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Overwatch Junkrat inspired Steel Trap Necklace

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The perfect necklace to show off your Junker Pride! Whether you’re a Junkrat main, or just love Overwatch, this Steel Trap inspired fanart pendant is also a great gift for the explosives expert in your life!

Pendant: 2" x 1.75"
Chain: 18"

Cast resin, available in silver or gold powder finish, with adjustable chain to complete your look! A nice compliment for your cosplay, or casual wear.

Since these items are hand-made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping. TA!

Soldier injured in terrorist attack at Le Louvre, France

Little over an hour ago (9am GMT) soldiers managed to gun down a man who attempted to attack them with a machete near Le Louvre, the famous art museum in Paris. It’s said the attacker tried to enter Le Louvre itself.

The head of the Paris police states that the man shouted “Allahu akhbar” and managed to injure a soldier. The attacker was critically injured after the armed patrol opened fire.

The nearby area has been evacuated as the French ministry said a “serious public security incident” is underway.

A backpack worn by the attacker is being investigated by explosives experts.

The attack comes after several terrorist plots have been prevented in several European countries over the last few weeks.

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RogueOne The Italian Job AU  » 

Jyn Erso - estranged daughter of criminal mastermind Galen Erso - lead a completely normal life, working as a private safecracker for the police, when one day a ghost from the past showed up at her office and offered her something she couldn’t resist - revenge for her fathers death.

One year ago her father assembled a team to steal 35 million dollars worth of gold bullion from a safe held by Italian gangsters in Venice. The team included Cassian Andor, a professional thief; Bodhi Rook, a computer expert; Baze Malbus, their wheelman; Orson Krennic, their inside man; and Chirrut Îmwe, explosives expert. When heist was sucesfully completed, Krennic betrayed the team, killed Galen and left everyone else for death, while taking all the gold with him. 

Now, when Cassian and his team are back to Los Angeles, their only purpose is to revenge their mentor’s death and get back their gold. But they can’t do it without a  safecracker, and this is where Cassian needs Jyn. The girls with whom he always had tense relationship; the girl who blames him for her father’s death and constant absence; the girl he always had very mixed but very strong feelings about.

Their enemy is strong, the odds are not in their favor. They don’t have luck ,but they have each other.

Would the team make it out this time?

i was doing bunch of borderlands 2 (+ tps) sketches trying to figure out how the female characters’ faces work, and i thought i’d post all of the sketches once i’m finished but….. i couldn’t wait, please look at this tiny tina i drew, she’s my fav

RC-1262, also known as Delta-62 or by his informal nickname of Scorch, was a clone of Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett. Born in 32 BBY on the watery world of Kamino, Scorch was trained by the Mandalorian Cuy'val Dar training sergeant Walon Vau to become a clone commando in the Grand Army of the Republic. Together with three other commandos, Scorch was a part of the elite special forces unit, Delta Squad, and served as the squad’s demolition and explosives expert. When the Clone Wars broke out between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Scorch took his place in the Grand Army’s Special Operations Brigade under Jedi General Arligan Zey, and served alongside his clone brothers in Delta Squad on a number of battlefields, ranging from the deserts of Geonosis, the halls of the RAS Prosecutor, and the streets of Coruscant, to snowy Mygeeto and the the plains of Haurgab.

I need more monster AUs where Mako is the non-human one.

Like, I love ‘done with everything’ human Mako dealing with all these incarnations of Jamie, but I want to see a wiry little explosions expert recoilling in panic when he realizes he’s upset the local water elemental and he’s big and PISSED.

Scrap wreck diver Jamie who ventures down into the wrong boat and comes face to face with the biggest fucking shark he’s ever seen and wait does it have a human torso?

Give me more giant monster Mako.

Stranger Things Heist Movie AU:

The Mastermind: Lucas Sinclair—comes up with the plan, gathers the crew, calls the shots
The Partner-in-Crime: Mike Wheeler—second in command, keeps the operation running smoothly
The Hacker: Will Byers—gets you past anything password protected, erases the footage
The Gadget Guy: Dustin Henderson—builds whatever tech you need, keeps the crew in contact
The Conman: Steve Harrington—suave and charismatic, can talk his way into or out of anything
The Distraction: Jonathan Byers—explosives expert, can easily slip away when necessary 
The Pick-pocket: Eleven—steady, quick hands and a little something extra to lift whatever you need from whoever has it 
The Burglar: Nancy Wheeler—safe-cracker, infiltrator, phantom thief 
The Muscle: Jim Hopper—menacing, packs a big punch 
The Legendary Thief: Joyce Byers—where the crew turns when they’re in a tight fix

you see, my parents were explosive experts.
they knew how to disarm my time-bomb of a sister,
always exploding outwards, hurting those around her.
they did not know how to help a dying star,
collapsing in on itself until there was nothing left.
they did not know how to help me.
i have scars to prove it.
—  excerpt from “STORIES I CANNOT TELL” by d.s.

