the exorsism

A diabolic spell to gain love.

On the day and hour of Venus or the sun, While the moon is increasing in the sign of pisces, you should take into your hands a block of good bee’s wax or river clay and pronounce these words:

“"Hades, Belial, Apis, Prometheus, Ceres, Bolodeudd, gods of the earth come forth now unto me and bestow upon me thy virtues as I pronounce the mysteries of the clay. In the first age, Satan hung by the sword of the sun upon the tree of knowledge, and his blood fell and mixed with the dusts of time to form the clay. and his blood became rivers to Leviathan, and his breath became the winds of Ba'al and his body became fields of Belial. And in the second age the mud became the home of beasts, who rose from dark things which swam with Leviathan and learned to stride with Belial, bask in Lucifer’s glow and breathe the air of Ba'al. By the holy names SATAN-ADAMA-TABAT-AMADA-NATAS do I exorsize and consecrate this  clay/wax by Satan the almighty from which we came to be, and by who’s authority do  i say these words!! I consecrate thee and lay upon thee the blessings of Satan the magnificent, so that you may be well and conductive to my will within the art of witchcraft.“ 

And then add:

“LILITH, ALA, FREYJA, BELIAL, ASTAROTH, DIANA, TANIT - I conjure thee ministers of love and lust by him who hath welcomed you into hell! Do ye consecrate this wax/clay in a singular manner that it may acquire the desired virtues by the power of increase and the most holy Satan, who liveth and reigneth forever and ever.”

Having done all this, you must form it with thy blade of the art in the manner of your desired love, being sure to capture the details of importance, including breasts and sex organs; and if you can, you should place the target’s hair upon the head of the figure, cloth it in their clothes and nails into the arms and legs. Upon the chest of the figure, you must carve these signs:

And on the stomach, you should inscribe the name of the target, their date of birth beneath it, and the words “AMADAADAMA” above the genitals. 

This being done you must fumigate it over apple and jasmine, mixed with good aloeswood incense and the seeds of a pomegranate and say these words while turning from quarter to quarter:

“O thou most powerful king Paimon, whose absolute rule and reign is in the west quarter in the house of Leviathan. 

O thou Egim, most strong king whose empire is in the cold region of Belial.

O thou Asmodeus, who governs the courts of Lucifer in the south.

O thou Aim, most noble king, monarch of the eastern world under Ba'al. whose reign began from old and will endure until the end of time!

I invoke and beseech you by him who spake and it was, whose sole word hath created all , whom all creatures obey; by the seat of his majesty; by his will and his name; by him who was before the first age and created the nine; whose name is written with the three letters: NUN TETH SHIN: by the enchantments and power thereof; and by all the signal names of the creator and king of hell; I conjure you to consecrate this image and grant that it may acquire virtue according to our desire, by the most holy name ADAMAAMADA, the power of which is without beginning or end.”

And you must keep it beneath the pillows of your bed for three nights, and you will behold the miracles of Satan. But should this fail: take the doll and burry it beneath the house of your target, or failing even this, leave it in a hidden corner of the home where it will not be seen.

Aqours On Halloween
  • chika: carving like 27 pumpkins by herself. she keeps carving more pumpkins that's enough pumpkins chika please stop
  • you: wearing the most adorable hand-sewn costume ever!! she's trying to stop chika from carving more pumpkins. it isn't working
  • riko: with you and chika, trying to help you. also, she brought cakes!
  • yohane: in her vampire outfit fit with vampire teeth and a flowing cape, and she's exorcising hanamaru
  • hanamaru: being exorcised by yohane. she's a bit confused but she's enjoing spending time with her friend, despite the whole exorsism thing
  • ruby: hiding behind dia hoping noone with a scary costume comes to their house!!!
  • mari: wearing a scary costume, and she's definitely coming to ruby's house
  • kanan: dressed as a cute cat! she's begging for mari to stop. please mari. please don't scare that poor child
  • dia: on ruby guard!!! don't come to her house, mari. you'll regret it

The Exorsism of Anneliese Michel

In 1968, at the age of 16, Anneliese Michel began suffering from convulsions. By 1973, Anneliese had developed such a strong psychosis that she would hallucinate while praying and see demon faces throughout the day. She would also rip her clothes off, eat coal, and lick up her own urine. In addition, she became completely intolerant of religious symbols and could not partake of holy water. 

Anneliese was admitted to a psychiatric ward to deal with her mental state, however no medicine seemed to work. Anneliese went under 76 exorcisms before dying of starvation upon refusal to eat.

Video and audio during one of the exorsisms: X

People on Tumblr have the tendency to be more open-minded than anyone else while, at the same time, being so judgmental that they could literally rip the people to shreds with their claws and fire breathing.

First of all, why did the Queen say ‘my heart‘? She doesn’t have one, right? Regina did crush it. I didn’t dream it, did I?

Second, why Regina’s heart is still black? Shouldn’t it have cleared up after she’d exorsized her evil half?

And third, what will happen to the Queen if she crosses the town line? Will she die? The Queen doesn’t have a heart and as far as I know you can’t live without one in a world without magic. So, could it be the way to get rid of the Evil Queen without killing Regina in the process?

Although, personally, I hope they merge Regina and the Queen into Regina Mills I fell in love with.



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