big punch 
The Legendary Thief: Joyce Byers—where the crew turns when they’re in a tight fix

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ok then how about top 10 best girl character in super sentai and kamen rider

Oooo that’s a good one!  Let me take a shot at this.  Mind you, this is only my opinion and I am going to set some ground rules.  I won’t be including anyone from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid or Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, those shows are still airing and could make certain characters better or utterly torpedo them by the end.  I want to only include characters from completed TV shows so I can judge them by their entire arc.

I am also going to take girl to just mean any female character, as I don’t want to limit the list to those under the age of majority. I am also limiting this to one character per entry, so no doubling up on characters from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger for example.

So, let’s get started!

10. Bandora from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger

There is a reason Machiko Soga is a legend in the tokusatsu community.  For those of us in the West, her most famous role would be as Bandora from the 1992 entry in the Super Sentai franchise.  She embodied the chaotic, capricious witch with a hate on for the Dinosaurs and children in general.  Yet, she was a pretty chill boss to work for; handing out rewards for success, not punishing her underlings for failure and even having massive song and dance sessions when things were going good.  Heck, were she not determined to wipe out humanity, she’d be the perfect boss!

9. Yoko Minato/Kamen Rider Marika from Kamen Rider Gaim

Loyal to the Yggdrasil company (or at least to Ryouma) Minato is one of the characters that kept me watching Kamen Rider Gaim to the end.  Her backstory was even expanded upon in the later V-Cinema releases which made her even more interesting. She started out a spy specializing in corporate espionage but was caught and, instead of being arrested and prosecuted, hired by her intended target to work for them instead. What’s even better is she got some great character moments in the recent Kamen Sentai Gorider special that really cemented her as one of my favorites. Sadly, as with a lot of female Riders, she got killed.

8. Kiriko Shijima from Kamen Rider Drive

Kiriko is probably my poster woman for the trope of how women get screwed out of being Kamen Riders.  They had to make up some arbitrary story reason why she couldn’t use the Drive Driver. Still, she was a tough police officer who often had to keep Shinnosuke in line at first and later taught a robot how to love which brought him back to the side of good.  She later got sidelined and turned into ‘the girlfriend’ or she would place higher on this list. Maybe she was lucky not to be a Rider because with female Riders you either never get to be one or you die before the end of the series.

7. Megumi Misaki from Choujuu Sentai Liveman

Megumi/Blue Dolphin is the only female member of the Liveman team and acts as something of a second in command behind Yuusuke/Red Falcon. She sometimes questions his plans and strategies, leading him to come up with better ones.  She is a marine biologist by study though she is also very skilled at archery, swimming and bicycling. Of all of her team, she is the most collected and caring, even wanting to help her former friends who betrayed the human race in favor of the Brain Army Volt and occasionally a monster of the week or two. 

6.  Yuriko Misaki/Electro-Wave Human Tackle

The absolute closest any character came to being a female Kamen Rider in the Showa Era was Yuriko from 1975′s Kamen Rider Stronger. Like her male counterpart, she was remodeled by the evil Black Satan organization but freed when Kamen Rider Stronger left their employ.  Together, they became a force for justice, battling the very organization that had created them in true Kamen Rider tradition. She was also Shigeru/Stronger’s love interest and closest confidant before her death saving him from being poisoned, starting the trend of powered heroines in Kamen Rider dying.

5. Rei Tachibana from Kagaku Sentai Dynaman

One of the central characters in her series, I think Rei got more focus episodes and character bits than any other member of her team, including Dyna Red!  I have a feeling this had to do with her actress, Sayoko Hagiwara, being that darn good at her job that the writers wanted to give her more and more to do. She’s a scientific genius. inventor and animal lover (aside from cats) who cannot stand the evils of the Evilution Empire and seeks to rid the world of their vicious misuse of science and diabolical sorcery. She’s also amazing in hand to hand combat and an expert fencer!  Man, she’s great!

