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I saw this and thought that more people should see it. I think that this girl is speaking the truth and I have so much respect for her. Plus there are still trainees who haven’t been debuted yet, even if they have so much talent and have been training for years. I don’t think it’s fair to them.


I had forgotten I originally had the idea from the game, I just didn’t know where I had seen it.

So what happened in “Love” at the end with Frisk is canon in undertale.

So, I’m just starting the game. New child, new timeline, new intentions.

Then you find a Loox! 

BUT you pick on him.

I picked on him 3 times before killing him

and got 22 XP

but, if you find a Loox but instead don’t do anything and just kill him

You only get 5XP

What does this mean?

By how I see it. My interpretation would be that you can in fact, gain LV/EXP by affecting others emotionally.

Not just killing them will give you XP, but being rude with them will increase the “reward” you get from the kill.

So, hey! I’m just following canon here! ;D

im sorry but yoongi didnt starve himself, the members of sistar didnt sleep on the practice floor at night, jooheon didnt eat leftovers out of the trash, and wonho’s family didnt go bankrupt so he could debut for these Caucasian males to even think they can come in to the industry and just claim to be a kpop group without the hardships and without the years of hardwork. If they honestly think they are even comparable to these idols, then im sorry but they’re seriously delusional. 



If there’s one thing the whole kpop fandom can agree on is how terrible is exp’s debut. Honestly they can’t even pronounce Korean and for how long did they train? ALL kpop idols suffered through so much to debut. This is so unfair to all those who worked hard to debut. I tried to watch the mv with no prejudice but I am sorry the only thing I could think about was “NO.”


The situation with these boys is getting worse every month and since they were my first ever favorite foreign group (back when I didn’t know what K-Pop was or meant), I’m asking everyone to fight alongside with us fans to help them.

They’re on the brink of disbandment and even though they’re “veterans” (they formed in 2012), they’re (4/5 members) participating in Produce 101. This was categorized by the idols themselves a desperation move.

Listen to their songs and, if you like them, please like the videos, comment and also share them as much as you can. 

Here are some songs’ links, if you wanna help a sista out:



L.O.\/.E. fighting! <3

ps- i’m sorry i tagged this post with other groups/idols, but it’s just to try and get the word out faster ^^