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Who seems super scary but actually isn't

Mogar is a name known across the board, synonymous with violence, with bloody knuckles and missing teeth, with quick temper and relentless brutality. Mogar is a brawler, an explosives expert, a connoisseur of heavy weaponry. Mogar is quick and loud and messy, is frank honesty and unrefined talent, infuriating back-chat and unshakable loyalty. Mogar is a weapon, a soldier, a wrecking-ball and, above all, it is unanimously agreed, Mogar is a threat.

The thing is, Mogar is a reputation; a rumour, a stage-name, an escalation. Mogar was born from word-of-mouth and has only grown with every showing, no effort made to stem increasingly exaggerated tales of his exploits; there is, after all, safety in that kind of notoriety.

Which isn’t to say he doesn’t exist at all; Michael is Mogar, doesn’t kid himself with distance in the way Ryan separates the actions of the Vagabond, has no disconnect like Geoff’s transformation into Ramsey, no fallacy like Gavin’s carefully constructed Golden Boy.

He is Mogar, is the violence, the temper, the reckless strength and morbid humour. But where Mogar is threat, Michael is guardian. Has been a defender far longer than it has been in his job description, plays  guard dog more out of personal inclination than in response to inherent ferocity. Michael is furious blood-lust, yes, but only when provoked.

For all his unadulterated rage Michael has never raised a hand against his family, never taken a swing at someone who couldn’t handle it, at someone who hadn’t pushed him into it. And sure, he enjoys a fight, likes the spike in adrenaline, the smack-talk and cocky confidence in his own abilities, but it’s only a fight if both parties are somewhat equal participants; Michael doesn’t hit first, and his responses tend to be more rationally proportionate than his image of a dangerous loose-canon would have you believe. Unless, of course, you’ve come for his people. A strike against a Fake is taken as the first blow and Michael will not rest until he’s sure it was your last.

When they say Mogar is upfront they mean he isn’t cruel, doesn’t play mind-games, doesn’t like torture or drawing things out. Michael is Mogar but he is also mercy. He is clean shots and quick ends, is clear rules and predictable punishments; he’s a self-admitted asshole but he isn’t a monster.

Michael is childish pranks and snorted laughter, is endless exasperated rants and spending long nights awake with sleepless crew-mates. He is dumb jokes and lopsided birthday cakes, frantic first-aid and cranky affection. Michael is a forehead bump with Lindsay before running into the fray, a drink and a careless arm around the shoulder of brooding Geoff, is abrasive affection when Ryan is too quiet and a series of not-so-reluctant bear hugs when Gavin gets frenetic. He is played up affront when Jeremy second-guesses himself, a calm shadow when Jack is fuming, is silent midnight cigarettes on the roof with Ray and delivery-boy of apologetic meals when the support crew work overtime cleaning up their messes.

He is a world of little acts of thoughtfulness and surprisingly sweet kindness beyond the initial appearance of loud-mouthed fighter, but in Mogar there is threat, there is safety, and Michael is, above all else, a protector.

Let’s talk about 3 reasons why “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” is important.

1. Diversity. The main expedition crew consists of European and Caucasian explorers and workers (Rourke, Helga, Packard, Cookie, Milo), a half African American and half Native American doctor (Sweet), a French mineral expert (Moliére), a Turkish explosives expert (Vinny), and a Latino mechanic (Audrey). And they discover a whole new civilization and race of people with their own culture and lifestyle, which they learn about mainly through the princess (Kidagakash, or Kida).

2. Female representation. We’ve all heard of the well-known tumblr quote

“Screw writing “strong” women. Write interesting women. Write well-rounded women. Write complicated women. Write a woman who kicks ass, write a woman who cowers in a corner. Write a woman who’s desperate for a husband. Write a woman who doesn’t need a man. Write women who cry, women who rant, women who are shy, women who don’t take no shit, women who need validation and women who don’t care what anybody thinks. They are all okay, and all those things could exist in the same woman. Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people. So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong. Write characters who are people.”