4. Ahim De Famille from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

She may be a space Princess from a dead world but Ahim De Famille is no shrinking violet or pampered layabout.  She is the voice of moderation for the Gokaiger team, the one to negotiate with friends and win over those who might be hesitant to deal with pirates.  She’s also something of the big sister to everyone else, the one her friends can come to when things are going bad for advice or consolation. She can talk a kidnapper out of his plans one minute and kick the crap out of a foe in a floofy dress the next.  She may have started as a Princess but she is now a pirate through and through, just a kinder, gentler pirate than most.

3. Mele from Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger

One of the most well developed female antagonists in the history of Super Sentai, Mele was the second in command of the forces of Rin Jyuken Aku Gata in the 2007 series.  She was also undead, having been brought back to life by Rio as part of his army of evil.  She died many years ago in the first battle between the two opposing schools of Jyuken.  Though not truly alive, she is in love with the man who brought her back and would do or give anything for him. This love and devotion eventually leads her (and in some ways Rio) away from the path of villainy and two die for good as heroes protecting the world for an even greater evil than they could have ever been.

2. Peggy Matsuyama from Himitsu Sentai Goranger

The original Pink heroine, Peggy Matsuyama a.k.a. Momoranger is just amazing.  Not only is she the first Sentai heroine, she’s still among the best, holding her own with her male counterparts and then some.  She is an explosives expert and build the team’s main finishing weapon, the Goranger Storm. She also has grenades for earrings and is an expert at hand to hand combat. She is so much more than what most women were allowed to be in tokusatsu at the time and even when captured, she’d be more likely to rescue herself or give her captors a hard time than rely on anyone to rescue her.

1. Tsuruhime from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger

I am not even going to try and hide my bias here.  I LOVE Tsuruhime.  She’s one of the best characters to ever have a lead role in a Super Sentai series.  She was also the very first female leader of a Sentai team (later to be joined by Yuri/Time Pink from Mirai Sentai Timeranger). Competent, skilled and the most serious-minded member of her team, Tsuruhime had the unenviable position of trying to keep her self-interested, easily distracted and sometimes incompetent teammates together to stop the Youkai Army Corps.  Sure, they eventually got better and all grew as people but most of that is due to Tsuruhime keeping them on mission.  She also has her own drama to deal with, especially with her Father apparently joining up with the Youkai!

I know this list is a little Sentai heavy but it’s really hard to find female characters in Kamen Rider with as meaty roles as their team-based counterparts.  As said earlier, they are either denied the powered heroic roles or killed off by the end.  I really, really hope that Kamen Rider Ex-Aid can beat that trend!

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Coldwave, rival thieves enemy mine

1. Leonard Snart never met Mick in juvie. He’s got a nasty old knife scar across his face in memory of the juvie staff having been just that bit too slow in breaking up a fight. It just barely missed his eye.

2. Mick Rory’s actually a fairly succesful thief in his own right. He specializes in jobs involving things that need to get blown up and/or burned down after he’s removed the valuables. When he can’t quite make ends meet, he hires on to crews as muscle or the explosives expert, and he runs a (mostly illegal) fireworks trade in his spare time.

3. Leonard Snart has never managed to make friends, really. He worked for his father until Lewis went one step too far, and then he spent time in Iron Heights for patricide - his lawyer’s argument of self defence actually worked, or it would have been longer. These days he runs crews of his own, with a reputation as chilling as ever.

4. It’s generally agreed in the backrooms and watering spots of the criminal classes and in Iron Heights that Len and Mick are the two best not-Family-associated criminals in Central City. (They’ve never actually met, but don’t have the nicest things to say about one another. Their styles are simply too different - Mick’s too direct vs. Len overthinks everything).

4b. The criminal underground in general agrees that it’s just as well that they don’t like each other, because imagine if those two ever teamed up?

5. The Families are - less than happy with both of them

6. The plan is simple, really. Arrange a seemingly independently offered job for a target that fits both their usual profiles - a blood diamond deal going down in a deserted warehouse, perhaps - then lie in wait. Let the cops find the remains arranged in such a way as to make the cops jump to conclusions involving the pair of them shooting each other.

7. Mick and Len survive - their respective crews don’t, and Mick’s got some very nasty burns.

8. The Families are going to be very very sorry about that.

9. Mick and Len are probably the most surprised to find that they actually make a pretty good team. The Central City underground bookies are annoyed. They didn’t think any of those bets would ever need to be paid out.

10. Len brings his masterminding along, while Mick reaches out and gets in touch with a number of old friends and colleagues, none of who like the families either. Rathaway the tech genius who is probably going to stop his teenage rebellion at some point, but hasn’t yet, sundry criminals Mark Mardon, Sam Scudder, Rosa Dillon and Shawna Baez. Len brings his sister along for the ride.

11. They start by robbing STAR Labs for an assortment of cool toys on Rathaway’s recommendation. (Possibly he wants petty revenge as much as the next disgruntled ex-employee.)

12. Then they declare war on the Families.

“If you want an explosive, talk to Olivia. She’s the craziest motherfucker I know.”

“All bomb makers are crazy - she can’t be that bad.”

“Yeah… she’s researching a way to blow up the moon. Already has a prototype, but doesn’t know how to test it. That’s the only thing keeping her from blowing us all to hell.”

Olivia Sui as the Explosives Expert

normal-ghost  asked:

I know you have a million prompts, but- Meiham? Not romantically, just junkrat, roadhog, and mei caught in a sticky situation.

“Hm,” Junkrat looked at counting down numbers on the detonator, “Well this is a pickle.”

“Can you disarm it?” said Mei.

“Oh of course, snow plum, who do you think you’re talking to?” said Junkrat, thumping his chest, “I am the IUD expert after all!” 

“IED,” said Roadhog.

“Pardon?” said Junkrat.

“It’s IED, not IUD,” said Roadhog, he glanced around at the bricks of C4 lining the large room and down the hall, “Not improvised either.”

“Well explosives expert,” said Junkrat, turning his attention back to the detonator, “Hm,” he leaned close to it again, “Hm. Hm. Hm.” He furrowed his brow as the detonator continued beeping and counting down.

“You don’t know what you’re doing,” said Roadhog.

“I know very well what I’m doing!” said Junkrat, glancing away from the detonator, “I’d welcome you to try but we both know you’d blow us all to kingdom come! So let the expert,”  Junkrat made a flourishing motion at himself, “Handle this.” Junkrat bent over the detonator once more. His brow furrowed. “Gotta give whoever did this credit though. This, this is art.” He glanced up at both Mei and Roadhog, “All right—I can take it from here. No reason for you two to be here. Roadie, please see Miss Zhou makes it safely back to the Orca. I’ll meet up with you as soon as I get this done.”

Mei’s brow furrowed a bit, “Are you scared you won’t be able to disarm it?”

“Yeesh! What is with you two!? All ‘You don’t know what you’re doing,’ and ‘What if you can’t disarm it?’ A vote of bloody confidence would be nice!”

“Just disarm it,” said Roadhog.

Junkrat made a frustrated grunting noise and pulled out a pair of pliers from his pocket, “Almost seems a shame,” he said to himself, “Must’ve worked real hard on this, our artist,” a chuckle escaped him, “Unfortunately they didn’t account for my genius and the fact that I have been easily able to deduce that our disarming wire is this naughty little fella right here!” 

He clipped a yellow wire and the countdown on the detonator dropped to 30 seconds.

“Ah,” Junkrat said, raising his eyebrows at the new countdown, “Welp. No time to get out of blast range. Guess this is it. Roadie?”

Roadhog glanced up.

“I’ve always loved you, mate,” said Junkrat.

“Don’t make this weird,” said Roadhog.

“Mei?” Junkrat turned to Mei, who was feverishly dialing something into Snowball and desperately unscrewing the cartridge from her cryo-gun, “Snow blossom, Frostee Freeze, Light of my life, I think you should know that I—”

Mei threw a cryo-cartridge against the ground and all three of them were encased in a massive block of ice as the explosives detonated. It was a terrifying several seconds as Mei watched through a sheet of ice, the smoke and rubble pouring down on them. Large fissures ran through the ice in the heat of the explosion and the downpour of rubble, but suspended in the ice, they remained unharmed. Of course, since it wasn’t Mei’s usual cryo-freeze it ended up lasting much longer than usual and Mei ended up having to rely on the compromised integrity of the ice from the explosion to wiggle and finally burst herself out of it. Roadhog easily burst himself out as well and gave her a thumbs up, then both looked back at Junkrat, still encased in ice.