First we have Helga who, though her intentions are not noble throughout the film, co-leads expeditions of hundreds of men and women for a living, does it well by keeping them in line, and doesn’t take shit from Rourke no matter what. They are equal partners, and when that trust is threatened, she kicks his ass. Even sacrifices his life and success after he takes away hers. Badass.

Packard. It’s unfortunate how easy it is for people to forget her (myself included) but she was the elderly woman who worked in the radio room of the submarine, and is more often than not seen smoking a cigarette. She simply doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks of her and does what she wants. She’s feisty, sarcastic, and never really reveals her true feelings. While admitting on the way to Atlantis that she’s just in it for the money, she switches sides when she realizes what that means; killing an entire civilization. But she still acts like the pessimistic and cynical self while doing so. She knows that every choice from this point on requires danger and sacrifice, and she embraces it; “We’re all gonna die.”

Most people that I’ve talked to about this film enjoy Audrey the most out of the crew. Why? This conversation between her and Milo sums it up pretty well:

Audrey: “I took this job when my dad retired. But, the funny thing was, he always wanted sons, right? One to run his machine shop, another to be middleweight boxing champion. But, he got my sister and me, instead.”
Milo: “So, what… what happened to your sister?”
Audrey: “She’s 24 and 0, with a shot at the title next month.”

She and her sister fulfilled what her father originally thought were jobs only capable by men, and are brilliant at them, and enjoy doing them! Like the two women already mentioned, Audrey doesn’t take shit from anyone and is herself unashamedly. And though she starts the mission with money in mind like Helga, she changes her ways like Packard, and it is clear that she has a soft spot for people and for doing what is right. And what makes her so likable is that this is clear from the moment we meet her.

Finally, the princess herself, Kida. Where do I begin.. Did you notice how when we first see her, she’s on some sort of patrol with a group of men? Most likely this is a group of protectors like the king’s men, the royal guard, or the equivalent of the military, and Kida is a part of them. It’s clear that her father doesn’t want her in harm’s way, so either he’s unaware of this or he’s confident in her abilities to fight and defend herself. Since she wears garb in front of him I’m assuming the latter, which is pretty badass when you think about it. She’s trained in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat, of all the citizens of Atlantis she knows the most about their culture and their past, she’s a free spirit, she’s inquisitive and curious about the world, she speaks every language connected to the root Atlantian dialect, and she sacrifices her life (or human free will and consciousness to be more exact) to the city’s life force in order to protect her people. There is a believable friendship between her and Milo, and whatever could be considered a “romance” between them isn’t obnoxious or forced into your face, but more just an afterthought to the overall story and relationship. They don’t even kiss or get married, and at the end of the film she becomes queen, a Disney princess rarity! A feminist queen long before Elsa, and more complex and interesting at that.

3. The positive role models that are Kida and Milo. I’ve already gone on about many reasons why Kida qualifies, so let’s finish our talk with Milo. First of all, orphaned (but I think that we’ve come to expect that from Disney) and raised by his grandfather, who is characterized with a quote from Walt Disney;

“Our lives are measured by the gifts we leave our children.”

Not just physical gifts, but a legacy. A legacy of imagination, curiosity, perseverance, honesty, loyalty, integrity, humility, generosity and kindness. All of these qualities exist in the character of Milo. My favorite example, while early on in the film, perfectly demonstrates this;

King Kashekim Nedakh: “Return to your people. You must leave Atlantis at once.”
Rourke: “Oh, Your Majesty, be reasonable.”
Milo: “Sir?”
Rourke: “Not now, son.”
Milo: “Trust me on this. We better do as he says.”

The dialogue is short and it goes by fast, but really think about that last line and let it sink in.. His grandfather has been telling him stories of Atlantis for as long as he can remember, literally everyone else has been telling him to give up on his hopes and dreams of it being real, he’s dedicated his life to learning Atlantian and researching/finding Atlantis, and at this point not only has he found it, but the culture and people are alive, he can speak to and interact with them, and he has the opportunity to learn all about them first-hand from the princess herself. You would think that he would jump to take this chance!