“Oh dear…” Mei said, walking around the frozen Junkrat, “If he’s lost consciousness in there, we’ll have to proceed very delicatel–” Mei was cut off by Roadhog slamming a fist into the ice, successfully cracking it. The ice crumbled around Junkrat and Junkrat fell to the ground, gripping himself and shivering violently. “N-n-nice m-m-move S-snow p-p-p-pea,” said Junkrat, his teeth chattering. His eyes widened in horror. “I c-c-can’t feel m-my arm and leg,” he said, “Izzit f-f-frostbite?! Do–” He glanced at his prosthetic arm, then down at his peg leg, “Oh…r-right,” he said, continuing to shiver. 

“I think you have hypothermia,” said Mei.

“Why d-d-doesn’t he have hypothermia?” said Junkrat, pointing at Roadhog, then desperately breathing on his knuckles, then putting his hands in his armpits for warmth only to flinch from the shock of the cold of his own prosthetic.

Roadhog just patted his stomach, “Insulated,” he said simply. He looked around, “We should get out of here,” he said, hauling Junkrat to his feet.

“Right,” said Junkrat, continuing to shiver hard.

“Ugh,” Mei undid her belt and pack and pulled off her coat and held it out to him. Junkrat looked at the coat confusedly.

“What’s this?”

“Take it so you can try and regain some body heat,” said Mei.

Your coat?” said Junkrat, incredulously.

“Just be sure to clean it when you’re done,” said Mei with a furrowed brow.

“Gotcha,” said Junkrat, taking the coat and pulling it on. Of course, since Junkrat was much taller and thinner than her, it fit him a bit ridiculously, only going down about as far as his stomach, with the sleeves only going just a little ways past his elbows. He pressed the coat against himself “Ooh–That is soft–that is–it’s like a hug–thank you, Snowflake!”

“Don’t mention it,” said Mei.

“You’re a real lifesaver, you know tha–”

“I said don’t mention it,” said Mei, “Ever.

Why I believe Sabine NEEDS to become the Mandalore...

With the introduction of the Darksaber into Rebels, it put spotlight on Sabine who for the most part was either overlooked or shrouded in mystery. Sure, we knew she was a great fighter and that she’d run away from the Imperial academy, but we never fully understood the emotional turmoil she was in until ‘Trials of the Darksaber’.

'Trials of the Darksaber’ was by far one of the best episodes in season 3, and it gave so many more layers of depth to Sabine. You watched her grow, and struggle, and fall down but still manage to pull herself back up. It made her character so much more relatable and interesting, and the creators began establishing that she had the strength to rise to the role of Mandalore. This was a storyline that I was SO excited about, until this line happened:

This one line, completely ruined 'Legacy of Mandalore’ for me.

To me, this line was basically the Lucasfilm team saying “She’s not going to be Mandalore.”

Now, I could handle that somewhat. It was disappointing but, I could live with it.

But it was the moment, only one hour after the episode had aired, that people began putting Bo Katan in Sabine’s place.

Now this made me so furious. I suddenly felt like Rebels was taking a backseat again, and the characters of the Ghost Crew were getting overshadowed by Clone Wars characters that keep reappearing.

I have no problem with Clone Wars characters in Rebels, IF THEY HAVE A REASON TO!

Ahsoka, yep, that made sense.

Rex, great! That story line with him and Kanan was perfect!

Hondo? Not really necesarry but… okay?

Bo Katan becoming the Mandalore instead of Sabine?

*Flips the table*

If this is true, then my respect for Rebels is slowly dwindling. Why can’t we let one of the main characters of Rebels have some kind of freaking importance in their own show!!! Why must Sabine and Zeb get downgraded to the comic relief or explosives expert, while bringing in a character from another show to have the spotlight?

It’s really sad.

It feels like the further we progress through the seasons the further we’re moving away from the focus of the Ghost crew. I understand that it’s about the formation of the Rebellion and all but still, I started following this show because I loved the six main cast they established in season one. I fell in love with every single one of them, and adored the family relationship between them all. So seeing the lack of Zeb’s story, Hera’s development, Kanan’s struggle with his blindness and now Sabine once again being shoved into the background, it really makes me enjoy the show less and less.

But I’m getting off track. Basically, Sabine has everything going for her. She’s House Visla, she’s strong, she can wield the Darksaber, and she is a selfless, noble leader. She deserves this opportunity.

So if Lucasfilm are truly going to pass this onto Bo Katan, I will be sorely disappointed.

If you’ve made it through my rant then congratulations (and sorry), and remember this is just my opinion. If you think Bo Katan should be the Mandalore then that’s great, it’s your opinion, I just wanted to express mine.

Tokusatsu Series with Anime Adaptations (Part 2)

In the first part of this look at anime versions of tokusatsu series, we looked at three fairly well known in the West series that have all either been released here or adapted for release here. In this installment, I would like to take a step back and look at three lesser known series and their anime equivalents. Let’s start with a show going back all the way to 1958:

Moonlight Mask

Moonlight Mask a.k.a. Gekko Kamen (月光仮面) was the first TV tokusatsu hero, debuting in 1958. Moonlight Mask was a mysterious hero who rode a motorcycle and carried two revolvers, a whip, shuriken and moon-shaped boomerangs in his war against crime and those who would take advantage of the innocent.  Though his identity was never out and out revealed in the course of the series (he is only ever credited as ? in the opening credits) it was clear to the audience at home that he was most likely a detective name Juro who would vanish mere moments before the hero would roar in to save the day.

Moonlight Mask was aired as a series of serialized episodes, much like the movie serials popular in US Cinemas in the 40s and 50s.  His 131 episodes were divided into 5 stories entitled: Skull Mask, The Secret of the Paradai Kingdom, Mammoth Kong, The Ghost Party Strikes Back and Don’t Turn Your Hand to Revenge. The show was also the basis for several theatrical pictures, which were the first live-action superhero work of Toei Studio. 

Sadly, the series came to an end because children began to emulate Moonlight Mask’s stunts and fights.  Some became hurt in the process including the death of young boy imitating one of his jumps. The series was cancelled in 1959 from television and the last movie was released in August of that year. Sadly, a lot of the TV episodes are missing or too damaged to ever be shown again, leaving the latter day DVD release with some big holes.

However, it returned as an anime in 1972, entitled The One Who Loves Justice: Moonlight Mask (正義を愛する者 - 月光仮面). It was produced by Knack Productions (now ICHI Corporation) and aired on Nippon Television with a total of 39 episodes. The hero’s costume changed a bit as the turban became an open-faced helmet and his cape now had a clasp but the general style of his adventures remained the same. This series was also divided into three serialized stories: The Claw of Satan, a remake of the Mammoth Kong story and The Dragon’s Fang.

In 1999, there was also a comedic version of the hero made into an anime entitled We Know You, Moonlight Mask (ごぞんじ!月光仮面くん). It lasted a total of 25 episodes and treated the subject manner as a spoof including a super deformed main hero.

Masked Ninja Akakage

Masked Ninja Akakage (仮面の忍者 赤影) was Toei’s very first color tokusatsu TV series as well as the first live-action Ninja series in color on Japanese television. The series was created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama who also created Giant Robo which premiered later that year (for more on Giant Robo see the first installment). The series revolves around the adventures of superhero ninja Akakage (Red Shadow) and his two sidekicks, AoKage (Blue Shadow) and ShiroKage (White Shadow) as they use their Ninja skills and a collection of oddly high-tech gadgets to battle evil warlords and giant monsters.

The series is set in the 16th Century, during the Sengoku Period of Japanese History when rival Daimyo were battling each other for the right to rule all of Japan. The three heroic Ninja work towards bringing Peace and battling those who would use the chaos of civil war to advance their own power at the expense of others. 