But, what does Milo do? He listens to the king and obeys. He respects the king’s wishes, and just knowing that his grandfather was right is enough for him. He would rather leave right now with the adventure that he’s had so far and the knowledge that he’s gained than disrespect the king of the culture and people that he has admired so much and for so long, his entire life. And that right there says quite a lot about his character. I believe most of us in his position with that opportunity would seize it, no matter what. That’s what makes Milo different, and a positive role model for anyone. Of course he continues to answer Kida’s questions, have his own questions answered, and goes on to save Atlantis from extinction. Which is just more about him to love, and concludes my analysis. If you haven’t seen “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” and reading this interested you, then I highly recommend that you give it a watch. You won’t be disappointed.

Gang!Seventeen AU

Yeah so don’t hate me for the end… Or any of it, I haven’t slept in a day and wrote this at 5 am

Warning: violence mention, drug mention, uhm.. the end.. ALSO NO DINO DOESN’T HAVE ANY “TOYS” OKAY SO NO MINOR BULLSHIT

  • Seungcheol, leader of the weapons unit
  • Soonyoung, leader of the force unit
  • Jihoon, main leader, leader of theif unit, hacker
  • They often work with underground fighters!monsta-x, conmen!astro and recently explosive experts!nct

Thief Unit

  • Jisoo is in charge of pickpocketing
  • Jeonghan steals jewelry and watches
  • Seungkwan sells fake brand name items
  • Seokmin is the main distraction, but while distracting the person, he often takes anything he can easily get his hands on like a cellphone

Weapon Unit

  • Hansol and wonwoo are well known drug dealers, as they need a way to make money to support all thirteen of them
  • Wonwoo is a sniper, he never misses
  • Hansol is good with pistols, like super good
  • Mingyu uses knives, all types of knives, he made them all himself
  • Seungcheol rocks the classic brass knuckles but always keeps a pistol on him
  • Each of them makes their own weapons to keep or sell, they’re the weapons EVERYONE wants

Force unit

  • Minghao is the main weapon of all of seventeen, when needed seungcheol always cares his nunchucks when they go on missions. He is good at every style of fighting
  • Soonyoung although not as good at fighting as minghao, is the mouth and shooks people to the core but can also beat the shit out of them
  • Dino is second best after minghao, his sweet innocent persona is a front, he’s really a cold boy who thinks hurting people is fun
  • Jun is in charge of dealing with the ladies and when need be can be almost as good as minghao at martial art
  • Main Leader
  • Jihoon is the one who is in charge, he keeps track of money, missions, always has a plan and a blueprint, always is listening via headset and is often seen hacking into places that he shouldn’t. He can locate anyone, hack anything, steal anything, has mastered every weapon and is lethal in fighting. You never want to see him or it means you’re done for in the worst way possible

Meeting the other groups

  • They met Monsta X when they had just formed, they had run into a bit of trouble with the other well known gang BTS, luckily these underground fighters were wondering back from a fight and helped the boys. Unofficially official members
  • They met Astro about a month ago, how no one is sure but they think it was through Rocky and Dino
  • They met NCT around the same time
  • Nct and svt aren’t seen together much and if they are you’d think they hated each other, they glare and taunt one another cruelly
  • However it’s all an act
  • They’re “toys” don’t like the rival groups and the boys can’t risk losing their toys
  • In Dino’s words, if we lose the hyungs fun then we are all screwed

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Awww but its true ! Deidara is so such a sweet and innocent person , and he looks like an angel ! Itst that right Deidara? He can do no wrong !(except that time with Gaara .... Gaara another angel) Why arent you an angel Sasori ?

Look I have wings…. And sharp things, and poison… hehe

Yeah, Deidara is sweet. But he isn’t innocent, boy is an explosive expert. An S-rank criminal, a terrorist. He has done lots of wrong. Like most of us in the Akatsuki. The only actual angel in the Akatsuki is Konan. Literally.

friendly reminder that Padme Amidala planted the seeds for the Rebellion

friendly reminder that Ahsoka Tano is one of the leaders of the Rebellion

friendly reminder that Sabine Wren is one of the best explosives experts they had

friendly reminder that Hera Syndulla was one of their very best pilots

friendly reminder that Rey is the one who defeated Kylo Ren without training

friendly reminder that Jyn Erso is one of the rebels who stole the Death Star plans

friendly reminder that all these awesome ladies currently exist in the Star Wars universe