Each of the heroes has a different skill set that aids them in battle. Akakage is the best at swordplay and stealth, able to disguise himself to gain access to enemy fortifications.  He also has a beam that fires from the crystal in his mask for finishing off hard opponents. Aokage is an explosives expert and proficient with the use of the chain to bind and hold his does.  Lastly, Shirokage use a long pole arm in combat as well as using a huge kite to fly.

The series ended in 1968 but an anime version premiered on Nippon Television in October of 1987.  It followed much the same plot as the original tokusatsu version though with the freedom of animation, the plots could get a bit more wild without worrying about budgets. This was actually the version I saw first as a friend of mine had a collection of tapes recorded off of Japanese TV in the 1980s including the first 12 episodes of the Akakage anime.

This is the OP to the anime version:

Golden Bat

I have mentioned Golden Bat a.k.a. Ogon Bat (黄金 バット) on this blog before. He predates all other Japanese superheroes and even the rise of the superhero in the US coming debuting in 1931, seven years before Superman would see his first adventure in the pages of Action Comics #1. However, the tokusatsu version would have a very different origin and story from the paper theater original.

The character appeared in three live action films, the first of which debuted in 1950 under the title Ogon Bat: Matenrou no Kaijin.  There was also a comedic biopic of the hero in 1972 titled  Ogon Batto ga Yattekuru.  However, the tokusatsu version I would like to focus on is the 1966 film Ogon Bat a.k.a Golden Bat produced by Toei which featured legendary martial arts actor Sonny Chiba as a scientist. 

In this film, our hero is a remnant of Atlantis put into a form of suspended animation for the day when his skills will be needed again. All that is needed to bring him back is water and the tears of a young woman who’s Father has been taken do the trick.  Now, she can call upon Golden Bat when she is in danger and he will come to her aid.  

Unlike a lot of superheroes, Golden Bat is rather vicious in the way he deals with his foes and isn’t above casually killing hordes of goons to get to their boss. He is also apparently immortal and invulnerable to bullets.  He can also fly and is an expert at hand to hand combat. 

After the success of the movie, a TV anime was commissioned and debuted on April 1, 1967.  The series ran for 52 episodes on both Yomiuri TV an Nippon TV (who had produced the series) and was successful enough to get several overseas releases. The series is known as Fantaman in Italy, Fantasmagórico in Mexico and Fantomas in Brazil (not to be confused with the criminal genius created by French author Marcel Allain). It never saw an official English release. 

I will venture to say that the look of the character may be why he was popular in Italy and other countries that shared the tradition of masked criminals and outlaw heroes.  Anti-heroes like Diabolik (who had been inspired by the previously mentioned French Fantomas) were all the rage to the point where even Spider-Man was turned into a villain for a Turkish take on the genre thanks to his masked look. A character with a skull mask and flamboyant clothes would fit in perfectly with those cads, even if he was a hero.

Strangely, this brings us right back to Moonlight Mask as one of his first villains had a very similar look to the original, pre-tokusatsu Ogon Bat, that being Skull Mask from the very first series of episodes!

Role Switch Fahc AU

One of the things I see when people write the role switch Au is they also tend to switch the personalities. The most common is making Ryan the Golden Boy, or turning Jack into a vicious vagabond. While there is nothing wrong with this and I will eat these AUs like they are skittles, it has always made me wonder. So here is my own Role Switch Au. 

The Leader: Matt Bragg. 
He is an architect at heart, knowledgeable about computers and all sorts of random shit. He builds heists like they’re Minecraft maps, efficiently and elaborately. He loves his crew, but they are like herding cats nine times out of ten. He tends to yell a bit, but most of the time, it’s just a quiet “Okay”. He usually stays inside on heists and in general. He’s not a field guy. He’s a strategist. But he can fight if he needs to. 

The Second (and Driver): Jeremy Dooley. 
He is Monster Truck. Lil’J is an insane little bastard who is probably overcompensating with the size of his vehicle. Doesn’t matter though, because he’s earned the title of best driver in Los Santos. It’s been known that he drives like nascar on crack and has effectively pulled moves from actions movies in the middle of a getaway, when he’s forced to drive the sports car. His favorite is the monster truck, and you can hear him occasionally as he’s climbing over police cars going “Hup, hup hup.” He can also fly anything, from CargoBob to Titan. If it can get in the air, he can fly. But he’s also the ruthless right hand to Matt’s leadership. He may seem like a cheerful guy, but hidden underneath that is the capacity to murder without regret. If you were to look in his wallet, there is a card that says “Remember, you can kill them all.” He has twenty plans that all end in the murder of his crew, if necessary. But he is loyal. To a point. 

The Frontman: Ryan Haywood. 
He is possibly the edgiest motherfucker in Los Santos, and he’s proud of the fact. He wears skulls like they’re pearls. They adorn his clothes, his car, his motorcycle. Rumor has it, he even has a skull cut into his chest hair. But when he isn’t in Vagabond mode, he’s just looks like a dad. He trades in his leather jacket and skull belt buckle for a cat t-shirt and dad jeans. He drinks Diet Coke like a fish. But he smiles and laughs and plays with the other gangs. He can talk people around in circles, sometimes. Unfortunately, his silver tongue is limited by the fact that he flubs sixty percent of the time. He can brush it off, roll his eyes and laugh along, but if it gets bad, he just pops a cap in the guy watching and walks away. He also keeps a hard plastic skull mask with him, for heist and in case of a fight. No point in injuring his money maker, and he really doesn’t want the cops to know who he is. It makes it so much easier to walk into the Police Station to bail the crew out. 

The Enforcer: Geoff Ramsey
If you looked at Ramsey in separate pieces, he could be intimidating. Strong arms covered in tattoos, a sneer that can scare the pants off of anyone, a reputation of murder. And then you see the rest of him. Lidded blue eyes that make you wonder if he’s drunk or just sleepy. A suit that makes him look like Mr. Herman. A laugh that has been rumored to heal cancer and make the angels cry with it’s beauty. But what he lacks in intimidation, he makes up for in skill. He has a kill count that is possibly in four digits, and he really doesn’t give a shit. And if you see him, he probably is drunk. Like a bad Kung Fu movie, his aim gets better when he’s drunk. His pain tolerance goes way up too, so if you get try to take him, trust me, it’s not happening. And only the crew knows that he’s a huge wimp, that he screams at jumpscares and cried at the end of Titanic. 

The Demolitions Expert: Jack Pattillo
The best word to describe Pattillo is simply “Efficient”. Which is a good trait to have in an explosions expert. Her explosions are made not to be too flashy, but to get the job done. If you want flashy, she can do flashy, but she tends to keep it contained. She is also efficient in her disposal of enemies and bodies. She put shaped charges on the forehead of a bunch of captured enemy gang members and sent a message. She tries stupid stuff sometimes, but tends to be the voice of reason. She’s known as the support of the crew on the field, using her explosive in the best places to keep the crew from getting swamped. 

The Sniper: Gavin Free
Gavin may have an obsession with gold. It coats his prized sniper rifle, which seems counter productive when you’re supposed to be hiding, but that’s what makes him scary. But he’s also an idiot. Three times, a heist has been delayed because Gavin fell off the ladder to the roof he was sniping from. But if you looked at him on the streets, you’d see he’s covered in gold. He wears super expensive gold sunglasses that he keeps on hand to slide on when he gets his target. And he will get his target. 

The Hackers: Michael and Lindsay Jones
This married couple is a terrifying combination. They have cracked every computer system that has crossed their paths. Rumor has it that they could get nuclear launch codes if they so wished, from multiple different countries. Generally on heists, Michael handles surveillance and cops, while Lindsay handles the computer locks and traffic lights. They work like a well oiled machine, though it’s hilarious to hear them. Michael yells like no tomorrow, while LIndsay just giggles through it all. Their desks are pressed together and each decorated. Her desk is covered in cat plushies, while his is video game memorabilia, like his Chris Redfield figurine. But where their desks meet sits a Banjo figure and a Kazooie figure.